Tuesday, 30 April 2019

2019 Day 120

Dedh Cans hag Ügens

De Meurth, deg warn ügens mis Ebrel
Tuesday, 30th April 

 “Ema gwenton ow mos oll en gwydn,” emedh Robert Seymour Bridges en etek cans pajer ügens ha deg. Na wrüg ev besca gweles flourys gwenton melyn? Na onan glas na purpur? Ma gwelys genam solabres lily an Corawys, brially, losow lagas, blejow a’n gùckou, mellyon ha moy. Na veu flour gwydn veth emesk anjei. Na whath, ma flourys gwydn e’n keow lebmyn – cajow, lâss Metêrnes Anne (caretys gwels), kennin gwels hag erel. Hedhyw, reb ryver bian me a welas flourys gwydn teg - “mosy leth (lethwragedh)” po hevys agan Arlòdhes. “Cùrnys (cùrünys) en spern gwydn maga wydn avel leth,” a scrifas Bridges. Ma buddys gwydn ow tallath dos war wedh ha bushys spern gwydn.  

“Spring goeth all in white,” said Robert Seymour Bridges in 1890. Did he never see yellow spring flowers? Nor a blue nor purple one? I have already seen daffodils, primroses, celandines, bluebells, violets and more. There wasn’t a white flower among them. However, there are white flowers in the hedges now – daisies, Queen Anne’s lace (wild carrot), wild garlic and others. Today by a little river I saw pretty white flowers - “milkmaids” or our Lady’s smock. “Crowned in milk-white may,” wrote Bridges. White buds are starting to come on hawthorn trees and bushes.

Monday, 29 April 2019

2019 Day 119

Dedh Cans ha Nawnjek
De Lün, naw warn ügens mis Ebrel
Monday, 29th April

Hedhyw tho vy heb nerth ha heb awen! Diwedhys ew an kefewy bus ma balounys dhen whath. E veu odhom dhe nei a daxi bras. Ow mergh wydn a venja mos tre gen oll hy daffar ha'n baby. Nag eus carr dhebm ha henn ew re a daclow rag an kyttrin. (Mildir ha hanter ewa dhe drigva kyttrin ewedh.) Me a withas an maw bian hanter dedh. E veu lesson dh'y vabm en carr. Hei a venja bos drîver (gorrour). Da via genjy (gensy) cawas carr magata (ken nag eus mona dhedhy). Me a gerras (gerdhas) gen an flogh adro dhe'n dre. Me a welas damach gwres gen an gwens. Ha ew an flourys ma gùckous gwydn?  Nag ens. Thens gôdhkennin. 
Today I am without energy and without inspiration! The party is over but we still have balloons. We needed a big taxi. My granddaughter wanted to go home with all her equipment and the baby. I don't have a car and that is too much stuff for the bus. (It's a mile and a half to a bus stop too.) I looked after the little boy at midday. His mother had a lesson in a car. She would like to be a driver. She would like to get a car as well (although she has no money). I walked around the town with the child. I saw damage done by the wind. And are these flowers white bluebells? No. They are wild garlic.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

2019 Day 118

Dedh Cans hag Etek
De Sül, eth warn ügens mis Ebrel
Sunday, 28th April

“Me a venja cawas kefewy rag Dylan en chei whei,” emedh agan mergh wydn. “Nag eus spas lowr et ow radnjy.” Whans veu dhedhy cawas “boos kefewy” ewedh, ha tesen bednbloodh. “Ha an boos a dal bos heb kig.” Etho, na veu tabm kig veth war an bord. (Saw ow gour a dhebras cofen kig sley a-drenewen!) Na veu spas lowr rag oll an boos ha dewosow war an bord; res veu dhen gorra taclow moy war venk. “Eus tollyers luk?” Coth o vy ha therama creuny lies tra. Ottobma scüdel weder amber dhort üdn voderep. Ottena bolla gweder dhort üdn ownter. Ha henn ew tollyer dhort dama wydn. Ma gan teylû ow tebry meur a voos, ha trosüs ens. Oll anodhans a vedn clappya en kettermyn ha whans ew dhe’n flehes ponya adro. Kei agan mergh a dheuth ewedh. Thew ev nebes ownek ogas dhe’n baby (saw da ew an kei ganjo). An gath, bettegens, ew pur omjersys.
“I would like to have a party for Dylan at your house,” said our granddaughter. “There isn’t enough room in my flat.” She wanted to have “party food” as well, and a birthday cake. “And the food must be vegan.” So, there wasn’t a scrap of meat on the table. (But my husband ate a meat pasty on the side!) There wasn’t enough room for all the food and drinks on the table; we had to put more things on a bench. “Are there enough serving dishes?” I’m old and I hoard lots of things. Here’s an amber glass dish from one aunt. There’s a glass dish from one uncle. And this is a platter from a grandmother. Our family eat lots of food, and they are noisy. All of them want to talk at the same time and the children want to run around. Our daughter’s dog came as well. He was a bit nervous near the baby (but he likes the dog). The cat, however, is very relaxed.

Saturday, 27 April 2019

2019 Day 117

Dedh Cans ha Seytek
De Sadorn, seyth warn ügens mis Ebrel
Saturday, 27th April

Tewl ha gwenjek ew hei lebmyn - oja (wosa) howlsedhes ew. Gwenjek o an nos newher ewedh. En Truru golowbredn a godhas gen an gwens. Pur vesy o jorna vy hedhyw. Dew flogh wydn a goscas et o chei ha res veu dhebm aga maga ha didhana - ha aga bestes chei magata. Anjei a dhros diw logojen vrâs ganjans. Ow mergh a dheuth e'n dohajedh hag a's kemeras tre - dew flogh ha diw logojen vrâs. Bes hei a dhros hy mergh aral ha'y mab wydn. Anjei a vedh obma terebo De Lün. Avorow e vedh kefewy, etho nei a wras tesednow, hogednow ha crampesow. Nei a sayas a torthellow bian. Elhas! Nag eus bes onan gerys (gesys).

It is dark and windy now - it is after sunset. The night was windy last night as well. In Truro a lamp post fell with the wind. My day was very busy today. Two grandchildren slept at my house and I had to feed them and entertain them - and their pets as well. They brought two rats with them. My daughter came in the afternoon and took them home - two children and two rats. But she brought her other daughter and her grandson. They will be here till Monday. There will be a party tomorrow, so we made cakes, pasties and pies. We tried the little buns. Alas! There's only one left.

Friday, 26 April 2019

2019 Day 116

Dedh Cans ha Whetek
De Gwener, whegh warn ügens mis Ebrel
Friday, 26th April

Nanj ew üdn vledhen poran e veu (y feu) genys flogh bian. Kensa pedn bloodh lowen dhis a vaw bian! Pur vian o va ha melyn – thew ev brassa lebmyn hag y liw ew gwell. Nag o an gewer pur dha e’n termyn na ha nag ew hei pur dha lebmyn. Gellys ew Pask ha nag eus dhen degolyow na moy. Gwag ew an treth ogastei, ha’n park kerry en pecar (kepar) maner. Nag eus bes trei den ow kerdhes troha’n mor gen aga surfbordys ha trei den moy gen keun. Nag ew da an mordardh hedhyw – nebes strolyek drefen bos mar wenjek. Ma edhyn moy e’n park kerry avel tüs war an treth. Ottobma onan (chôk) en argh, ow whilas scòbmow.   

Exactly one year ago a little child was born. Happy first birthday to you little boy! He was very little and yellow – he’s bigger now and his colour is better. The weather wasn’t very good at that time and it’s not very good now. Easter has gone and we haven’t got holidays any more. The beach is nearly empty, and the car park likewise. There are only three men walking towards the sea with their surf-boards and three more men with dogs. The surf isn’t good today – a bit messy because it’s so windy. There are more birds in the car park than men on the beach. Here’s one (a jackdaw) in a bin, looking for chips.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

2019 Day 115

Dedh Cans ha Pemdhek
De Yow, pemp warn ügens mis Ebrel
Thursday, 25th April

Ew da geno whei jebberow chei (lavür tre)? Nag ew? Genam naneyl! Blewek ew, pur vlewek. Re rewys veu agan stiver. Res veu dhebm y deudha, gen  padellow a dhowr tòbm – ow còrtos rag an mîk bian, “drip, drip, drip”. Nag eus dowryednow dhort an radyador na moy. Ownys ew ev gen ow broder wheg. Nag eus odhom dhebm a blobmer. Nag o an dohajedh re sqwithüs. Me a gawas e-bost dhort cosin en America. Ev a gavas (drovyas) nebes fotos a veyn cov agan ragadasow. Jôwan trûan a veu ledhys gen bulet en etek cans dew ha trei ügens e’n Bresel Civil. Na wrüg nagonan jammes (besca) trovya y gorf marow. Clarissa o benyn wedhow rag termyn hir. 

Do you like housework? No? Me neither! It’s boring, very boring. Our freezer was too iced up. I had to thaw it, with pans of hot water – waiting for the little sound, “drip, drip, drip”. There aren’t any drips from the radiator any more. It’s been mended by my brother-in-law. We don’t need a plumber. The afternoon wasn’t too tiresome. I got an e-mail from a cousin in America. He found some photos of memorials of our ancestors. Poor John was shot (killed by a bullet) in 1862 in the Civil War. Nobody ever found his body. Clarissa was a widow for a long time.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

2019 Day 114

Dedh Cans ha Peswardhek
De Merher, pajar warn ügens mis Ebrel
Wednesday, 24th April
Termyn gwenton ew, ha ma hedna ow styrrya glanhe, glanhe brâs gwenton. Compes (moy po le) ew an lowarth ha leun a flourys. Pres ew dhe dhalla gen an chei. An beistry a dal terlentry, an leuryow a dal bos glanhys ha lentrys. Lowr ew hedna rag üdn jedh! Ma caletter gen piben dhe radiador. Ma odhom dhen a blobmer.
It’s spring time, and that means cleaning, a big spring clean. The garden is tidy (more or less) and full of flowers. It is time to start with the house. The windows should gleam, the floors should be washed and polished. That is enough for one day! There’s a problem with a little pipe to a radiator. We need a plumber.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

2019 Day 113

Dedh Cans ha Terdhek
De Meurth, tryja warn ügens mis Ebrel
Tuesday, 23rd April

Ma degol hedhyw. En gwrionedh (gwiryonedh) ma moy es onan. Shakespeare a verwas an jedh ma en whetek cans ha whetek. Martesen e veu y natoledh ewedh (en pemdhek cans trei ügens ha pajer). En Pow an Sowson thew degol aga sans tasek ewedh. Y vaner ew crows rüdh war wel gwydn (dihaval orth baner Peran leb ew crows wydn war wel dû).

There’s an anniversary today. In fact there is more than one. Shakespeare died this day in 1616. Perhaps it was his birthday as well (in1564). In England it is the feast of their patron saint as well. His flag is a red cross on a white ground (unlike the flag of St Piran which is a white cross on a black ground).

Monday, 22 April 2019

2019 Day 112

Dedh Cans ha Dewdhek
De Lün, nessa warn ügens mis Ebrel
Monday, 22nd April

Da ew gen an flogh bian brodnyon (kergh) gen morednow (mor). Ma mor dû, moyar rüdh, morednow cala, corrants dû ha mor erel en fardel et ow stiver (copart rew). Oll ew pur rüdh! Ma va ow tesky maga y honan gen lo (po gans y dhiwla). Negys pur bloos ewa. E’n dohajedh thera odhom dhodho a sôg, bes nag eus whans dhodho a gòsk. Etho me a gerras (gerdhas) ganjo en cariach baby rag hanter our. Ev a wrüg gosôwes (goslowes) ort an edhyn ow cana e’n keow.  Nei a salüjas casek dhû ow hentrevoges. Jorna teg o bes gwenjek. Lacka o en pelder. Reb an treth tho an ayr leun a dewes. Na aljama gweles an mor awos an enawel tewes. E veu (y feu) dhodho mir a niwl po ligyn.
The baby likes porridge (oats) with berries. There are blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrants and other berries in a packet in my freezer (freezer cabinet). All are very red! He is learning to feed himself with a spoon (or with his two hands). It’s a very messy business. In the afternoon he needed a nap, but he didn’t want a sleep. So I walked with him in a buggy for half an hour. He listened to the birds singing in the hedges. We greeted my neighbour’s black mare. It was a lovely day but windy. It was worse in the distance. By the beach the air was full of sand. I could not see the sea because of the sandstorm. It looked like fog or mist.

Sunday, 21 April 2019

2019 Day 111

Dedh Cans hag Üdnek
De Sül, kensa warn ügens mis Ebrel
Sunday, 21st April

Ellowgh whei gweles hebma? Lost gwydn gwenenen vlewek (dran) ew ha hei ow mos a-jei dh’y tholl en gladn. Hei a wrüg cuntel bleus a’n flourys ha nectar. Martesen ma preves dhedhy. Du Pask ew. An flehes a guntellas boos wheg ewedh. Anjei a gavas oyow Pask cüdhys gen Cònin Pask! Na veu canstellow dhodhans bes nei a drovyas nebes bukettys dhort Nos Calan Gwav eus passyes.
Can you see this? It’s the white tail of a bumblebee as she goes into her hole in a bank. She has collected pollen and nectar. Perhaps she has larvae. It is Easter Day. The children collected sweet food too. They found Easter eggs hidden by Easter Bunny! They didn’t have baskets but we found some pails from last Halloween!

Saturday, 20 April 2019

2019 Day 110

Dedh Cans ha Deg
De Sadorn, ügensves mis Ebrel
Saturday, 20th April

Pana jorna spladn! Jorna teg avel dedh en hav o. Nei a sedhas war an glesin gans an flogh bian. “Res ew dhodho degy hatt howl,” emedh y vabm, bes nag ew da ganjo degy hatt. Ev a’n towlas dhe ves. Da ew gena nei golow an howl ha da ewa gen cathes whath moy. Bertie a dheuth genen dhe’n glesin. Da ew ganjo rolya emesk an flourys. Nag eus dhodho dinita (dygnita). Poran en topp an lowarth nag eus glesin. Ma remenat ke coth ha pras gen lies flour gwels. Nag ew ow gour alowys (gena vy) dhe drehy ena terebo an flourys drei has. Ma whath brially ha mellyon (ha dens lew). Ma’n blejow a’n gùckou ow tos bes lebmyn – nebes diwedhes ens drefen bos goskeujys gen (gans) an ke. Ha nessa mis e vedh aran.
What a bright day! It was a day as beautiful as a day in summer. We sat on the lawn with the baby. “He must wear a sun hat,” said his mum, but he doesn’t like wearing a hat. He threw it away. We like sunshine and cats like it even more. Bertie came with us to the lawn. He likes rolling among the flowers. He is not dignified. Right at the top of the garden there is no lawn. There’s the remains of an old hedge and a meadow with many wild flowers. My husband is not allowed (by me) to cut there until the flowers produce seed. There are still primroses and violets (and dandelions). The bluebells are only just coming -  they are a bit late because they are shadowed by the hedge. And next month there will be orchids.

Friday, 19 April 2019

2019 Day 109

Dedh Cans ha Naw
De Gwener, nawnjegves mis Ebrel
Friday, 19th April 

Me a welas an loor newher òja hanter nos. Rag fra veu vy pur dhifün e’n termyn na? Clav o vy, gen cleves virusek – me a whejas. An loor a vedh leun haneth en nos, òja hanter nos. “Loor Gwydnrüdh (Kigliw)” henwys ew hei. (Na wora vy rag fra!)  An foto ma a veu kemerys e'n vledhen eus passyes. Hedhyw ew De Gwener an Grows, dedh pur sans. Warlergh an vorrow coth torthellow crows tòbm ew debrys hedhyw, saw nag eus dhebm ewl boos. Thens spîsyes ha ma corrants ha sultanas ettans.  Ma crows ow tisqwedhas an grows Jesus, an spîs ew rag an spîsys gorrys war y gorf ha, martesen, ma’n corrants ow tisqwedhas an kentrow war an grows. Arhadow Matêrnes Elisabeth a leveras na alja anjei bos debrys bes en Nadelik, Pask hag encledhyasow. Re Gatholyk o anjei rag matêrnes Protestant. Ma rim coth rag flehes. Piw a vedn y dreylya?   

I saw the moon last night after midnight. Why was I wide awake at that time? I am sick, with a viral infection – I vomited. The moon will be full tonight, after midnight. It’s called a “Pink Moon”.  (I don’t know why!) This photo was taken last year. Today is Good Friday (Friday of the Cross), a very holy day. Traditionally hot cross buns are eaten today, but I have no appetite. They are spicy and have currants or sultanas in them. A cross shows the cross of Jesus, the spice is for the spices put on his body and, perhaps, the currants represent the nails on the cross. A decree of Queen Elizabeth I said that they could only be eaten at Christmas, Easter and funerals. They were too Catholic for a Protestant queen. There is an old children’s rhyme. Who will translate it?

Thursday, 18 April 2019

2019 Day 108

Dedh Cans hag Eth
De Yow, ethdegves mis Ebrel
Thursday, 18th April

 Reb an treven ogas dhe'n savla tren en Truru nei ell gweles trei bleyn en topp Peneglos Truro. Mowns ow qwarthevya an cita. An derevyans a dhallathas en mil eth cans ha pajar ugens (e'n rayn Matêrnes Victoria) ha gorfednys veu en mil naw cans ha deg (e'n rayn Matêrn Edward VII). Ha pandr'ew hebma? Ewa castel? Ma va ogas dhe Stret Castel. Nag ew castel, ken ma semblans dhodho a gastel en topp menedh. Cort an Vatêrnes  ew, cortys a laha rag Kernow. Gorfednys ew hei en mil naw cans eth ha pajar ugens. Dhort taclow bras dhe dra vian - grewgh mires orth an wenenen vlewek ma! Cargys ew hei gen bleus flourys an gùckous Spaynek, rag hedna thew hei pur syger . 
By the houses near the train station in Truro we can see three points at the top of Truro Cathedral. They dominate the city. The building began in 1880 (in the reign of Queen Victoria) and was finished in 1910 (in the reign of King Edward VII). And what is this? Is it a castle? It is near Castle Street. It is not a castle, though it looks like a castle on top of a hill. It's the Queen's Court, law courts for Cornwall. It was finished in 1988. From big things to a small thing - look at this bumblebee. It's loaded with pollen of the Spanish bluebells, so it is very slow.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

2019 Day 107

Dedh Cans ha Seyth
De Merher, seythdegves mis Ebrel
Wednesday, 17th April
Nag era vy nefra mos en telher veth heb ow hamera, saw nag era vy ow fotograffa pub tra. E'n mettin me a wolhas lien gwily ha dilhas moy - heb fotos! E''n dohajedh nei a dhystryppyas an trampolin shyndys ha diantel - heb fotos magata. E'n gorthewher me a gerras dhe'n savla buss, me a gemeras an buss Truru, me eth dhe'n bagas art vy hag oja hedna me eth dhe radnjy ow mergh wydn - ha me a fotograffas lies tra. Me a verkyas plans nowydh reb an vorr - ew hebma pendûen, martesen? E veu areth dhe les adro dhe solar art ha gwithty en Pensans (en Chei Penlee). Ma ogas dhe ugens mil foto e'n cùntelyans. Ma hebma ow tisqwedhes bagas a  antiqwerys ow mires orth Men-an-Tol. "Müscogyon hag aga fysycyans" emedh nebonan a'n keth termyn! Ha gwel teg a Beneglos Truru kens gwely.

I never go anywhere without my camera, but I don't photograph everything. In the morning I washed more bed linen and clothes - without photos! In the afternoon we dismantled the damaged  and dangerous trampoline - also without photos. In the evening I walked to the bus stop, I took the Truro bus, I went to my art group and after that I went to my granddaughter's flat - and I photographed lots of things. I noticed a new plant by the road - is this reed-mace, perhaps? There was an interesting talk about an art gallery and museum in Penzance (in Penlee House). There are nearly twenty thousand photos in the collection. This one shows a group of antiquaries looking at Men-an-Tol (the stone with the hole). "Lunatics and their physicians" said someone at the time. And a lovely view of Truro Cathedral before bed. 

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

2019 Day 106

Dedh Cans ha Whegh
De Meurth, whetegves mis Ebrel
Tuesday, 16th April

Hedhyw me a veu meteth chei, medhyores, golheres ha coges! Devedhys chei oma oja pednseythen brav hag ow mergh wydn ha'y baby whath obma. Clav ens, hag ow gour vy ewedh. Ma'n ehes da vy dhebm whath. Etho, thera odhom dhebm a wil lies ehen a whel. Nag eus whans dhe ow clevyon bes a voos sempel - tettys ha reys. Esy! Termyn moy, dhanna, dhe golhy lies lien gwily, towelys ha dilhas baby. E'n gwelha pres thera howl hedhyw (an gewer a veu pur leb de). Me alja gordha ow lowarth teg leun a vrially ha me ow cregy mes an dilhas golhys.

Today I was house maid, nurse, washer-woman and cook! I have come home after a great weekend and my granddaughter and her baby are still here. They are ill, and my husband as well. I still have my good health. So, I had to do many kinds of work. My patients only wanted simple food - potatoes and rice. Easy! More time, then, to wash lots of sheets, towels and baby clothes. Fortunately there was sun today (the weather yesterday was very wet). I could admire my beautiful garden full of primroses as I was hanging out the washed clothes.

Monday, 15 April 2019

2019 Day 105

Dedh Cans ha Pemp
De Lün, pemdhegves mis Ebrel
Monday, 15th April

Ew re a hireth tra dhiantel? Ewa tybyans da dh’omwelas war deleryow coth arta? Ew floholeth tiredh hüdel a dalvia gortos e’n termyn eus passyes? Me eth de dhe üdn telher ow floholeth ow honan. Pur deg ew whath, bes behatna ew, me a hevel, ha ma sür kerry moy es nanj ew trei ügens bledhen. Me re veu en nebes bagasow e’n odyans – ha omdednys ew hedna. E veu kensa scol gen trei class – ha degëys ew hedna lebmyn. Nag eus flehes lowr e’n treveglos.  Re ger ew rag ow hothmans coth ha’ga theylû dhe vos trigys ena. E’n eur-ma thew an scol, chei an bedndescadores, chei medhyores an cost ha whath an gwithty bian oll treylyes dhe dreven prevedh. Oll an flehes e’n treveglos a wrüg gwary e’n gover reb an pons. Nei alja trovya pajerpawes ha oll sortow bestas bian.  Saw otta an gover lebmyn! Pe le ma an dowr?  Sehys ew an gover, nag eus dowr veth. Badna veth. Ha nag eus flehes ow qwary naneyl. Ha cothmans coth? Coth ens, pur goth!
Is too much nostalgia a dangerous thing? Is it a good idea to revisit old haunts? Is childhood an enchanted domain that should remain in the past? Yesterday I went to one place of my own childhood. It is still very beautiful, but it is smaller, it seems to me, and there are surely more cars than sixty years ago. I had been in several groups in the village hall – and that has shrunk. There was a primary school with three classes – and that has closed now. There are not enough children in the village. It is too expensive for my old friends and their families to live there. Nowadays the school, the headmistress’s house, the district nurse’s house and even the little museum are all converted into private houses. All the children in the village played in the brook by the bridge. We found newts and all sorts of little animals. But look at the brook now. Where is the water? The brook is dried up, there’s no water at all. Not a drop. And neither are there any children playing. And old friends? They are old, very old!

Sunday, 14 April 2019

2019 Day 104

Dedh Cans ha Pajar
De Sül, pajardegves mis Ebrel
Sunday, 14th April

Pana jorna spladn! Nei a gawas coffy gen agan mab hag y deylu. Whans veu dhe'n maw bian ma degy gwedrow howl y das. Thew ev maw melyn y vlew bes y vroder ew pedn du. Oja hedna nei eth dhe'n gool agan cowetha. Demedhys ens dres hanter cans bledhen. Jacqui a wras an desen hy honan. Delicyous dhe dhebry o hei ha pur deg, owriek ha gwydn hy rew wheg. An kefewy a veu en Hambleden. A wruga whei gweles an fylm coth "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"? Martesen whei alja perhy co an stret ma etto. 
What a spendid day! We had coffee with our son and his family. This little boy wanted to wear his father's sunglasses. He is a boy with blond hair but his brother is a brunet. After that we went to our friends' celebration. They have been married for fifty years. Jacqui made the cake herself. It was delicious to eat and very pretty, with golden and white icing. The party was in Hambleden. Did you see the old film "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"? Perhaps you could remember this street in it. 


Saturday, 13 April 2019

2019 Day 103

Dedh Cans ha Trei
De Sadorn, terdhegves mis Ebrel
Saturday, 13th April

Eneth arta res veu dhebm tremena Dowr Tamar.  Ow gour ha me a wra bos ogas dhe dhowr aral - an Dowr Tamys.  Thera nei owth omweles war ow noyth en Pow an Sowson.  Avorow, e'n mettin, nei a wra metya gen agan mab, y wreg hag aga gevellyon. Nei a vedn cawas coffy reb Dowr Tamys en Henley. Ena nei a vedn mos dhe gefewy en Hambleden. Treveglos pur deg ew hedna, usyes avel telher en lies fylm. Ma lever da, treylyes gen Nicholas Williams, henwys "Tredden in Scath (Heb Gwil Mencyon a'n Ky)". Thew Dowr Tamys ha Henley ha Hambleden complys e'n lever ma. Me a dremenas nebes bledhednow ena termyn me a veu mos. Mall ew genam aga gweles arta. Bes en dohajedh ma otta nei en Finchampstead emesk lies gwedhen coth bras. Nei a visityas ow broder wheg - bloodh ev ew pagar ugens ha seytek. Nei a gemeras côn en tavern. Pur exotek  veu ow boos!
Once again I had to cross the River Tamar. My husband and I will be near another river - the River Thames. We are visiting my niece in England. Tomorrow, in the morning, we are going to meet our son, his wife and their twins. We will have coffee by the River Thames in Henley. Then we will go to a party in Hambleden. That is a very pretty village, used as a location in many films. There is a good book, translated by Nicholas Williams, called "Three Men in a Boat (Not to Mention the Dog)". The River Thames and Henley and Hambleden are mentioned in this book. I spent several years there when I was a girl. I am eager to see them again. But this afternoon here we are in Finchampstead among a lot of big old trees. We visited my brother-in-law - he's 97 years old. We had supper in an inn. My food was very exotic!