Monday, 31 August 2020

2020 Day 244

 2020 Dedh Dew Cans Dogans (Dew Ugens) ha Pajar (Peswar)

De Lün, üdnegves warn ügens mis Est

Monday, 31st August 

Hedhyw, nei a wel an diwettha dedh a vis Est ha, martesen, an diwettha dedh a hav. Ma kidnyadh ow tos, ha ma loor leun ow tos ewedh. Newher my a welas an loor - leun ew hei ogastei. An plesour eus dhe nei ew kerdhes e’n jomp. Hedhyw thera cowetha genen – dew flogh. Nag ew anjei ûsyes dhe gerdhes mar bell! Bettegens, da o dhodhans cuntel ha debry mor dû. Ha gwary da o cawas danva a-dhelher dhe’n ys. Nei a drouvyas pôst-qwartron predn coth reb an trolergh. Res veu dhen kerdhes dres nebes mergh, bes còsel ens. Na neu othom dhen a kemeres own.

Today, we see the last day of August and, perhaps, the last day of summer. Autumn is coming, and a full moon is coming too. Last night I saw the moon – it is almost full. We enjoy walking in the countryside. Today we had company – two children. They are not used to walking so far! However, they liked picking and eating blackberries. And it was a good game finding a hiding place behind the corn. We found an old wooden sign-post by the footpath. We had to walk past several horses, but they were quiet. We didn’t need to be afraid.


Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today


a-dhelher dhe behind (SWFM a-dhelergh)

cowetha (m) company

danva (f) hiding place, hideaway

diwettha last, final

jomp (m) countryside (dialect jump < French champ)

kemeres own to be afraid

ogastei almost, nearly, approximately

plesour (m) pleasure

pôst-qwartron (m) sign-post

ûsyes dhe accustomed to, used to


Sunday, 30 August 2020

2020 Day 243

2020 Dedh Dew Cans Dogans ha Trei

De Sül, degves warn ügens mis Est

Sunday, 30th August

Termyn ew dhe wil whel en lowarthow ken gwav. Ma keow dhe drehy ha ma gwedh dhe wil saw ken devedhyans enawellow môy. My a welas nebes tüs a-ûgh gen hesken ha lovan po jynn-trehy ha skeyl. Fatel wrüg an den na crambla emann e'n wedhen na? Ew da ganjo crambla? Na ora vy. Res ew dhodho trehy scorren po diw. Bes gwrewgh mires ort an wedhen et ow lowarth. Ma aswonys genam maw bian neb a gar crambla emann et hy scorednow. Nag eus hesken dhodho - nag eus othom dhodho a drehy traveth. Fatel ell ev skydnya? Ma va ow lebmel! Diownek ew ev.

It’s time to do work before winter. There are hedges to cut and there are trees to make safe before the arrival of more storms. I saw several men up high with saw and rope or cutter and ladder. How did that man climb up in that tree? Does he like climbing? I don't know. He's got to cut a branch or two. But look at the tree in my garden. I know a little boy that loves climbing up in its branches. He doesn't have a saw - he doesn't need to cut anything. How can he get down? He jumps! He is fearless.


Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

aswonys known, recognised 

devedhyans (m) arrival 

diownek fearless < own (m) fear 

enawellow (plural) storms < (singular) enawel (f) 

hesken (f) saw 

lebmel to jump 

lovan (f) rope 

scorednow (plural) branches < (singularscorren(f) 

skeyl (f) ladder 

skydnya ~ deskydnya descend, get down  

Saturday, 29 August 2020

2020 Day 242

 2020 Dedh Dew Cans Dogans ha Dew

De Sadorn, nawves warn ügens mis Est

Saturday, 29th August

Kidnyavek ew an gewer hedhyw, kenth ew whath mis Est. Ma gwens yeyn dhort an Noor ha garow ew an mor. An vledhen ma ew calish rag tiogow. Thera howl, sür, saw na veu va e’n termyn own. Ha thera dhen glaw, saw arta, ev a veu en termyn cabm. Losow a wrüg drei rag skyll re holergh ha nag era termyn luck dhe devy hir. Garednow an ys ew berr. Na vedh gwel cala lowr rag an gwav. A-gensow re leb o an awel rag trehy an barlys. Ma othom a drei dedh segh. Whei ell gweles, nag eus olow tractor e’n prei. Bettegens, bledhen dha ew rag oll sortow frûtys. Otta eyrin ha côn parys rag dowr tòbm Hollond. Hedn’ a vedh faverans rag Nadelik!

The weather is autumnal today, although it is still August. There’s a cold wind from the North and the sea is rough. This year is hard for farmers. There was sun, certainly, but it wasn’t at the right time. And we had rain, but again, it was at the wrong time. Plants germinated too late and there wasn’t enough time to grow tall. The corn stalks are short. There won’t be enough straw for the winter. Lately the weather is too wet to cut the barley. It needs three dry days. You can see, there are no tractor tracks in the mud. However, it’s a good year for all sorts of fruits. Here are sloes and sugar ready for gin. That will be a treat for Christmas!

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

a-gensow lately, recently

dowr tòbm (m) alcoholic spirit

drei rag skyll to germinate, sprout, bring forth shoots

faverans (m) treat

garednow (plural) stalks < (singular) garen (f)

gwel cala (collective) straw

holergh late

kidnyavek autumnal

segh dry

termyn luck enough time

Friday, 28 August 2020

2020 Day 241

 2020 Dedh Dew Cans Dogans ha Wonan

 De Gwener, ethves warn ügens mis Est

Friday, 28th August

Pandr’eus gwelys genam e’n mettin ma? Reb an eglos my a drouvyas crows pur goth na wrüga vy merkya kens lebmyn. Devedhys ew hei dhort Arethva Perran e’n tewednow dew vildir alebma. Pes bloodh ew hei? Well! Martesen bloodh hei ew naw cans po mil. Perran a dheuth dhe Gernow dhort Wordhen e’n wheffes cansbledhen. Martesen ev a dhewisas telher sans dhe dherevel. Y arethva o ûsyes nebes cansbledhednyow – terebo encledhys gen tewednow. Complys ew en Lever Domesday (mil pajar ügens ha whegh) avel Lanpiran. Eglos nowydh a veu derevys en ogas e’n dewdhegves cansbledhen – ha hedna a veu encledhys ewedh. Brâssa radn an meyn hei a veu dres ha derevys arta obma. Palys ew an eglos encledhys.  An arethva encledhys a veu palys, encledhys arta (termyn an grows vian ma a veu dres dh’y thelher nowydh), nena palys arta. Ew hobma an grows gottha en Kernow? Ew hedna an greuv po an keyn? Garow ew hei – o hei trehys en termyn eus passyes? Whei ell gweles magoryow an arethva ha’n eglos goth e’n tewednow whath, mor kra whei aga trouvya!     

What have I seen this morning? By the church I found a very old cross I hadn’t spotted before. It came from St Piran’s Oratory in the dunes two miles away. How old is it? Well! Perhaps it is nine hundred or a thousand years old. St Piran came to Cornwall from Ireland in the sixth century. Perhaps he chose a holy place to build. His oratory was used for several centuries - until it was buried by sand dunes. It is mentioned in the Domesday Book (1086) as Lanpiran. A new church was built nearby in the twelfth century – and that was buried too. Most of its stones were brought and rebuilt here. The buried church has been excavated. The buried oratory was excavated, reburied (when this little cross was brought to its new place), then excavated again. Is this the oldest cross in Cornwall? Is this the front or the back? It’s rough – was it carved in the past? You can still see the ruins of the oratory and the old church in the dunes – if you find them!

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

arethva (f) oratory < areth (f) speech, oration

brâssa radn a most of

dhewisas chose < (verb) dewis

encledhys buried < (verb) encledhyas

greuv (m) front of body, face

keyn (m) back

magoryow (plural) ruins

merkya ~ markya to notice, spot, mark

palas to excavate, dig > (verbal adjective) palys

Wordhen Ireland


Thursday, 27 August 2020

2020 Day 240

 2020 Dedh Dew Cans ha Dogans (Dew Ügens)


De Yow, seythves warn ügens mis Est

Thursday, 27th August



Nanj ew dew cans bledhen po nebes an norves a welas ymach gen Hokusai, artiss a Japan. Lebmyn thew an ymach na onan an moyha aswonys dres oll an bes. Argraf ewa, gwres gen block predn trehys hag enk glas. Ma va ow tisqwedhes todn cowrek derag menedh (Fuji). Ma’n todn owth oversettya teyr scath vian. Diantel ew todnow brâs; anjei ell beudhy pub tra et aga vorr.  Ûsyes ew todnow avel metafor rag an pandemek e’n eur-ma. Nag eus whans dhe nei a second todn. Otta An Todn gen surfer. Ma astel morplaynya ow rei dhisqwedhyans da a ombellheans cowethasek, ewedh. Pana vrâster ew astel morplaynya? Moy es dew meter, car dre hevel - hirra vel den.    



About two hundred years ago the world saw an image by Hokusai, a Japanese artist. Now that image is one of the most recognised all over the world. It is a print made with a carved wood block and blue ink. It shows a giant wave in front of a mountain (Fuji). The wave is overwhelming three little boats. Big waves are dangerous: they can drown everything in their way. Waves are used as a metaphor for the current pandemic. We do not want a second wave. Here’s The Wave with a surfer. A surfboard gives a good indication of social distancing, too. How big is a surfboard? More than 2m, it seems - taller than a man.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today


argraf (m) print, impression

aswonys recognised

beudhy to drown

cowrek giant, gigantic, huge

diantel dangerous

ombellheans cowethasek (m) social distancing

oversettya to capsize, overwhelm

pana vrâster how big, what size

scath (f) boat (under 40 ft) (PN Portscathow)

todn (f) wave (SWFM tonn)

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

2020 Day 239

  2020 Dedh Dew Cans Nawnjek warn Ügens

De Merher, wheffes warn ügens mis Est

Wednesday, 26th August

Terweythyow nei a wel taclow tròbm. Gen ombrederyans, bettele, na dal nei bos sowdhanys. Kidnyadh ew po nebes, ha ma’n nosow ow treylya môy yeyn. Nei a dal qwachas (gwatyas) scavellow cronek dhe devy e’n keow. Otta onan teg, pecar’a velvet dû. Ma va ow tevy war wedhen trehys – ev a wra gweres dhe’n predn dhe bodry. Thera glaw dhen en enawel, meur a dhowr, rag hedna medhalhys ew an dor. Môy es ew lebmyn rag godhes dor dhe wil aga hivorrow dadn agan glesin. Na dal nei kemeres marth dhe weles pil gòdhor. Ha kei en gover en awel dòbm? Dres lycklod! Gwywer gleb y lost ow ladra has? Nag ew hedna marth brâs – nag ew an know parys e'n gwedh. 

Sometimes we see unexpected things. With reflection, however, we should not be surprised. It’s almost autumn and the nights are turning colder. We ought to expect toadstools to grow in the hedges. Here’s a pretty one, like black velvet. It’s growing on a cut tree – it will help the wood to rot. We had rain in a storm, a lot of water, so the ground is softened. It’s easier now for moles to make their tunnels under our lawn. We shouldn’t be surprised to see a mole hill. And a dog in a stream in hot weather? More than likely! A squirrel with a wet tail stealing seeds? That’s not a big surprise – the nuts are not ready in the trees.



Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bettele however, none-the-less

kemeres marth to be surprised

kivorr (f) tunnel, hollow way (SWFM keyfordh)

medhalhe to soften < medhel soft

ombrederyans (m) reflection, thought

podry to decay, rot

po nebes almost

qwachas ~ gwatyas to expect

sowdhanys surprised

tròbm unexpected









Tuesday, 25 August 2020

2020 Day 238

2020 Dedh Dew Cans Etek warn Ügens


De Meurth, pempes warn ügens mis Est

Tuesday, 25th August


Leun ew an ayr hedhyw – leun a sawarnow ha sonyow. Nag ew Enawel Francis gellys ettien, etho ma whath gwens ow qwaya an gwedh. Saw pandr’ew an ancresyans na? Nag ew hedna an gwens e’n gwedh. “Clank! Crash!” Jynn ew. Ma tractor brâs gen jynn ow trehy ha terry an ke. Ma sawarn a reden trehys ha lavalow browys – ma gwedhen avalow e’n ke. Shiek ew an vorr, kerry a dal mos en syger! Pelha an vorr ahes, nag ew an keow trehys ha nei ell cuntel mor dû. Ma son ûhel an turbin gwens ow treylya ha'n gwens ow cana e'n linednow power. Bes nag ew hebma sawarn wheg. Pandr’ew an blas drog, an fler ma? Nebonan a wrüg aras an gwanethek ha lesa teyl warnodho.  

The air today is full – full of smells and sounds. Storm Francis hasn’t gone completely, so there is still wind moving the trees. But what is that disturbance? That is not the wind in the trees. “Clank! Crash!” A big tractor with a machine is cutting and tearing the hedge. There is a smell of cut bracken and crushed apples – there is an apple tree in the hedge. The road is a mess – cars should go slowly! Further along the road, the hedges are not cut and we can pick blackberries. There’s a loud sound of the wind turbine turning and the wind singing in the power lines. But this is not a sweet smell. What is this bad smell, this stink? Someone has ploughed the wheatfield and spread manure on it.


Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today


ancresyans (m) disturbance

browy to crush, bruise

ettien ~ en tien completely,

gwaya to move

sawarn (f) smell, scent, etc.

shiek messy, untidy (usually refers to a house!)

son (m) sound, noise

syger ~ en syger slowly

terry to tear, break, rip

trehy to cut, trim