Friday, 20 July 2018

Day Two Hundred

Very proud of myself! I've reached the two-hundredth day of my daily blog, without missing any days. For the previous 199 days see

Will I be able to keep it up till next New Year's Day? No photos today. Housework is not very picturesque.

Dew Cansves Dedh

De Gwener, ügensves mis Gorefan.
Friday, 20th July.
Thera nei o còrtos rag agan mab dhe omweles wara nei. Soweth! Na ell ev doas avorow. Ma pestik dhodho – ha dh’y wreg ha dhe’n gevellyon ewedh. Martesen anjei a wra doas de Sül po de Lün. Ma esperans dhebm.
We are waiting for our son to visit us. Oh dear! He can’t come tomorrow. He has a bug – and so do his wife and the twins. Perhaps they will come on Sunday or Monday. I hope.
Thera dhen gwisgdy spar. Nebonan a’n kemeras dhe ves. E veu ahoson rag arrayans nowydh et o chombour. Nei a wrüg movya gwisgdy aral, üdn cofer neythow, üdn bord gen gweder mires, diw guben vian, üdn kist lednow, üdn chayr ha teyr styllen levrow (gen lies lever). Nei a gavas podn – meur a bodn – mar veur a bodn! Nag eus whans dhebm dhe waya mebel moy rag termyn pur hir.
We had a spare wardrobe. Somebody took it away. There was an opportunity for a new arrangement in my bedroom. We moved another wardrobe, a chest-of-drawers, a (dressing) table with a mirror, two small lockers, one blanket box, one chair and three bookshelves (with many books). We found dust – lots of dust – so much dust! I do not want to move any more furniture for a very long time.