Friday, 31 May 2019

2019 Day 151

Dedh Cans Dogens hag Üdnek
De Gwener, üdnegves warn ügens mis Me
Friday, 31st May
Nag üjy an flehes en scol hedhyw, ha clav ew aga mabm, etho mowns e’n chei vy rag an jedh (ha’n nos). Teg o an jorna ha anjei alja gwary e’n lowarth. Da ew gen an maw bian crambla et ow gwedhen peren. Ma ganjans aga bestes chei – diw logojen vrâs. Bes cott ew aga attendyans, rag hedna res ew nei fittya boos. Nei a wras côwles ha tesednow.  
The children are not at school today, and their mother is poorly, so they are in my house for the day ( and the night). The day was beautiful and they could play in the garden. The little boy likes climbing in my pear tree. They have their pets with them – two rats. But their attention is short, therefore we had to do cooking (prepare food). We made jelly and cakes.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

2019 Day 150

Dedh Cans Dogens ha Deg (Cans ha Hanter Cans)
De Yow, degves warn ügens mis Me
Thursday, 30th May

Hedhyw me eth dhe “Heartlands” (nag eus hanow Kernôwek dhodho) ogas dhe Goljy Kernow en Pool (nag eus hanow Kernôwek dhodho naneyl). Bagas Rosweyth a wrüg orna cùntellyan dhe gows adro dhe res a dharvosow taves Kernôwek a wra dos en scon. An pemdhegves dedh a vis Efan e vedh (y fedh) Fest Kernewek, gans an yëth Kernôwek, menestrouthy ha cân ha prydydhieth. E’n termyn an jedh e vedh gwrians flehes maga ta, rag sampel darallys, liwya bejeth ha gwreans brochys. Òja hedna e vedh diw sethyen moy a dharvosow rag argemydna an tavas ha cressya y ûsadow. An re me a wra hapnya oll adro dhe Gernow. Whei ell spenja jorna da en Heartlands war achesonyow erel ewedh. Ma lies tra dhe vos gwelys ow tòchya balweyth.

Today I went to Heartlands (it doesn’t have a Cornish name) near Cornwall College in Pool (that doesn’t have a Cornish name either). The Rosweyth group organised a meeting to talk about a series of Cornish language events that are coming soon. The fifteenth day of June there will be a Cornish Festival with Cornish language, instrumental music and song and poetry. In the daytime there will be children’s activities as well, such as stories, face painting and making badges. After that there will be two more weeks of events for publicising Cornish and increasing its use. These will happen all round Cornwall. You can spend a good day in Heartlands on other occasions as well. There are many things to be seen concerning mining.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

2019 Day 149

Dedh Cans Dogens ha Naw

De Merher, nawhes warn ügens mis Me
Wednesday, 29th May

Jorna perfeth ewa hedhyw rag obery et ow lowarth. Nag ew an gewer yeyn ha nag ew hei re dòbm naneyl. Nag eus glaw bes ma ligyn dhort an mor. Na ellama gweles an prasow a-bell en hons dhe’n gwedh. Ma cornel an lowarth neb ew overdevys ha res ew dhebm trehy dhe ves lies whennen - dreys ha reden hir kens oll. Pur goth ew an ke obma (whei ell gweles meur a gewny) – fatel ellen nei y witha rag damach? A wedhen vian, na ellesta tevy e’n ke. Ma gwedhen dherow en ogas, ha’n wedhen vünys ma a wrüg tevy dhort mesen (martesen codhys dhort gelvin edhen). War nebes delkyow ma jewon, lies whethen vian (whethfians bian). Termyn me veu yonk gelwys o hedna “trew (trefyas) cùckou”. Lebmyn nag eus cùckous veth. Gwres ew gen wheskeren.

It’s a perfect day today for working in my garden. The weather is not cold and neither is it too hot. There is no rain but there is mist from the sea. I can’t see the distant fields beyond the trees. There is a corner of the garden that is overgrown and I must cut away lots of weeds – especially brambles and bracken (tall ferns). The hedge here is very old (you can see much moss) – how can we protect it from damage? O little tree, you can’t grow in the hedge. There is an oak tree close by, and this tiny tree has grown from an acorn (perhaps fallen from a bird’s beak). On some leaves there is foam, many little bubbles. When I was young that was called “cuckoo spit”. Now there are no cuckoos at all. It is made by an insect.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

2019 Day 148

Dedh Cans Dogens hag Eth
De Meurth, ethves warn ügens mis Me
Tuesday, 28th May

Ottobma maw bian hir y vlew. Tho hedna nanj ew nebes seythednow, henn ew mis Ebrel. Bloodh ev ew pemp. Helghyer veu va - rag ôyow Pask. (Da ew ganjo choclat.) Bettegens, lebmyn ma whans dhodho a gawas blew berr, pecar’a y gòthmans e’n scol. Etho, kemerys veu va dhe shoppa barber ha trehys ew y vlew lebmyn. Ew hebma an keth maw? Ma favour cottha dhodho. Choclat ew da ganjo whath. Ma va ow tebry bara scrawys gen tos choclat ha gwary gwary compûter. Ownter an baby ew ev. Da ew gans y hôr bos gesyores. Bloodh hei ew seyth. Moderep an baby ew hei. Da ew gen an baby qwary ganjans an dhew.

Here’s a little boy with long hair. That was several weeks ago, i.e. April. He is 5 years old. He was a hunter - for Easter eggs. (He likes chocolate.) However, now he wants to have short hair, like his friends at school. So, he was taken to a barber’s shop and now his hair is cut. Is this the same boy? He looks older. He still likes chocolate. He is eating toast with chocolate spread and playing a computer game. He is the baby’s uncle. His sister likes to be a joker. She is 7 years old. She is the baby’s aunt. The baby likes playing with both of them.

Monday, 27 May 2019

2019 Day 147

 Dedh Cans Dogens ha Seyth

De Lün, seythves warn ügens mis Me
Monday, 27th May

Gyllys ew agan teylû ha termyn ew dhe worra oll aga gwariellow e'n crow trelebba aga nessa vysytyans. Res vedh agan mab obery avorow. E veu (y feu) odhom dhe nei a lehe an castel aslabma bian - nei a wrüg lôwsel oll an ayr. Cosel ew an chei lebmyn. Saw nag ew an treth cosel - degolyow hanter tremmîs ew rag scolyow ha ma tüs ow lôwenhe aga honan reb an mor. Yeyn ew an gwens whath, rag hedna ma odhom a gôtys rag radn an bobel. Nag eus chayrys treth ha nag eus tüs owth omhowla. Na whath, ma lies lavrek berr, ma tüs ow tebry dehen rew ha ma defra (diwvregh) noth dhe venyn ow ponya.
Our family has gone and it is time to put all their toys in the shed until their next visit. Our son has got to work tomorow. We neded to make the little bouncy castle smaller - we let all the air out. The house is quiet now. But the beach isn't quiet - it's halfterm holidays for schools and people are enjoying themselves by the sea. The wind is still cold, so there is a need for coats for some people. There aren't any deckchairs and there are no people sunbathing. However, there are lots of short trousers, people are eating icecream and a running woman has bare arms.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

2019 Day 146

 Dedh Cans Dogens ha Whegh

De Sül, wheffes warn ügens mis Me
Sunday, 26th May
Dedh kemeskys o va hedhyw. Kevys genam o an camera, dadn sagh baby. Etho me ell ûsya nebes fotos an gevellyon. Anjei a gar ors gwaryel stoffys brâs. Da ew dhodhans beyk glas bian ha  kerrik baban magata. Thera dhen omweloryon whath moy rag li – flehes moy ha tüs goth ewedh. Pandr’o an musyk nei a glowas e’n gordhûher? “Ayrys e’n Tewenyow” reb an treth. Nebes trosüs ew. Ow howeth a dhanvenys dhebm nebes fotos moy dhort disqwedhyans art. Hedna veu moy cosel warbarth.
Today was a mixed day. The camera has been found, under a baby bag. So I can use some photos of the twins. They love a big stuffed toy bear. They like a little blue bike and a baby doll buggy too. We had even more visitors for lunch – more children and old people as well. What was the music we heard in the evening? “Tunes in the Dunes” by the beach. It’s a bit noisy. My friend sent me some photos from the art demonstration. That was altogether quieter. 

Saturday, 25 May 2019

2019 Day 145

Dedh Cans Dogens ha Pemp
De Sadorn, pempes warn ügens mis Me
Saturday, 25th May 

Pe le ma ow hamera? Me a gemeras lies foto hedhyw ha na ellama aga usya, drefen na ellama trovya an camera bian vy. Ma nebes omweloryon obma hedhyw ha ma tus cowldrevys ha flehes oll adro (ha cath moy ewedh). Me a worras an dra en neb le ha ma nekevys genam pe le. Res vedh dhebm usya nebes fotos coth. Haneth en nos thera vy ow qwitha baby rag ow mergh wydn. Na veu whans dhe'n baby a vos dhe'n gwely. Lebmyn therama saya na dhe'y dherevel.

Where is my camera? I took a lot of photos today and I can't use them, because I can't find my little camera. There are several visitors here today and there are adults and children all around (and an extra cat as well). I put the thing somewhere and I have forgotten where. I shall have to use some old photos. Tonight I am babysitting for my granddaughter. The baby did not want to go to bed. Now I am trying not to wake him.

Friday, 24 May 2019

2019 Day 144

Dedh Cans Dogens ha Pajer
De Gwener, pajwora warn ügens mis Me
Friday, 24th May 

Me a fanjas messach dhort cowethes goth, “Me a drovyas lever coth whei – dhort kensa scol.” Nakovys veu va genam. Hei a’n danvonas dhebm, gweskys et tien! Oll adro dhe dicky Düwes ew, ha tho ev powes rag scriptor sans (e’n vledhen an curüdnyas). Tho an scol en treveglos bian – degëys ew lebmyn drefen fowt a flehes. Scol wheg o va. Thera coos faw pur nes (ha ma’n coos ena whath). Me a dhescas dhe dhelinya gwedhen ena.
I received a message from an old friend, “I found an old book of yours – from primary school.” I had forgotten it. She sent it to me, all battered! It is all about butterflies and it was a prize for scripture (in coronation year). The school was in a little village – it is closed now because of a lack of children. It was a nice school. There was a beech wood very near (and the wood is still there). I learnt to draw a tree there.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

2019 Day 143

Dedh Cans Dogens ha Trei
De Yow, tryja warn ügens mis Me
Thursday, 23rd May

Pandr’ew an darvos hedhyw? Ma dewisyans ow wharvos hedhyw. Nag ewa dewisyans kebmyn rag Chei an Gebmyn en Loundres. Tabm veth. Dewisyans ew rag esely Senedh Europek. Ma dewdhek tiredh en Breten Veur, ha pub tiredh a vedn danon nebes esely dhe Brussels ha Strasbourg – trei ügens ha terdhek en cowlsòbmen. Nag era whans dh’agan Kensa Menyster nei a gawas an dewisyans ma. A venja “an bobel” gòrtos e’n Ûnion Coustom a Europa? A vedn po na vedn? Nei a wra gweles en scon. A vedh lies esel ow scodhya “Brexit” po lies neb ow saya dh’y lettya. Ma stacyon vôtya plesont dhen en ôstel. Me a gerdhas reb an keow leun a spern gwydn. Ma bleujyow scaw ow tos lebmyn ewedh. Ha me alja gweles an mor glas en peldar, frâmys gen flourys gwydn.

What is today’s event? An election is happening today. It is not a general election for the House of Commons in London. Not at all. It’s an election for members of the European Parliament. There are tweve regions in Great Britain, and each region will send several members to Brussels and Strasbourg – 73 in total. Our Prime Minister did not want to have this election. Would “the people” like to stay in the European Customs Union? Want or not want? We will soon see. Will there be lots of members supporting “Brexit” or lots who are trying to stop it? We have a pleasant polling station in a hotel. I walked by hedges full of hawthorn (white thorn). Elder flowers are coming now as well. And I could see the blue sea in the distance framed by white flowers.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

2019 Day 142

Dedh Cans Dogens ha Dew
De Merher, nessa warn ügens mis Me
Wednesday, 22nd May 

“Jorna spladn ew!” Nei a dhetermyas dhe vos mes. Thera whans dhen a enjoya an howl. An kensa le o Ty war’n Heyl. Nei a gerras reb an tewednow dhe’n trigva kyttrin. Thera den ow hedha y honan mes war an treth. Ev a wrüg enjoya an howl en certan. An nessa le o Lanwedhenek. Thera scath gool brâs e’n hen. Nei a welas den war y geyn war an planchen. Thera va enjoya an howl ewedh. An tryja le o Tewyn Plustry. Pur vesy o an dre. Nei a sedhas agan honan war venk ha mires orth an edhyn. An trojen vian ma a viras orta nei! Thera whans dhedhy a nebes browjyon.

“It’s a splendid day!” We decided to go out. We wanted to enjoy the sun. The first place was Perranporth. We walked by the dunes to the bus stop. There was a man stretching himself out on the sand. He definitely enjoyed the sun. The next place was Padstow. There was a big sailing boat in the harbour. We saw a man on his back on the deck. He was enjoying the sun as well. The third place was Newquay. The town was very busy. We sat ourselves on a bench and watched the birds. This little starling watched us! It wanted some crumbs.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

2019 Day 141

Dedh Cans Dogens ha Wonan
De Meurth, kensa warn ügens mis Me
Tuesday, 21st May

Me a gerras (gerdhas) reb Gover Melinjy hedhyw. Nag eus meur a dhowr etto. Nag era dhen meur a law a-dhiwedhes. Downder da ew üdn trooshes, dell hevel. Henn ew deg centimeter warn ügens dhe verk niver trei. (Keniver lysten dhû po gwydn ew üdn centimeter.) Hedhyw ma le es üdn trooshes a dhowr. Nag ew an gover bes ügens centimeter en downder (adro dhe eth misva) ha nei ell gweles nebes menow discodhys. En mis Efan eus passyes an dowr o whath moy bas. E’n gwav thera pictour deffrans gen lies dedh gleb ha ogas dhe dew drooshes a dhowr e’n gover.
I walked by the Bolingey Stream today. There’s not a lot of water in it. We have not had much rain recently. A good depth is one foot, seemingly. That is 30cm to mark number three. (Each black or white stripe is 1cm.) Today there is less than one foot of water. The stream is only twenty centimetres (about 8 inches) deep and we can see some uncovered rocks. Last June the water was even shallower. In the winter there was a different picture with many wet days and almost two feet of water in the stream.

Monday, 20 May 2019

2019 Day 140

Dedh Cans ha Dogens
De Lün, ügensves mis Me
Monday, 20th May

Da ew gen edhyn bos sedhys en golow an howl ha da ew rag aga ehes (yehes) ewedh. Vitamin D ew gwres e'n oyl war aga flev.  Anjei omglanha ha clonkys ew an oyl. Hedna ew da rag aga eskern ha defens an orf bedn cleves - ha rag aga oyow ewedh. Ma mola dhû war an gwels et ow lowarth. Me ell hy gweles dhort ow beister. Tohow ew meurgerys ewedh.

Birds like sitting in sunshine and it is good for their health as well. Vitamin D is made in the oil on their feathers. They clean themselves and the oil is swallowed. That is good for their bones and immunity – and for their eggs as well. There’s a blackbird on the grass in my garden. I can see it from my window. Roofs are popular too.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

2019 Day 139

Dedh Cans Nawnjek warn Ügens
De Sül, nawnjegves mis Me
Sunday, 19th May

Ma pemp sens dhe nei oll – sens a glowas, sens a weles, sens a dastya, sens a dava ha gallos dhe ajon (aswon) sawarnow. Po, martesen, tho whei onan an düs euthyk tanow ma dhodhans wheffes sens! Et ow blogg me ell disqwedhes dhewgh an taclow ew gwelys genam dhort jorna dhe jorna. Whei ell gweles liwyow an flourys wheg. Saw na ello whei clowes mola dhû ow cana en gwedhen ogas dhe’n chei – ha na ello whei clowes mola dhû aral moy en peldar hy gorreby hei. Whei ell gweles an blejyow spern gwydn saw nag ew aga sawarn wheg danvenys dhewgh. Me ell scrifa adro dhe’n gwens bes nag üjy y yeynder ow tava agas crohen. Ha na ello whei tastya bes agas boos agas honan!
We all have five senses – sense of hearing, sense of sight, sense of taste and the ability to recognise smells. Or, perhaps, you are one of the terribly rare people who have a sixth sense! In my blog I can show you the things I have seen from day to day. You can see the colours of the lovely flowers. But you can’t hear a blackbird singing in a tree near the house – nor can you hear another blackbird further away answering it. You can see the white thorn blossom but its sweet smell is not sent to you. I can write about the wind but its chill does not touch your skin. And you can only taste your own food!

Saturday, 18 May 2019

2019 Day 138

Dedh Cans Etek warn Ügens
De Sadorn, ethdegves mis Me
Saturday, 18th May

Me a wrüg gweles an toll ma kens lebmyn. Ma va reb amal an barlysek. Saw lebmyn thew ev brassa. Ew ev cowlwres? Eus dorgy (brogh) solabres dadn an dor? Pur segh ew an dor war an arenep, saw downa berha an toll ma dor gleb. Ma nebes dorgeun (brohes) en ogas, bes mowns ow longya dhe gòsca en termyn an jedh. En termyn an nos mowns ow cül drog dhe styckednow. Ma keun agan kentrevoges ow longya dhe scappya mes a hy gwel dre volhow gwres gen brohes. Res ew dhedhy menowgh owna hy styckednow. Na dal dhe’n keun mos war an vorr (fordh). Terweythyow nei a wel dorgy ledhys gen carr reb an vorr po en cleudh. (Nag ew brohes du ha gwydn - gorm ha melyn ens.)

I have seen this hole before now. It’s by the edge of the barley field. But now it is bigger. Is it completed yet? Is there a badger already under the ground? The ground on the surface is very dry, but deeper inside the hole there is damp ground. There are several badgers nearby, but they usually sleep in the daytime. Our neighbour’s dogs usually escape from her field through gaps made by badgers. She often has to mend her fence. The dogs should not go on the road. Sometimes we see a badger killed by a car beside the road or in a ditch. (Badgers are not black and white - they are brown and yellow.)

Friday, 17 May 2019

2019 Day 137

Dedh Cans Seytek warn Ügens
De Gwener, seythdegves mis Me
Friday, 17th May 

Hedhyw ew dedh heb posigyon po anken. Nag eus dhebm disqwedhyans dhe wil ha nag eus flehes yonk dhe witha. Ow mergh a dheuth e’n mettin gans hy hei bian (hy flehes era en scol) ha nei a gerdhas oll adro dhe’n gwelyow. An howl a spladnas ha’n mor o glas (blou) en peldar. Nei a glowas melwhes ow cana. Nei alja y weles e’n eborn saw na veu possybyl dhe gemeres foto. Nag o va saw temmik (spott münys) bedn an ayr. Whei ell gweles an eborn glas (blou), saw ello whei gweles edhen etto? An garednow en barlysek ew hir solabres saw whath glas (gwer) ew an barlys. Na ell an kei bian (ma garrow berr dhodho) gweles a-ûgh an es. Ma blejyow gwydn war wedh spern gwydn e’n keow. Ma flourys rüdh soudoryon ewedh. Da ew genam an gwedh derow coth ma reb pras an vergh. Thens nedhys ha crobm ha mowns ow kilynya gen an gwens.

Today is a day without stress or worry. I do not have a demonstration to do and there are no young children to look after. My daughter came in the morning with her little dog (her children were at school) and we walked together all around the fields. The sun shone and the sky was blue in the distance. We heard a skylark singing. We could see it in the sky but it wasn’t possible to take a photo. It was only a tiny thing (a tiny spot) against the air. You can see the blue sky, but can you see a bird in it? The stems in the barley field are already tall but the barley is still green. The little dog (he has short legs) can’t see over the corn. There is white blossom on hawthorn (white thorn) trees in the hedges. There are red flowers of campion (“soldiers”) as well. I like these old oak trees by the horses' meadow. They are twisted and gnarled and they lean with the wind.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

2019 Day 136

Dedh Cans Whetek warn Ügens
De Yow, whetegves mis Me
Thursday, 16th May
Pemp Cans po hanter mil. Henn ew niver a-bris raga vy. Ma scrifys genam pemp cans blogg e’n kevres ma, pub jorna heb fyllel. Pes ger a wrüga vy screfa? Na ora vy. Na wrüga vy besca nivera (rekna). Ma Seythen Cowsel Kernôwek ow tos en mis Efan, bes ma gwres genam kevran solabres. Ow howethes a liwyas pictour (morwel) ha me a gowsas adro dhodho. Moy es ügens esel a’gan bagas art a viras ha gosôwes orta nei. Na wrüg radn anodhans besca clowes an tavas kens hedna. Martesen anjei a vedn rei henwyn Kernôwek dh’aga pictours e’n nessa disqwedhyans. Me a ros dhodhans gerva vras.

Five hundred or half a thousand. That is an important number for me. I have written 500 blogs in this series, every day without fail. How many words did I write? I don’t know. I never counted. Speak Cornish Week is coming in June, but I have already made a contribution. My friend painted a picture (a seascape) and I spoke about it. More than twenty members of our art group watched and listened to us. Some of them had never heard the language before that. Perhaps they will give their pictures Cornish names in the next exhibition. I gave them a big vocabulary.

subject or theme
cliffs, coast
best, eneval
bre, bern, brodn
carrek (carygy)
tor, outcrop
coos (cosow)
dowr, ryver
gwedhen (gwedh)
hen, porth
vegetation, plants
(gwel an mor)
(view of the sea)
“creepy crawly”
scath, cok
(gwel an tir)
(view of the land)
beach, sand
buildings, houses