Sunday, 31 January 2021

2021 Day 31

2021 Dedh Üdnek warn Ügens

De Sül, üdnegves warn ügens mis Genver

Sunday, 31st January

Eth ar glogh e'n mettin hag e veu kert delivra reb agan yet. Devedhys ew trampoline nowydh en dew fardel brâs. Tho nei leun a esperans dr'ellen nei gweles agan flehes wydn e'n hav, òja leunstroth ew gorfednys. E'n men termyn, thew Degol Maria Dallath an Gwenton avorow ha my a dal gorra dhe ves an wedhen Nadelik. Heb mar, ma whans dhe'n gath a weres dhebm! Avorow a vedh dhe hanter an vorr tredh an Vantol ha Kehesnos Gwenton. En termyn eus passyes thera degol pagan Keltek gelwys Imbolc, dhe welcòbma an gwenton. Ma düstüny dr'o Imbolc dhe les gen kemenethow gonisegeth Oos Nowydh an Men, nanj ew pemp mil bledhen. Degol Brigid ew ewedh, mabm sans a Wordhen, ha kens hedna degol rag an dhuwes Brigit po Brig. Etho, dedh pur vrâs an vledhen ew.    

Eight o'clock in the morning and there was a delivery van by our gate. A new trampoline had come in two big packages. We are hopeful that we will be able to see our grandchildren in the summer, after lockdown is finished. In the meantime, it is Candlemas tomorrow and I should put away the Christmas tree. Of course, the cat wants to help me! Tomorrow will be midway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. In the past there was a Celtic pagan festival called Imbolc - to welcome the spring. There is evidence that Imbolc was important to Neolithic farming communities, five thousand years ago. It's St Brigid's Day too, a patron saint of Ireland, and before that the festival of the goddess Brigit or Brig. So, it's a very important day of the year.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

an Vantol the Winter Solstice

ar glogh o'clock

Degol Maria Dallath an Gwenton Candlemas

dhe hanter an vorr midway, half-way

fardel (m) package, packet, parcel

gweres dhe to help

heb mar without doubt, of course

kehesnos (m) equinox

kert delivra (m) delivery van

leun a esperans full of hope, hopeful



Saturday, 30 January 2021

2021 Day 30

2021 Dedh Deg warn Ügens

De Sadorn, degves warn ügens mis Genver

Saturday, 30th January

O whei kerdher prederüs? O whei gorrour carr prederüs? Ero whei ow kil warlergh rowlys an vorr?  Ew drîvyoresow benow an gwelha? Terweythyow thera vy ow qweles drîvyers andhoth. Mowns ow mos re üskis. Mowns ow tos re nes dhe gerdhers ha diwrosoryon. Anjei ell bos speytüs. Na wrüga vy besca (besketh) clowes drîvyores ow carma po moletha. Ma prôf a lewans drog reb an vorr en nebes teleryow.  

Are you a considerate walker? Are you a careful motorist? Do you comply with the rules of the road? Are women drivers the best? Sometimes I see inconsiderate male drivers. They go too fast. They come too close to walkers and cyclists. They can be abusive. I've never heard a woman driver shout or curse. There is proof of bad steering by the road in several places.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

andhoth inconsiderate

diwrosoryon cyclists

drîvyoresow ( drivers < drîvyores (f)

garma to shout

gorrour carr (m) motorist, driver > (plural) gorwer carr

kerdher (m) walker, hiker, etc.

lewans (m) steering

moletha ~ molethy to curse, swear

prederüs careful, considerate, thoughtful

speytüs abusive, spiteful

üskis fast

Friday, 29 January 2021

2021 Day 29

2021 Dedh Naw warn Ügens

De Gwener, nawhes warn ügens mis Genver

Friday, 29th January

Pandr'ew agas flour an moyha kerys? Ew da genowgh flourys a dermyn gwenton - flourys üvel ha methek? Po ew an gwelha flourys an re na ew gwelys en hav? Senjys o nei lebmyn, en cres an leunstroth, rag pednen a lôwender veth oll. Ha ma flourys gwenton a-bres ow trei lôwender, devry, dres ehen en gwav. Nag eus ergh òbma, bes ma lies bleujen ergh. Ma radn anodhans reb an eglos ha ma erel en lowarthow. Ma grüg gwydn reb an eglos ewedh. My a welas flour melyn bian reb an vorr, emesk delkyow marow. Nag eus bes onan. Steren an gwenton ew hei. Nag eus sawarn dhedhy, bes ma sawarn a onyon dhe'n gôdhkednin en ogas. En hav nei a wel flourys nebes scòllyek. Meurgerys ew anjei gen liworyon - ma othom dhodhans a gawas rüdh lowr. Pandr'ew an flourys a'n seythdegves cansbledhen? Na wòrama. Martesen, thens tulips - y veu facyon ragtans e'n termyn na.  

What is your favourite flower? Do you like flowers of springtime - modest and shy flowers? Or are the best flowers the ones that are seen in summer? We are grateful now, in the middle of lockdown, for any scrap of joy at all. And early spring flowers do, indeed, bring joy, above all in winter. There is no snow here, but there are lots of snowdrops. Some of them are by the church and there are others in gardens. There is white heather by the church too. I saw a little yellow flower by the road, among dead leaves. There is only one. It is a celandine. It has no smell, but the wild garlic nearby smells of onion. In summer, we see rather extravagant flowers. They are much loved by painters - they must have enough red. What are these seventeenth century flowers? I don't know. Perhaps they are tulips - there was a fashion for them at that time.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bleujen ergh (f) snowdrop

devry indeed

gôdhkednin (collective) wild garlic, ramsons

liworyon painters < liwer (m)

methek shy, bashful

pednen (f) scrap, remnant

scòllyek extravagant, wasteful

senjys beholden, thankful, grateful

steren an gwenton (f) celandine

üvel modest, humble, unassuming




Thursday, 28 January 2021

2021 Day 28

2021 Dedh Eth warn Ügens

De Yow, ethves warn ügens mis Genver

Thursday, 28th January

O whei shiek? Benyn shiek o vy! Saw nag o vy mar shiek avel Jean Piaget, sycologor dhort Pow Swiss. Aswonys ew ev rag y dybyas a dhisplegyans godhvosüs en flehes, hag adhescans. Pur godnyk hag ort còmpes o y vres, saw nebes strolüs o y sodhva! Strolüs o an mordarth hedhyw! Na wrüga vy mos dhe'n morrab hedhyw, saw thera webcam war an tavern. My a viras orth an mor dhort pelder, bes na aljama gweles an düs e'n dowr.  Morplaynyers ell whithra war an Kesrosweyth rag termyn da dhe surfya.  

Are you untidy? I am an untidy woman! But I am not as untidy as Jean Piaget, a Swiss psychologist. He's known for his theory of cognitive development in children, and education. His mind was very clever and in order, but his office was a bit messy! The surf today was messy! I didn't go to the promenade today, but there was a webcam on the pub. I looked at the sea from a distance but I could not see the people in the water. Surfers can look on the Internet for a good time to surf.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bres (m) mind

codnyk brainy, clever

displegyans (m) development

godhvosüs cognitive

mordarth (m) surf

ort còmpes organised, in order

shiek untidy

strolüs messy, untidy

sycologor (m) psychologist

tybyas ~ tybyans (m) theory

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

2021 Day 27

2021 Dedh Seyth warn Ügens

De Merher, seythves warn ügens mis Genver

Wednesday, 27th January

Jorna loos arta, saw nag eus meur a law. Nag eus othom dhebm a lawlen hedhyw. Et y le, ma niwl ha cloudys isel. Na ellama gweles an mor ha Carn Breanek. Disliw ew an tirwedh. Nag eus gorwel. Eus tecter en kewer a'n par ma? Ma lies lymner leb a wrüg liwya glaw ha glawlednow, oll adro dhe'n bes. Thew nebes pictours sevur ha radn anodhans ew wharthüs. Norman Garstin 1889 a liwyas morrab (ogas dhe Lowarthow Morrab) gleb en Pensans. "An glaw, ma va ow kil glaw pub jorna". Nag ew hebma argebmyn da rag an morrep!  Moy wharthüs ha moy leun a liw ew "An botaler ow càna" Jack Vettriano. Magritte a erviras dhe liwya tüs en le glawednow. Ma hager law en troghbredn Hiroshige. Ha ew an glawlednow Renoir an gwelha aswonys?

A grey day again, but there isn't a lot of rain. I don't need an umbrella today. Instead, there is fog and low clouds. I can't see the sea and St Agnes Beacon. The landscape is faded. There is no horizon. Is there beauty in weather like this? There are many artists who have painted rain and umbrellas, all around the world. Some pictures are serious and some of them are humorous. Norman Garstin painted a wet promenade (near Morrab Gardens) in Penzance: "The rain it raineth every day". This is not a good advertisement for the seaside! Jack Vettriano's "The singing butler" is more amusing and more colourful. Magritte decided to paint men instead of raindrops. There is driving rain in Hiroshige's woodcut. And are Renoir's umbrellas the best known?

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

adro dhe'n bes around the world

argebmyn (m) advertisement

botaler (m) butler

disliw faded

glawen (f) raindrop > glawednow

glawlen (f) umbrella > glawlednow

lowarthow gardens

morrab (m) promenade, seafront

sevur serious, severe

tecter (m) beauty < teg

tirwedh (m) landscape

wharthüs humorous