Saturday, 19 June 2021

2021 Day 170

2021 Dedh Cans Deg ha Trei Ügens

De Sadorn, nawdegves mis Efen

Saturday, 19th June

Gwrewgh clappya Kernowek! Da via genen clowes meur a düs cowsel en Kernôwek. Ellowgh whei leverel bohes geryow po ellowgh whei clappya heb hockya? Da ew genam kestalkya en Kernôwek puppres ma deharas dhebm. Gwrewgh dalla hedhyw, rag "Speak Cornish Week" a dhallathas. E vedh ahosonow e'n seythen ma rag kerdhes ha cows, martesen whei alja gweles palores en keth termyn. Whei alja cosowes ort whedhel rag flehes e'n gordhûher, ha moy. Eus fraga dhe whei dhe vos grajek? Whei ell leverel "meur ras", martesen gen Tiktok.

Speak Cornish! We'd like to hear lots of people chattering in Cornish. Can you say a few words or can you speak fluently? I like to converse in Cornish every time I have an excuse. Start today, for "Speak Cornish Week" has started. There will be opportunities for walking and talking, perhaps you could see a chough at the same time. You could listen to a children's story in the evening, and more. Do you have a reason to be grateful? You can say "thank you", perhaps with Tiktok.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

ahoson (m) opportunity, chance

clappya heb hockya to speak fluently

clowes to hear (also other senses)

cowsel to chatter, chat

dallath ~ dalla to start, begin > (preterite) a dhallathas

deharas (m) excuse, opportunity

fraga ~ ragfra (m) reason

grajek grateful, thankful (also gracious)

kestalkya to converse

leverel to say

palores (f) chough (can also use choha (m))

Friday, 18 June 2021

2021 Day 169

 2021 Dedh Cans Trei Ügens ha Naw De Gwener, ethdegves mis Efen

Friday, 18th June


Thew Kernow awenüs. Rag radn an boblans, ma'n bobel aga honan, an tir, an story, bôwnans an bobel ha gôdhvownans ow provia an awen. Rag radn aral thew sport po gwelow. Ellowgh whei dendyl gas bôwnas gen awen? My a recevas lever de.  Awenys o an âwthores dhe scrifa novel storek, saw fantasy ew, story na wrüg besca wharvos - Pow an Sowson ha Kernow (gen Kernôwegoryon), an Emperes Josephine ow rowlya war anjei. Nag eus termyn lowr dhebm dhe scrifa - res ew dhebm redya! Ha ma teylû ewedh. Thera whans dhe'n maw bian a vires orth an edhyn gen dewweder, saw na wrüg ev gweles bes llama.

Cornwall is inspirational. For some of the population, it is the people themselves, the history, the life of the people and wildlife that provide the inspiration. For some others it is sport or scenery. Can you earn your living with inspiration? I received a book yesterday. The authoress was inspired to write a historical novel, but it is fantasy, a history that never happened - England and Cornwall (with Cornish speakers) ruled by the Empress Josephine. I haven't enough time to write - I have to read! And there is family too. The little boy wanted to look at the birds with binoculars, but he only saw a llama.


Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

awenüs inspirational < awen (m) inspiration

âwthores (f) authoress

dendyl gas bôwnas to earn your living

dewweder (dual plural) binoculars

emperes (f) empress

gôdhvownans (m) wildlife

gwelow scenery, scenes, views

poblans (m) population

provia to provide

rowlya war to rule over

storek historical

Thursday, 17 June 2021

2021 Day 168

2021 Dedh Cans Trei Ügens hag Eth

De Yow, seythdegves mis Efen

Thursday, 17th June

Scon, nei ell gweles nebes dornscrifow en Kresen Kernow. Gwariow ens; gwariow merkyl a-henys, gen whedhlow an Beybel ha bownasow sansow. Thera performansys en lies telher en Kernow e'n dedhyow coth, en plenys an gwariow. Ma whath plen an gwary a'n par ma en Lanust. E vedh gwariow ena arta e'n vledhen ma. Ma mappa degedhow coth ow tisqwedhes fatel üjy va whath en keth telher, saw behatna lebmyn. Ma spas lowr rag bush brâs a viroryon e'n cres. Ma diagrams dhe dhisqwedhes sòdhow an warioryon adro dhe'n min, war vankednow. An arhadowyow ew en Latyn a'n oos cres. Martesen whei ell redya "celu" rag nev. Ma efarn ewedh, ha jowlow (dyowlow) ha devîsys! Thera dhe bub gwary y rol a warioryon y honan (my ell gweles Seth) hag y arhadowyow gwariva.

Soon, we can see some manuscripts at the Cornwall Centre. They are plays; historic miracle plays, with Bible stories and the lives of saints. There were performances in many places in Cornwall in the olden days, in playing places. There is still a playing place of this kind in St Just. There will be plays there again this year. An old tithes map shows that it is still in the same place, but smaller now. There is enough space for a crowd of onlookers in the middle. There are diagrams to demonstrate positions of the actors around the edge, on banks. The instructions are in mediaeval Latin. Perhaps you can read "celu" for heaven. There's hell too, and devils and devices! Each play had its own characters (I can see Seth) and its stage instructions.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

a-henys historic, historical, of old

bownasow lives < bôwnas ~ bownans

dedhyow coth olden days

degedhow tithes < dega (m)

disqwedhes to show, demonstrate

gwarioryon actors < gwarier (m)

Lanust St Just's church site

mappa (m) map

merkyl (m) miracle

miroryon watchers, onlookers < mirer (m)



Wednesday, 16 June 2021

2021 Day 167

2021 Dedh Cans Trei Ügens ha Seyth

De Merher, whetegves mis Efen

Wednesday, 16th June

Terweythyow nag eus ourys lowr e'n jedh, ha hedhyw thew üdn jedh a'n par na! Etho, nag eus deg ger rag hedhyw. Diwedhes ew a eur lebmyn ha skith o vy. My a wra scrifa moy avorow. Ternostadha!

Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day, and today it was one of those days! So, there are not ten words for today. The hour is late now and I am tired. I shall write more tomorrow. Goodnight!

Trei ger rag hedhyw Three words for today

eur (f) hour (of the clock), time

ourys hours < our (m) (60 minutes)

ternostadha goodnight

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

2021 Day 166

2021 Dedh Cans Trei Ügens ha Whegh

De Meurth, pemdhegves mis Efen

Tuesday, 15th June

Hedhyw, my a wosôwas ort areth war Zoom gen Chloe en Kresen Kernow. Thew hebma agan chei a'n covscrivow ha cuntelva wonisegethek nowydh-flamm. Ma annedh rag levrow, dornscrifow, mappys, paperyow, hag erel, moy es milvil, en ayrgelgh riel, (teknologieth ûhel). Ma telher diogel rag trosorow - a bris rag benthigow gwlasek ha keswlasek. Rag an termyn ma disqwedhyans a nebes gwariow, scrifys en Kernow en Osow Cres, martesen en Glasney, bes gwithys en levervaow en Resohen ha Kembra. Warbarth ens dadn üdn to rag an kensa pres en story.    

Today, I listened to a talk on Zoom by Chloe in the Cornwall Centre. This is our brand-new archive and cultural venue. There is accommodation for books, manuscripts, maps, papers, etc., more than a million) in an ideal atmosphere (high technology). There is a secure place for treasures.  - important for national and international loans. For the moment there is an exhibition of several plays, written in Cornwall in the Middle Ages, perhaps in Glasney, but kept now in libraries in Oxford and Wales. They are together under one roof for the first time in history.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

ayrgelgh (m) atmosphere

benthigow loans < benthyk (m)

chei a'n covscrivow

cuntelva (f) venue

diogel secure

gonisegethek cultural

gosôwes ~ goslowes ort to listen to

nowydh-flamm brand new

riel ideal

teknologieth (f) technology

Monday, 14 June 2021

2021 Day 165

2021 Dedh Cans Trei Ügens ha Pemp

De Lün, pajardegves mis Efen

Monday, 14th June

Ma'n gath a's growedh et ow lowarth. Nag eus howl lowr hedhyw rag omhowla, bes nag ew an gewer yeyn. De Sadorn, tho an awel gwell, ha da o gen dew vaw bian gorwedha en pollen reb an mor. Na veu anjei ow corwedha e'n howl. Thera bush brâs a düs a'ga growedh war an treth en Porth Ia. Nag era anjei 'h (owth) omhowla naneyl. Thera anjei ow protestya warbedn gorothom an ayredh. En gwelha pres, trig o. Thera baners disqwedhyans erel reb treth aral, bes thera nebes gordhyoryon a'n howl ewedh. Ew an lew ma gordhyer a'n howl? Ew ev troblys ow tochya an gorothom ayredh hag ecologiethek? 

The cat is lying down in my garden. There's not enough sun today for sunbathing, but the weather isn't cold. On Saturday the weather was better, and two little boys liked lying down in a pool by the sea. They were not sunbathing. There were masses of people lying down on the beach in St Ives. They were not sunbathing either. They were protesting against the climate crisis. Fortunately, the tide was out. There were other demonstration banners by another beach, but there were several sun-worshippers too. Is this lion a sun-worshipper? Is he worried about the climate and ecological emergency?

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

a'm growedh/a'y wrowedh lying down (with appropriate possessive)

bush brâs a düs a lot of people, masses of people

ecologiethek ecological

gordhyer a'n howl (m) sun-worshipper

gorothom an ayredh (m) the climate crisis, climate emergency

gorwedha to lie down

gorwedha e'n howl to sunbathe

omhowla to sunbathe, bask

protestya to protest, demonstrate

trig ew the tide is out

warbedn ~ bedn against