Sunday, 31 May 2020

2020 Day 152

2020 Dedh Cans Dewdhek ha Dogens

De Sül, üdnegves warn ügens mis Me

Sunday, 31st May

Ma lies hanow telher ew calish (cales) rag an düs na wor clappya Kernôwek. Da ew genam gwandra adro en Lanberran ha Porth Perran ha my a wel terweythyow treven henwys "Rose Cottage" po nep-tra kehevel - en ogas dhe telher henwys "Rose". Ha ma dhodhans ymach a rosen war aga yett. Bes nag ew an hanow “Rose” kelmys gen flour. “Ros” ew tir garow gen losow gwels. Dor heb gonisogeth ew ev. Ma Rose ogas dhe Goonhavern. En termyn eus passyes nag o Goonhavern gonethys naneyl - ha nag era lies chei. Ûsyes o en hav avel gwerwels rag gwarrak (gwarthak) ha chattal erel. Thera an bestes trigys e'n plas a'n dre en gwav. Tho hedna vorr (fordh) hengovek rag lavür an dor. Henn ew an reson rag trevow bian scattrys oll adro en Kernow. Terweythyow tho an bargen tir gwav henwys “Hendra” - ha ma lies hendra en Kernow. Ma nebes anodhans ogas dhe Goonhavern ha Rose.

There are lots of place names that are difficult for people who don't speak Cornish. I like wandering around in Perranzabuloe and Perranporth and I sometimes see houses called "Rose Cottage" or something similar - near to a place called "Rose". And they have a picture of a rose on their gate. But the name “Rose” is not linked with a flower. “Ros” is rough land with wild plants. It's uncultivated ground. Rose is near Goonhavern. In the past Goonhavern wasn't cultivated either - and there weren't lots of houses. It was used in the summer as grazing for cattle and other farm animals. The animals lived at the farm yard in winter. That was a traditional way of farming. That is the reason for small scattered settlements all round in Cornwall. Sometimes the winter farm was called “Hendra” - there's many a hendra (an old settlement or original farm) in Cornwall. There are some of them near Goonhavern and Rose.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

calish difficult, hard

gonethys cultivated

gwandra to wander

gwarrak/gwarthak cattle

gwerwels grazing

hanow telher/teller place name

heb gonisogeth uncultivated

kelmys linked

lavür an dor farming

plas a'n dre (m) farmyard

Friday, 29 May 2020

2020 Day 150

2020 Dedh Cans ha Hanter Cans

De Gwener, nawhes warn ügens mis Me   
Friday, 29th May

Ma flour purpur teg nowydh et agan lowarth. Lowen o vy dh'y weles. An kensa aranen ew. Pe sort, pe ehen? Na wòra vy. Martesen thew hei bleujen burpur a'n gog. Gellys ew oll an brially ha'n bleujyow a'n guckou. Thens flourys gwenton. Thew gwenton gorfednys ogastei. My a wel hebma avel flour hav avarr. Ma flourys melyn ewedh. My a welas chicoges hedhyw ewedh. Nag eus leyj en ogas lebmyn. Fatel ell anjei byldya aga neythow e'n skiber caravans? An caravans a dalvia bos gellys lebmyn, bes nag eus cübmyas whath rag degolyow. Ma kerry ow mos en üskis war an vorr veur. Nag eus havyjy whath. Terweythyow ma “bargas” ow neyja a-ûgh. Rag fra? Creslû? Sawya? Ambûlans Ayr?

There is a new beautiful purple flower in our garden. I am happy to see it. It's the first wild orchid. What sort, what kind? I don't know. Perhaps it's an early purple orchid (a purple cuckoo flower). All the primroses and bluebells have gone. They are spring flowers. Spring is almost over. I see this as an early summer flower. There are yellow flowers as well. I saw house martins today as well. There isn't any river mud nearby now. How can they build their nests in the caravan barn? The caravans should have gone now, but there isn't permission for holidays yet. Cars go fast on the main road. There are no summer visitors yet. Sometimes a chopper flies overhead. Why? Police? Rescue? Air Ambulance?

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

a-ûgh over head

aranen (f) wild orchid

bargas (familiarchopper, helicopter (cf buzzard)

bleujen burpur a'n gog (f) early purple orchid

bleujyow a'n guckou (pluralbluebells

en ogas nearby

leyj (m) river mud, slime

ogastei almost

skiber (f) barn

vorr veur (f) main road

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

2020 Day 148

2020 Dedh Cans Dogens hag Eth

De Merher, seythves warn ügens mis Me
Wednesday, 27th May

Nei a gerras (gerdhas) e'n gwelyow arta, e'n mettin, gans an howl ow spladna e'n est. Thera an howl crev ow towla skeujow. Bran a neyjas a-ûhen ha nei ow nesse an peul yett coth. Eus ymach e`n men? Ma mir a dhelow. Ellama gweles den, whel trehys towethek. Ew hedna den? Theram ow qweles dewfrig brâs, blew abrans tew, barv ha minvlew. Nei a gemeras marth pa nei a mires e'n tû a-dâl. O hedna môg? Era tan? Nag era môg. Thera niwlen dew reb an mor.
We walked in the fields again, in the morning, with the sun shining in the east. The strong sun was throwing shadows. A crow flew above us as we approached the old gate. Is there an image in the stone. It looks like a statue. Can I see a man, a weathered carving? Is that a man? I see a big nose, thick eyebrows, a beard and a moustache. We were surprised when we looked in the opposite direction. Was that smoke? Was there a fire? There was no smoke. There was a thick bank of fog by the sea.
Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

a-ûhen above us  < a-ûgh nei
blew abrans eyebrows (abransek with bushy eyebrows)
bran (f) crow, rook > (pluralbriny
delow (m) statue
dewfrig (dual pluralnose < (singular) frig nostril
nesse to approach
niwlen (f) fog bank
peul yett (m) gate-post
skeujow/skeusow (pluralshadows
towethek weathered
whel trehys carved work

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

2020 Day 147

Dedh Cans Dogens ha Seyth
De Meurth, wheffes warn ügens mis Me
Tuesday, 26th May
Hedhyw ma othom a vires emann. Ma pub tra ow wharvos a-warra (a-wartha). Ma rosen grambla e'n saben reb an vownder ha ma gwedhros en keow a-ûgh an vorr (fordh). Thew an keow hir drefen bos an vorrow war rünyow. Whei ell gweles godra vian henwys "Reen" war rün en pelder. Ma'n manegow lowarn purpur ow tevy hir war an ke. An gwenen gwels a's car. An edhyn a gar neyja en ayr tòbm, môns ow "marhoga" war ayr tòbm assendya. My a welas trei bargas. Ma hedna ow helhy dres gwel. My a welas chicoges (copel üdnek) saw re üskis êns. Na aljama kemeres foto.
Today there's a need to look up. Everything is happening above. There's a climbing rose in the fir tree by the lane and there's honeysuckle in the hedges above the road. The hedges are tall because the roads are on slopes. You can see a little hamlet called "Reen" on a slope in the distance. The purple foxgloves are growing tall on the hedge. The wild bees love them. The birds love flying in warm air, they "ride" the thermals. I saw three buzzards. This one is hunting above a field. I saw house martins (a lone pair) but they were too quick. I could not take a photo.

 Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

a-ûgh (adverbabove, up > (prepositiona-ûgh dhe
a-warra (a-wartha) (adverbabove, up
ayr tòbm assendya (m)  thermal, hot air rising
bargas (m) buzzard
chicok (m) house-martin > (pluralchicoges
dres (prepositionabove
emann (adverbabove, up 
godra/godrev (f) hamlet, homestead, small settlement
manegow lowarn foxgloves
rün (m) hillslope, slope > (pluralrünyow > (placename) Reen

Monday, 25 May 2020

2020 Day 146

2020 Dedh Cans Dogens ha Whegh
 De Lün, pempes warn ügens mis Me
Monday, 25th May

Terweythyow, ha my ow mos en vorr (fordh) po e'n pow aderdro, my a wel neb tra. Ma'n dra ma ow senjy ow attendyans. Hedhyw e veu dedh war ven bedh e'n gorla Lanberran: nawnjek cans hag ügens, nanj ew cans bledhen. Leun a gajow brâs ew an gorla bes my a welas an men bedh na. "Rag fra," my a vednas ort ow honan, "ew a vry an jedh ma?" Trûedhek ew pub pres gweles mernansow flehes, saw rag fra a wrüg an flehes na merwel e'n vledhen na? Thera flou Spaynek whath e'n eur-na. Ass o anfujik an teylû na - kelly üdn mab brâs en bell ha dew vab bian en ball. Ha dama ha sira - na wrüg anjei gweles cres wòja diwedh an diwettha cas.  My a verkyas men aral en gwel. Golowder a'n howl a'n cachas poran - ellama gweles remenat men trehys, martesen ledrys dhort eglos goth nanj ew termyn hir? Pe oos ew ev?

Sometimes, as I walk along the road or in the surrounding countryside, I see something. This thing catches my attention. Today it was a date on a gravestone in Perranzabuloe churchyard: 1920, a hundred years ago. The churchyard is full of ox-eye daisies but I saw that gravestone. "Why," I asked myself, "is that date significant?" It is always sad to see children's deaths, but why did those children die in that year? Spanish flu was still around. How unfortunate that family was - losing one big son in warfare and two little sons in an epidemic. And mother and father - they didn't see peace after the end of the last war. I spotted another stone in a field. The sunlight caught it exactly - can I see the remains of a carved stone, perhaps robbed from an old church a long time ago? How old is it?

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

attendyans (m) attention
a vry significant, important
ball (m) epidemic, plague
bell (m) warfare (you can also use cas)
caja vrâs (f) ox-eye daisy > (plural) cajow brâs
corla (f) churchyard (older corlan)
cres (m) peace
dedh (m) can mean date as well as day
men bedh (m) gravestone
pow aderdro (or pow adrosurrounding countryside

Sunday, 24 May 2020

2020 Day 145

2020 Dedh Cans Dogens ha Pemp
 De Sül, pajwora mis Me
Sunday, 24th May

Pecar'a Metêrn Arthor, nag ew marow an camera! E veu en còsca. Neb tra a veu stagys ha lebmyn delivrys ew -  deglenys ew! My a'n kemeras genam rag kerdh. Tho an ayr leun a saworyow wheg - bleujyow spern gwydn, flourys scaw, ros gwyls ha gwedhros. My ell kemeres ymach saw na ellama gansenjy sawor. Soweth! Nag ew an flourys gwydnrüdh reb an mòngleudh coth aswonys genam, saw an gwenen a's car. Ma sawarn dha lowr dhe'n reden ewedh. Nag eus sawor veth dhe'n egrow Duw, saw teg ens. Ass ew lies flourys gwydn!

Like King Arthur, the camera is not dead! It was asleep. Something was stuck and now it has been freed - it has come unstuck!. I took it with me for a walk. The air was full of sweet fragrances - hawthorn blossom, elderflowers, wild roses and honeysuckle. I can take an image but I can't capture a smell. What a pity! I am not familiar with the pink flowers by the old quarry, but the bees love them. There's an OK smell to the ferns as well. The daisies have no smell, but they are pretty. What a lot of white flowers there are!

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

deglena to come unstuck
delivrys freed, released, delivered, liberated
en còsca asleep
gansenjy to capture
gwedhros (collective pl.) honeysuckle > (sing.gwedhrosen (f)
gwenen (collective pl.) bees > (sing.gwenenen (f)
sawor (m) scent, aroma, perfume, fragrance (you can also use sawarn (f) (and same words used for taste, flavour)
scaw (collective pl.) elder > (sing.scawen (f)
spern gwydn (collective pl.) hawthorn > (sing.spernen wydn (f)
stagys, stag stuck, immobile 

Saturday, 23 May 2020

2020 Day 144

2020 Dedh  Cans Dogens ha Pajar

De Sadorn, tryja warn ügens mis Me
Saturday, 23rd May

Ma whans dhebm a scrifa nebes geryow deffrans. Ma othom dhebm a scrifa ow tòchya mater deffrans. Bes, soweth, nag eus gwres genam traveth deffrans hedhyw - na termyn hir. Nag eus camera genam òbma whath, etho res vedh genam whilas fotos coth et ow "hovscrif". Ma nebes taclow ow trei plesour. Môns ow senjy covyon da a düs wheg po wharvosow lôwen. Da ew genam taclow gwres a bredn, henwys "treen" en Sowsnek. Ma gwywer  rüdh pur vian pernys rag ow dama termyn my a veu môs. My a veu dhebm degol campya gen cowethesow. Ma diw dra -  edhen gantolbren ha trig pyncels - dhort Zelond Nowydh. Tho anjei royow dhort cowetha erel. An olifanjes African a dheuth dhort moderep hag ownter ow gour. Anjei a wrüg lavürya ena nanj ew lies bledhen. Mar lies person wheg dhe vos remembrys. Bestes erel gwres a brei - covyon a dhama, wheger ha whor, kenth ew an gath ow seny piano peth vy. Ma kellys genjy hy  gwedren a gor (gorev).

I want to write some different words. I need to write about a different topic. But, sadly, I haven't done anything different today - nor for a long time. I still haven't got a camera here, so I shall have to look for old photos in my "archive". Some things bring pleasure. They hold good memories of lovely people or happy events. I like things made of wood, called "treen" in English. There's a very small red squirrel bought for my mother when I was a child. I was on a camping holiday with friends. There are two items - a candlestick bird and a pencil holder - from New Zealand. They were presents from other friends. The African elephants came from my husband's aunt and uncle. They worked there many years ago. So many lovely people to be remembered. Other animals made of clay - memories of mother, mother-in-law and sister, though the cat playing the piano is mine. It has lost its glass of beer.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

campya camping
cantolbren (m) candlestick
cor (corev) (m) beer
covscrif (m) archive
gwedren (f) glass (drinking variety)
moderep (f) aunt
olifans (m) elephant
ownter (m) uncle
seny to play (an instrument)
wharvos (m) event

Friday, 22 May 2020

2020 Day 143

2020 Dedh Cans Dogens ha Trei

De Gwener, nessa warn ügens mis Me
Friday, 22nd May

Hedhyw, thera vy ow pedery adro dhe gledhedhyow! Nag eus cledha dhebm ow honan, pur dhiogel, ha na wrüga vy besca gweles cledha gwir, marnas en disqwedhva. Bettegens, ma dhebm gwary compûter dhe dreylya a aventur (ha nebes hager-viajow) gen cledha varthys. Scon e vedh parys raga whei dh'y wary, dr'eus esperans dhebm. Cledhedhyow ew arvow pur goth. Dhia pana dermyn?  A-dhia an Romans, ha whath kens hedna. Ellowgh whei gweles havalder tredh an ger Roman (gladius) hag an ger Kernôwek (c/gledha)? Ma lies cledha e'n Beybel Sans.
1 Samuel 25:13
Ha Davyth a leverys dh'y düs, "Gwrens kenyver onan ahanowgh gorra y gledha et y gerhyn!" Hag y oll a wrüg endelha. Ha Davyth a gemeras y gledha ewedh.
Mathew 26:52
Nena Jesu a leverys, "Gorr dha gledha in y woon, rag neb a vewa dre gledha, dre gledha e vedh ledhys.

Ma cledhedhyow marthys en lies lever ha lies fylm, rag sampel "Arlòdh an Besowyer".  
Ma cledha en hencovadh Kernow ewedh - Calesvol, an gledha Metêrn Arthor. Ma fylm Walt Disney, " An Gledha e'n Men", bes gwell ew genam redya lever. Whei oll a dal redya "Best Goon Brèn" gen Alan M. Kent. Lever wheg ewa en dew daves, Sowsnek ha Kernôwek. Da ew genam an lever ma.
Today, I am thinking about swords! I don't have a sword myself, of course, and I have never seen a real sword, except in a museum. However, I have a computer game to translate about an adventure (and some misadventures) with a marvelous sword. Soon it will be ready for you to play it, I hope. Swords are very old weapons. Since when? Since the Romans, and even before that. Can you see a similarity between the Roman word and the Cornish word? There are lots of swords in the Holy Bible.
1 Samuel 25: 13
And David said to his men, “Every man strap on his sword!” And every man of them strapped on his sword. David also strapped on his sword. 
Matthew 26:52
Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword will perish by the sword.

There are wonderful swords in many books and many films, e.g. "The Lord of the Rings".
There's a sword in Cornish tradition as well - Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur. There is a Walt Disney film, "The Sword in the Stone", but I prefer to read a book. You should all read "The Beast of Bodmin Moor" by Alan M. Kent - it's a lovely book in two languages, English and Cornish. I like this book.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

arvow weapons
Calesvol Excalibur
disqwedhva (f) museum, exhibition
et y gerhyn about him, in his vicinity, close to him
goon (m)  sheath
Goon Brèn Bodmin Moor
hager-viaj (m) misadventure
havalder (m) similarity
hencovadh (m) tradition
pur dhiogel of course, naturally, it goes without saying

Thursday, 21 May 2020

2020 Day 142

2020 Dedh Cans Dogens ha Dew
De Yow, kensa warn ügens mis Me
Thursday, 21st May

Ma meur a whel dhe wil. Bes po nag eus whel thera nei ow whilas whel dhe wil! Ma othom dhe nei a vos besy.  Ma hedna ow treylya agan pederyansow dhort agan caletterow. Gwrewgh gwitha agas diwla bewek ha 'gas bres (pedn) còsel. Ma lies person ow tascavas dornweythyow. En termyn eus passyes res veu pòrres dhe wil gwiscow en chei. Môy res o ha môy personek. Pescadoryon a wrüg degy frâwkys gwlânweyth. Nei ell aga gwia whath gans an pecar patrons. Nei ell gwia po higa tekheansow ha gwaryellow keffres ha dilhas. Ottòbma cabmdhavas hag ottena nebes enevales medhel. Po whei alja gwreha neppeth pecar'a hebma - brosweyth en Kresen Kernow.  Vednow whei lôwsel? Gwrewgh saya gwary mildam gen pictour wheg a Gernow.  

There's a lot of work to do. But if there isn't any work we look for work to do! We need to be busy. That turns our thoughts away from our troubles. Keep your hands active and your mind (head) still. Many people are rediscovering handicrafts. In the past it was essential to make clothes at home. It was cheaper and more personal. Fishermen wore knitwear frocks. We can still knit them with the same patterns. We can knit or hook (crochet) decorations and toys as well as clothes. Here's a rainbow and there are some soft animals. Or you could sew something like this - an embroidery in the Kresen Kernow. Do you want to relax? Try a jigsaw puzzle with a nice picture of Cornwall.
Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

brosweyth (m) embroidery work
dascavas to rediscover
dornweyth (m) handicraft
frâwk (m) frock, jersey, jumper
gwary mildam jigsaw puzzle < mil thousand + tabm bit
gwia to knit, weave (make a web)
gwiscow (pluralclothes < (singulargwisk (m)
gwlânweyth (m) knitwear < gwlân wool (lit. woolcraft)
gwreha to sew, darn
higa to hook (for want of a better word for crochet!)

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

2020 Day 141

2020 Dedh Cans Dogens hag Onen

De Merher, ügensves mis Me
Wednesday, 20th May
Kellys oma heb camera! Hedhyw my a welas stenor gwydn ha dû wheg war an glesin - an kensa visit ev dh'agan lowarth nei. Ev a wrüg whilas gwibes martesen, saw na aljama kemeres y skeusen. Res veu dhebm cavos foto nebonan aral dhort an gwias. Ma lost hir dhodho. Nei a gerdhas e'n gwelyow òja (wosa) li ha gosôwes ort melwhes. Ma onan anodhans dhe'n leha ow türya, en despeyt dhe'n whennladh. Nag eus gwelys genam melwhes pur glôs. Edhen unliw lowr ew hei. Ma hei ow tebry gwibes ewedh. Edhen leun a liw ew pescader an metêrn. My a welas onan anodhans eneth en Truru, reb dowr bian ogas dhe'n beneglos - ow peskecha. Blou pescader an metêrn o liw moyha kerys o wheger. An liw en plüv an edhen ew tòll a wòlow - framweythel ew ev. Nei a wel plüv blou teg en payonys ewedh. Nag ew hedna pigment kymygel naneyl.
I am lost without a camera! Today I saw a pied wagtail on the lawn - its first visit to our garden. Perhaps it was looking for little flies, but I could not take its photo. I had to find someone else's photo from the internet. It has a long tail. We walked in the fields after lunch and listened to a skylark. One of them at least is surviving, inspite of the weedkiller. I haven't seen a skylark up close. It's a rather dull bird. It also eats little flies. The kingfisher is a colourful bird. I saw one of them once in Truro, by a little river near the cathedral - fishing. Kingfisher blue was my mother-in-law's favourite colour. The colour in the bird's feathers is a trick of light - it is structural. We see beautiful blue feathers in peacocks as well. That's not a chemical pigment either.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

an gwias (m) the internet
dhe'n leha at least
dürya to survive, endure 
gwibes (collective pluralsmall flies > (singulargwibesen (f)
kellys lost
pescader an metêrn (m) kingfisher
skeusen (f) photograph < skeus (m) shadow
stenor gwydn ha dû (m) pied wagtail
unliw dull, nondescript
wheger (f) mother-in-law

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

2020 Day 140

2020 Cans ha Dogens
De Meurth, nawnjegves mis Me
Tuesday, 19th May

An re ma ew an diwettha fotos dhort an gamera anweythresek. My a wra scrifa nebes geryow adro dhe bub onan. Nag ew an fotos kevrednek en neb vorr. Pur goth ew an foto e'n kensa ymach - disliwys ew ev. Gellys ew an glas. An glawlednow brâs a dal bos gwer môy spladn. Ma tüs ow peskecha war ladn ryver. Thens diberthys et ta - ha hedna veu kens an virus. Ma cübmyas lebmyn rag peskecha arta. Ma cübmyas rag golf ewedh. Nei ell gweles an plen golf dhort an menedhyow a-derdro. Nessa dhe'n chei my a res greunvoos dhe'n edhyn. Ma fowt dhebm a has môy. Da ew hebma gen mola dhû. Hag e'n chei, my a gavas najedhow ha neujednow rag gwil ow chayrys.

These are the last photos from the non-functional camera. I'll write a few words about each one. The photos are not connected in any way. The photo in the first image is very old - it's faded. The green is gone. The big umbrellas should be brighter green. Men are fishing on a river bank. They are well separated - and that was before the virus. There is permission now for fishing again. There is permission for golf as well. We can see the golf course from our the surrounding hills. Nearer to home I gave breakfast cereal to the birds. I'm lacking any more seeds. A blackbird likes this. And in the house, I found some needles and threads for making my chairs.
Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

anweythresek non-functional, inoperative
disliwys faded, discoloured
gladn (f) bank of river, lake, etc.
glawlen (f) umbrella
greunvoos (m) breakfast cereal
gwer green (usually more artificial than glas)
kevrednek linked, connected
mola dhû (f) blackbird
peskecha to fish, fishing
ymach (m) image