Saturday, 31 August 2019

2019 Day 243

Dedh Dew Cans Dogens ha Trei
De Sadorn, üdnegves warn ügens mis Est
Saturday, 31st August
Thew hebma an diwettha dedh a vis Est ha'n diwettha dedh hav a veteorologieth. An brâssa radn a havyjy gen flehes ew gellys kerr (e kerdh). Dewhelys ens dhe'n anedhow aga honan dhe vos parys rag an vledhen scol nowydh. Thew an treth ogas ha gwag marnas clubb judo, trethek aga lavregow. Ma whath tüs gen keun teg. Anjei ell gòrtos termyn hirra – nag üjy an keun mos dhe scol. Ma gwrians brâs war an treth (merkya cors) ha reb an treth. Avorow e vedh (y fedh) kestrif “Triathlon Surf” - neyja e'n mor, pònya war an treth ha'n tewenyow, diwrosa en vorrow (fordhow) a'n costys a-hes. Kemerowgh with a veikoryon! Ma lies toll e'n vorr (fordh). Merkys ens gen nebonan gen paynt rüdhvelyn.

This is the last day of August and the ultimate day of meteorological summer. Most summer visitors with children have gone away. They have returned to their own homes to be ready for the new school year. The beach is almost empty except for a judo club, with sandy trousers. There are still people with beautiful dogs. They can stay for a longer time – the dogs do not go to school. There is great activity on the beach (marking a course) and by the beach. There's a Surf Triathlon competition tomorrow – swimming in the sea, running on the beach and sand-dunes, cycling along local roads. Take care bikers! There are many holes in the road. Someone has marked them with orange paint.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today
anedhow homes, dwellings, residences < annedh (sing.)
an diwettha last, ultimate < diwedh end, finish/diwedhes late 
kestrif competition 
hirra longer  < hir long
marnas except for
meteorologieth meteorology
mos e kerdh go away, depart (can be shortened to mos kerr)
ogas ha almost (before adjective)
marnas except for
tewenyow sand-dunes < tewyn (sing.)

Friday, 30 August 2019

2019 Day 242

Dedh Dew Cans Dogens ha Dew
De Gwener, degves warn ügens mis Est
Friday, 30th August

Tüs en Kernow a gar art Keltek. My a aspias desîn pur dha war gert covys ogas dhe'n morrep. Da ew gans an berhednyon “marhoga” war stulyow playnya, stylednow ros ha stylednow ergh. Ma trei den kelmys warbarth aga brehow ha garrow e'n vaner Keltek, ha 'ga stylednow reb aga threys. En kescùssülyans e veu sin gen trei gar pecar'a tribedh crüllyes. An niver trei ew gwelys arta e'n arvow Kernow. Ma pemdhek besont en treihornek. Hedna veu arwòdh nebes gwicoryon gòstla Kernow neb a gòlas arhans dhe Vetêrn Jowan. Gwelys ew an besons en pub le.

People in Cornwall love Celtic art. I spotted a very good design on a van near the seaside. The owners like riding on surfboards, skateboards and snowboards. There are three men with their arms and legs knotted together in the Celtic manner, and their boards by their feet. In a conference there was a sign with three legs – like a curly tripod. The number three is seen again in Cornwall's arms. There are fifteen bezants in a triangle. That was the badge of some Cornish pawn brokers who lent money to King John. The bezants are seen everywhere.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today
gòstla (a) (v) pawn (for)
kert covys (n.m.) van
morplaynya (v) surf
morrep (n.m.) seaside
perhednyon ( owners
styllen ergh (n.f.) snowboard
styllen ros (n.f.) skateboard
stul playnya (n.m.) surf-board
trebedh (n.m.) tripod (or trivet)
treihornek (n.m.) triangle

Thursday, 29 August 2019

2019 Day 241

Dedh Dew Cans Dogens ha Wonan
De Yow, nawes warn ügens mis Est
Thursday, 29th August

Jorna da ew dhe gemeres dor taclow ew coth po diantel. Ello whei gweles den, rüdh y gota, e'n wedhen na? Surjeon gwedh ew ev. Pur hir ew an wedhen ha ma othom dhodho a lovan. Ma va o trehy dor nebes branchys dor gen hesken. Lebmyn an wedhen a vedh saw. Et agan lowarth ma crow callek dhe vos diswres. Nag eus othom dhen a lovan bes trogenter ha morthol. Nag ew calish – an crow a vedn codha dor y honan. Ma rüdhek bian o mires ort an whel dhort besowen wydn. Da via ganjo lebmel dor ha cachya nebes prevyon bian. Ha pandr'ew hebma war styllen? Mirowgh ort y skeus! Tycky Duw ew.

It's a good day to take down things that are old or dangerous. Can you see a man with a red coat in that tree? He is a tree surgeon. The tree is very tall and he needs a rope. He is sawing down several branches. Now the tree will be safe. In our garden there is a rusty shed to be dismantled. We don't need a rope but a screwdriver and hammer. It's not difficult – the shed wants to fall down itself. A little robin is watching the work from a silver birch tree. He would like to hop down and catch some little invertebrates. And what's this on a plank? Look at its shadow! It's a butterfly.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today
diantel (a) dangerous (could also use peryllüs)
kemeres dor take down - other verbs can be used with dor, e.g.
codha dor fall down
gòrra dor put down/bring down
sqwattya dor knock down
trehy dor cut down
branchys (pl.) branches (can also use scorrow or scorednow)
Some (but not all) tools are feminine nouns, e.g.
hesken (f) saw
trogenter (f) screwdriver
morthol (m) hammer

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

2019 Day 240

Dedh Dew Cans ha Dew Ügens
De Merher, ethves warn ügens mis Est
Wednesday, 28th August 

Ma towlow en Kernow dhe vyldya corsow nowydh moy rag diwrosow (ha pobel war droos). Ma corsow diwrosow lowr solabres bes an re nowydh a wra jùnya nebes anodhans warbarth. An whel a wra gül devnydh a gorsow coosweyth, gweliow henfordhow horn, trolerghow na moy ûsyes ha ponjow.  Pe trolergh a vedh ûsyes rag cors nowydh? A wra an pons coth ma bos ûsyes? Oberow alja dallath en diw mil hag ügens. E vedh pons kerdh nowydh a-ûgh vorr vrâs. Nag ew pùb hüny lowen. Nebes teleryow alja bos gwethhes. Ew hebma protest?
There are plans in Cornwall to build more new cycle (and pedestrian) tracks. There are plenty of cycle tracks already but the new ones will link some of them together. The work will make use of forestry tracks, old railway track beds, disused footpaths and bridges. Which footpath will be used for a new track? Will this old bridge be used? Work could start in 2020. There will be a new footbridge over a main road.  Not everyone is happy. Some places could be spoilt. Is this a protest?

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today
(You will see that there are alternative ways of translating the same thing.)
coosweyth forestry
corsow tracks, courses
vorr (fordh) road, way
fordh horn railway
henfordhow old/disused tracks/roads, etc.
hens horn railway (pl. hensyow horn)
horn iron
lergh track/path
trolergh footpath
vorrow cleder railways (sing. vorr gleder)

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

2019 Day 239

Dedh Dew Cans Nawnjek warn Ügens 

De Meurth, seythves warn ügens mis Est
Tuesday, 27th August

De Meurth ew jorna rag coffy, cowl ha Kernôwek. My a vetyas gans o howethesow en chei coffy gelwys “Lily's” en Truru. Ha my o mos war tûa Stret Pedera my a gerdhas dres an beneglos. Ma blejyowek ledan, gen lowr flourys a bùb ehen, nessa dhe'n vos - rag "Truru Gwels". Nei a dhabras cowl caretys ha coriander spîsyes gen trogh a limaval glas - delicyous dhe dhebry. En kettermyn, en Ty war'n Heyl, ma whath routh veur a havyjy war an treth. Gellys vedh anjei scon. An shoppas a vedh degëys rag gwav. Ma boutik skichow – ma whans dhe'n perhen dhe wakhe y stylednow. My a bernas copel a skichow ort pris isel.

Tuesday is a day for coffee, soup and Cornish language. I met friends in a café called “Lily's” in Truro. As I was going to Pydar Street I walked past the cathedral. There is a wide flower bed, with plenty of flowers of all kinds, next to the wall - for "Wild Truro". We ate spicy carrot and coriander soup with a slice of lime – delicious to eat. Meanwhile, in Perranporth, there is still a crowd of summer visitors on the beach. They will be gone soon. The shops will be closed down for winter. There is a shoe boutique – the owner wants to empty his shelves. I bought a pair of shoes cheaply.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

blejyowek (f) flower bed
boutik (f) boutique
chei coffy (m) café
cowethesow (f. pl) friends > o howethesow my friends
gwakhe (v)  to empty/emptying dhe wakhe to empty (gwag empty)
havyjy (pl) summer visitors (hav summer)
limaval glas (m) lime (citrus)
peneglos (f) cathedral an beneglos the cathedral
skichow (pl) shoes (also skijyow)
spîsyes (a) spicy

Monday, 26 August 2019

2019 Day 238

Dedh Dew Cans Etek warn Ügens
De Lün, wheffes warn ügens mis Est
Monday, 26th August
Ma nebes üdnik adro dhe'n ke Kernow. Thens mar haval ha whath mar deffrans ew anjei oll. Leun a losow ew an ke ma - reden, spern gwydn, idhyow ha dreys. Ma lies oganen war an spern gwydn – hedna a vedh da rag an edhyn en gwav. Ma'n idhyow o ton blejyow – da ew hedna lebmyn gans an qwilkioresow (gohy). My a gùntelas nebes mor dû war an dreys – dhe vryjyon gen avalow. Res veu dhe nei composa agan lowarth – nei a gavas taclow coth e'n ke. E'n jedh hedhyw ma caffloryon frajen Consel Kernow. En termyn eus passyes towlys o taclow en ke. Nei a drovyas bryckys garow – gwres gen piw, ha pe oos? Thens trigva bestes bian – bulhornes ha lôw lowar. Otta bottel medhacneth coth ha gòles bason golhy. Res ew dhebm aga maylya en papar nowodhow.

There is something unique about the Cornish hedge. They are so similar and yet they are all so different. This hedge is full of plants – bracken, hawthorn, ivy and brambles. There are many haws on the hawthorn – that will be good for the birds in winter. The ivy is blooming – the wasps like that now. I gathered some blackberries on the brambles – to boil with apples. We had to tidy our garden – we found old things in the hedge. We found rough bricks, made by whom, and how old? They are the home of little animals – snails and woodlice. Nowadays there are Cornwall Council rubbish collectors. In the past things were thrown in a hedge. Here's an old medicine bottle and a wash basin base. I must wrap them in newspaper.

Sunday, 25 August 2019

2019 Day 237

Dedh Dew Cans Seytek warn Ügens
De Sül, pempes warn ügens mis Est
Sunday, 25th August
Hedhyw a veu dedh rag teylû. Spladn o an gewer – howlyek ha tòbm lowr. Jorna da o rag barbecuw (rag scrowlya boos war dan bian) ha debry en lowarth. Nei a dhabras ly pur dha. Moderep, gorvoderep, ownter, gorownter, dama, dama wydn, tas wydn, henvabm, noyth, gornoyth, noy, carer, cares, gwer, gwregeth, broder, hôr, horydh wheg ha môy – thera nei oll ena en seyth person. Dew dhen coth, üdn den yonk, diw venyn goth, diw venyn yonk hag üdn meppik bian a sedhas dor dhe dhebry, eva ha cowsel. Me a estemyas an frûtys e'n lowarth – brâssa ha gwel ens avel an re dhe vy! Ha nag ew an avalow diswres gen edhyn whath. An meppik a veu didhanys gen whethfyansow an dowr sebonüs. Ha lowen o an gwenen gans an flourys. Oops! Na ellama rekna. Thera eth ahana nei!

Today was a day for family. The weather was splendid – sunny and hot enough. It was a good day for a barbecue (for grilling food on a little fire) and eating in a garden. We ate a very good lunch. Aunt, great aunt, uncle, great uncle, mother, grandmother, grandfather, great-grandmother, niece, great-niece, nephew, boyfriend, girlfriend, husbands, wives, brother, sister, sisters-in-law and more – we were all there in seven people. Two old men, one young man, two old women, two young women and one little boy sat down to eat, drink and chat. I admired the fruits in the garden – they are bigger and better than mine! And the apples have not been ruined by birds yet. The little boy was amused by soap bubbles. And the bees were happy with the flowers. Oops! I can't count. There were eight of us.