Tuesday, 31 March 2020

2020 Day 91

2020 Dedh Pajar Ügens hag Üdnek

De Meurh, üdnegves warn ügens mis Meurh
Tuesday, 31st March

 An diwettha dedh a vis Meurh ew hebma. Gorfednys ew an kensa mis gwenton. Mis Whevrel a veu an gleppa Whevrel besca veu recordys. Pur leb o an dor; pur leyjek o an bôwnderyow. Rosow kerry a wras trohow down. Mis Meurh ew en lies an segha mis e'n pow ma. Ma lavar coth: Ma Whevrel ow leuna an creunyow rag Meurh. Lebmyn gellys ew an liwyow ha ma'n leyjek ow tisewydhy - bes ma'n trohow whath ena ha ma tollow e'n vorr (fordh).
This is the last day of March. The first spring month is finished. February was the wettest February ever recorded. The ground was very wet; the lanes were very muddy. Vehicle wheels made deep ruts. March is commonly the driest month in this country. There is a proverb: February fills the dams for March. Now the floods are gone and the mud is drying up - but the ruts are still there and there are holes in the road. 

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

an gleppa the wettest (gleb gleppa > an gleppa)
an segha the driest (segh > segha > an segha)
besca veu recordys ever recorded, on record
bôwnderyow lanes
disewydhy to dry up, dry out, shrink
diwettha last
en lies commonly
gorfednys finished
lavar coth proverb, old saying
tollow holes

Monday, 30 March 2020

2020 Day 90

2020 Dedh Pajar Ügens ha Deg

De Lün, degves warn ügens mis Meurh
Monday, 30th March

Ma gorothom e'n pow ma. Ma barras war an Norves. Lies pow ew degeys - na ell nagonan mos kerdh ha na ell nagonan mos en-bera. Caletter ew hebma rag an pow ma drefen bos othom a bajar ügens ha deg mil person rag gonis war bargenys tir hag erbyers marhas. Nag eus tüs lowr obma a vedn lavürya war an tir - po a wor gwil whel tiek. Piw a wor lewya tractor? An lily Corawes nag ew cuntellys. Scon e vedh sevy, tomatys ha frût aral  ha losow debry dhe vos cuntellys, ornys, fardellys ha degys dhe'n shoppas. En bledhednyow eus passyes tüs whel a dheuth dhort Europa Est. Fatel ell anjei dos lebmyn?  Bes na dal an boos mos dhe goll. 

There is an emergency in this country. There is a crisis on the Earth. Many countries are closed - nobody can go away and nobody can go in. This is a problem for this country because there is a need for 90,000 people to work on farms and market gardens. There are not enough people here who want to work on the land - or know how to do farm work. Who can drive a tractor? The daffodils are not picked. Soon there will be strawberries, tomatoes and other fruit and vegetables to be picked, sorted, packed and taken to the shops. In past years workers came from Eastern Europe. How can they come now? But the food should not go to waste.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bargenys tir farms
barras (m) crisis 
erbyers marhas market gardens
gonis to work (usually on the land)
gorothom (m) emergency
mos en-bera to go in, enter
mos kerdh to go away
norves, Norves (m) world, Earth
ornys sorted
othom (m) need

Sunday, 29 March 2020

2020 Day 89

2020 Dedh Pajar Ügens ha Naw

De Sül, nawves warn ügens mis Meurh
Sunday, 29th March

Termyn hav. Termyn Hav Brettenek, THB dhe vos compes. My a dhifünas gans an howldrevel - qwarter dhe seyth ar gloh et ow lowarth. E veu golowder spladn a'n howl war lesin bian reb beister ow chombour. Saw nag ewa neppeth dhe seyth hedhyw - qwarter dhe eth ew. An clockys a wrüg lebmel arag. En Sowsnek "lebmel war rag; codha war dhelergh" = "Gwenton war rag; Kidnyadh war dhelher". Ken deg ar gloh e veu howl, òja deg ar gloh ma cloudys. Ma gwens yeyn ewedh - nag ew an gewer pur havek. Res ew dhebm kerdhes - nag ewa da rag an yehes dhe vos sevyllyek rag termyn hir. My a wra cawas ow manegow tòbm ha lien codna. Saw eus diwvanek?

Summer time. British Summer Time, BST to be exact. I woke up with the sunrise - quarter to seven in my garden. There was bright sunlight on the little lawn by the window of my bedroom. But it's not something to seven today - it's quarter to eight. The clocks sprang forwards. In English "spring forwards; fall backwards" = "Spring forwards; Fall backwards". Before ten o'clock there was sun, after ten o'clock there are clouds. There is a cold wind as well - the weather is not very summery. I must walk - it's not good for the health to be immobile for a long time. I shall get my warm gloves and a scarf. But is there a pair of gloves?

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

arag, war rag forwards (SWFM yn rag)
beister (f) window (SWFM fenester)
Brettenek British
compes exact (a useful word with many meanings)
glesin (m) lawn (lenites after war)
golowder (a'n) howl (m) sunlight
havek summery
lebmel to jump, spring 
neppeth something, anything (several spellings for this)
war dhelher backwards, backward (SWFM war dhelergh)

Saturday, 28 March 2020

2020 Day 88

2020 Dedh Pajar Ügens hag Eth

De Sadorn, ethves warn ügens mis Meurh
Saturday, 28th March

My ell clowes edhen ow cana e'n ke, bes pe le ma hei ha pehen ew hei? Pa vaner edhen ew hei? Rüdhek ew. Ma lagas dû bian ow mires ortam. My ell gweles ascra rüdh emesk an barednow. Nag eus lies delen whath. Trehys ew an ke ma gen jynn bian. Nag eus coskeus rag edhyn en keow sqwardys gen jynn brâs. Nag eus danva. An vorrow (fordhow) a dal bos ledan rag kerry, rag hedna thew an keow trehys. Saw ma nebes gwedh na veu trehys gen jynnys. Shâpys ens bettegens, formys gen gwens. An gwens ow prevaylya en Kernow ew gwens gorlewin, etho ma'n gwedh ow kilynya tûa'n est, car dre hevel.  Tevyans ew môy syger tû an gwens, drefen bos segha.

I can hear a bird singing in the hedge by the lane, but where is it and what is it like? What type of bird is it? It's a robin. A little black eye is looking at me. I can see a red chest among the twigs. There aren't many leaves yet. This hedge is cut with a little machine. There's no cover for birds in hedges cut by a big machine. There's no hiding place. The roads should be wide for cars, therefore the hedges are cut. But there are some trees uncut by machine. However, they are shaped, formed by wind. The prevailing wind in Cornwall is a westerly wind, so the trees seem to lean towards the east. Growth is slower on the windward side, because it is drier.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

barednow (pluraltwigs, small branches < (singularbarren (f)
coskeus (m) cover, shelter
danva (f) hiding place
gwens gorlewin (m) westerly wind
lagas (m) eye
na veu trehys uncut
ortam at me (ort + pronoun)
pa vaner, pan vaner? what kind? what sort? etc.
pehên, p'ehen? what ... like? what type? etc.
rüdhek (m) robin < rüdh red + ek 

Friday, 27 March 2020

2020 Day 87

2020 Dedh Pajar Ügens ha Seyth

De Gwener, seythves warn ügens mis Meurh
Friday, 27th March

Ma whel ow contenewa e'n pow adro. Ma'n sêson ow mos rag, kenth nag ew an solsow cuntellys whath e'n gwel melyn. Arys ew an gwelyow cawlvleujyow, bettegens, parys rag an nessa trevas. Pòrres ew dhe gomposa an keow ken sêson neythy. Saw nag ew an keow compes e'n jedh hedhyw.  Sqwardys ew an scorednow gen jynnys tiek meur, nag ens trehys gen rach dre dorn. Ma lies scorren shyndys ha ma gwedh codhys. Ma nebes gwedh a wra codha scon en gwens magata - medhel ew an dor dreven an glaw. Bes nag ew an bargas troblys!   

Work continues in the countryside. The season progresses, though the daffodils are not picked yet in the yellow field. The cauliflower fields are ploughed, however, ready for the next crop. It is important to tidy the hedges before nesting season. But the hedges are not neat these days. The branches are ripped by great farm machines, not cut carefully by hand. There are lots of damaged branches and fallen trees. There are some trees that will fall soon in a wind as well - the ground is soft because of the rain. But the buzzard isn't worried!

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

arys ploughed
contenewa to continue
cuntellys picked, gathered, harvested
dre dorn by hand, manually
gen rach carefully
mos rag to progress, go forward
pòrres important, essential
scorednow branches < (singularscorren (f)
sêson (m) season
shyndys damaged
trevas (f) crop

Thursday, 26 March 2020

2020 Day 86

2020 Dedh Pajar Ügens ha Whegh

 De Yow, wheffes warn ügens mis Meurh
Thursday, 26th March

Pandr'ew an liwyow gwenton? Hedhyw melyn ew. Dhort ow lowarth my ell gweles gwel melyn e'n pelder. Pandr'eus ow tevy etto? An keth liw ew avel an lily Corawes reb an eglos.  (Ma dens lew ha ster gwenton ewedh.) Martesen thew gwel leun a lily Corawes. Soweth! Trûedh tra ew rag an tiek. Piw a alja aga huntel rag an shoppys e'n gorothom ma? Piw a wra perna flourys lebmyn? An flourys na alja bos marow ken Pask - spladn ew an gewer etho thew an flourys re a-varr. Nei a gerras (gerdhas) en vorr wag ahes. An keth gwel ew dhe vos gwelys. Ma gòlow howl en keow - ma lies bagas eythin, owriek aga bleujyow, ow spladna lôwenek. Ma'n drânow ow whirny oll adro - ma dhodhans lystednow melyn.    

What are the colours of spring? Today it's yellow. From my garden I can see a yellow field in the distance. What is there growing in it? It's the same colour as the daffodils by the church. (There are dandelions and celandines as well.) Perhaps it a field full of daffodils. Alas! It's a tragedy for the farmer. Who could pick them for the shops in this emergency? Who will buy flowers now? The flowers could be dead before Easter - the weather is splendid so the flowers are too early. We walked along an empty road. The same field is visible. There is sunshine in hedges - many gorse bushes with golden blossom are shining cheerfully. The bumblebees are buzzing all around - they have yellow stripes. 

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bagas eythin (m) gorse bush
bleujyow (pluralblossom
cuntel to pick, gather, collect
dens lew (pluraldandelion < (singulardans lew
gorothom (m) emergency (gor super + othom need
gwag empty
lôwenek cheerful, cheerfully
lysten (f) stripe
owriek golden
trûedh tra (m) tragedy, sad thing

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

2020 Day 85

2020 Dedh Pajar Ügens ha Pemp

De Merher, pempes warn ügens mis Meurth
Wednesday, 25th March

Na ellen nei mos mes. Pandr'ellen nei gwil e'n chei? Nag eus traveth war an tele bes yeyn nowodhow. Nei a drouvyas mûsek coth - snodys rag an jynn-snod (nebes kistednow). An brâssa radn anodhans ew dhort an bledhednyow trei ügens - termyn my a veu yonk. En bledhednyow deg ha trei-ügens thera flehes dhebm bes na wrüg ow dewisow chânjya. Da veu genam (ha da ew genam whath) levow wheg ha canow, da ha cler aga geryow. (Na ellama clowes an geryow en canow e'n jedh hedhyw - ha nag o vy bodharek!) Ha da veu genam ayrys vas. Ma snodys a vûsek an bobel ha jazz, lev ha menestrouthy. Na wrüga vy perna snodys rag termyn hir. Ma vorrow erel rag gosôwes ort mûsek hedhyw e'n jedh.  An Whiloryon a ganas, "Na vedn nei bos movys!" Nei a dal cana, "Na ellen nei bos movys!"

We can't go out. What can we do in the house? There is nothing on the TV but bad news. We found some old music - tapes for the tape-recorder (several boxes). Most of them are from the sixties - a time when I was young. In the seventies I had children but my tastes didn't alter. I liked (and I still like) nice voices and songs with good clear words. (I can't hear the words in songs nowadays - and I'm not hard of hearing.) And I liked proper tunes. I have tapes of folk music and jazz, vocal and instrumental. I haven't bought tapes for a long time. There are other ways to listen to music nowadays. The Seekers sang, "We shall not be moved!" We should sing, "We cannot be moved!"

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

ayrys tunes
bledhednyow trei ügens sixties
bodharek hard of hearing
dewisow (pluralchoices, preferences, tastes < (singulardewis 
gosôwes (ort) to listen (to)
jynn-snod (m) tape-recorder
mûsek an bobel (m) folk music
snodys (plural) tapes < (singularsnod (m)
trouvya to find
yeyn nowodhow bad news

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

2020 Day 84

2020 Dedh Pajar Ügens ha Pajar

De Meurh, pajwora warn ügens mis Meurh
Tuesday, 24th March

De tho an gewer teg ha my alja gweles an mor en pelder bes hedhyw na vedn an howl spladna ha na ellama gweles an mor. Pur niwlek ew hei a-ûgh an mor ha'n treth. Ew hedna niwl emesk an gwedh ewedh? Nag ew. Ma moges ow tos dhort chei. My ell gweles an môg saw na ellama gweles an chei. Ma sawar a vôg e'n ayr. Ma flourys e'n lowarth bes nag eus flourys wheg aga sawar. Saw martesen gwenenen vlewek alja clowes neb tra. "Pandr'esta ow cül?" emedh ow gour. "Therama saya kemeres foto a wenenen," emedham. "Re üskis ew hei." Ma dew diek en ogas. An eyl ew mager ha y gila ew tiek aradow. Thera son a dew jynn-tedna. Thera an mager ow spredya mon en gwel a-dâl. Nag o wheg y sawar. An tiek aral a wrüg aras y wel cawlvleujyow. Nag o pur wheg y sawar naneyl.

Yesterday the weather was lovely and I could see the sea in the distance but today the sun doesn't want to shine and I can't see the sea. It's very foggy above the sea and the beach. Is that fog among the trees as well? It's not. There's a smoke cloud coming from a house. I can see the smoke but I can't see the house. There's a smell of smoke in the air. There are flowers in the garden but there aren't any aromatic flowers. But perhaps a bumblebee can smell something. "What are you doing?" said my husband. "I'm trying to take a photo of a bee," I said. "It's too fast." There are two farmers nearby. One is a livestock breeder and the other is an arable farmer. There was a sound of two tractors. The livestock breeder was muck-spreading in a field opposite. He was not aromatic. The other farmer ploughed his cauliflower field. He wasn't very aromatic either.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

aradow arable
aras to plough
gwenenen vlewek (f) bumblebee (literally hairy bee)
jynn-tedna (m) tractor
mager (m) livestock breeder
moges (m) smoke cloud
niwlek foggy
spredya mon to spread muck, manure
tiek (m) farmer
wheg aga sawar aromatic (match possessive to subject)

Monday, 23 March 2020

2020 Day 83

2020 Dedh Pajar Ügens ha Trei

De Lün, tryja warn ügens mis Meurh
Monday, 23rd March

Mettin spladn o. Divünys veu vy gen lev colobmen coos war an glesin. Na wra debry ow flourys! Thera vy whath en omdhiberthva gans ow gour ha bestes. Na ellama gweles ow theylû. Soweth! De a veu Dedh Damyow bes na veu dhebm na flourys na cartednow. E'n gwelha pres anjei a fônyas. Bes ma flourys dhebm et ow lowarth. Ma bleujyow ow tos solabres war an spern dû ha ma lies briallen (ha del guckous). Re a-varr ew rag an spern gwydn - an buddys ew pur vian - ma môy kewny war an branchys. Re bell ew an treth - na ellama mos, bes my ell gweles an mor e'n pelder.

It was a bright morning. I was awoken by the voice of a wood pigeon on the lawn. Don't eat my flowers! I am still in self isolation with my husband and animals. I cannot see my family. What a pity! Yesterday was Mothers' Day and  I had neither flowers nor cards. Fortunately they phoned. But I have flowers in my garden. Blossom is already coming on the blackthorn (sloe) and there are lots of primroses (and bluebell leaves). It's too early for the hawthorn - the buds are very small - there is more lichen on the branches. The beach is too far - I can't go, but I can see the sea in the distance.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

colobmen coos (f) wood pigeon
divünys awoken
glesin (m) lawn
guckou (m) bluebell
kewny (collective) lichens (used for all small non-flowering plants)
lev (m) voice
omdhiberthva (f) self isolation
soweth alas, sadly, what a pity, etc
spern dû (collective) blackthorn, sloe
spern gwydn (collective) white thorn, hawthorn

Sunday, 22 March 2020

2020 Day 82

2020 Dedh Pajar Ügens ha Dew 

De Sül, nessa warn ügens mis Meurh
Sunday, 22nd March

Diberthys o vy dhort tüs erel. Therama o qwitha ow  felder. Üjy tüs erel ow cül an keth tra? Ellowgh whei gweles neb tra vian ha rüdh dres an gwedh, en ebòrn? Üdn askell ew gen person en dadn, ow neyja gen jynn bian. Pur dhiberthys ew ev dhort tüs erel! Hedna ew an ûhelder a dhiberthva! Nag eus nagonan ena a-ûgh  ganjo. Gen ombellheans sôcyal res ew dhen didhana agan honan, bos awenüs. Ottòbma lever ha lever termyn fitty gen lies tybyans. Venja whei cows gen nebonan? Ma'n Gwias ha kesrosweyth fôn. Ma kescowethyans dhebm - ow gour, diw gath ha diw logojen vrâs. Na wor an logas clappya Sowsnek veth, etho my a ell clappya ganjans en Kernôwek. Era vy ow sowndya müscok? My a vedh lacka ken diwedh dewdhek seythen. Thera vy ow tevy plansow nowydh. Ken pell my a wra cows ganjans. Ass ew marthys an plansow. Otta plans hatt Mexican. Ma babiow war vinyow an del.

I am separated from other people. I am keeping my distance. Are other people doing the same thing? Can you see something small and red beyond the trees, in the sky? It's one wing with a person underneath, flying with a little engine. He's very separated from other people! That's the height of isolation. There's nobody up there with him. With social distancing we must entertain ourselves, be creative. Here's a book and a magazine with lots of ideas. Would you like to speak with someone? There's the Internet and phone networks. I have companionship - my husband, two cats and two rats. The rats can't speak any English, so I can talk to them in Cornish. Do I sound mad? I'll be worse before the end of twelve weeks. I'm growing new plants. Before long I'll be talking with them. How marvellous plants are. Here's a Mexican hat plant. There are babies on the edges of the leaves.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

askell (f) wing
diberthva (f) isolation
diberthys separated, isolated
didhana to entertain, divert
dres beyond
gwias (m) internet
müscok mad, crazy
neyja to fly
ombellheans sôcyal social distancing
pelder (m) distance

Saturday, 21 March 2020

2020 Day 81

2020 Dedh Pajar Ügens ha Wonan
 De Sadorn, kensa warn ügens mis Meurh
Saturday, 21st March
Ma'n gwens e'n est, bes pe le ma Mary Poppins? Pur yeyn ew an gewer hedhyw - pecar'a gwav. Na wrüga vy gwil traveth hedhyw. My a viras dres taclow coth war ow jynn-amontya ha trouvya nebes pictours - lymnansow rag lever.  Nag ewa scrifys genam whath! Ma maw bian ha môs vian, ha ma meyny dhodhans. Ma bestes chei dhodhans ha mowns ow qwary gen aga gwaryellow. Da ew ganjans debry hag eva ha mowns ow codha en myschew. An gis ew maga a Japan, gen lagajow brâs. Ma whans dhebm chanjya radn an geryow. Ma fowt dhodho a whedhel vas ewedh
The wind is in the east, but where is Mary Poppins? The weather today is very cold - like winter. I didn't do anything today. I looked through old stuff on my computer and found some pictures - illustrations for a book. I haven't written it yet! There's a little boy and a little girl, and they have a family. They have pets and they play with their toys. They like eating and drinking and they get into mischief. The style is Japanese manga, with big eyes. I want to change some of the words. It is lacking a proper story as well.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

a Japan Japanese, of Japan
bestes chei pets < singular best chei (m)
codha en myschew to get into mischief
fowt (m) lack
gis (m) style, manner
gwaryellow playthings, toys < singular gwaryel (f)
lagajow eyes < singular lagas (m)
lymnansow illustrations
meyny (collective plural) household, family
whans (m) want

Friday, 20 March 2020

2020 Day 80

2020 Dedh Pajar Ügens

De Gwener, ügensves mis Meurh
Friday, 20th March

Kehesnos lowen dhe whei! Ew hebma an kensa dedh gwenton? Ma gwens yeyn òbma. Üjy an gwav ow tos arta? Nei a dal gwitha en yehes da. Gwrewgh debry lies losowen gegin. Aljama gonis losow kegin ow honan? Ma kevys genam nebes has - favow, pes, corrbes hag alfalfa.  My ell gonis skyll fav en jorrigow gweder. Da via genam gonis flourys ewedh. My a drohas temigow a blansow e'n lowarth ha's gorra en liggen. A vedn anjei tevy? Na ora vy.  

Happy Equinox to you! Is this the first spring day? There's a cold wind here. Is the winter returning? We should keep in good health. Eat lots of vegetables. Could I grow vegetables myself? I have found some seeds - beans, peas, lentils and alfalfa. I can grow bean sprouts in glass jars. I'd like to grow flowers as well. I cut little bits off plants in the garden and put them in compost. Will they grow? I don't know.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

corrbes (plurallentils > singular corrbesen (f) literally dwarf pea
en yehes da healthy, in good health (silent y)
gonis to grow, cultivate, sow
gorra to put
gweder (m) glass (material not object)
jorrigow (plurallittle jars > singular jorrik (m) 
liggen (f) compost (from dialect)
losowen gegin (f) vegetable > plural losow kegin
skyll fav (collectivebean sprouts
temigow (plurallittle bits > singular temmik (m) < tabm bit