Monday, 31 December 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 364

Trei Hansves Dedh Trei Ügens ha Pajar

De Lün, üdnegves warn ügens mis Kevardhû.
Monday, 31st December
An diwettha dedh an mis ew, ha’n diwettha dedh an vledhen magata. Termyn da ew rag glanhe an chei ha dhe worfedna tra gwil coth. Avorow a vedh dallath nowydh. An duw Roman darjow a wra mires war dhelher dhe’n vledhen ma ha war rag dhe’n vledhen a vedn dos. O an vledhen ma bledhen vas? Era nebes sowena? Wrüga whei desky tabm Kernôwek Diwettha, martesen? Avorow a vedh an diwettha dedh rag an blogg ma. Nena e vedh res dhebm dalla blogg nowydh rag 2019. Otta calander rag an nessa mis.

mis Genver (Jenwar)
de Lün
de Meurth
de Merher
de Yow
de Gwener
de Sadorn
de Sül

loor nowydh

kensa qwartron
diwedh Gaver
dalleth Deger Dowr
loor leun
tryja qwartron

It is the last day of the month, and the last day of the year as well. It’s a good time for cleaning the house and to finish old business. Tomorrow will be a new beginning. The Roman god of doors will look backwards to this year and forwards to the coming year. Was this year a good year? Was there some success? Did you learn a bit of Late Cornish, perhaps? Tomorrow will be the last day for this blog. Then I shall have to start a new blog for 2019. Here is a calendar for the next month.

Sunday, 30 December 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 363

Trei Hansves Dedh Trei Ügens ha Trei

De Sül, degves warn ügens mis Kevardhû.
Sunday, 30th December

Na vedn flehes sevel en còsel. Anjei a gar ponya adro en neb tû. Gleb ew an gwels bes na amownt. Ma ’ga dillas ow mos gleb bes na vern dhodhans. Da ew ganjans ponya ha slynkya. Calish ew aga gansenjy. Ownek ew an kei bian. Na venja va bos gansenjys naneyl. Ottava en pelder dadn brisken.

Children will not stay still. They love running around in any direction. The grass is wet but it’s not important. Their clothes get wet but it doesn’t concern them (they don’t care). They like to run and slide. It’s hard to catch hold of them. The little dog is nervous. He wouldn’t like to be caught either. There he is in the distance under a bush.

Saturday, 29 December 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 362

Trei Hansves Dedh Trei Ügens ha Dew

De Sadorn, nawhes warn ügens mis Kevardhû.
Saturday, 29th December 

E’n curl coth o wheg-oll a dhavonas dhebm edhyn whath moy. Dres lycklod me alja debry an brâssa radn anodhans (e’n Oojow Cres saw na en jedh hedhyw). E’n kensa seythen, òja grügyar e veu diw golobmen, teyr yar Frenk, peder mola dhû (maga dhû avel glow), pemp "besow" owryek (dres lycklod fesonts po owrdynkes), whegh goodh (ow qwerif), ha seyth elergh (ow neyja). Pana vanket! Na whath, na via da genam – veganes oma!   

In the old carol my sweetheart sent me even more birds. Probably I could eat most of them (in the Middle Ages but not nowadays). In the first week, after a partridge there were two doves, three French hens, four colly (as black as coal or “coaly”) birds, five golden "rings" (probably pheasants or goldfinches/gold spinks), six geese (a-laying), and seven swans (a-swimming). What a banquet! However, I wouldn’t like it – I’m a vegan!  

Friday, 28 December 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 361

Trei Hansves Dedh Trei Ügens hag Onan

De Gwener, ethves warn ügens mis Kevardhû.
Friday, 28th December

Ma cân coth adro dhe’n dewthek dedh a Nadelik. Ra fra (praga) ma dewdhek dedh? Martesen thera odhom dhe’n Düs Fir a dhewdhek dedh rag drehedhes Bethalem. E’n cân o wheg-oll a dhavonas dhebm royow. An kensa dedh an ro a veu grügyar. A veu va grügyar en gwedhen peren? Dres lycklod na veu. En Frenkek an ger rag grügyar ew “perdrix” ha ma hedna o seny pecar’a “gwedhen peren” en Sowsnek. Hanow Laten (ha hen-Greka) an edhen ma ew “Perdix perdix”.  Edhen gam ew hei. Nag eus bes nebes en Kernow lebmyn – ma mentenours owth ynia tiogow dhe witha aga glesinyow rag edhyn ow tinethy.
There is an old song about the twelve days of Christmas. Why are there twelve days? Perhaps the Wise Men needed twelve days to reach Bethlehem. In the song my true love sent me presents. The first day the present was a partridge. Was it a partridge in a pear tree? Probably not. In French the word for partridge is “perdrix” and that sounds like a “pear tree” in English. The Latin (and ancient Greek) name for this bird is “Perdix perdix”. It is a game bird. There are only a few in Cornwall now – conservationists urge farmers to look after their grasslands for breeding birds.

Thursday, 27 December 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 360

Trei Hansves Dedh ha Trei Ügens

De Yow, seythves warn ügens mis Kevardhû.
Thursday, 27th December

Eus pajer ostyas? Nag eus. Ma pemp anodhans – agan mab, y wreg, aga gevellyon ha’n gath! E veu dhodhans viaj calish – lost kerry war an vorr dhort Pow an Sowson. Lowena dhewh! Visit cott dhort agan mergh (neb tra nakevys de). Lebmyn ma’n flehes ow còsca (ha'n gath ewedh). Pres ew dhe vos dhe’n gwely agan honan. Me a wrüg gorra an kibellow losow e’n portal rag own a rew.
Are there four guests? No. There are five of them – our son, his wife, their twins and the cat! They had a hard journey – a tailback on the road from England. Hello! A short visit from our daughter (something forgotten yesterday). Now the children are asleep (and the cat too). It is time to go to bed ourselves. I’ve put the plant tubs in the porch for fear of frost.

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 359

Trei Hansves Dedh Nownjek ha Dogans

De Merher, wheffes warn ügens mis Kevardhû.
Wednesday, 26th December

Gellys ew pemp ostyas. Lebmyn ma odhom dhen a barra agan honan rag an nessa ostyjy. Bes na veu an jorna hedhyw calish. Nei eth dhe chei teylu agan mab rag kidnyow. Na veu res dhen fyttya boos veth ha nei alja gwary gwary bord adro dhe'n bord. Lebmyn thera vy chei ha therama ow kewera an gwelyow. Avorow e vedh pajer vysytor moy.
Five guests have gone. Now we need to  get ready for the next visitors. But the day today was not difficult. We went to the family home of our son for lunch. We didn't have to cook any food and we could play a board game round the table. Now I am home and I'm making the beds. Tomorrow there will be four more visitors.

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 358

Trei Hansves Dedh Etek ha Dogans

De Meurth, pempes warn ügens mis Kevardhû.
Tuesday, 25th December 

Du Nadelik ew da rag flehes bes moy posigys ewa rag aga theylû. En kensa thew an flehes lowen gen aga royow. Rag an flehes pur yonk whath thew an paper gwell! Nena ma’n flehes moy coth ow talla dispûtya ort an gwaryellow. Re a whekow ew debrys ha na vedn nagonan debry aga kidnyow. War neb coor, nag eus tettys lowr ha nekevys ew an pudyn gen nebonan. Ma sira wydn owth eva re. Ev a wra còsca oll an dohajedh. Ma odhom dhe’n flogh omlavar a sôg bes trosüs ew an flehes erel. Thera vy ow kerdhes gen an keun (e’n glaw) rag pols bian a gres ha cosoleth. Joy mar vras!        

Christmas Day is good for children but it’s more stressful for their family. At first the children are happy with their presents. For the very young children the paper is even better! Then the older children start to argue about the toys. Too many sweets are eaten and nobody will eat their lunch. Anyway, there are not enough potatoes and somebody has forgotten the pudding. Grandfather drinks too much. He will sleep all afternoon. The babe in arms needs a nap but the other children are noisy. I walk with the dogs (in the rain) for a little moment of peace and quiet. Such bliss!

Monday, 24 December 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 357

Trei Hansves Dedh Seytek ha Dogans

De Lün, pajwora warn ügens mis Kevardhû.
Monday, 24th December

Jorna hogstog ew, an jedh ken Nadelik. Ma royow dhe vaylya ha boos dhe fittya. Da ew gans an flehes dhe gavos royow dadn an wedhen Nadelik ha aga dismaylya. Aga herens a gar debry ha eva. Nag ew da genen kig yar Gyny. O mergh wydn a wras nebes gen corrbes rag avorow!       
It’s a very busy day, the day before Christmas. There are presents to wrap and food to prepare. Children like to find presents under the Christmas tree and unwrap them. Their parents love to eat and drink. We do not like turkey meat. My granddaughter made something with lentils for tomorrow!

Sunday, 23 December 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 356

Trei Hansves Dedh Whetek ha Dogans

De Sül, tryja warn ügens mis Kevardhû.
Sunday, 23rd December 

Ma cân Nadelik da gen an bobel adro dhe garow ergh (Rudolph). Thera dhodho min rüdh ha’n kerwas erel a’n grevyas awos hedna. Saw flows ew hebma. Na ell kerwas ergh gweles an liw rüdh (po rüdhvelyn) po glas avel liwyow diberthys. Nag eus dhodhans an killigow own et aga lagajow. Na whath, anjei ell gweles golow ûghviolet, etho anjei ell gweles kewny dadn an ergh. Gwres ew hedna rag bownans e’n ergh. Ha anjei ell gweles bestas gwydn (na ellen nei gweles anjei) drefen bos UV dastewydnyes gen ergh ha ma blew (ha kewny) owth y gemeres emann. Ma dhe gewny ha blew semblans dû bedn ergh gwydn.       
There is a popular Christmas song about a reindeer (Rudolph). He had a red nose and the other reindeer teased him because of that. But this is nonsense. Reindeer cannot see the colour red (or orange) or green as separate colours. They do not have the right cells in their eyes. However, they can see ultraviolet light, so they can see lichen (reindeer moss) under the snow. That is adapted for life in the snow. And they can see white animals (we cannot see them) because UV is reflected by snow and fur (and moss) absorbs it. Moss and fur look black against white snow.

Saturday, 22 December 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 355

Trei Hansves Dedh Pemdhek ha Dogans

De Sadorn, nessa warn ügens mis Kevardhû.
Saturday, 22nd December

Thera dhen dew flogh wydn owth ostya genen newher. Anjei a fotograffas an eyl y gila rag o blogg. Na venja anjei mos dhe’n gwely abres ha na wrüg anjei difüna abres naneyl. Aga dama ha ’ga thas eth dhe gefewiow Nadelik. Na venja an gerens difüna avarr dhe guntel aga flehes, rag hedna na wrüg nagonan dos e’n mettin. Res veu dhebm cavos nepeth rag an flehes dhe dhebry rag haunsel ha li. Nag üjy anjei ow cara an keth boos ha da ew ganjans fittya aga frejyow aga honan. Deray e’n gegin! Anjei a gavas termyn lowr ewedh dhe wary e’n lowarth ha cuntel prei war aga dillas ha skijyow. Mostedhes moy e’n gegin! Aga thas a dheuth trei ar glogh. Skith o vy. Me a vedn glanhe an gegin avorow!
We had two grandchildren staying with us last night. They photographed one another for my blog. They didn’t want to go to bed early and neither they didn’t wake up early. Their mother and their father went to Christmas parties. The parents didn’t want to wake up early to collect their children, therefore nobody came in the morning. I had to find something for the children to eat for breakfast and lunch. They don’t love the same food and they like to prepare their own meals. Chaos in the kitchen! They also found enough time to play in the garden and collect mud on their clothes and shoes. More dirt in the kitchen! Their father came at three o’clock. I’m tired. I will clean the kitchen tomorrow!

Friday, 21 December 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 354

Trei Hansves Dedh Peswardhek ha Dogans

De Gwener, kensa warn ügens mis Kevardhû.
Friday, 21st December

 Mantol lowen dhe bub onan. Ma treylva hedhyw. Thew an jedh ma a bris. Lebmyn an dedhyow a vedh moy hir. Ma loor leun e’n ebòrn en nos ma.  Òja hebma an loor a vedn lehe. Ma’n diwettha dedh a’n Sether hedhyw. Avorow a vedh an kensa dedh a’ Aver (an Gaver). Ma pub tra o treylya.
Happy Solstice to everyone. There is a turning point today. This day is significant. Now the days will be longer. There is a full moon in the sky tonight. After this the moon will wane. There is the last day of Sagittarius today. Tomorrow will be the first day of Capricorn. Everything is changing.

Thursday, 20 December 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 353

Trei Hansves Dedh Terdhek ha Dogans

De Yow, ügensves mis Kevardhû.
Thursday, 20th December

Cres an gwav ew ha pur isel ha gwadn ew an howl hanter dedh. Nag eus golow an howl et agan lowarth. E vedh avorow Mantol, an berra jorna. Òja hedna an dedhyow a wra dalla ystyn ha’n howl a vedh moy ûhel. Saw na vedh dhe ’gan lowarth spladnder an howl terebo gwenton. Nena nei wra gweles blejow a’n gùckou ha brially war an menedh ma. Nag eus delen veth war lies gwedhen. An del marow ew whethys dhe ves bes ma buddys solabres war nebes barrow. E’n prisk ma thew an skill gwithys rag gwens ha rew gen flourys marow.

It’s the middle of the winter and the midday sun is very low and weak. There is no sunshine in our garden. Tomorrow will be the Winter Solstice, the shortest day. After that the days will begin to lengthen and the sun will be higher. But our garden won’t have sunshine till spring. Then we will see bluebells and primroses on this hillside. There are no leaves at all on many trees, The dead leaves have blown away but there are already buds on some branches. In this shrub the green shoots are protected from wind and frost by dead flowers.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 352

Trei Hansves Dedh Dewdhek ha Dogans

De Merher, nownjegves mis Kevardhû.
Wednesday, 19th December
Pandr’ellama scrifa hedhyw? Na wrüga vy gwil tra veth dhe les! Me a gerras (gerdhas) gans an keun, bes res veu dhebm dhe hastya tre awos an glaw. Nag eus tra veth pigüs dhe vy hedhyw – na tele, na radyo, na leverow! Sqwithys o vy, keniver tra ew blewek/sqwithüs! Me a dal gwil nebes art, bes na ellama gwil düwon rag cavos o daffar. Me a wras dew bott a jam - gen sûgra, mor dû (rewys), dew limaval, üdn aval, üdn beren ha badna (po moy) dowr ros. Prevyans sowyn!
What can I write today? I haven’t done anything interesting! I walked with the dogs, but had to hurry home because of the rain. There is nothing exciting to me today – neither TV, nor radio, nor books. I’m fed up (bored), everything is boring. I should do some art, but I can’t be bothered to find my materials. I made two pots of jam – with sugar, blackberries (frozen), two lemons, one apple, one pear and a drop (or more) of rose-water. A successful experiment!

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 351

Trei Hansves Dedh Üdnek ha Dogens

De Meurth, ethdegves mis Kevardhû.
Tuesday, 18th December

Ew hebma poll lowarth? Nag ew. O rosva ew – leun a dhowr! Nag ew an gewer yeyn hedhyw, saw nag ew hei segh naneyl. Clôr lowr ew, ha glaw a wra. Gwenjek ew ewedh, pur wenjek. Na whath, o wherryow vy ew bian pa vo comparys gen wherryow an lester Roussek ma. Herdhys gen gwens crev ha todnow broas, stagys ew war garygy pur ogas dhe’n treth. (Sawys veu  va war an diwedh.) 
Is this a garden pond? No. It’s my drive – full of water! The weather is not cold today, but it is not dry either. It’s quite mild, and it rains. It’s windy as well, very windy. However, my problems are small when compared with this Russian ship’s problems. Pushed by strong wind and big waves, it’s stuck on rocks very near the beach. (It was eventually saved.)

Monday, 17 December 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 350

Trei Hansves Dedh ha Hanter Cans

De Lün, seythdegves mis Kevardhû.
Monday, 17th December

 Terweythyow ma howldrevel ow cül dalleth teg dhe’n jorna. (An radn brâssa an jedh ell bos hager òja hedna.) Hedhyw commol a dheuth ha nag o an ebòrn na rüdh na blou. 
Me a wrüg omweles war o mergh wydn ha hy flogh. Meppik wheg ew ev. 
En Ty war’n Heyl me a welas lies gòlvan en ke.
Sometimes sunrise makes a beautiful start to the day. (Most of the day can be horrible after that.) Today clouds came and the sky was neither red nor blue. 
I visited my granddaughter and her child. He is a sweet little boy. 
In Perranporth I saw lots of sparrows in a hedge.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 349

Trei Hansves Dedh Dogens ha Naw

De Sül, whehdegves mis Kevardhû.
Sunday, 16th December

Jorna loos o, maga loos avel lüjiw, comolek, gleb ha heb howl. Otta an mor en pelder; brîth/labol gen loos o, loos tewl reb an ebòrn ha loos gwàdn reb an mordardh gwydn. Nei alja lavaral, “Glas ew an mor.” Glas ew an gwel dien. Dison o – gellys o an gwens ha nag era nagonan veth a-les, marnas agan honan.
It was a grey day, as grey as ashes, cloudy, damp and sunless. See the sea in the distance; it was striped with grey, dark grey by the sky and pale grey by the white surf. We could say, “The sea is grey.” The entire scene is grey. It was quiet – the wind was gone and there was nobody at all out and about, apart from ourselves.