Sunday, 28 February 2021

2021 Day 59

2021 Dedh Nawnjek ha Dewgens


De Sül, ethves warn ügens mis Whevrel

Sunday, 28th February

Ma lavar coth en Kernôwek recordys gen Ustick: Gwâv en Hâv terebo Golôwan, ha Hâv en Gwâv terebo Nadelik. Pub pres alja an gewer en Kernow chânjya mes a dhorn. Na vedh an pajar on ma lôwen mars eus chânj e'n awel. Thera nei ow longya dhe leverel, "Ma pajar sêson en üdn vledhen." Bettegens, ma tybyansow erel. Eus gwelys hebma genowgh? Gwrewgh redya an poster. "Gwâv, Gwenton Scogyn (thera nei obma!), Secònd Gwâv, Gwenton a Dheseyt, Tryja Gwâv, Sêson Prei, Gwenton Gwir, Hâv, Kidnyadh Faynys, Secònd Hâv (üdn seythen), Kidnyadh Gwir." An jorna ma, hedhyw, ew an diwettha dedh gwâv a veteorologieth. A wra gwenton tos avorow en gwrionedh? Martesen e vedh dhen second gwâv, etho gerow nei cawas plesour e'n flourys nei ell gweles lebmyn, ha'n cân edhyn nei ell clowes.

There is an old saying in Cornish recorded by Ustick: Winter in Summer till Midsummer, and Summer in Winter till Christmas. The weather in Cornwall could always change unexpectedly. These four lambs won't be happy if there is a change in the weather. We usually say, "There are four seasons in one year." However, there are other ideas. Have you seen this? Read the poster. This day, today, is the last day of meteorological winter. Will spring really come tomorrow? Perhaps we will have a second winter, so let us enjoy the flowers we can see now, and the bird song we can hear.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

cawas plesour to enjoy, get pleasure

deseyt (m) deceit, deception

faynys feigned. pretend

Golôwan (m) Midsummer, Feast of St John the Baptist

gwir true, actual

gwrionedh (m) truth

lavar (m) saying, proverb

longya dhe to usually do, belong to do

mes a dhorn unexpectedly, out of hand

scogyn (m) fool


Saturday, 27 February 2021

2021 Day 58

 2021 Dedh Etek ha Dewgens

De Sadorn, seythves warn ügens mis Whevrel

Saturday, 27th February

Flourys wheg - otta gwenton. Ma whath nebes rew en mettin avarr bes howl a wra en cres an jedh. Ma losyow on ha flourys gwedh e'n keow, ma lies steren an gwenton emesk an gwels ha thew lowarthow leun a liw. Ma en moy e'n pras ewedh. Da ew gans an deves debry gòra glas (saw nag ew da genam an blas). Ow hentrevoges a ros dhebm nebes flourys - lily Corawys, tulips, diw lestren burpur ha hyacinth. My a'ga gòrras en jorrik jamm pur goth (kevys genam e'n lowarth). Ma briny dre ow tallath neythy en gwedh hir, meur aga thros. Neythow gwag coth ell bos gwelys war scorednow noth. 

Sweet flowers - here's spring. There's still a bit of frost in early morning but the sun shines in the middle of the day. There are catkins and blossom in the hedges, there are lots of celandines among the grass and gardens are colourful. There are more lambs in the field too. The ewes like eating silage (but I don't like the smell). My neighbour gave me some flowers - daffodils, tulips, two purple irises and a hyacinth. I put them in an antique jam jar (that I found in the garden). Rooks are starting to nest in tall trees, with a lot of noise. Old empty nests can be seen on bare branches.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

blas (m) smell (bad)

briny dre rooks < bran dre (f)

flourys ~ flowrys gwedh blossom (tree flowers)

gòra glas (m) silage

jorrik jamm (m) jam jar

lestren (f) iris > (plural) lester

losyow on hazel catkins (lambs' tails) < lost on (m)

neythy to nest < neyth (m)

scorednow branches < scorren (f)

steren an gwenton (f) lesser celandine


Friday, 26 February 2021

2021 Day 57

 2021 Dedh Seytek ha Dewgens

De Gwener, wheffes warn ügens mis Whevrel

Friday, 26th February

Otta daras rag. "Pandra a vern?" medho whei. "Nag eus bes daras gwydn en chei coth." Bes nag ewa daras kebmyn. Moy es cans bloodh ew ev. Pur dew ew ev ha ma whath dhodho florednow coth etto. Tew o dhe witha presners dhort scappya. En termyn pell tremenys thera va a-bera dhe Jeyl Bosvena, hûjes derevyans lies y dharjow. Derevys veu an jeyl en seytek cans trei ügens ha peswardhek, e'n rayn Metêrn Jory III. Ev a veu diswres wòja bos degëys en nawnjek cans seyth warn ügens. Dres lycklod ma lies daras a'n par ma oll adro dhe'n pow.  Radn brâs a dreylyas magor, ûsyes rag disqwedhyansow, bes scon ev a vedh ôstel pednsevik.   


Here's a front door. "So what?" you say. "It's only a white door in an old house." But it's not a common door. It is more than 100 years old. It is very thick and it still has old locks in it. It was thick to prevent prisoners escaping. A long time ago it was inside Bodmin Gaol, a huge construction with many doors. The gaol was built in 1774, in the reign of King George III. It was dismantled after being closed in 1927. Probably there are lots of doors like this all round the country. A large part of it became a ruin, used for displays, but soon it will be a luxury hotel.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

daras (m) door > (plural) darjow

derevyans (m) construction, building

diswres dismantled

florednow locks < floren (f)

gwitha dhort to prevent, keep from

jeyl (m) gaol, jail

kebmyn common, ordinary (you can also use comyn)

medho whei you say, you said

Pandra a vern? So what?

tew thick 


Thursday, 25 February 2021

2021 Day 56

2021 Dedh Whetek ha Dewgens

De Yow, pempes warn ügens mis Whevrel

Thursday, 25th February

Alja puskes bos teg? Entei. My a drouvyas fotos war an gwias, puskes pur vünys, pur deg, radn an zoöplancton. Na wòrama aga henwyn. Pandr'eus en hanow? Ma nebes henwyn puskes nag ew da dhe scovornow an Sowson. Dre reson na, na vedn an Sowson debry an puskes. (Nag ew an puskes na pur deg naneyl!) Ken Brexit, e veu pajar ügens ha pemdhek en cans a lanterns (garlethednow) ha pajar ügens ha pemp en cans a oll pothrigow (gaverigow) gwerthys dhe Spayn. Lebmyn ma wherryow gen gwerthow tremor. Ma whans dhe'n düs a'n puskes a wertha dhe'n Sowson, etho ma chànjyes ganjans an henwyn - garlethednow Kernow ha canker metêrn Kernow. Warlergh Jack Stein, ervysek ens ha sawrüs. Ma dhe lantern sawor a bleth.   

Can fish be beautiful? Definitely. I found photos on the web, very tiny fish, very beautiful, part of the zooplankton. I don't know their names. What's in a name? There are several fish names that are not liked by English ears. For that reason, the English won't eat the fish. (Those fish aren't very pretty either.) Before Brexit, 95% of megrims (soles) and 85% of spider crabs caught by Cornish fishermen were sold to Spain. Now there are problems with exports. The fishermen want to sell to the English, so they have changed the names - Cornish sole and Cornish king crab. According to Jack Stein, they are good value and delicious. Megrim tastes like plaice.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

en cans ~ a'n cans percent

ervysek economical

garlethen (f) sole

gwerth tremor (m) export

lantern (m) megrim

pleth (m) plaice

pothrik ~ potrik (m) spider crab (also gaverik)

sawor (m) taste, flavour, savour

sawrüs tasty, delicious

scovornow ears < scovarn (m)

wherryow problems, troubles < awher ~ wher (m)

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

2021 Day 55

2021 Dedh Pemdhek ha Dewgens

De Merher, pajwora warn ügens mis Whevrel

Wednesday, 24th February

Na worama pandra dhe wil hedhyw! Nag ew an awel pur dhe les. My a wrüg golhy dew vasket a dhilhas saw na veu possybyl dh'aga seha et ow lowarth. Thera glaw arta e'n nos ha'n dor ew pur leb ha pur vedhal. Hûjes rosow a wras tollow brâs e'n ladn reb an vorr (fordh). Ma nebes flourys teg a-derdro, saw bohes skethednek ens. An mor ew garow ha'n mordarth ew strolüs ewedh. My a dhescas Kernôwek dhe nebes teylûyow e'n mettin - plegadow o hedna.  Nena my a scrifas nebes descansow moy. E veu whans dhebm a ûsya lymnansow gwres gans ow gohydh. Res veu dhebm godrehy, dasscrifa ha glüsa.   

I don't know what to do today! The weather is not very interesting. I washed two baskets of clothes but it wasn't possible to dry them in my garden. There was rain again in the night and the ground is very wet and very soft. Huge wheels made big holes in the verge by the road. There are a few pretty flowers around, but they are a bit tatty. The sea is rough and the surf is messy as well. I taught Cornish to several families in the morning - that was enjoyable. Then I wrote some more lessons. I wanted to use some illustrations done by my daughter-in-law. I had to trim, copy and paste.


Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

a-derdro all around

dasscrifa to copy

gladn (f) verge

glüsa to paste

godrehy to trim precisely

gohydh (f) daughter-in-law

plegadow enjoyable

skethednek tattered

strolüs messy

tollow holes