Thursday, 28 February 2019

2019 Day 59

Dedh Nawnjek ha Dogens
De Yow, ethves warn ügens mis Whevrel
Thursday, 28th February

Diwedh ew hedhyw a vis Whevrel. Berr ew an mis ma, an berra mis en oll an vledhen. An misyow gwav ew Kevardhû, Genver ha Whevrel, etho hedhyw a dal bos an diwettha dedh gwav. An misyow gwenton (warlergh meteorologieth) ew Meurth, Ebrel ha Me, etho avorow a dal bos an kensa dedh a wenton. Ew gwav gellys en gwrionedh? Ma gwelys gena nei flourys gwenton solabres hag y veu dhen nebes jornyow pur dòbm. Saw e veu dhe nei ergh nanj ew üdn mis. A wra awel yeyn dewheles arta? 
Me a dhewelas dhort Swindon hedhyw – viaj hir ha completh. Me a vajyas en üdn carr, üdn côch, dew vùss ha pajer tren, ha me a gerras (gerdhas) dew vildir. Lowen oma dhe vos tre. Nag o an viaj pur deg – nag o an gewer pur dha – saw an mor a veu arhans ogas dhe Dawlish.   
Jorna trist ew raga vy. Ev a dal bos pedn bloodh ow whor, saw hei a verwas e’n vledhen eus passyes. Ow fedn bloodh ow honan ew dew dhedh deffrans, dew dhedh ha pemdhek bledhen po nebes. Ow whor o pecar’a nessa mabm dhebm.

Today is the end of February. This month is short, the shortest month in the whole year. The winter months are December, January and February, so today should be the last winter’s day. The spring months (according to meteorology) are March, April and May, so tomorrow should be the first day of spring. Has winter in fact gone? We have already seen spring flowers and we had some very warm days. But we had snow a month ago. Will cold weather return again?
I returned from Swindon today – a long and complicated journey. I travelled in one car, one coach, two buses and four trains, and I walked two miles. I am happy to be home. The journey wasn’t very pretty – the weather wasn’t very good – but the sea was silver near Dawlish.
It’s a sad day for me. It should be my sister’s birthday, but she died last year. My own birthday is two days different, two days and almost fifteen years. My sister was like a second mother to me.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

2019 Day 58

Dedh Etek ha Dogens
De Merher, seythves warn ügens mis Whevrel
Wednesday, 27th February 

Calish ew gwitha gevellyon. Da ew gonjans pònya en tûyow contrary. Mars eus whans dhodhans gwary gen an keth waryel ma strîf. E’n gwella pres, mowns longya dhe wary gen gwaryel deffrans. Termyn an moya es ew pres sôg, ha nag ew prejyow boos re galish naneyl. Termyn gwary en park ew plegadow rag an flehes. Ma slynkydin ha frammys crambla pecar’a tren ha lester.

It’s hard looking after twins. They like running in opposite directions. If they want to play with the same toy there is conflict. Fortunately, they usually play with different toys. The easiest time is nap time, and meal times are not too hard either. Playtime in a park is enjoyable for children. There’s a slide and climbing frames like a train and a ship.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

2019 Day 57

Dedh Seytek ha Dogens
De Meurth, wheffes warn ügens mis Whevrel
Tuesday, 26th February

Joy mar vrâs hedhyw! Thera genam dew veppik wheg rag cowethas. Levrow ew da gens an kensa gevel, war an leur dres ehen. Ma levrow en Sowsnek, Almaynek ha Polek (saw nag eus levrow Kernôwek whath). Da ew gens an nessa gevel gwary gen tour a gistednow. Ma dhodho lies carr ewedh. Na ell flehes gwary oll an termyn. Res veu dhodhans debry li ha còsca rag pols bian. Nei oll a drovyas termyn en dohajedh dhe vos dhe’n park. An gevellyon a wrüg ponya oll adro war an gwels ha helghy an colomednow. Anjei a veras orth an bujys en cawal vras.

Such great joy today! I had two dear little boys for company. The first twin likes books, especially on the floor. There are books in English, German and Polish (but there are no Cornish books yet). The second twin likes playing with a tower of boxes. He also has a lot of cars. Children can’t play all the time. They had to eat lunch and sleep for a little while. We all found time in the afternoon to go to the park. The twins ran around on the grass and chased the pigeons. They looked at the budgies in a big cage.

Monday, 25 February 2019

2019 Day 56

Dedh Whetek ha Dogens
De Lün, pempes warn ügens mis Whevrel
Monday, 25th February

Leun a vinwharthow o an jedh hedhyw. E’n mettin me a welas an meppik bian, lowen y vejeth, ha e’n gordhûher me a welas ow mab, y wreg hag aga gevellyon. En cres an jorna thera dhebm viaj hir, gen kyttrin, kensa tren, nessa tren, côch, tryja tren, peswora tren ha carr, dhort Kernow dhe Swindon. Pur deg o Dowr Tamar ha me ow tremena dhort Kernow dhe Bow Densher. Ev a wrüg terlentry en golowder a’n howl.

Today was full of smiles. In the morning I saw the little boy with his happy face, and in the evening I saw my son, his wife and their twins. In the middle of the day I had a long journey, by bus, first train, second train, coach, third train, fourth train and car, from Cornwall to Swindon. The River Tamar was very lovely as I crossed from Cornwall to Devon. It sparkled in the sunlight.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

2019 Day 55

Dedh Pemdhek ha Dogens
De Sül, pajwora warn ügens mis Whevrel
Sunday, 24th February

Genys veu an meppik ma en mis Ebrel. Re avarr veu va ha melyn o y grohen. Thera cleves melyn dhodho. An fysek a veu golow blou war an grohen. Nag o ev pur vrâs nena bes lebmyn thew ev brâs lowr. Na alja ev gwil bes gorwedha nena saw lebmyn ev ell sedha emann. Na ell ev na cramya na kerdhes, bes ma va ow rolya et ta oll an termyn!

This little boy was born in April. He was premature and his skin was yellow. He had jaundice. The treatment was blue light on the skin. He wasn’t very big then but now he is quite big. He could only lie down then but now he can sit up. He can neither crawl nor walk but he rolls well all the time!

Saturday, 23 February 2019

2019 Day 54

Dedh Dogens ha Peswardhek
De Sadorn, tryja warn ügens mis Whevrel
Saturday, 23rd February

Pana le spladn ew Kernow rag flourys. Ma gwenton ow tos moy avarr obma ages en teleryow erel en Breten Veur. E’n polj ma me ell gweles blejyow war lies gwedhen. Re avarr ew rag anprevyons pollenya ow neyja (pecar’a gwenyn), etho ma’n gwedh ow scodhya war bollenyans gwens po whilednow ow cramya. Ma petals tew ha crev dhe’n flour magnolia mayth ens dien. Nebes flourys en lowarthow ew pur deg, saw ma flourys teg ow tevy en keow ha kylliow (kelliow) ewedh – blejyow gwedh, eythin ha lily an Corawys.   
What a great place Cornwall is for flowers. Spring comes earlier here than in other places in Great Britain. At the moment I can see blossom on many trees. It’s too early for flying pollinating insects (like bees), so the trees are relying on wind pollination or crawling beetles. The magnolia flower has thick, tough petals so that they are undamaged. Some flowers in gardens are very beautiful, but there are beautiful flowers growing in hedges and copses as well – blossom, gorse and daffodils.

Friday, 22 February 2019

2019 Day 53

Dedh Terdhek ha Dogens

De Gwener, nessa warn ügens mis Whevrel
Friday, 22nd February

Da ew gans an mola dhu ma debry morednow idhyow. Nag ujy an edhen ma ow tos dhe ganstel a has ow cregy war vagh vos ogas dhe'n veister. Nag eus gwelys genam edhyn erel veth ow tebry an mor na. Martesen thens re vras rag edhyn bian, po martesen nag eus sawer wheg dhodhans. Na ell an mola dhu cluja war welen vian rag debry ow has. Da ew has gen pednpaly. Heb own ew ev dhe dhos nes dhe'n chei. Na wruga vy besca gweles edhyn pur vras ogas dhe'n chei. Ma'n bargas ma ow tarneyja e'n eborn. Nag ew da gen bargejyas na has na mor. Predhoryon ens.   

This blackbird likes to eat ivy berries. This bird does not come to the basket of seeds hanging on a wall hook near the window. I have not seen any other birds eating those berries. Perhaps they are too large for little birds, or perhaps they don't have a nice taste. The blackbird can't perch on a little perch to eat my seeds. A bluetit likes seeds. It is unafraid to come near to the house. I have never seen a very big bird near the house. This buzzard is soaring in the sky. Buzzards like neither seeds nor berries. They are predators.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

2019 Day 52

Dedh Dewdhek ha Dogens
De Yow, kensa warn ügens mis Whevrel
Thursday, 21st February

Na wrüga vy gweles an loor leun newher, drefen bos re gomolek an ebòrn. Na whath, me a welas hy ober. Mars eus loor leun brâs ena ma mortîd ûhel brâs. Thera an todnow ow floshya dres vos an mor dhe’n morrab reb an park kerry. Na wrüga vy còrtos. Me a gemeras kyttrin dhe Truru rag cùntellyan bagas art. Wendy Parkyn a dhisqwedhas dhen fatell gwil pictour gen collel. Thera foto gensy, kemerys pa wrüga hei kerdhes reb Helman Tor. Nag o va imach a’n Tor saw a yet ha nebes keow en gwav. En kensa hei a ûsyas scübellik dhe liwa an gwel ha gwil delinyans garow an gwedh. Res veu dhedhy seha an paynt gen jynn seha ken gorra moy. Hei a worras hy liwyow war vord bian. Hei a’s mellyas gen hy hollel. Nena hei a worras liw tew en gwiscajow. Na veu termyn luk dhe worfedna an pictour et tien. Thera odhom dhodho whath a nebes kievow war an trolergh.

I didn’t see the full moon last night. However, I saw its effect. If there is a big full moon then there is a big high tide. The waves were splashing over the sea wall to the promenade by the car-park. I didn’t wait. I caught a bus to Truro for an art group meeting. Wendy Parkyn showed us how to do a picture with a knife. She had a photo with her, taken when she walked by Helman Tor. It wasn’t an image of the Tor but of a gate and some hedges in winter. First she used a paintbrush to colour the background and do a rough drawing of the trees. She had to dry the paint with a hairdryer before putting on any more. She put her paints on a small board. She mixed them with her knife. Then she put on thick paint in layers. There was not time to finish the picture completely. It still needs some logs on the footpath.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

2019 Day 51

Dedh Üdnek ha Dogens
De Merher, ügensves mis Whevrel
Wednesday, 20th February
Thera loor leun newher e’n nos. “Loor Ergh” henwys ew hei en America Norh, drefen bos ergh war an nor en mis Whevrel (ken nag eus ergh en Kernow). Henwyn erel ew “Loor Nown” ha “Loor Enawel”. Loor vrâs ew hei, drefen bos nessa dhe’n Norves. (Resegva an loor nag ew cran perfeth – hirgren ew.) De a veu an kensa dedh arwòdh zodiak “An Pesk”. Gellys ew an Deger Dowr.
There was a full moon last night in the night. It’s called “Snow Moon” in North America because there is snow on the ground in February (although there is no snow in Cornwall). Other names are “Hunger Moon” and “Storm Moon”. It’s a big moon because it’s nearer to the Earth. (The moon’s orbit is not a perfect circle – it’s an oval/ellipse.) Yesterday was the first day of the zodiac sign “Pisces”. Aquarius has gone.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

2019 Day 50

Dedh Hanter Cans (Dogens ha Deg)

De Meurth, nownjegves mis Whevrel
Tuesday, 19th February

Termyn me veu mos (mowes) yonk thera gorgath du dhebm. Hanter ehen an Est o ev, pur danow hag askornek ha codnyk lowr. Napoleon henwys o ev. En gwettha pres, da o ganjo helghy fesonts. Udn jorna ev eth dhe gol. A wrug an gwithyas gam y senjy? En gwella pres, nag eus whans dhe'n cathes diek vy e'n eur-ma helghy traveth. (Ha nag eus fesont veth en ogas!) Gwell ew ganjans gwary gik po cosca.

When I was a young girl I had a black tomcat. He was half Siamese (an Oriental breed), very skinny and bony and quite clever. He was called Napoleon. Unfortunately, he liked to hunt pheasants. One day he disappeared. Did the gamekeeper catch him? Fortunately, my lazy cats nowadays don't want to catch anything. (And there aren't any pheasants nearby!) They prefer to play hide-and-seek or sleep.

Monday, 18 February 2019

2019 Day 49

Dedh Dogens ha Naw
De Lün, etegves mis Whevrel
Monday, 18th February

Nag eus scol veth hedhyw. Nag eus scol veth oll an seythen. Degolyow ew – hanter tremmîs. Nag eus odhom dhe’n flehes wydn vy a wil traveth, etho da ew gen an mos kerdhes gen an kei ha da ew gen an maw mires ort scrînys – nebes scrîn po lies scrîn en kettermyn! Re yonk ew an baby rag scol. Da ew ganjo gwary whath gen clacker.

There is no school at all today. There is no school at all the whole week. It’s holidays – half-term. My grandchildren don’t need to do anything, so the girl likes to walk with the dog and the boy likes to watch screens – any screen or many screens simultaneously! The baby is too young for school. He still likes to play with a rattle.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

2019 Day 48

Dedh Dogens hag Eth
De Sül, seytegves mis Whevrel
Sunday, 17th February

Shyndys o an payl predn gen gwens. Còskys o va ewedh, drefen bos coth ha gleb. Res veu dhen y dhiswül. Nena nei a gemeras nebes aral et y le. Ev alja bos rag an termyn. Nei a vedn gweles mars ew da genen. Payl hir ew. Res veu dhen perna trei fardel brâs a roos neus: hen’ew deg meter warn ügens. Thera lies whennen dhe tedna emann ha ma pil a bredn poder dhe riddya. Lowen ew an edhyn. Anjei ell cavos lies bulugen.
The wooden fence was wind-damaged. It was rotten as well, beause it was old and damp. We had to dismantle it. Then we put something else in its place. It could be temporary. We will see if we like it. It’s a long fence. We had to buy three big rolls of wire netting: that is thirty metres. There were lots of weeds to pull up and a pile of rotten wood to get rid of. The birds are happy. They can find lots of earthworms.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

2019 Day 47

Dedh Dogens ha Seyth
De Sadorn, whetegves mis Whevrel
Saturday, 16th February 

An pednseythen po pedn an seythen: rag radn brassa an pobel nag ew dedh whel. En cres an seythen tho gwag an treth ha’n park kerry. Hedhyw thera tüs moy war an treth ha’n park kerry o leun ogasty. Thera pub onan ow kerdhes. Nag o an gewer tobm lowr rag sedha (loos o an ebòrn). Garow o an mor, rag hedna na wrüga vy gweles den veth ow mordartha. Thew an vorrow gleb whath drefen bos an dowr ûhel dadn an dor. Ow lowarth war vena ew pur leb ewedh – nag eus howl lowr. Leun ew ev a gewny, medhel ha gwer spladn.

The weekend or the end of the week: for most people it’s not a work day. In the middle of the week the beach and the carpark were empty. Today there were more people on the beach and the carpark was almost full. Everyone was walking. The weather wasn’t hot enough for sitting (the sky was grey). The sea was rough, therefore I didn’t see anyone surfing. The roads are still wet because the water is high under the ground. My hillside garden is very wet as well – there is not enough sun. It is full of soft, bright green moss.

Friday, 15 February 2019

2019 Day 46

Dedh Dogens ha Whegh
De Gwener, pemdhegves mis Whevrel
Friday, 15th February 

A bris o holan en Kernow en termyn thera diwysyans pusgecha hern dhe nei. Holan o ûsyes dhe witha an pesk en balyers, “pedn ha tin”. Gwerthys o an hern en powyow catholyk Europ (pesk pub Gwener). Nebes holan o gwres en Kernow, saw holan dhort Bretan Vian o consydres dhe vos gwell. Terweythyow an poscadoryon a wrug gortos rag holan dhort Frenk ken londya aga hach.  Ma rîm scrifys gen Jowan Boson (adro dhe vledhen seytek cans) adro dhe hern ha holan. “Hern! Hern! Holan Moy!” Whei ell redya oll an rîm e’n blogg ma:
Salt was important in Cornwall when we had a pilchard fishery. Salt was used to preserve the fish in barrels, “head to tail”. The fish was sold in the Catholic countries of Europe (fish every Friday). Some salt was made in Cornwall, but salt from Brittany was considered to be better. Sometimes the fishermen waited for salt from France before landing their catch. There is a rhyme written by John Boson (in about 1700) about pilchards and salt. “Pilchards! Pilchards! More salt!” You can read all of the rhyme in this blog:

Thursday, 14 February 2019

2019 Day 45

Dedh Dogens ha Pemp
De Yow, pajerdegves mis Whevrel
Thursday, 14th February

Me a gerdhas pelder hir gen ow hei bian, war venedh dhe’n gwelyow a-wartha. Thera an howl ow spladna ha blou teg o an mor ha'n eborn. Pur leyjek o an lergh – calish rag garrow cott an kei. Na veu vy mar lowen pa wrüga vy dos chei. Res veu dhebm palas bedh rag ow hei brâs.  Hei a verwas e’n nos – tremena cosel ha teg en còsk. Diw gentrevoges a dheuth gen aga falyow rag gweres dhebm palas hujes toll. E veu calish dhe dhegy an kei poos war vena. Nei a’s gorheras gen gweres. Me a vedn gonis gwedhen avalow ena. Ma nebes bestas marow encledhys ena solabres.
I walked a long way with my little dog, up to the top fields. The sun was shining and the sea and sky were a beautiful blue. The track was very muddy – hard for the dog’s short legs. I was not so happy when I came home. I had to dig a grave for my big dog. She died in the night – passed away peacefully in sleep. Two neighbours came with their spades to help me dig a huge hole. It was hard to carry the heavy dog up the hill. We covered her over with earth. I want to plant an apple tree there. There are several dead animals buried there already.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

2019 Day 44

Dedh Dogens ha Pajer
De Marher, tardhegves mis Whevrel
Wednesday, 13th February

Tho holan senjys pur vrâs gen poblow ancyent. Ûsyes o va rag gwitha ha sawora boos. Ma’n ger Kernôwek rag holan ow tos dhort an Greka “halas”, bes ma’n ger Sowsnek rag holan ow tos dhort an Laten “sal”. An geryow ew pur goth  an dhew, drefen bos ûsyans holan pur goth. Ma balyow holan en nebes powyow. Gwres dhort dowr an mor o holan en Kernow ha Breten Vian.  
Campollys ew holan e’n Beybel Sans. Ma va ow leverel fatell, pa wrüg Lot hag y veyny mos kerdh dhort Sodom, gwreg Lot a veras war hy lergh ha dreylys veu hei dhe byllar a holan.  Ma pyllar a holan en Esarel ogas dhe’n Mor Marow henwys “Gwreg Lot”. Ma Jesus ow leverel dhe bobel dr’ew anjei “holan an bes”. Pandra wrüg ev menya?  En Greka ma “holan” ow menya “skians” ewedh.  Era whans dhodho a bobel dhe ûsya aga ampydnyon?   

Salt was highly valued by ancient peoples. It was used for preserving and flavouring food. The Cornish word for salt comes from the Greek “halas”, but the English word for salt comes from the Latin “sal”. The words are both very old, because the use of salt is very old. There are salt mines in some countries. Salt was made from sea water in Cornwall and Brittany.
Salt is mentioned in the Holy Bible. It says that when Lot and his family left Sodom, Lot’s wife looked behind her and was changed to a pillar of salt. There is a pillar of salt in Israel near the Dead Sea called “Lot’s Wife”. Jesus tells people that they are the “salt of the earth”. What did he mean? In Greek “salt” also means “wit”. Did he want people to use their brains?

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

2019 Day 43

Dedh Dogens ha Trei
De Meurth, dewdhegves mis Whevrel
Tuesday, 12th February

Deg dedh alebma thera ergh dhe nei. Thera nei en cres an gwav. Na whath, lebmyn ma flourys gwenton ow tos. Nag ew Corawys whath, bes ma gwelys genam lily Corasys solabres. Me a’s gwelas en keow, en cosow hag en prasow.  Me a welas tüs en gwel ow cùntel skyll solsow rag marhas. Pòrresys ew rag tiogow dhe gawas aga flourys rag Pask. Ens re avarr? A vedh an lily gorfednys ken Pask? Ma flourys pur vian ow tisqwedhes aga honan emesk an gwels ha'n delkyow leyjek. Mellyon (viola) ha brially ens. Ma nebes blejyow gwedh gwydn dhe vos gwelys ewedh. 

Ten days ago we had snow. We were in the middle of winter. However, now spring flowers are coming. It is not Lent yet, but I have already seen Lenten lilies (daffodils). I saw them in hedges, in woods and in meadows. I saw people in a field harvesting daffodil buds for market. It’s important for farmers to have their flowers for Easter. Are they too early? Will the daffodils be over before Easter? Very small flowers are showing themselves among the blades of grass and muddy leaves. They are violets and primroses. There is some white blossom to be seen as well.

Monday, 11 February 2019

2019 Day 42

Dedh Dogens ha Dew
De Lün, üdnegves mis Whevrel
Monday, 11th February
O mab wydn a gar gwary e’n lowarth, bes na venja o mergh wydn gwary ganjo de. Hei a venja liwya. E veu whans dhedhy gwil pictour art modern (arnowydh) pecar’a Jackson Pollock, leun a liw kejyvek ha lagyansow. Hei a wascas hy scübylen baynt ha’n liw a neyjas dhe ves war bub tû. Nebes a wrüg dos war an cart (saw thera moy war an bord). Hei a scollyas liwyow dhort pottys bian ha nena kilynya an cart dhe drei an liwyow gleb dhe resek. Hei a scurryas nebes gans hy scübylen.   Nessa termyn e vedh odhom dhedhy a liwyow moy ha canfas brâs dhe worra war an leur.  Gwra omassaya moy a chîl vian! Gwerthys a cans ha dogans milvil dollar veu üdn pictour gen Jackson Pollock.  
My grandson loves playing in the garden, but my granddaughter didn’t want to play with him yesterday. She wanted to paint a modern art picture like Jackson Pollock, full of dribbling paint and splashes. She tapped her paintbrush and the paint flew off in every direction. Some did land on the cardboard (but there was more on the table). She poured colours from little pots and then tilted the cardboard to make the wet paint run. She scrubbed a bit with her brush. Next time she’ll need more paints and a big canvas to put on the floor. Practise more, darling! One Jackson Pollock picture was sold for 140 million dollars.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

2019 Day 41

Dedh Dogens (Dew Ügens) hag onen
De Sül, degves mis Whevrel
Sunday, 10th February

Thera meur a wrians et ow lowarth hedhyw, dadn an nor hag a-warra. Me a welas lies sin a gowans. Thera bernyow gweras (pilyow gòdhor) – crügellow gwres gen godhes dor ow cül kivorrow (kivordhow) ha chombours. Eus üdn gòdhor po moy? Na ora vy. Martesen ma teylû. Eus bùlük lowr ractans (rag anjei) dhe dhebry? Nag ew godhes dor dhe les dhe flehes. Na vedn an maw ma bes lesca pur ûhel war y lesk-lovan. Ev a wrüg codha dhe’n dor, saw na veu va shindys. Na veu va lowen bettegens, drefen nag ew da ganjo bos slotterüs (leyjek).   

There was much activity in my garden today, under the earth and above. I saw many signs of excavation. There were soil piles (mole hills) – little mounds made by moles making tunnels and chambers. Is there one mole or more? I don’t know. Perhaps there is a family. Are there enough earthworms for them to eat? Moles are not of interest to children. This boy only wants to swing very high on his swing. He did fall down, but he wasn’t hurt. He wasn’t happy however because he doesn’t like to get muddy.