Saturday, 30 November 2019

2019 Day 334

Dedh Trei Hans Peswardhek warn Ügens

De Sadorn, degves warn ügens mis Dû
Saturday, 30th November

En Kernôwek Coth thera an ger “ti” ow menya “house”. Òja an vledhen dewdhek cans po nebes an ger “chi” o ûsyes en Kernôwek Cres. Nei a wel an geryow “ti” ha “chi” en henwyn teleryow. Et agan Kernôwek Bew thera nei ow ûsya “chei” - marnas en henwyn teleryow. Lebmyn ma “ti” (po “Ty”, “Te”, “De”) ow tisqwedhes maner pur goth hag a-bris. Radn anodhans ew complys en Lever Domesday, Tywardreath rag sampel. An scrifores Daphne du Maurier a veu awenys gans an hanow - ha hedna ew merkyes e'n sin vorr (fordh). En Peran Porth thera nei ow perthy co agan maner coth en hanow tavern – Tywarnhayle Inn! Ma maner aral – Trevellance - (saw nag eus "Ty" e'n hanow) ow rei hanow dhe vownder ha nebes treven. En ogas “chi” ew treylyas dhe “gey” en “Bolingey” (Melinjy). Ma melin (treylyas dhe anedhow).

In Old Cornish the word “ti” meant “house”. After the year 1200 approximately the word “chi” was used in Middle Cornish. We see the words “ti” and “chi” in place-names. In our Living Cornish we use “chei” except in place-names. Now “ti” (or “Ty”, “Te”, “De”) indicate a very old and important manor. Some of them are mentioned in the Domesday Book, for example Tywardreath. The writer Daphne du Maurier was inspired by the name – and that is remembered in the road sign. In Perranporth we remember our old manor in a pub name – the Tywarnhayle Inn! Another manor – Trevellance (but there is no "Ty" in the name)- gives a name to a lane and a few houses. Nearby “chi” is mutated to “gey” in “Bolingey” (Millhouse). There is a mill (converted into dwellings).

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

compla to mention

disqwedhes to indicate

hanow name > plural henwyn

merkya to commemorate

maner  manor 

marnas except 

melin or belin (f) mill

perthy co to remember

rag sampel for example

telher/teller  place > plural teleryow

Friday, 29 November 2019

2019 Day 333

Dedh Trei Hans Terdhek warn Ügens

De Gwener, nawhes warn ügens mis Dû
Friday, 29th November

Thera edhyn en pub le e'n seythen ma. Terweythyow my a's gwelas ow neyja e'n ayr ha terweythyow thera anjei war an dor po e'n mor. De Meurth thera moy gullys dre es a düs war an treth. My a bernas has môy de Meurth rag edhyn bian – heckamolas ha bonegow erel. Da ew ganjans has. Ottòbma pednpaly – ma môy anodhans e'n ke. Hedhyw nei a gerras (gerdhas) en Melinjy – nei a welas lies bran dre hag anjei a viras orta nei. Leun a cûryosita o an briny dre na. Thera edhyn erel war do – rag fra? Pandra wra anjei gwil gen gwel cala? Nag ew an termyn ewn rag gwil neythow. Martesen anjei thera o whilas prevyon.

There were birds everywhere this week. Sometimes I saw them flying in the air and sometimes they were on the ground or in the sea. On Tuesday there were more gulls than people on the beach. I bought more seed on Tuesday for little birds – dicky birds and other little birds. They like seeds. Here's a bluetit – there are more of them in the hedge. Today we walked in Bolingey – we saw lots of rooks and they watched us. Those rooks were full of curiosity. There are other birds on a roof – why? What will they do with straws? It's not the right time for making nests. Perhaps they were looking for insects.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today
Observe a number of different ways of forming plurals:

bodnek (m) any little brown bird plural bonegow
bran dre (f) rook > plural briny dre
edhen (f) bird > plural edhyn
golan (f) gull > plural golanes
gulla (m) gull > plural gullys
gwel cala straws > singular gwelen gala (f)
hasen (f) seed > collective plural has plural hasednow
heckamola (f) dicky bird
pednpaly (m) bluetit pednow palyon
prevyon or preves plural insects < singular prev or preven

Thursday, 28 November 2019

2019 Day 332

Dedh Trei Hans Dewdhek warn Ügens

De Yow, ethves warn ügens mis Dû
Thursday, 28th November

Diwedh an kidnyadh ew po nebes, saw ma whath flourys et ow lowarth, war vushys hag en argalyow. Ma blouwydn nowydh emesk purpur ha donek coth. Lies delen a wrüg codha saw ma'n del melyn ow hockya whath war golwedh e'n ke. Ma delkyow marow et agan londrys. Res ew dhen aga gòrra dhe-ves. Ma gwens ow qwaya oll sortow taclow. Nei a whithras an crowyow. Nebes kentrow o lowsyes war an to, etho dowr a dheuth a-jei. Thera othom dhen a skeyl ha morthol dhe ga gweskel e'n to arta.

It's almost the end of autumn, but there are still flowers in my garden, on bushes and in sheltered places. There is new light blue among old purple and brown. Many leaves have fallen but the yellow leaves are still hesitating on hazel trees in the hedge. There are dead leaves in our launders. We must remove them. Wind shifts all sorts of things. We checked the sheds. Some nails have come loose in the roof, so water came in. We needed a ladder and hammer to knock them into the roof again.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

argalyow sheltered places < singular argal (f)
blouwydn light blue (blou gwydn cf. pink rüdhwydn = rüdh gwydn)
crow (m) shed
colwedh collective hazel trees > colwedhen (f)
gòrra dhe-ves to remove
gwaya to move
gweskel to strike, knock, hit
hockya to hesitate
londrys roof gutters, launders dialect
morthol (m) hammer

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

2019 Day 331

Dedh Trei Hans Üdnek warn Ügens

De Merher, seythves warn ügens mis Dû
Wednesday, 27th November

Nag eus bes peder seythen terebo Nadelik. Solabres ma golowow Nadelik a-ûgh an stret en Truru. Ma eledh e'n vledhen ma pecar'a e'n vledhen eus tremenys. Nag ew Ty war'n Heyl parys whath. Mowns ow terevel gwelynny nowydh rag scodhya golowow. Mowns ow cregy emann agan plev ergh ha sterednow, saw nag ew pres whath dh'aga thina. En Heartlands ma tekheansow – lies golow bian emesk an baners dû ha gwydn ha jynnys balweyth. Ma gwedh Nadelik en “Red River Cafe” ha “Chi an Bobel”. Sabwedh ens – teg ens, saw nag eus bush a gelyn tradycyonal veth.

There are only four weeks until Christmas. There are already Christmas lights above the street in Truro. There are angels this year the same as last year. Perranporth is not ready yet. They are putting up new poles to support lights. They are hanging up our snowflakes and stars, but it's not time yet to switch them on. There are decorations in Heartlands – lots of little lights among the black and white banners and mining machinery. There are Christmas trees in “Red River Cafe” and “Chi an Bobel”. They are fir trees – they are pretty, but there is no traditional bush of holly.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

an vledhen eus tremenys last year (alternative to … eus passyes)
cregy emann to hang up
derevel to erect, put up
gwelen (f) pole > plural gwelynny collective gwel
jynnys plural machinery (you can also use darbarow)
plev/plüv ergh snowflakes > singular plüven ergh
sabwedhen (f) fir tree
scodhya to support < scoodh shoulder
sterednow stars > singular steren collective ster
tekheans decoration

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

2019 Day 330

Dedh Trei Hans Deg warn Ügens

De Meurth, wheffes warn ügens mis Dû
Tuesday, 26th November

Mettin avarr reb an mor – scant na ellama gweles an mor en peldar. Ma loor nowydh lebmyn ha ma hedna ow styrrya dr'ew trig pur isel ha lanow pur ûhel. Ma gwens crev dhort an sooth ow whetha blewednow war dhelkyow gwedhen palm en lowarth reb an savla kyttrin. Gordhûher a-bres reb an mor – res ew dhebm pònya rag gwitha segh ow threys. Garow ha galòjek ew an todnow. Ma'n mor ow fedna war an morrab. Ma todnow gwels bian ow resek an ryver bian emann.

Early morning by the sea – I can hardly see the sea in the distance. There's a new moon now and that means that low tide is very low and high tide is very high. A strong wind from the south is blowing hairs on leaves of a palm tree in a garden by the bus-stop. Early evening by the sea – I have to run to keep my feet dry. The waves are rough and powerful. The sea is overflowing on the promenade. Little tidal waves are rushing up the little river.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

blew collective hairs > singular blewen plural blewednow
delkyow leaves
isel low
lanow (morlanow) (m) high tide
scant hardly
sooth south
styrrya to mean
trig (m) low tide
ûhel high
whetha to blow

Monday, 25 November 2019

2019 Day 329

Dedh Trei Hans Naw warn Ügens

De Lün, pempes warn ügens mis Dû
Monday, 25th November

Nag eus scol hedhyw rag ow flehes wydn. Ma dedh traynyans rag aga descadoryon. An flehes a venja gwil art. Da ew ganjans liwya. Bes ma whans dhe'n gath goth aga jùnya. Da ew genjy bos ogas dhe'n flehes ma ha gorwedha war aga paper. An baby a dednas hy lost degensete, rag hedna nag ew ev da genjy. Nag ew da gen cathes aga losyow dhe vos gwrydnyes. Na wrewgh nevra senjy cath er an lost. “A Gath Goth,” a vednas an flehes, “pandr'ew dha liw an moyha kerys?” “Purr-purr!” ew an gorryp (gorthyp). Òja liwya termyn ew dhe fittya ha debry boos. Da ew gans an vos gwil cowl gen caretys, scavellow cronek saw (dhort shoppa) ha losow erel. Ha nena thera nei ow còrtos aga dama – gen gwary niverow.

There is no school today for my grandchildren. There is a training day for their teachers.The children would like to do art. They like painting. But the old cat wants to join them. She likes to be near to these children and lies down on their paper. The baby pulled her tail the day before yesterday, so she does not like him. Cats don't like having their tails seized. Don't ever hold a cat by the tail. “Old Cat,” asked the children, “what is your favourite colour?” “Purr-ple!” is the answer. After painting it's time to prepare and eat food. The girl likes to make soup with carrots, safe mushrooms (from a shop) and other vegetables. And then we wait for their mother - with a numbers game.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

degensete the day before yesterday
er an lost by the tail
gorryp (gorthyp) (m) answer < verb gorryby (SWFM gorthyby)
gorwedha to lie down
gwrydnya to seize > verbal adjective gwrydnyes
lost (m) tail > plural losyow (loss of t)
losow plural vegetables > singular losowen (f)
senjy to hold
tedna to pull
vednas preterite asked < verb gofen/goven to ask

Sunday, 24 November 2019

2019 Day 328

Dedh Trei Hans Eth warn Ügens

De Sül, pajwora warn ügens mis Dû
Sunday, 24th November

Nag eus glaw oll an termyn hedhyw bes thew an gwels pur leb. Ma othom dhe'n maw bian a gôta stanch, ha lavrek stanch ewedh. Re hir ew y lavrek nowydh ha ma caletter dhodho kerdhes ettans. Bettegens, gweres ew dhe dhorn. Ma y dhama ow ton bombadys ha kerdhes ganjo. Kebmer with chil vian. Ma pilyow godhor ha tell brohes. Nag ew an gewer yeyn. Ma whath flourys war dhreys ha delkyow yonk war idhyow. Mowns ow tivera gen dowr.

There isn't rain all the time today but the grass is very wet.The little boy needs a waterproof coat, and waterproof trousers as well. His new trousers are too long and he has difficulty walking in them. However, help is at hand. His mother wears wellies and walks with him. Take care little one. There are mole hills and badger holes. The weather is not cold. There are still flowers on brambles and young leaves ivy. They are dripping with water.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bombadys wellies
caletter difficulty
côta stanch raincoat, mac, anorak, waterproof coat
dhe dhorn at hand
don to wear (alternative to degy)
ettans in them < en becomes et and anjei is shortened
ganjo with him (for emphasis you can say gans ev)
gweres help, assistance
lavrek stanch waterproof trousers
stanch waterproof, watertight, impermeable

Saturday, 23 November 2019

2019 Day 327

Dedh Trei Hans Seyth warn Ügens

De Sadorn, tryja warn ügens mis Dû
Saturday, 23rd November

Glaw a wra en Kernow. Ma re a dhowr en pub le. Ma gwarnyansow dhe worwer kerry. Kemerowgh with an livyow. Scantlowr na ell an kerry movya en nebes vorrow. Res ew dhebm degy botas dowr rag kerdhes et agan bownder. Pur vrâs ew grelyn e'n pras agan kentrevogyon – brâssa ages ûsyes. Provies ew gen gover bian ow resek môüskis ages ûsyes. Ma'n dowr ow tremena an vownder ewedh. Da ew gen fongow kerdhyn gleb: mowns ow tevy brâssa ha brâssa. Ma caletter a-jei, sowedh. Ma'n hager awel ow cül drog dhe scüdel tele – nag eus sin.

It rains in Cornwall. There is too much water everywhere. There are warnings to motorists. Beware of the floods. The traffic can hardly move on some roads. I have to wear wellingtons to walk in our lane. A horse-pond in our neighbours' field is very big – bigger than usual. It is supplied by a little stream which is running faster than usual.The water is crossing the lane as well. Fungi like a damp environment; they are growing bigger and bigger. There's a problem indoors, sadly. The bad weather is affecting the TV dish – there's no signal.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

botas dowr wellingtons, rubber boots > singular botasen (f)
degy to wear
fongow fungi
gorwer kerry plural motorists < singular gorrour carr
grelyn (f) horse-pond
gwarnyansow warnings < verb gwarnya
kerthyn environment, environs
provies verbal adjective supplied
scantlowr hardly
tremena to cross
üskis fast, quick(ly)

Friday, 22 November 2019

2019 Day 326

Dedh Trei Hans Whegh warn Ügens

De Gwener, nessa warn ügens mis Dû
Friday, 22nd November

Ma othom dhen a anedhow lowr en Kernow rag an bobel a Gernow. Nag eus othom a havosow môy. Bettegens, ma tüs ew trigys ettans dres an gwav ewedh (ma gòbernasow gwav ras). Gwell via dhe'n düs ma cawas trevethow vas. My a welas trònk kerry gen havosow en Goonhavern war an vorr dhe bark caravan. Ma treven coth gwag en lies telher – bes ew possybyl dhe dreylya anjei? Ens saw? A via anjei esy? Terweythyow, en gwettha pres, na! Ottòbma ôstel coth – en stat drog ha leun a asbestos. Res ew y dhiswil. E vedh pemp chei tre et y le. Piw a wra aga ferna? Da ew genam an chei ma. Pur goth ew ev bes ma'n perhen nowydh ow cül nôwethheans da. Thew ev syger bes dien. Nebes treven ew gwag bes nag ens vas rag treylyans.

We need enough dwellings in Cornwall for the Cornish people. We do not need more summer holiday homes. However, there are people living in them through the winter as well (there are cheap winter lets). These people would rather have proper homes. I saw lorries with holiday homes in Goonhavern en route to a caravan park. There are empty old houses in many places – but is it possible to convert them? Are they safe? Would they be comfortable? Sometimes, unfortunately, no! Here's an old hotel – in bad condition and full of asbestos. It has got to be demolished. There will be five town houses in its place. Who will buy them? I like this house. It's very old but the new owner is doing a good renovation. He is slow but thorough. Some buildings are empty but they are not suitable for conversion.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

annedh (f) dwelling > plural anedhow (change of stress > consonant change)
esy comfortable
Goonhavern placename down of summer grazing – now completely built over
havosow summer holiday homes
lowr enough (you can also use luk)
pobel people plural (note soft mutation after an)
saw safe
treven houses irregular plural of singular chei house (do not use cheiow)
treveth (f) home, dwelling (alternative to annedh)
trònk carr lorry

Thursday, 21 November 2019

2019 Day 325

Dedh Trei Hans Pemp warn Ügens 

De Yow, kensa warn ügens mis Dû
Thursday, 21st November

Thera nei ow tos nes dhe'n diwedh arwòdh an Scorpion avorow.  Òja hedna e vedh dalla arwòdh an Sether. Scorpion ew eneval  gwir bes pandr'ew sether e'n Zodiak? Ewa den po nebes deffrans? Ma'n ster e'n kessteras ow formya “centaur”, hanter den ha hanter margh, car dre hevel. Ma lymnansow a "centaurs". Ma lies lymnans a sinys an Zodiak. Nebes anodhans ew pur goth. Thens dhort pub oos ha dhort pub radn an Norves. Radn ew liwys ha radn ew pryntys. Ma dhe'n Sether gwarak (po arblast) ha sethow, rag hedna hebma ew y dokyn. Ma'n tokyn rag an Scorpion ow tisqwedhes y lost. 

We are approaching the end of the sign of Scorpio tomorrow. After that it will be the start of the sign Sagittarius (the Archer). A scorpion is a real animal but what is an archer in the Zodiac? Is it a man or something different? The stars in the constellation form a centaur, half man and half horse, it seems. There are illustrations of centaurs. There are many illustrations of Zodiac signs. Some of them are very old. They are from every age and from every part of the World. Some are painted and some are printed. The Archer always has a bow (or crossbow) and arrows, so this is its symbol. The symbol for the Scorpion shows its tail.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

an Sether (m) Sagittarius
arblast (m) crossbow
car dre hevel it seems, seemingly, apparently
gwarak (f) longbow
kessteras (m) constellation < kes together + ster stars
lymnans (m) illustration
oos (m) age
seth (m) arrow > plural sethow
sether (m) archer
tokyn (m) symbol, emblem