Wednesday, 31 January 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 30

This is a taster of A Year of Late Cornish

An Degves Dedh Warn Ügens
The Thirtieth Day

De Merher, üdnegves warn ügens a vis Genver. Hebm ew an diwettha dedh mis Genver. Ew an jedh ma arbednek war neb coor? Nag ew an jedh arbednek, saw e vedh wharvos terweythüs haneth en nos. Nei a wra gweles gor loor las.
Wednesday, 31st January. This is the last day of January. Is this day special in some way? The day is not special, but there will be a rare event tonight. We will see a blue super moon.
Pandr’ew loor las? Thew loor las an nessa loor leun en mis calender. Ma lavar “eneth en loor las” rag wharvos terweythüs. An kensa loor leun en mis Genver a veu Calan Genver. An gwella pres dhe weles an gor loor las ma en Kernow a vedh dew ar glogh (diw eur) e’n mettin (po nag eus cloud).
What is a blue moon? A blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month. There is a saying “once in a blue moon” for a rare event. The first full moon in January was New Year’s Day. The best time to see this super blue moon in Cornwall will be about two o’clock in the morning (if there is no cloud).
Pandr’ew gor loor? Nag üjy an loor o qwaya dro dhe’n Norves en kelgh. Nag ew resegva an loor compes. Terweythyow ma’n loor a bell. Terweythyow ma hei nes. Loor leun en ogas ew gor loor.
What is a super moon? The moon does not move round the Earth in a circle. The moon’s orbit is not uniform. Sometimes the moon is far away. Sometimes it is nearer. A nearby full moon is a super moon.
Ha loor wooj? Liw an loor en neb teller a vedh cogh, an liw gooj. Saw na vedh rüdh en Kernow. Ma odhom a dhifygyans an loor; an Norves a dalvia boas tredh an howl ha’n loor. An difygyans a vedh re dhiwedhes rag Kernow.

And a blood moon? The colour of the moon somewhere will be blood red, the colour of blood. But it won’t be red in Cornwall. A lunar eclipse is needed: the Earth should be between the sun and the moon. The eclipse will be too late for Cornwall.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

A Year of Late Cornish

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