Thursday, 31 December 2020

2020 Day 366

2020 Dedh Trei Hans Trei Ügens ha Whegh

De Yow, üdnegves warn ügens mis Kevardhû

Thursday, 31st December

Pana jorna teg! An howl a spladnas ha my a welas gorhel gwydn en pelder war an mor blou. Ma flourys et ow lowarth ha ma'n edhyn ow pedery dr'ew gwenton. E veu dew gülyek mola dhû ow tispûtya e'n vôwnder e'n mettin avarr. My a gerdhas e'n howlsplan ha mires bargas war busorn dû (dres lycklod tòbm o). Whath ew ow fôtôs experyansek. Ma nebes controls ha desedhansow dhe'm camera ha nag era vy ow convedhes pub tra. (Ha nag eus meur a berthyans dhebm naneyl!) Etho, thera vy ow treylya dorn, movya colpes, posa boton ha qwachas an gwelha! Terweythyow ma sowena dhebm. Martesen re syger oma po mires mes a sqwir. E veu chânj desempyas e'n gordhûher. Ew hebma ergh po keser war an to?  Ew hebma loor dherevel po golow strêt adhelher dhe'n gwedh?  

What a lovely day! The sun shone and I saw a white ship in the distance on the blue sea. There are flowers in my garden and the birds are thinking that it's spring. Two cock blackbirds were arguing in the lane early in the morning. I walked in the sunshine and saw a buzzard on a black bale (probably it was warm). My photos are still experimental. My camera has several controls and settings and I don't understand everything. (And I don't have a lot of patience either.) So, I turn a knob, move a lever, press a button and hope for the best! Sometimes I am successful. Perhaps I am too slow or look askew. There was a sudden change in the evening. Is this snow or hail on the roof? Is this the moon rise or a street lamp behind the trees?

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bargas (m) buzzard

colpes (m) lever

cülyek (m) cock bird

desedhans (m) setting

dispûtya to dispute, argue, squabble, etc.

experyansek experimental

gorhel (m) ship

mes a sqwir askew

mola ~ molgh dhû (f) blackbird

perthyans (m) patience

pusorn (m) bale 

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

2020 Day 365

 2020 Dedh Trei Hans Trei Ügens ha Pemp

De Merher, degves warn ügens mis Kevardhû

Wednesday, 30th December

Newher my a sayas kemeres fôtô a'n loor leun, bes comolek o an nos. Nag o an loor cler.  Hei a wrüg mos menowgh mes a wel adhelher dhe'n cloudys. Hy golow a spladnas der an cloudys bes na aljama gweles bejeth "an den e'n loor". "An Loor Yeyn" ew hei, an diwettha loor leun an vledhen. Henwys ew hei "Loor Nosow Hir" ewedh. Na whath, my alja gweles planet gòlow dres an gwedh. Pe planet? Na wòrama!  Hedhyw, my a gerdhas rag ow yehes, bes na wrüga vy kerdhes gen plesour. Ple ma an howl? Gellys ew an gwens, còsel ew an ayr, bes loos ew an ebòrn, pecar'a plobm. Nag eus todnow brâs war an mor loos. Gerowgh nei dhe bedery adro dhe hav. Martesen whei alja gwil castilly treth reb an mor - po, gwell, tarow pecar'a hebma. Ew da gena whei dismygow? A ellowgh gorryby hebma? Ewa qwestyon a reknans po gramatek? Ma dhebm whegh oy. My a dorras dew oy, my a frias dew oy, my a dhebras dew oy. Peseul a oyow ew gerys?

Last night I tried to take a photo of the full moon, but the night was cloudy. The moon was not clear. It often disappeared behind the clouds. Its light shone through the clouds, but I couldn't see a face of "the man in the moon". It's "The Cold Moon", the last full moon of the year. It's also called "Long Nights Moon". Never mind, I could see a bright planet through the trees. Which planet? I don't know!  Today, I walked for my health, but I didn't walk with pleasure. Where is the sun? The wind has gone, the air is still, but the sky is grey, like lead. There are no big waves on the grey sea. Let's think about summer. Perhaps you could make sandcastles by the sea - or, better, a bull like this one. Do you like riddles? Can you answer this? Is it a question of calculation or grammar? I have six eggs. I broke two eggs, I fried two eggs, I ate two eggs. How many eggs are left?

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bejeth (m) face

castilly treth sandcastles < castel treth (m)

dismygow riddles, puzzles <dismyk (m)

gorryby to answer

gramatek (f) grammar

menowgh frequently, often

plobm (m) lead (cf. Latin plumbum)

reknans (m) calculation

tarow (m) bull

todnow waves

yehes (m) health (SWFM yeghes)

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

2020 Day 364

2020 Dedh Trei Hans Trei Ügens ha Pajar

De Meurth, nawves warn ügens mis Kevardhû

Tuesday, 29th December

An kerdh hedhyw ow e'n dohajedh ha'n howl a veu solabres adhelher dhe'n menedh. Thew natur pub pres awenüs bes terweythyow my a gav awen dhort pobel erel. Rag sampel, ma benyn hegar en Kernow West. Liwores ha lymnores pur dha ew hei. Pelha avel hedna, ma hei ow qwitha bestes an gwel (edhyn en arbednek) ew clav po browys. Ma hei ow tedna anjei ha scrifa adro dhodhans. Ma hei ow whiles prydydhieth war vater hy enevales. Whei ell hy gweles war an wiasva ma: Bagas Prierines a Gernow (war Facebook) ew awenüs ewedh. Ma dhodhans pictours a lies telher sans ancyent.

The walk today was in the afternoon and the sun was already behind the hill. Nature is always inspiring but sometimes I get (find) inspiration from other people. For example, there is an amiable woman in West Cornwall. She is a very good artist (painter) and illustrator. In addition, she looks after wild animals (particularly birds) that are sick or injured. She draws them and writes about them. She looks for poetry on the subject of her animals. Cornwall's Pilgrims Group (on Facebook) is inspirational as well. They have pictures of many ancient holy places.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bestes an gwel wild animals

browys injured, bruised

en arbednek particularly

gwitha to look after, care for

hegar amiable

liwores (f) painter, artist, colourist

lymnores (f) illustrator

mater (m) subject

pelha avel hedna in addition, further than that

prierin (m) pilgrim

prydydhieth (f) poetry


Monday, 28 December 2020

2020 Day 363

 2020 Dedh Trei Hans Trei Ügens ha Trei

De Lün, ethves warn ügens mis Kevardhû

Monday, 28th DecemberNag ew da an dedhyow tredh Nadelik ha bledhen nowydh. Nag ens dhe les. Nag ew an awel spladn ha nag eus tra veth war an TV! Sqwithüs ew an termyn ma ha sqwithys o vy. My a scrifas Chaptra Deg ow lever nowydh, saw nag eus tra veth dhe vos gweles. My a gerdhas e'n gwens ha glaw termyn cott rag nebes ayr. Ma idhyow codhys moy reb an vorr. Garow ew an mor. Na ellama pedery a dheg ger nowydh rag hedhyw, etho my a wra nakevy hedna. My a welas throstel (mola las) ow tebry greun idhyow - saw na aljama kemeres foto da.

The days between Christmas and a new year are not good. They are not interesting. The weather isn't brilliant and there is nothing on TV! This time is boring and I am bored. I wrote Chapter Ten of my new book, but there is nothing to be seen. I walked in the wind and rain for a short time for some air. There is more fallen ivy by the road. The sea is rough. I can't think of ten new words for today, so I'll forget that. I saw a thrush eating ivy berries - but I couldn't take a good photo.


Sunday, 27 December 2020

2020 Day 362

 2020 Dedh Trei Hans Trei Ügens ha Dew

De Sül, seythves warn ügens mis Kevardhû

Sunday, 27th December

Thera enawel e'n nos - Enawel Bella - gen meur a wens. An ayr eus adro dhe'n nor o tervescüs. Na! Nag ew hebma agan ayr nei - Jubiter ew, gans y hager enawellow - hackra vel an Norves. Bettegens, ma gerys gen Bella ol war hy lergh. Ma branchys sqwardyes dhort gwedh ha codhys dhe'n dor. Nei a wel creyth nowydh ha gwydn en gweyth ha prysk. E'n keow ma lies idhyowen - scant scodhyes gen gwedh marow. Nag eus othom a wens crev dh' aga drei dhe'n dor. Pandr'ew hebma reb Men Co a'n Bresel? Nag üjy gorher frajen ow longya dhe vos òbma. Ew ev whethys dhort chei po dhort an tavern dreus an vorr?  Shyndys ew.   

There was a storm in the night - Storm Bella - with a lot of wind. The air around the earth was turbulent. No! This is not our atmosphere - it is Jupiter, with its terrible storms - worse than Earth. However, Bella has left a trail behind her. There are branches ripped from trees and fallen to the ground. We can see new, white scars in trees and bushes. In the hedges there are lots of ivy bushes - hardly supported by dead trees. It doesn't need a strong wind to bring them down. What is this by the War Memorial? A dustbin lid doesn’t belong to be here. Has it been blown from a house or from the pub across the road? It is damaged.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

an Norves the Earth

creyth scars < creythen (f)

frajen (f) dustbin, rubbish bin

gorher (m) lid

hackra uglier, worse, more terrible

idhyowen (f) ivy bush

scodhya to support

sqwardya to rip, tear

tervescüs turbulent

war hy lergh behind her


Saturday, 26 December 2020

2020 Day 361

 2020 Dedh Trei Hans Trei Ugens hag Onan

De Sadorn, wheffes warn ügens mis Kevardhû

Saturday, 26th December

Na wrüga vy gweles An Geveren Veur. Re gomolek o an ebòrn pub dedh ha pub nos. Bes my a drouvyas nebes fotos gwiasva. Pandr'eus en keveren? Ma dew blanet - an eyl ew Sadorn hag y gila ew Jubiter (Yow). Nei a dalvia aga gweles en keth radn an ebòrn ogas dhe dermyn an howlsedhes. Nag üjy anjei pur nes en gwrionedh - ma yntredhans pelder moy es pajar cans milvil mildir. Perthynek ew Sadorn, drefen bos hedhyw Dedh Sadorn, ha ma "Saturnalia" e'n cres dedhyow an moyha tewal gwav. Ma constellacyon An Aver (mor-gaver whedhlek) e'n ebòrn nos. An arwòdh an Zodiak a dhallathas an nessa dedh warn ügens a vis Kevardhû. Y blanet rowlüs ew Sadorn. Bes Piw o Sadorn? Duw Roman o va - duw a liesder, gonisegeth, scòlva, livreson ha nowedhyans. Y dhegol e'n cres an gwav o termyn a dhebry, eva, rei royow hag havalder tredh mestryjy ha kethyon. Y rayn whedhlek o Oos Owriek a gres ha liesder.   

I did not see The Great Conjunction. The sky was too cloudy every day and every night. But I found several internet photos. What is there in a conjunction? There are two planets - one is Saturn and the other is Jupiter (Jove). We should have seen them in the same part of the sky close to the time of sunset. They are not really near - there is a distance between them of more than 400 million miles. Saturn is relevant, because today is Saturn's Day and Saturnalia is in the middle of the darkest winter days. The constellation Capricorn (a mythical sea-goat) is in the night sky. The Zodiac sign started on the twenty-second day of December. Its ruling planet is Saturn. But who was Saturn? He was the Roman god of plenty, agriculture, dissolution, liberation and renewal. His festival in mid-winter was a time for eating, drinking, giving presents and equality between masters and slaves. His mythical reign was a Golden Age of peace and plenty.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

an Aver (Gaver) Capricorn (The Goat)

an moyha tewal the darkest

constellacyon (m) constellation

liesder (m) plenty

livreson (m) liberation

nowedhyans (m) renewal

perthynek relevant

rowlüs ruling

scòlva (f) dissolution, dissipation

whedhlek mythical

yntredhans between them

Friday, 25 December 2020

2020 Day 360

2020 Dedh Trei Hans ha Trei Ügens

De Gwener, pempes warn ügens mis Kevardhû

Friday, 25th December

 Nadelik lowen dhe bub onan.

Otta Curl Sent Dey.


1. Greunen wydn eus dhe’n kelyn, `ga wydn `vel an rew,

Ha dinethys veu Jesus, an üdn Mâb a Dhuw.



Ha Jesus ew ’gan Salvador, agan pernas der y woos,

Ha’n kelyn o an kensa dhe tevy e’n coos,

Kelyn, Kelyn,

Ha’n kelyn o an kensa dhe tevy e’n coos.


2. Greunen las eus dhe’n kelyn, ’ga las ’vel an gwels,

Ha Maria dheg Jesus, a verwas dhe’n grows.



3. Greunen dhû eus dhe’n kelyn, ’ga dhû ’vel an glow,

Ha Maria dheg Jesus, veu gorrys en vow.



4. Greunen rüdh eus dhe’n kelyn, ’ga rüdh ’vel an ros,

Ha Maria dheg Jesus a dhassorhas e’n nos.


Nebes geryow rag hedhyw: Some words for today

a dhassorhas rose from the dead, resurrected

dinethys born

glas green

glow coal, charcoal

goos ~ gooj (m) blood

gorrys put, placed

greunen (f) berry

gwels grass

gwydn white

kelyn holly

pednposorn refrain, chorus

rew frost

vow grave, cave

Thursday, 24 December 2020

2020 Day 359

 2020 Dedh Trei Hans Nawnjek ha Dogens

De Yow, pajwora warn ügens mis Kevardhû

Thursday, 24th December

An nos ma, nanj ew cans bledhen ha dogens, e veu an kensa ordenal Nadelik "Naw Lesson ha Curlys" en Peneglos Truru. Bes nag o an peneglos gorfednys. Scant o hei dallethys, rag hedna an ordenal a veu en "peneglos" a bredn rag an termyn en ogas. Ma beister a weder liwys e'n beneglos ow tisqwedhes hy fondacyon. Meurgerys ew an ordenal en lies eglos. Adoptys veu va gen Coljy an Metêrn en Pons Cam en 1918 wòja an Vresel Vrâs, rag hebaskedh y esely düwenhes gen bell. Na ellama attendya an ordenal en Truru hedhyw, saw my ell mires orth keur an coljy war TV. Ma dhe'n genyjy geur yonk levow teg ha pur. Pub pres ew an kensa curl "Kens en Cita Davyth Riel", gen üdn lev en kensa gwers. En Truru ma'n kenyas keur ow sevel war astel derag an beistry est brâs.

This night, 140 years ago, there was the first Christmas service of "Nine Lessons and Carols" in Truro Cathedral. But the cathedral wasn't finished. It was hardly begun, so the service was in a temporary wooden "cathedral" nearby. There is a stained-glass window in the cathedral showing its foundation. The service is popular in many churches. It was adopted by King's College Cambridge in 1918 after the Great War, for solace of members saddened by war. I can't attend the service in Truro today but I can watch the college choir on TV. The young choristers have beautiful, pure voices. The first carol is always "Once in Royal David's City", with a single voice in the first verse. In Truro the choirboy stands on a ledge in front of the big east windows.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

An Vresel Vrâs The Great War

astel (m) ledge

beistry windows < beister (f)  

bell (m) war

coljy (m) college

düwenhes saddened

hebaskedh (m) solace

kenyjy ~ kenysy geur choristers < kenyas keur (m)

keur (m) choir

levow voices

ordenal (m) church service

Wednesday, 23 December 2020

2020 Day 358

2020 Dedh Trei Hans Etek ha Dogens

De Merher, tryja warn ügens mis Kevardhû

Wednesday, 23rd December

Na aljama mos mes hedhyw. Glaw, glaw ha glaw moy! Na aljama kemeres fotos nowydh veth. Res ew dhebm ûsya pictours coth po an re na dhort maynys sôcyal. Da via genam gweles An Geveren Veur, saw thew an ebòrn pur gomolek. Ma planet Jubiter (Yow) ow tremena planet Sadorn. Ma mir dhodhans a üdn steren vrâs en üdnek - bes na ellama aga gweles. Martesen an ebòrn a wra clerya avorow. En men termyn, üdn mettin, thera Neil Richardson a y sav war Bons Terras dreus Dowr Logh ha kemeres foto a üdn hûjes steren - agan Howl. Hedhyw ew Gool Tom Bawcock. Golys ew hebma en Porth Enys. Debrys ew "Crampes Stargazy" ha curl ew kenys (saw, martesen, na en vledhen ma). Piw o Tom Bawcock ha rag fra era nei y berthy cov? E'n whetegves cansbledhen thera gwav garow ha thera nown brâs dhe'n bobel Porth Enys. Tom a strivyas warbydn an hager awel dew dhedh ken Nadelik rag peskecha. Ev a dheuth tre gen seyth sort puskes dhe vaga an dreveglos.  Pub bledhen (marnas an vledhen ma) ma dhodhans gòlowow Nadelik teg. Leverys ew an whedhel en lies maner.

I couldn't go out today. Rain, rain and more rain! I couldn't take any new photos. I must use old pictures or those from social media. I'd like to see The Great Conjunction, but the sky is very cloudy. The planet Jupiter is passing the planet Saturn. They look like only a single large star - but I cannot see them. Perhaps the sky will clear tomorrow. Meanwhile, one morning, Neil Richardson was standing on Terras Bridge over the River Looe and took a photo of a huge single star - our Sun. Today is Tom Bawcock's Eve. This is celebrated in Mousehole. "Stargazy pie" is eaten and a carol is sung (though, perhaps, not this year). Who was Tom Bawcock and why do we remember him? In the 16th century there was a harsh winter and people of Mousehole were starving. Tom braved the storm two days before Christmas to go fishing. He came back with seven sorts of fish to feed the village. Every year (except this year) they have beautiful Christmas lights. The story is told in many ways.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

garow harsh

golys celebrated

kenys sung < (verb) càna sing

keveren (f) conjunction

Logh (PN) Looe (Inlet)

maynys sôcyal (plural) social media

nown brâs (m) starvation, famine, great hunger

peskecha to fish, go fishing

Porth Enys (PN) Mousehole (Island Cove)

strivya warbedn to brave, strive against


Tuesday, 22 December 2020

2020 Day 357

  2020 Dedh Trei Hans Seytek ha Dogens

De Meurth, nessa warn ügens mis Kevardhû

Tuesday, 22nd December

Pandra wren nei gweles hedhyw? A vedh kentrevogyon rag kescows? Lôwena dhis Mocha! Soweth, na ell Mocha gorryby (gorthyby), bes ma va ow tegemeres en lôwen tabm a dhreysen dhe dhebry. Dallethys ew Gwav pur devry. De a veu an howlsavla, an kensa dedh gwav steroniethel. Nanj ew teyr seythen e veu an dallath gwav a veteorologieth. Heb dout gorfednys ew kidnyadh. Didhel ew an spern dû, bes ma whath eyrin dû war an sethednow. Parys solabres ew an golwedhen ma rag gwenton, ke nag ew bes dallath gwav.  Ma losyow ôn glas. Ha ma gooth Fowedh gwydnrüdh en ke. Nag ew hav cowldiwedhys? Ha ma dowr ow whedhvia mes an vorr! Ev a wra treylya dhe yey e'n nessa rew. Diantel!

What will we see today? Will there be neighbours for a chat? Hello Mocha! Sadly, Mocha can't answer, but he happily accepts a bit of bramble to eat. Winter has certainly started. Yesterday was the solstice, the first day of astronomical winter. Three weeks ago was the beginning of meteorological winter. Without doubt autumn has finished. The blackthorn is leafless, but there are still black sloes on the twigs. This hazel tree is already prepared for spring, even though it is only the start of winter. There are immature catkins (lambs' tails). And there's pink valerian in a hedge. Isn't summer completed? And water is bubbling out of the road. It will turn to ice in the next frost. Dangerous!

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

a veteorologieth meteorological

colwedhen (f) hazel tree

cowldiwedhys completed, wholly ended

degemeres to accept, receive

dreysen (f) bramble, blackberry plant

en lôwen happily

gooth (m) pride

gooth Fowedh valerian, pride of Fowey

gorryby ~ gorthyby to answer, reply

pur devry (very) certainly

steroniethel astronomical

whedhvia to bubble