Monday, 30 September 2019

2019 day 273

Dedh Dew Cans Trei Ügens ha Terdhek

De Lün, degves warn ügens mis Gwedngala
Monday, 30th September
Òja nebes dedhyow gen prederyansow skiansek adro dhe story, sciens ha politegieth res veu dhebm cawas jorna leun a whel vas. Re leb o an gewer dhe weres dhe'n gour vy e'n lowarth, rag hedna me eth dhe'n dre. Reb an vorr my a welas arwòdh nowydh adro dhe Arlòdh Falmeth – nag ew ev meurgerys gans oll an bes, car dre hevel. Res veu o mergh wydn gwil ober rag hy holjy, etho my a wrüg treylya a-drenewen hy mab bian. Nag era whans dhodho a wary gans y waryellow – ev a venja cawas o sagh, o glawlen, o hamera hag o hompûter.
After several days with intellectual thoughts about history, science and politics I had to have a day full of useful work. The weather was too wet to help my husband in the garden, so I went to town. By the road I saw a new sign about Lord Falmouth – he is not beloved by all the world, it seems. My granddaughter had to do work for her college, so I distracted her little boy. He didn't want to play with his toys – he wanted my bag, my umbrella, my camera and my computer!

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today
Arlòdh Lord (title) (Arlòdhes can be Duchess as well as Lady, e.g. Arlòdhes Kernow Duchess of Cornwall)
gwaryellow toys < gwaryel (f) (you can also use tegednow)
gweres dhe nebonan to help (to) someone
meurgerys beloved, cherished, popular < verb cara to love
politegieth politics < polityk political (one of a number of areas of knowledge with -egieth or -ogieth ending)
prederyans thought (from the verb pedery/predery/perdery to think)
sciens science (not the same as skians knowledge, skill or sians whim, fancy)
skiansek intellectual,
story history > storek historical
treylya a-drenewen to distract (literally turn aside)

Sunday, 29 September 2019

2019 Day 272

Dedh Dew Cans Trei Ügens ha Dewdhek

De Sül, nawves warn ügens mis Gwedngala
Sunday, 29th September

Radn an benenes rych a Gernow en termyn eus passyes o hel ha larj. Anjei a ûsyas aga mona ha peth rag cherita. Otta Elizabeth Carne. Hei a veu genys en Eglosheyl ogas dhe Heyl. Hy theylû o Methodists gen negys en whel bal hag ober arhanty. Hei a fòndyas nebes scolyow en Pensans hag adro – rag desky an bobel bohojek, mosy ha mebyon warbarth, rag avonsyans denjes. (En venowgh nag era bes an vebyon o mos dhe scol.) Hei a wrüg derevel ewedh gwithty en Pensans rag samplow monek hy thas – tho hei monydhes hy honan ewedh.

Some of the rich Cornish women in the past were benevolent and generous. They used their money and property for charity. Here's Elizabeth Carne. She was born in Phillack near Hayle. Her family were Methodists with business in mining and banking. She founded several schools in and around Penzance – for teaching the poor people, girls and boys together, for the progress of society. (Often only the boys went to school.) She also built a museum in Penzance for her father's mineral specimens - she was a mineralogist herself as well.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

avonsyans progress, advancement, improvement, etc.
cherita charity (you can also use alüsonow for alms)
denjes society, humanity, mankind, etc.
fòndya to found
gwithty museum (you can also use museum) < gwitha to keep
hel benevolent, generous
larj generous (cf. French largesse)
monek adj. mineral (anything to do with minerals, ores, etc.) < moon (m)
monydhes (f) mineralogist
samplow samples, specimens (you can also use specimens)

Saturday, 28 September 2019

2019 Day 271

Dedh Dew Cans Trei Ügens hag Üdnek

De Sadorn, ethves warn ügens mis Gwedngala
Saturday, 28th September
Ma nebes treven teg en campùs Penryn. Hebma ew leur arethyow en chapel teg y veister. Thera bagas da ena rag kescùssülyans adro dhe story benenes en Kernow. An benenes a dhebarras dhort gwedhwesow bohojek dhe drosoreresow rych, dhort an re-na heb adhescans dhe re erel meur lettrys ha codnyk. Thera gallos polityk covys dhe nebes benenes. Kedhlow o calish rag an whithroresow dhe gavas, car dre hevel. Ma niveryans a'n bobel pub deg bledhen bes lies tra alja wharvos tredh niveryansow. Gwer alja mos dres mor nebes bledhednyow ha dos tre arta. Flehes alja bos genys ha bos marow. Fortyns alja bos gwres ha kellys po res dhe ves. Thera othom a whilas en lies ehen a govscrivow. My venja scrifa môy avorow, martesen. An jorna a dhiwedhas gen nebes canow bewek.

There are several lovely buildings in the Penryn campus. This is a lecture theatre in a chapel with beautiful windows.There was a good group there for an interesting conference about women's history in Cornwall. The women varied from poor widows to rich bankers, from those without education to others highly educated and clever. Some women had hidden political power (influence). Information was hard for the researchers to find, it seems. There is a public census every ten years but a lot of things could happen between censuses. Husbands could go overseas for several years and come back again. Children could be born and die. Fortunes could be made and lost or given away. There was a need to seek in all types of archives. I'd like to write more tomorrow, perhaps. The day finished with some lively songs.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

adhescans education, learning
bankoresow ( bankers bankores (f) < banker (m)
bohojek poor, impoverished (you can also use bojek or didra)
demedhys married < demedha/demydhy (verb)
gwedhwesow ( widows < gwedhwes (f) < gwedhow (m&a)
gwer husbands (irregular plural) < gour husband
niveryansow a'n bobel censuses < niver number > nivera (verb)
trosoreresow ( bankers, treasurers(f) < troserer (m)
wharvos to happen (you can also use hapnya)
whithroresow ( researchers < whithrores (f) < whithra (verb)

Friday, 27 September 2019

2019 Day 270

Dedh Dew Cans Trei Ügens ha Deg

De Gwener, seythves warn ügens mis Gwedngala
Friday, 27th September

Pandr'ellama scrifa adro dhe dhedh a'n par-ma? Ma hager gawos üdn vynysen ha golow an howl e'n nessa mynysen, nena glaw môy. An ballyer glaw ew leun a dhowr, re leun, ha an vownder ew leun a blodnow. Calish ew dhe wil whel e'n lowarth rag termyn hir. Bes thera othom a whel! Re boos o an plansow gleb war an ke – ha res veu dhen aga threhy (lies gwegen). Thera termyn lowr rag golhy o fows rüdh ha frowk dû. Re leb ew an gewer, rag hedna na ellama seha dilhas e'n lowarth. Therama o 'ga cregy e'n losowjy. Lowen ew an gath gen teyr garr (“teyrfaw”) e'n losowjy ewedh. Thera dhebm lies aval codhys gans an gwens, etho my a wras jam melyn - avalow, caretys (rag liw teg), shòger ha badna essens limaval. Eus re a limaval? Na ora vy.

What can I write about this kind of day? There's a heavy shower one minute and sunshine the next minute, then more rain. The rain barrel is full of water, too full, and the lane is full of puddles. It's difficult to do work in the garden for a long time. But work was needed. The wet plants on the fence were too heavy and we had to cut them (lots of bindweed plants). There was enough time to wash my red dress and black jumper. The weather is too wet, therefore I can't dry clothes in the garden. I hang them in the conservatory. The three-legged cat is happy in the conservatory as well. I had lots of windfall apples, so I made yellow jam - apples, carrots (for lovely colour), sugar and a drop of lemon essence. Is there too much lemon? I don't know.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

a'n par-ma approx. like this
> en maner a'n par-ma in this kind of manner/way
sawor a'n par-ma such a fragrance (as this)
a'n par-na approx. like that
> en cas a'n par-na in such a case (as that)
> diwedh a'n par-na that kind of result
cregy to hang (not to be confused with crejy or cryjy to believe)
gwegen (f) bindweed plant > coll. gweg
hager ugly, horrible, etc.
hager gowas heavy shower
losowjy conservatory (literally plant house)
mynysen (f) minute > pl. mynys
plansow (pl.) plants plans plant (you can also use pl. losow plants < losôwen (f) plant)