Sunday, 30 June 2019

2019 Day 181

Dedh Cans Pajar Ügens hag Onan 
De Sül, degves warn ügens mis Efan 
Sunday, 30th June 

An diwettha dedh a vis Efan solabres! Pe le wrüg an mis mos? Thera gewer dòbm dhen a-dhiwedhes, saw na veu agan chei re dòbm. Byldys veu va gen kiger an pow. Radn an chei o annedh saw radn o rag gwithva po skiber vian rag y gig. Thera carrjy rag an kert ewedh (po martesen tho ev stabel rag an margh loos). Agan kegin ew e'n annedh, bes an gwithva ew agan parledh lebmyn. Nag eus kig veth etto na moy! Gosgasys ew an chei gen an menedh – nag eus re a howl en hav ha nag eus re a wens en gwav. Todn tòbmder brâs a-ves bes üdn degre warn ügens (Celsius) a-jei.

The last day of June already! Where did the month go? We had hot weather recently, but our house was not too hot. It was built by a local butcher. Part of the house was a dwelling but part was a store or little barn for his meat. There was a cartshed for the cart as well (or perhaps it was a stable for the grey horse). Our kitchen is in the dwelling, but the store is now our parlour. There's no meat in it any more! The house is protected by the hill – there is not too much sun in summer and there is not too much wind in winter. A heatwave outside but 21 degrees (Celsius) indoors.

Saturday, 29 June 2019

2019 Day 180

Dedh Cans ha Pajar Ügens

 De Sadorn, nawhes warn ügens mis Efan 
Saturday, 29th June 

Nag o vy lowarthores skentel! Da ew genam flourys gwels. Da ew genam gweles gwenen gwels ow cuntel bleus flourys e'n manegow lowarn. Nag ew da genam trehy an glesinyow ha nag ew da genam tedna emann whynas naneyl. Bettegens, terwethyow ma othom dhebm dh'y wül. Otta bern a reden hir, dreys ha blejow kenys. Me a wonas nebes has bes na ellama remembra pehen ens. Melwhes ha bulhornes a wrüg debry an toknys. Na ellama aga redya. Martesen ma dhebm plans tomato (aval kerenja) po nebes flourys. Me a vedn gòrtos. 

I am not a skillful gardener! I like wild flowers. I like to see wild bees collecting pollen in the foxgloves. I do not like cutting lawns and neither do I like pulling up weeds. However, sometimes I need to do it. Here's a heap of bracken, brambles and campio. I planted some seeds but I can't remember what sort they are. Slugs and snails have eaten the labels. I can't read them. Perhaps I have a tomato plant or a few flowers. I will wait.

Friday, 28 June 2019

2019 Day 179

Dedh Cans Trei  Ügens ha Nawnjek

De Gwenerethves warn ügens mis Efan 
Friday, 28th June 

An gwens a whaffas dres an nos. Na alja nebes taclow gül resistens
Anjei a godhas – scorrow war an vorr (fordh
ha slynk y din an flehes et ow lowarth
Tewel o an nos drefen nag era loor vrâs
Ma’n loor ow lehe lebmyn. Nag ew hei bes gwarak ydn. E vedh loor nowydh an nessa mis Gorefan. Nena na wra nei gweles loor veth
An kei brâs a gemeras own rag an gwens
Ev a gramyas emann dhe’n chambour rag kescowethyans. Dre vrâs nag eus cübmyas dhodho dhe vos a-warra (a-wartha). 
Eus mir cablüs dhodho?  
The wind gusted through the night. Some things could not resist. They fell – branches on the road and the childrens’ slide in my garden. The night was dark because there wasn’t a big moon. The moon is waning now. It is only a narrow crescent. There will be a new moon on 2nd July. Then we will see no moon at all. The big dog was afraid of the wind. He crept up to the bedroom for companionship. Normally he is not allowed (does not have permission) to be upstairs. Does he look guilty?