Tuesday, 31 December 2019

2019 Day 365

Dedh Trei Hans Trei Ügens ha Pemp

De Meurthüdnegves warn ügens mis Kevardhû
Tuesday, 31st December

Thew an jedh ma an diwettha dedh a vis Kevardhû, an diwettha dedh a'n vledhen ma. Diwedh ew ewedh a'n second degvledhen e'n cansvledhen ma. Avorow wra gweles dallath a vis nowydh, bledhen nowydh ha degvledhen nowydh. Martesen nei a dal gwil resolûcyons specyal rag an pres brâs. Ma dewdhek dedh a Nadelik bes nag ew an nos ma an dewdegves nos po Degol Stoul. Hedhyw ew an seythves dedh a Nadelik. En curl “ow amôr a ros dhebm seyth elergh en üdn neyja”. Nag eus gweles genam elerhy veth hedhyw, bes my wrüg gweles rüdhek. Thera va orth agan mires termyn nei a drohas an ke. Re ûhel ew an ke, ma othom dhe nei y drehy, gen skeyl ha gweljow brâs. Dadn an ke my a welas flowr purpur bian - melyonen a-bres. Whath ew cres an gwav bes my a welas flowr gwenton. En kettermyn my a welas mor dû diwedhes. Ke kemyskys ew!

This day is the last day of December, the last day of this year. It's the end, too, of the second decade of this century. Tomorrow will see a start of a new month, a new year and a new decade. Perhaps we should make special resolutions for the big occasion. There are twelve days of Christmas but this night is not the twelfth night or Twelfth Night. Today is the seventh day of Christmas. In a carol “my true love gave to me seven swans a swimming”. I have not seen any swans today, but I did see a robin. It was watching us while we cut the hedge. The hedge is too high, we need to cut it, with a ladder and big shears. Under the hedge I saw a little purple flower – an early violet. It is still the middle of winter but I saw a spring flower. At the same time I saw late blackberries. It's a confused hedge!

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

amô(m) lover, true love, etc.
bledhen (f) year
cansvlehen (f) century
degvledhen (f) decade
drohas cut (preterite of trehy)
elergh (m) swan > plural elerhy
gweljow plural shears
kemyskys confused (you can also use meskegys)
pres (m) occasion, time (clock)
skeyl (m) ladder

Monday, 30 December 2019

2019 Day 364

Dedh Trei Hans Trei Ügens ha Pajar

De Lün, degves warn ügens mis Kevardhû
Monday, 30th December

Ken Nadelik leun o an shoppys a daclow rag royow ha banketow. Bes nag eus othom a oll an boos ha na ell losow kegin cro dürya lies dedh, rag hedna res ew dodhans bos gwerrys üskis òja Nadelik. Nei a bernas caretys ha cawlenigow hanter pris – hanter cans a'n cans dhe ves. Scavellow cronek gwydn platt brâs o cost lehes ewedh – trei ügens dinar ha naw en le üdn pens.

Before Christmas the shops were full of things for presents and feasts. But there is no need for all the food and fresh vegetables can't last many days, therefore they have to be sold quickly after Christmas. We bought half-price carrots and sprouts – fifty percent off. Large flat white mushrooms were reduced cost as well – sixty-nine pence instead of one pound.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

a'n cans percent (you can also use en cans)
banket (m) banquet, feast (loan word)
cawlenigow Brussels sprouts (baby cabbages) singular cawlednik
cro fresh (vegetables) (you can also use criv raw, uncooked)
dürya to last, endure
gwertha/gwerra to sell (you can also use wharra) > gwerrys sold
ken/kens before (time)
losow kegin collective vegetables (you can also use losow debry)
pris price (not to be confused with pres time)
royow presents < singular ro (m)

Sunday, 29 December 2019

2019 Day 363

Dedh Trei Hans Trei Ügens ha Trei

De Sül, nawhes warn ügens mis Kevardhû
Sunday, 29th December

Ayr fresk hag exercisans vedn gwitha flehes en yehes. Da ew ganjans kerdhes ha mires adro. Piw ewa? Ma'n kei ow mires orta nei - ev a venja godhvos. A dal ev harha? Na, cothmans o nei. Ma kei aral ow tos dhe'n yet rag leverel dedh da. Pur garadow ew ev. Òja agan kerdh, thera nei o qwary peldroos e'n lôwarth. Radn an flehes ell exercisa a-jei. Da via gans an vos ma bos lappyores. Da ew genjy cregy war gelhow e'n toll an daras.

Fresh air and exercise will keep children healthy. They like to walk and look around. Who is it? The dog is looking at (watching) us – it would like to know. Should it bark? No, we are friends. Another dog comes to the gate to say good day. It is very friendly. After our walk, we play football in the garden. Some children can exercise indoors. This girl would like to be a gymnast. She likes hanging on hoops in the doorway.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

a-jei indoors
exercisans (m) exercise (loan word)
fresk fresh (you are also use er/yr)
harha/hartha to bark (silent th)
kelhow hoops < singular kelgh
kerdh (m) walk
kerdhes/kerres to walk (silent dh)
lappyores (f) gymnast (note -es feminine ending)
orta nei at us, towards us
pel droos (m) football
yehes health (silent y – also ehes)

Saturday, 28 December 2019

2019 Day 362

Dedh Trei Hans Trei Ügens ha Dew

De Sadorn, ethves warn ügens mis Kevardhû
Saturday, 28th December

Flehes a's senjas pur dha an Nadelik ma. Radn anodhans a wrüg omweles war Das Nadelik, gwydn y varv, et y joppa e'n “Eden Project” ken Du Nadelik. Flehes erel a wrüg gwary gans aga gwaryellow òja an jedh brâs. Nag ew da pub pres gwaryellow gen flehes brâs. Gwell ew gen an maw ma bos awenüs war y jynn-amontya. Thera va ow terevel “kerhydnedh” teg, martesen rag gwary compûter – gen menedhyow, gonyow, carrigy, lydn vian, cors ha lies pinbren. Ma dhodho towlen gompûter specyal.

Children enjoyed themselves a lot this Christmas. Some of them visited Father Christmas, with his white beard, in his workshop at the Eden Project before Christmas Day. Other children played with their toys after the big day. Big children do not always like toys. This boy prefers to be creative on his computer. He was building a beautiful “environment”, perhaps for a computer game – with mountains, downs, rocks, a little lake, reeds and many pine trees. He has a special computer programme.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

awenücreative (you can also use creatüs)
barv (f) beard
carrigy rocks < singular carrek (f)
cors collective reeds < singular corsen (f)
gonyow downs, uplands < singular goon (f)
kerhydnedh/kerthydnedh environment
jynn-amontya computer (you can also use compûter)
omweles war to visit
shoppa workshop, shop
Tas Nadelik Father Christmas

Friday, 27 December 2019

2019 Day 361

Dedh Trei Hans Trei Ügens hag Onan

De Gwener, seythves warn ügens mis Kevardhû
Friday, 27th December

Gorfednys ew an jornyow gool rag an vledhen ma. Gellys ew an ostyjy. Gerys o nei gen covyon lôwen ha glanhe lowr. Ma nebes taclow gerys gans an ostyjy ewedh – boos, dewosow, gwaryellow sqwachys, dilhas nowydh ha 'ga atal. Düwon ew dhe gemeres cübmyas. Gwrewgh dos tre arta scon!

The celebration days are finished for this year. The guests have gone. We are left happy memories and plenty of clearing up. There are some things left by the guests as well – food, drinks, broken toys, new garments and their rubbish! It is sad to take leave. Come back again soon!

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

atal rubbish
covyon/covyow memories < singular cov/co'
dilhas/dillas clothing, garments, etc.
düwon sadness, sad
gerys left verb gara (SWFM gasa)
glanhe to clean, clear up, tidy up, etc.
gorfednys finished < verb gorfedna (SWFM gorfenna)
jornyow days < singular jorna
lowr plenty, enough
ostyjy guests

Thursday, 26 December 2019

2019 Day 360

Dedh Trei Hans ha Trei Ügens

De Yow, wheffes warn ügens mis Kevardhû
Thursday, 26th December

Gellys ew Du Nadelik bes ma whath gwelow natoledh òbma hag ena. Nebes ew gwres a bredn ha nebes ew gwres a brei. Ma Maria ha Joseph en stabel, gans an flogh Jesus maylys en lystednow hag a'y worwedh en presep. E'n stabel ma bestes ewedh – bûhes, deves, gever, asen, martesen cawrvergh. Terweythyow ma nebes bügoledh gans an deves. Ma steren dhe lewya an Düs Für dhort an Est (an Trei Metêrn). My a welas an Trei Metêrn dastewydnyes reb an ryver ewedh.

Christmas Day has gone but there are still nativity scenes here and there. Some are made of wood and some are made of clay (pottery). Mary and Joseph are in a stable, with the baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. In the stable there are animals as well – cows, sheep, goats, a donkey, perhaps camels. Sometimes there are several shepherds with the sheep. There's a star to guide the Wise Men from the East (the Three Kings). I saw the Three Kings reflected beside the river too.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bügel (m) shepherd > bügoledh
cawrvargh (m) camel > plural cawrvergh (note vowel change)
gorwedha to lie down (SWFM growedha)
lewa to guide, lead, steer
lystednow swaddling bands, bandages < singular lysten (f)
maylya to wrap, swaddled
natoledh nativity, birthday
presep manger
stabel stable
Tüs Für Wise Men (male human plural mutates after definite article)

Wednesday, 25 December 2019

2019 Day 359

Dedh Trei Hans Nawnjek ha Dogens

De Merher, pempes warn ügens mis Kevardhû
Wednesday, 25th December

Nadelik lôwen dhe whei oll! O whei skith? Skith o vy! Ma Nadelik ow trei meur a blesour bes meur a whel dhe wil ewedh. Ma lever coth: “Na wrewgh eva re, bes eva rag gas sehes ...” Rag Nadelik nei a dal treylya hedna dhe “Na wrewgh debry re, bes debry rag gas nown ...” My a wrüg debry re hedhyw, etho ma othom dhebm a dhebry le avorow. Thera kescowethyans da dhen – lader pednvorr yonk ha morlader yonk. (Po ew hedna vorrlader ha morlader?) Na wrüg an baby kemeres own rag an ladron. Tüs yonk a dal kemeres with. Na wrewgh codha war wòles war an degrëys a vebyon vian! Ma othom a yet degrëys.

Happy Christmas to you all! Are you tired? I'm tired! Christmas brings a lot of pleasure but a lot of work to do as well. There's an old saying: “Don't drink too much, but drink for your thirst ...” For Christmas we should change that to “Don't eat to much, but eat for your hunger ...” I did eat too much today, so I need to eat less tomorrow. We had good companionship – a young highwayman and a young pirate. (Or is that a road robber and a sea robber?) The baby wasn't afraid of the robbers. Young people should take care. Don't fall down on the stairs little boys! There is need of a stair gate.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

degrëys stairs
kemeres own (rag) to be afraid (of)
kemeres with to take care
lader pednvorr (m) highwayman
morlader (m) pirate
nown (m) hunger
plesour (m) enjoyment
sehes (m) thirst
war wòles down, downwards, downstairs
yet (m) gate (you can also use yett)

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

2019 Day 358

Dedh Trei Hans Etek ha Dogens

De Meurth, pajwora warn ügens mis Kevardhû
Tuesday, 24th December

Lôwen o vy hedhyw! Na veu othom dhebm a fittya boos veth. Ow gour a wras cofednow heb kig rag li hag o godhydh dhort Poloyn a fittyas kidnyow. Gool Nadelik ew dedh specyal en Poloyn ha ma meur a voos specyal. Ma mesk-radnow pecar en hogednow ha “pierogi” - ma toos ha tettys – saw pebys ew an eyl en forn pecar'a tesen ha bryjys ew y gila en padel pecar'a pasta. Shap kehaval ens, saw mens deffrans. “Uszkami” ew bryjys ewedh, bes ma scavellow cronek gwils ettans en le tettys, ha debrys o anjei gen cowl bettys (“barszcz”). En gordhûher nei a gerras (gerdhas) dhe Melinjy dhe weles an golowow Nadelik ha cana curlys Nadelik. Nadelik lôwen dhe bub onan.

I am happy today! I didn't have to prepare any food. My husband made vegetarian pasties for lunch and my Polish daughter-in-law cooked dinner. Christmas Eve is a special day in Poland and there is lots of special food. There are similar ingredients in pasties and “pierogi” - there is dough and potatoes - but one is baked in an oven like a cake and the other is boiled in a saucepan like pasta. They are the same shape, but a different size. ”Uszkami” are boiled as well, but there is wild mushroom in them instead of potato, and they are eaten with beetroot soup (“barszcz”). In the evening we walked to Bolingey to see the Christmas lights and sing Christmas carols. Happy Christmas to everyone.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

cofen kig (f) meat pasty
en le instead (of)
heb kig vegetarian
hogen (f) pastry, pasty
forn (f) oven (may be permanently lenited vorn)
gohydh (f) daughter-in-law
mesk-radnow ingredients (of recipe)
pecar similar (you can also use haval or kehaval)
pecar'a (pecar ha) like, similar to (SWFM kepar ha)
Poloyn Poland

Monday, 23 December 2019

2019 Day 357

Dedh Trei Hans Seytek ha Dogens

De Lün, tryja warn ügens mis Kevardhû
Monday, 23rd December

Trenja a vedh Du Nadelik. De a veu dalla sin Zodiak nowydh, an Aver. Hedna a wra diwedha an nawnjegves mis Genver. Rag fra “gaver”? A wrüg tüs en termyn eus passyes gweles gaver e'n ster? Ha rag fra ma lost pesk dhe'n sin? Ew an aver pecar'a morvoren? Ma'n arwòdhelieth ow tos dhort duw Sumerian gelwys Enki po Ea – hanter gaver ha hanter pesk. Kelmys o va gen creacyon, fürneth, meschyf ha dowrow en dadn an dor. Gaver a ell crambla menedhyow emann ha pesk a ell sedha en dowrow down. Ow tesîn ow honan nag ew own – nag eus lost pesk dhodho! (Bes kellys ew genam!)

The day after tomorrow will be Christmas Day. Yesterday was the start of a new zodiac sign, Capricorn (the Goat). That will end on 19th January. Why “a goat” ? Did men in past times see a goat in the stars? And why does the sign have a fish tail? Is the goat like a mermaid? The symbolism comes from a Sumerian god called Enki or Ea – half goat and half fish. He was associated with creation, wisdom, mischief and subterranean waters. A goat can climb up mountains and a fish can dive in deep waters. My own design is not correct – it doesn't have a fish tail! (But I've lost it.)

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

arwòdhelieth symbolism
down deep
Du Day (used for special days such as Du Nadelik)
duw (m) god (Duw = God)
gaver (f) goat (an Avermay resist mutation an Gaver)
kelmys associated, linked, connected
meschyf mischief (you can also use myschew or myschyow)
morvoren (f) mermaid
sedha to dive, sink
trenja (on) the day after tomorrow

Sunday, 22 December 2019

3019 Day 356

Dedh Trei Hans Whetek ha Dogens

De Sül, nessa warn ügens mis Kevardhû
Sunday, 22nd December

My a welas an howl deg ar glogh hedhyw. Nag o va bes scant dhe vos gweles a-ûgh an gwedh. Montol ew hedhyw, ha ma'n howl ort y iselha. Nebes môy diwettha, hont dhe hanter dedh, an howl a dalvia bos ort y ûhelha. Na aljama y weles emesk an gwedh. Nebes òja hedna thera an howl a-wòles ow gorwel, a-drev dhe'n mena. Na wrüga vy y weles ow honan bes thera lies person en Stonehenge dhe vires orth an howldrevel – pagans ha drewydhyon gen tabours.

I saw the sun at ten o'clock today. It was hardly visible above the trees. It's the solstice today, and the sun is at its lowest. A bit later, just after midday, the sun should have been at its highest. I couldn't see it among the trees. Somewhat after that the sun was below my horizon, behind the hill. I didn't see it myself but there were many people at Stonehenge to watch the sunrise – pagans and druids with drums.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

a dalvia should have, ought to have
a-drev dhe behind (you can also use adhelergh dhe)
a-wòles below
an iselha the lowest
an ûhelha the highest
gorwel (m) horizon
hont dhe beyond, just after
òja hedna after that
mena (m) hill (you can also use menedh)
nebes somewhat, some, a bit, a few, etc.

Saturday, 21 December 2019

2019 Day 355

Dedh Trei Hans Pemdhek ha Dogens

De Sadorn, kensa warn ügens mis Kevardhû
Saturday, 21st December

Mantolys ew an vledhen hedhyw. Ew an pres-ma cres an gwav poran? An nos-ma a vedh pur hir ha'n jedh avorow a vedh berr. Scon an dedhyow a vedh hirra; na wrons treylya cotta. Ma hencovadhow en lies pow e'n termyn-ma an vledhen – lies gweyth ow mellya gen tan. Wor an gis, re yeyn ha gleb ew rag tanjys mes a-jei – rag hedna ma dhe nebes tüs stôg “yule” specyal dhe lesky a-jei, e'n oles. Mars nag eus stôg gwir dhewgh dhe lesky whei ell cawas stôg choclat dhe dhebry. Terweythyow ma tanjys en Kernow west en le golowow tredanek. En Pensans ma tradicyon “gis” rag Gool Montol - gen "hebyhors".

Today the year is balanced. Is this time the exact middle of winter? This night will be very long and the day tomorrow will be short. Soon the days will be longer; they will not get shorter. There are traditions in many countries in this time of year – often involving fire. Usually, it is too cold and wet for a bonfire outdoors – so some people have a special “yule” log to burn indoors, in the hearth. If you don't have a real log to burn you can have a chocolate log to eat. Sometimes there is a bonfire in west Cornwall instead of electric lights. In Penzance there is a “guising” tradition for Mantol - with an "Obby Oss".

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

cotta shorter
hencovadhow traditions (you can also use tradicyons or hencovyon)
hirra longer
lies gweyth often (you can also use menowgh)
mantolys balanced
mellya gen to involve
oles (f) hearth
poran exactly
stô(m) log
tanjys bonfire