Wednesday, 31 March 2021

2021 Day 90

 2021 Dedh Pajar Ügens ha Deg

De Merher, üdnegves warn ügens mis Meurth

Wednesday, 31st March

Teyr-garr goth a erviras dhe welcòbma diwarr yonk. Nag ew ev godros, wòja pub tra. Ma kescows heb ger ow mos rag. Gwra smodhya ow fedn! Na wra tòchya ow heyn! Na wra tedna ow hanter lost! Mir! Ma carten Pask gwres genam en scol veythrin. Ma Cònin Pask warnedhy. A venjes ta cawas badna ow leth?  

Old three-legs decided to welcome young two legs. He is not a threat, after all. There's a wordless conversation going on. Smooth my head! Do not touch my back! Do not pull my half tail! Look! I've made an Easter card at nursery school. There's Easter Bunny on it. Would you like to have a drop of my milk?

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

badna (m) drop (to drink) of

cònin (m) rabbit

ervira to decide (you can also use determya)

garr (f) leg > (dual plural) diwarr

heb ger wordless

keyn (m) back

lôst (m) tail

Pask Easter

smodhya to smooth, pet, stroke (you can also use tava)

tòchya to touch, feel, etc. (you can also use tava)

wòja pub tra after all


Tuesday, 30 March 2021

2021 Day 89

 2021 Dedh Pajar Ügens ha Naw


De Meurth, degves warn ügens mis Meurth

Tuesday, 30th March

Terweythyow nag eus dhebm tybyans veth! Peth ellama scrifa? Nena, ma ow mergh wydn ow tanon dhebm fôtô an mortîd ûhel en mettin. (Ma hei orth an savla buss reb an treth.) Ma lavar coth "Mortîd en mettin traveth na dal". Nag eus cokow òbma lebmyn, etho nag ew hedna perthynek. Rag fra ew an morlanow mar ûhel? Ma loor leun. Trig ew pur isel ewedh. My a drouvyas derivas war "Cornwalllive". Ma trig record, mortîd an iselha a-dhia vis Whevrel diw vil ha peswardhek. Jornalist-fôtô Greg Martin a gemeras nebes fôtôs marthys a'n remenadow forest ancyent beudhys en Cabmas an Garrek Loos. Henwys ew St Michael's Mount  "An Garrek Loos e'n Coos". Diskevrys ew lies corf gwedhen, kievow ha gwredhow, keffres ha splattys brâs a gesow. Doregoryon a ûsyas carbondhedhyans war an kesow.  Tredh peder mil ha whegh mil bloodh ew. Meur ras dhe whei Greg Martin rag an pictours spladn.      

Sometimes I don't have a single idea! What can I write? Then, my granddaughter sends me a photo of a high tide in the morning. (She's at the bus stop by the beach.) There's a proverb "A tide in the morning is not worth anything". There are no fishing boats here now, so that is not relevant. Why is the high tide so high? There is a full moon. Low tide is very low too. I found a report on "Cornwalllive". There is a record low tide, the lowest tide since February 2014. Photojournalist Greg Martin took some amazing photos of the remains of a submerged ancient forest in Mounts Bay. St Michael's Mount is called "The Grey Rock in the Wood". Many tree trunks, stumps and roots are exposed, as well as big patches of peat. Geologists used carbon dating on the peat. It is between 4,000 and 6,000 years old. Thank you, Greg Martin for the splendid pictures.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

an iselha the lowest

beudhys drowned, submerged, swamped

cabmas (m) bay

carbondhedhyans (m) carbon dating

carrek (f) rock

cokow fishing boats < cok (m)

derivas (m) report

diskevrys exposed, uncovered

kesow peat

morlanow (m) high tide

perthynek relevant

remenadow remnants, remains


Monday, 29 March 2021

2021 Day 88

 2021 Dedh Pajar Ügens hag Eth

De Lün, nawhes warn ügens mis Meurth

Monday, 29th March

Egerys ew scolyow, coljiow ha scolyow meythrin arta, saw scon e vedh degòlyow Pask. Ma othom dhe 'gan mergh wydn a vos dhe goljy rag nebes dedhyow moy. Kerdh hir ew bys en Perran ha savla buss rag Truru. Ma buss coljy bes nag eus cübmyas rag flehes, soweth. "Ma viaj a vil mildir ow tallath gen cabm üdnek." Thew hedna lavar coth Chinek. E veu gan kensa cabmow en mettin ma e'n vôwnder. Nena e veu Cocks ha Melinjy. Whel tòbm ha whesek ew, en herdhya kerrik flogh! War an diwedh, an savla buss. Re alergh o nei, etho thera nei ow mires orth an treth. Ma benenes ow cuntel rag aga hensa neyjas a-dhia leunstroth. (Yeyn ew an mor en mis Meurth, ha yeyn ew an gwens - welcòm ens!)

Schools, colleges and nursery schools are open again, but it will soon be the Easter holidays. Our granddaughter needs to go to college for several more days. There's a college bus from the church but there's no permission for children, sadly. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." That is a Chinese proverb. Our first steps this morning were in the lane. Then there was Cocks and Bolingey. It is hot, sweaty work, shoving a buggy! At last, the bus stop. We are too early, so we look at the beach. Women are gathering for their first swim since lockdown. (The sea is cold in March, and the wind is cold - they are welcome!)

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

cabm (m) step (you can also use labm)

Chinek Chinese (language)

coljiow colleges < coljy (m)

cübmyas (m) permission, leave

herdhya to shove

kerrik flogh (m) buggy, pushchair

neyjas (m) swim

scolyow meythrin nursery schools < scol veythrin (f)

üdnek single

whesek sweaty


Sunday, 28 March 2021

2021 Day 87

2021 Dedh Pajar Ügens ha Seyth

De Sül, ethves warn ügens mis Meurth

Sunday, 28th March

Gwenton ew, ha ma hedna ow menya gwrians dres oll an pow. Otta nebes chôkys meur aga dros adro dhe glehta Peran, ow mos a-jei ha mes a'n trohow beistry ûhel, ow neythy. Ma chôkys et agan chymbla ewedh. Diw edhen a wrüg omdhal et agan lowarth. Ma gwrians ha gorvewecter (ha wharth) et agan chei lebmyn! Nag üjy nevra maw bian, dew y vloodh, ow powes. Ha mars eus flogh bian, nena e vedh deray. Ma bryckys, kerry, gwariellow stoffys ha dinosâwrys war an leur. Kebmer with, na wra trebüchya! Ma meur a whel dhe wil dh'y dhama, ow tiscarga seher ha boxys.   


It's spring, and that means countrywide activity. Here are some noisy jackdaws around St Piran's church tower, going in and out of the high window slits, nesting. There are jackdaws in our chimney too. Two birds fought in our garden. There's activity and hyperactivity (and laughter) in our house now! A little boy, aged two, never stops. And if there is a young child, then there will be chaos. There are bricks, cars, stuffed toys and dinosaurs on the floor. Take care not to stumble! His mother has a lot of work to do unpacking bags and boxes.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

chôkys jackdaws < chôka (m)

clehta (m) church tower < clegh bells + tour tower

deray (m) chaos, disorder, clutter

dres oll an pow countrywide

gorvewecter (m) hyperactivity

gwrians (m) activity

meur aga dros noisy (possessive should be appropriate to noun)

neythy to nest

omdhal to fight, struggle, wrestle

trohow slots, slits < trogh (m)




Saturday, 27 March 2021

2021 Day 86

  2021 Dedh Pajar Ügens ha Whegh

De Sadorn, seythves warn ügens mis Meurth

Saturday, 27th March

Ma caskergh maynys sôcyal, "Bussys rag pub kescowethyans". Ma othom dhe drevow ha gwigow a servisys warrantyes. Pòrresys ens rag gòrra an bobel dh'aga whel ha teleryow adhescansek (ha didhan) mar nag allons ûsya carr. Ma whans dhe nei a gerry le war an vorr, dhe redûsya mostedhes ayr. Da via genen cawas servisys seyth dhedh pub seythen, pub our (dhe'n leha) dhort whegh eur mettin bys dhe hanternos (pecar'a radnow Pow Swiss gen moy es trei hans person en gwig). Ha na venja nei bos re bell dhort savla buss! Ello whei gweles an mordarth e'n foto? Ow savla buss rag Truru ew hons ena war nans, ogas dhe'n treth. Na ell an maw bian kerdhes mar bell. Ma savla buss ogas dhe'n eglos - saw hedna ew rag Redrudh na Truru! Ha ma savla rag buss scol en Cocks, bes re goth oma.

There is a social media campaign, "Buses for every community". Towns and villages need guaranteed services. They are essential for transporting people to their work and places of education (and entertainment) if they cannot use a car. We want fewer cars on the road, to reduce air pollution. We would like to have services seven days a week, every hour (at least) from six in the morning till midnight (like parts of Switzerland with more than 300 people in a village). And we wouldn't want to be too far from a bus stop. Can you see the surf in the photo? My bus stop for Truro is downhill over there, near the beach. The little boy can't walk so far. There's a bus stop near the church - but that's for Redruth not Truro! And there's a stop for a school bus in Cocks, but I'm to old.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

caskergh (m) campaign

diogel reliable, certain, sure, safe

gwigow villages

hanternos midnight

kescowethyans (m) community

maynys sôcyal social media

pòrresys vital, essential

servisys ~ servisyow services

trevow towns

warrantyes guaranteed

Friday, 26 March 2021

2021 Day 85

2021 Dedh Pajar Ügens ha Pemp

De Gwener, wheffes warn ügens mis Meurth

Friday, 26th March

Fatla geno whei? Fatel ero whei ow kil? Fatel ellen nei bos en yehes da dres oll an leunstroth ma? Fatel ellen nei scodhya dadder a'n corf ha gwitha agan compòster bres? Da ew kerdhes e'n powdir, nei a dal bos emesk gwedh. Gwedh a vedha rei dhen tecter en gwenton, skeuj en hav ha, terweythyow, boos en kidnyadh. An liw glas chlorophyll ew liw nebes yeyn ha cosel dh'agan lagajow - ma va ow lehe sqwithter an lagas. Bes da ew gen radn an bobel pònya. Hedna a vedha hastya an pòlcolon - ha ma le a dermyn dhe vires adro ha madra natûr.  Ha COVID-19? Na venja nei cawas hedna e'n chei. Thera an vacsin dhe radn ahanen, ha ma daffar dhe r'erol rag omassaya.    

How are you? How are you doing? How can we be in good health throughout this lockdown? How can we support physical fitness and maintain our sanity? It's good to walk in the countryside, we should be among trees. Trees give us beauty in spring, shade in summer and, sometimes, food in autumn. The green colour of chlorophyll is a cool colour and restful to our eyes - it reduces eye strain. But some people like to run. That speeds up the heartbeat - and there is less time to look around and observe nature. And COVID-19? We wouldn't want to have that at home. Some of us have had the vaccine, and others have  equipment for self-testing.


Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

a'n corf physical, of the body

compòster bres (m) sanity, right mind

dadder (m) fitness, goodness

dres oll throughout

en yehes da in good health

gwitha to keep, maintain (you can also use mentayna)

nebes yeyn cool, a bit cold

pòlcolon (m) heartbeat

powdir (m) countryside

scodhya to support, sustain

yagh healthy, fit (dialect "jack")


Thursday, 25 March 2021

2021 Day 84


2021 Dedh Pajar Ügens ha Pajar

De Yow, pempes warn ügens mis Meurth

Thursday, 25th March

Ma lavar coth: Nag eus goon heb lagas na ke heb scovarn. Bes piw a bew an lagajow ha'n scovornow? Thera vy ow mires ha terweythyow theram ow qweles! Pandr'ew hebma en gwel - heb gwayans po son. Kerhydh loos ew, theram ow pedery. Rag fra üjy hei ena? Üjy hei ow còrtos neppeth? Ma'n dowr bian war drenewen aral an vorr (fordh). Nag eus pesk e'n gwel. Martesen hei ell cachya qwilkyn. Ma dhedhy garrow ascornek hir, ha codna hir - ha ma mir ownek lowr dh'y gelvin. Ma fesont en keth gwel, reb an ke - saw ma va ow qwaya re üskis rag ow foto. Nag üjy an cònin en park aral ow pònya terebo clowes lev ow gour. Bes otta bran vold ow mires orten reb an park kerry.

There is a proverb: There is not a down without an eye nor a hedge without an ear. But who possesses the eyes and the ears? I look and sometimes I see! What is this in a field - without movement or sound? It's a grey heron, I think. Why is it there? Is it waiting for something? The little river is on the other side of the road. There are no fish in the field. Perhaps it can catch a frog. It has long, bony legs and a long neck - and its beak looks quite scary. There's a pheasant in the same field, by the hedge - but it moves too quickly for my photo. The rabbit in another field doesn't run until it hears my husband's voice. But here's a bold crow looking at us by the carpark.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

ascornek bony, like a skeleton

garrow legs < garr (f)

gelvin (m) beak

gòrtos to wait for

gwayans (m) movement

kerhydh loos (f) grey heron

lagajow eyes < lagas (m)

lavar coth (m) proverb, old saying

qwilkyn (m) frog

scovornow ears < scovarn (f)

son (m) sound