Thursday, 31 October 2019

2019 Day 304

Dedh Trei Hans ha Pajar

De Yow, üdnegves warn ügens mis Hedra
Thursday, 31st October

Hedhyw thew an diwettha dedh a vis Hedra. Diwedh ew ewedh hanter golow an vledhen Keltek ha dallath an hanter tewel. Gellys ew hav. Ma gwav o tos. Bledhen Nowydh lôwen dhewgh.Bes nag era nei o tanon (tanvon) cartednow rag an jedh ma. Ma termyn lowr dhebm whath rag gwil cartednow rag Nadelik ha'n vledhen nowydh òja hedna. Pandra wra vy liwya? Nebes es martesen. Pandr'ew an dra an môyha calish dhe liwya? Dowr ew! Pe liw ew dowr? En temperedh ûsyes dowr ew lin cler, heb liw, heb ôdor, heb sawarn. Re dòbm, ma va o pryjyon, treylya dhe eth. Re yeyn, ma va o rewy, treylya dhe rew. Bes ellen nei gweles dowr? Nei a wel golow o tos der an dowr po golow dastewydnyes dhort enep an dowr. My a viras orth an ryver bian hedhyw. A wrüga vy gweles an dowr? Na wrüg! My a welas glas ha donek, saw nag o an re-na liwyow an dowr. Tho anjei liwyow an ebòrn a-ûgh an ryver ha'n gwedh rebto. En venowgh my a wel an mor. Nei a lavar dr'ew glas an mor – saw nag ew hedna liw an dowr!

Today it is the last day of October. It's the end too of the light half of the Celtic year and the beginning of the dark half. Summer has gone. Winter is coming. Happy New Year to you. But we don't send cards for this day. I still have enough time to make cards for Christmas and the new year after that. What shall I paint? Something easy perhaps. What is the most difficult thing to paint? It's water! What colour is water? At normal temperatures water is a transparent liquid, colourless, odourless and tasteless. Too hot, it boils, turning to steam. Too cold, it freezes, turning to ice. But can we see water? We see light coming through the water or light reflected from the surface of the water. I looked at the little river today. Did I see the water? No! I saw grey and brown but those weren't the colour of the water. They were the colours of the sky above the river and the trees beside it. I often see the sea. We say the sea is blue/green/grey – but that is not the colour of the water!

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

an diwettha the last (superlative)
an re-na those (demonstrative pronoun, plural of hedna)
dallath (m) beginning (you can also use dalla and dallathvos)
diwedh (m) end
enep (f) face, surface of water, etc. (not for human face)
eth (m) steam, gas, vapour
glas blue, grey, green (ambiguous colour to describe sea, not good for painters)
ôdor (m) odour, smell (I use this because it is less ambiguous than sawarn)
rebto by it, beside it (example of prepositional pronoun)
sawarn (f) taste, smell (you can also use sawor)

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

2019 Day 303

Dedh Trei Hans ha Trei

De Merher, degves warn ügens mis Hedra
Wednesday, 30th October

Hager awel arta! Na wrüga vy mos mes. Pur leb ew e'n lôwarth. Na venja bestes bos a-ves naneyl. Otta kenesen vrâs e'n geryn. Nag eus own dhebm. A-bele osta devedhys a genesen? Na ellesta remaynya obma – ma whans dhebm homdrockya. Ha nag eus boos veth rages. Saw cüv o vy. Na wra vy dha worra dhe ves. Gwra crambla 'mann. My a wra scrifa o tòchya nebes aral.

Horrible weather again! I didn't go out. It's very wet in the garden.Animals didn't want to be outside either. Here's a big spider in the bath. I am not afraid. Where have you come from, spider? You can't remain here – I want to have a bath. And there is no food at all for you. But I am kind. I won't put you away. Climb up. I'll write about something else.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

a-bele whence, from where
a genesen o spider (this is a rather old-fashioned form of address)
a-ves outside
cükind, charitable (you can also use hel benevolent)
gòrra to put
gwra crambla climb imperative 2s
homdrockya to take a bath, bathe
kenesen (f) spider
keryn (f) bathtub
remaynya to remain (you can also use gòrtos, triga or sevel)

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

2019 Day 302

Dedh Trei Hans ha Dew

De Meurth, nawhes warn ügens mis Hedra
Tuesday, 29th October

Hager awel! Tho an gewer hedhyw gleb ha gwenjek. Whethys tû bera a ves veu o glawlen – nebes gweythyow. Gwell ew mires orth kewer an par-na dhort beister. En Truru my a gawas coffy ha cowl et o chei coffy moyha kerys – ha mires ort an düs leb e'n stret. A-ves dhe'n kyttrin, ha my o mos tre, tho an vorr pur leb. An golowow oll an kerry o dastewydnyes. An gwenstrigas bùss o gleb ha discler. Thera othom a scübyllednow gwenstrigas.

Storm! The weather today was wet and windy. My umbrella was blown inside out - several times. It's better to look at that kind of weather from a window. In Truro I had coffee and soup in my favourite café – and watched the wet people in the street. Outside the bus, as I was going home, the road was very wet. The lights of all the cars were reflected. The bus windscreen was wet and blurry. It needed windscreen wipers.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

an par-na like that, of that sort, of that kind
a-ves dhe outside of
glawlen (f) umbrella
gwenstrigas windscreen
hager awel (f) literally bad weather
kewer (f) weather
mires orth to look at, to watch
moyha kerys favourite literally most loved
scübyllen (f) wiper, brush
tû bera a ves inside out

Monday, 28 October 2019

2019 Day 301

Dedh Trei Hans hag Onan

De Lün, ethves warn ügens mis Hedra
Monday, 28th October

Nag o egor hedhyw scol dew aga flehes wydn. Thera dedh traynyans dhe'n descadoryon - bes res veu mabm ha tas mos dh'aga whel. Tas ew descader y honan ha ma mabm o traynya dhe vos descadores! Traynyades ew hei. Treylys veu aga chei dhe scol rag nebes ourys. Thera gweythres scol dhe'n flehes. Bettegens, whel gorfednys (po nebes) po forsakys, gwel veu gans an flehes gwary pel droos gen tas wydn! Aga mergh a dheuth ewedh dhe scrifa nebes geryow ow tòchya kellow (killigow).

The school of two of our grandchildren was not open today. The teachers had a training day – but mum and dad had to go to their work. Dad is a teacher himself and mum is training to be a teacher! She is a trainee. Our house was turned into (became) a school for several hours. The children had school homework. However, work finished (almost) or abandoned, the children preferred to play football with granddad! Our daughter came as well to write a few words about cells.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

descadores (f) teacher, professor, etc. > plural descadoresow
descadoryon teachers, professors, etc. < singular descader (m)
egor open
gorfednys finished
gweythres scol school homework
ourys hours (periods of 60 minutes)
po nebes almost (literally or a bit)
traynyades(f) a trainee loan word (you can also use trênesiges)
traynyans training verb traynya to train
treylya dhe to become, to turn into

Sunday, 27 October 2019

2019 Day 300

Dedh Trei Hans

De Sül, seythves warn ügens mis Hedra
Sunday, 27th October

Barrys o an jorna ma. E'n mettin my a wrüg gwitha flogh. An maw bian a gòscas et agan chei. Res veu dhen y vaga ha didhana. Teg o an awel, etho nei eth mes rag kerdh bian. My a welas lester gwydn brâs war an gorwel. Treweythüs ew hedna reb an cost norh. An tycky-Duw ma ew coynt ewedh – thewa pedn awartha awoles war vos! E'n dohajedh my a wrüg lavürya et agan lowarth – ma lies dreysen ha whath môy linas dhe drehy. Thera lies gwibesen grevos ewedh. E'n androw dew flogh wydn môy a dheuth. Da ew ganjans gwary pel droos gen aga thas wydn. An pi a veu lôwen òja aga dibarth – thera whans dhodho cavos boos e'n gwels. 

This day was divided. In the morning I babysat. The little boy slept at our house. We had to feed him and amuse him. The weather was lovely, so we went out for a little walk. I saw a big white ship on the horizon. That is unusual by the north coast. This butterfly is odd as well – it is upside-down on a wall! In the afternoon I laboured in our garden – there are many brambles and even more stinging nettles to cut. There were lots of annoying gnats too. In the late afternoon two more grandchildren came. They like playing football with their grandfather. The magpie was happy after their departure – it wanted to find food in the grass.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

androw late afternoon
(pedn) awartha awoles upside down
barrys divided up, separated
dibarth departure
didhana divert, amuse, entertain
grevos annoying
gwibesen (f) gnat, flying insect < collective gwibes
kerdh a walk, a stroll < verb kerdhes (silent dh)
maga to feed, nurture
treweythüs unusual, rare