Monday, 31 May 2021

2021 Day 151

2021 Dedh Cans Üdnek ha Dewgens

De Lün, üdnegves warn ügens mis Me

Monday, 31st May


An diwedhes dedh a vis Me? Ew hedna gwir? Na ellama scant y grejy. Degol kebmyn ewa - Degol Kebmyn Gwenton. Hebma ew puppres an diwedhes de Lün en mis Me (a-dhia mil naw cans dewdhek ha trei ügens). En termyn eus passyes thera degol kebmyn rag Pencast. Nag üjy Pencast war an keth jorna en pub bledhen - thew an seythves Sül wòja Pask, an hanter cansves dedh a Bask, pajar ügens dedh ha deg wòja dallath Corawes. E veu gool an eglos Cristyon - genesigeth Cristonedh. An Sperys Sans a skydnyas war an Apostolys avel flabmow, tavosow a dan.   Termyn Pencast o seythen syger e'n Osow Cres rag tiogow - ken dallath oll an whel calish en hav. Termyn, martesen, rag tabm plesour. E veu dew dhegol kebmyn en mis Me. Res ew dhen gòrtos lebmyn rag Degol Kebmyn Hav en mis Est.  

The last day of May? Is that true? I can hardly believe it! It's a bank holiday - the Spring Bank Holiday. This is always the last Monday in May (since 1972). In the past there was a bank holiday for Whitsun (Pentecost). Pentecost is not on the same day every year - it's the seventh Sunday after Easter, the fiftieth day of Easter, ninety days after the start of Lent. It was a Christian church festival - the birth of the Christianity. The Holy Spirit came down on the Apostles as flames, tongues of fire. Whitsuntide was a slack week in the Middle Ages for farmers - before the start of all the hard work in summer. A time, perhaps for a bit of pleasure. There were two bank holidays in May. We have to wait now for the Summer Bank Holiday in August.


Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

an Sperys Sans the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost

apostolys ~ abesteledh apostles

Cristonedh Christianity

degol kebmyn (m) bank holiday

flabmow flames < flamm (m)

genesigeth ~ genejigeth (f) birth

Pencast Pentecost, Whitsun

skydnya ~ deskydnya war to descend upon

syger slack, idle, slow

tavosow tongues < tavas (m)

Sunday, 30 May 2021

2021 Day 150

2021 Dedh Cans ha Hanter Cans

De Sül, degves warn ügens mis Me

Sunday, 30th May


A-dhiwedhes ma gwelys genam nebes losow trenk. War ladnow tredh vorr ha ke my a welas tavol trenk po tavol davas. Possybyl ew dhe dhebry aga delkyow trenk, car dre hevel (dell hevel) - criv en salat po bryjys pecar'a spinach. Kemerowgh with, na wrewgh debry delkyow tavol wherow (ma dhodhans re a drenk oksalek ettans). E'n shoppys ma trynkles, hir ha tew aga garednow rüdh. Losowen gegin ew, bes ûsyes ew pecar'a frût, gen shòger en crampesow ha browjyon. En termyn pell tremenys, trynkles veu devedhys dhort Asia. Ûsyes ens en fisek deythiek Cheny - rag gwelha sygerneth a'n colodnyow. Kemerowgh with, na wrewgh debry an del (ma dhodhans re a drenk oksalek ettans). Whei alja cawas cleves mantedh. Bettegens, da ens rag glanhe padellow!  

Recently I have seen several sour plants. On verges between road and hedge I saw sorrel or sheep sorrel. Apparently, it's possible to eat their sour leaves - raw in salad or boiled like spinach. Take care, don't eat the leaves of bitter dock (they have too much oxalic acid in them). There's rhubarb in the shops, with long, thick red stalks. It's a vegetable, but it is used like a fruit, with sugar in pies and crumbles. A long time ago, rhubarb came from Asia. It was used in traditional Chinese medicine - to cure constipation. Be careful, don't eat the leaves (they have too much oxalic acid in them). You could get kidney stones. However, they are good for cleaning saucepans!


Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

crampes (f) pie

criv raw, uncooked, fresh

fisek (f) medicine, medical science, physic

mantêdh kidney stones

sygerneth a'n colodnyow (f) constipation

tavol trenk (collective) sorrel, sour sabs < tavolen drenk (f)

tavol wherow (collective) bitter dock

teythiek traditional, native, home-grown, etc.

trynk ~ trenk sour, acid, acidic

trynkles (collective) rhubarb

wherow bitter



Saturday, 29 May 2021

2021 Day 149

2021 Dedh Cans Dogens ha Naw

De Sadorn, nawhes warn ügens mis Me

Saturday, 29th May


Devedhys ew hav, car dre hevel. Tho hedna breus an routh veur war an treth hedhyw.  Lôwen o gwerthoryon a warow treth ha, kekeffres, perhednyon lies chei boos parys (dewosow, dehen rew, hogednow, tesednow, pesk ha scòbmow). Trig o ha thera meur a gregyn diskevrys war an carrygy. Thera lies pollen rag an flehes ewedh. Na veu othom rag an flehes bian a vos en todnow brâs. Bes war dreth ma othom meur pup pres a balas tell brâs!  Ha wòja pup tra - marhoga!


Summer has arrived, it seems. That was the opinion of the crowd on the beach today. Sellers of beach goods were happy and, likewise, owners of many take-away outlets (drinks, ice cream, pastries, cakes, fish and chips). It was low tide and there were many molluscs exposed on the rocks. There were many pools for the children too. There was no need for the small children to go in big waves. But on a beach there is always a great need to dig big holes. And after everything - a ride!


Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

breus (f) opinion, judgement, verdict

chei boos parys (m) take-away outlet

cregyn molluscs, shellfish < crogen (f)

dewosow drinks < dewes (m)

gwerthoryon sellers, vendors < gwerther (m)

hogednow pastries, pasties < hogen (f)

kekeffres likewise

perhednyon owners < perhen (m)

routh veur (f) crowd

warow treth beach goods 

Friday, 28 May 2021

2021 Day 148

 2021 Dedh Cans Dogens hag Eth

De Gwener, ethves warn ügens mis Me

Friday, 28th May

Ma olow en keow. Martesen, ma hav ow tos en gwir etta, ken nag üjy va òbma whath. Ma esely an teylû caretys ow pleujowa war ladn reb an vorr (fordh). Las Meternês Anna, kegis bûgh - na ellama dismygya an deffrans yntredhans oll.  Thew radn anodhans a ell bos debris, bes radn ew dregydnüs. Kemer' with! Ma goth Fowedh rüdh ewedh. Hedna ell bos erba magata. Nag eus mor cala et ow lowarth, saw mall ew genam cawas sevy - ma flourys solabres.

There are indications in the hedges. Perhaps, summer is really coming, though it's not here yet. Members of the carrot family are flowering on a bank by the road. Queen Anne's lace, cow parsley - I can't tell the difference between them all. Some are edible, but some are harmful. Take care! There is red valerian too. That can be a herb as well. There are no cultivated strawberries in my garden, but I am looking forward to getting wild strawberries - there are flowers already.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

bleujowa to bloom, blossom, flower

en gwir etta actually

esely members < esel (m)

gladn (f) verge, bank

goth Fowedh (m) valerian, pride of Fowey

ke ~ ken although

kegis bûgh (collective pluralcow parsley > kegisen vûgh

las Metêrnes Anna (m) Queen Anne's lace, wild carrot

mor cala cultivated strawberries > moren-gala (f)

olow indications < ol (m)

sevy wild strawberries > sevien (f)

Thursday, 27 May 2021

2021 Day 147

2021 Dedh Cans Dogens ha Seyth

De Yow, seythves warn ügens mis Me

Thursday, 27th May

Ew Greg Martin an gwelha fotograffer en Kernow, an gwelha fotojornalist? Na wrüga vy gweles an loor leun ow honan, bes ev a sowenas senjy an foto marthys ma a'n loor en Baya Carrek Loos en Coos, warbar'ha gorhel-gòlyow (gorhel teyr gwern). Gwell ew an awel hedhyw - an gwens a dreylyas. Lebmyn thew ev gwens a'n sooth (gen cloudys) - nag üjy va ow tos na felha a-dhor an Arctyk. Ma flourys moy e'n keow, flourys gen sawarn wheg - flourys scaw. Martesen, ma hav ow tos wotiwedh. Saw, gwiskys o vy whath en dilhas tòbm ha loos ew an mor. 

Is Greg Martin the best photographer in Cornwall, the best photojournalist? I didn't see the full moon myself, but he succeeded in capturing this wonderful photo of the moon in Mount's Bay, together with a sailing ship (a three-masted ship). The weather today is better - the wind has turned. Now it is a southerly wind (with clouds) - it's no longer coming from the Arctic. There are more flowers in the hedges, flowers with a sweet smell - elder flowers. Perhaps, summer is coming at last. However, I am still wearing warm clothes and the sea is grey.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

a-dhor from

a'n sooth southerly

gorhel-gòlyow (m) sailing-ship

gwern (f) mast

na velha no longer (SWFMm na fella) < pell far

scaw elder > scawen (f) elder tree

senjy to capture

soweny ~ seweny to succeed

warbar'ha together with

wotiwedh at last, finally

Wednesday, 26 May 2021

2021 Day 146

 2021 Dedh Cans Dogens ha Whegh

De Merher, wheffes warn ügens mis Me

Wednesday, 26th May

Wotiwedh, ma'n howl ow spladna ha my ell kerdhes adro dhe'n lowarth. Ma kensa manegow an spryjyon hir ow tevy emesk an bleujow kenis ha dreys. My a welas üdn wenenen vlewek vrâs (saw nag eus tycky-Duw veth hedhyw). Ma meur a spern gwydn en pub le, reb an eglos, rag ensampel. Termyn my a veu flogh, thera lies whîl derow. Anjei a longyas dhe neyja en beistry gòlowys egor e'n termyn an nos. Ma dhodhans dewgorn teg - pecar'a plüv. En gwettha pres thens tanow lebmyn, awos ûs ladh preves.  

At last, the sun is shining and I can walk around the garden. A first tall foxglove is growing among the campions and brambles. I saw one big hairy bumblebee (but there aren't any butterflies today). There is a lot of may blossom everywhere, by the church, for instance. When I was a child, there were many Maybugs. They used to fly in open lighted windows at night time. They have beautiful antennae - like feathers. Unfortunately, they are now rare, because of pesticide use.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

bleujow kenis campions < bleujen genisen (f) (spider flower)

dewgorn (dual plural) antennae < corn (m)

dreys brambles < dreysen (f)

gwenenen vlewek (f) bumblebee, "hairy" bee  

ladh preves (m) insecticide

manegow spryjyon foxgloves (folks' gloves) or m. lowarn

rag ensampel for instance, for example

spern gwydn whitethorn, mayflowers, hawthorn, may blossom

tanow rare, uncommon

whîl derow (m) cockchafer (beetle), Maybug, doodlebug

wotiwedh finally, at last (can also use war an diwedh)