Monday, 6 December 2021

2021 Day 340

2021 Dedh Trei Hans ha Dew Ügens


De Lün, wheffes mis Kevardhû

Monday, 6th December

Degol Sen Nicholas lôwen dhewgh. Ev ew sans tasek flehes ha marners. Epscop Myra, trigys veu va en Turky e'n pajwora cansbledhen, ha merwel war an jedh ma. Y eskern a veu ledrys môy diwedhes gen marners dhort Italy. En dewdhek cans po nebes y greryow a veu degys dhe Wordhen gen marrogyon dhort bresel an grows. En corlan Kilkenny còsel ma lehen vedh gravys ow tisqwedhes an sans ha dew varrak. Pandr'ew an whedhel? Ma dhe dhen bohojek teyr mergh ha heb mòna veu va rag enepwerth. Na alja an mosy demedhy heb mòna. An epscop a dowlas pors a vòna e'n chymbla. An mòna a godhas en loder ow seha reb an tan. Royow anhanow o pederys dhe vos dhort Nicholas. Ma nebes flehes ow fanja royow hedhyw. Mons ow cara aga skichow reb an daras po chymbla. Ma va ynspiracyon rag Santa Claus po Sinterklaas e'n Iseldiryow.

Happy St Nicholas Day to you. He is patron saint of children and sailors. Bishop of Myra, he lived in 4th century Turkey, and died on this day. His bones were later stolen by Italian sailors. In about 1200 his remains were taken to Ireland by crusader knights. In a quiet Kilkenny graveyard, there is a carved grave slab showing the saint and two knights. What is the story? A poor man had three daughters and he was without money for a dowry. The girls could not marry without money. The bishop threw a purse of money in the chimney. The money fell into a stocking drying by the fire. Anonymous gifts were thought to be from Nicholas. Some children receive gifts today. They leave their shoes by the door or chimney. He is the inspiration for Santa Claus or Sinterklaas in the Netherlands.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

anhanow anonymous

bohojek poor

bresel an grows (m) crusade

creryow relics

enepwerth (m) dowry

lehen (f) slab

loder (m) stocking

pors (m) purse

sans tasek (m) patron saint

skichow shoes < eskis (f) (SWFM eskisyow)

whedhel (m) story, tale


Sunday, 5 December 2021

2021 Day 339

2021 Dedh Trei Hans Nawnjek warn Ügens

De Sül, pempes mis Kevardhû

Sunday, 5th December

Hedhyw nei a gerdhas e'n gwelyow a-warra a-der mos war wòles. Gwiskys o nei der vaner dòbm drefen bos gwens yeyn dhia'n noor. Nei a welas mergh wydn war an mor garow, cribow an todnow ow terry ken drehedhes an treth. War nans, nei a welas cownans bian an vorr gledher, ogas dhe'n bal plobm coth. Gonethys ew an gwel ma gen has oyl gwav. Da ew hedna rag an dor - ma va ow qwelhe an gweras hag y witha dhort bos gòlhys dhe ves.  Ma whath sowl dhort an barlys hav ha ma'n bodhednow ow blejowa. E'n pelder nei ell gweles ker.

Today we walked in the upper fields rather than going downhill. We were warmly dressed because there was a cold northerly wind. We saw white horses on the rough sea, the wave crests breaking before reaching the beach. Downhill, we saw the little railway ravine, near the old lead mine. This field is cultivated with winter oil seed. That is good for the land - it improves the soil and stops it from being washed away. There is still stubble from the summer barley and the corn marigolds are flowering. In the distance we can see a hill fort.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

a-der rather than

a-warra ~ a-wartha upper, above, topmost

cownans (m) ravine, deep hollow, gulley (SWFM kewnans)

cribow crests < crib (f)

der vaner dòbm warmly

dhia'n noor northerly

drehedhes to reach, attain

gwiskys dressed

terry to break

war wòles downhill, towards the bottom

Saturday, 4 December 2021

2021 Day 338

2021 Dedh Trei Hans Etek warn Ügens

De Sadorn, pajwora mis Kevardhû

Saturday, 4th December

Heb flehes wydn o vy hedhyw. Üdn vergh wydn ha'y dama a veu prevys positiv rag Covid. Nag ens clav bes nag eus cübmyas dhodhans dh'agan vysytya. Rag hedna, nei a wandras a les reb an vorr gledher gan hònan. Meur a whel a veu gwres war an hens horn, dh'y dreylya dhe hens diwrosa, tredh Peran ha Goonhavern. Nag ewa gorfednys whath.  Na ellowgh whei tremena an ponsvorr. Ma tobmen hir a-ûgh dhe drolergh coth an weythoryon hens hôrn. Ma rün nowydh dhe junya an trolergh ha'n dobmen. E'n kettermyn, nei ell gweles tabmow a gledher gossednek coth.   

I am without grandchildren today. One granddaughter and her mother were tested positive for Covid. They are not ill but they are not allowed to visit us. Therefore, we rambled about by the old railway track on our own. Much work has been done on the iron way, to convert it into a cycle way, between Perranporth and Goonhavern. It's not finished yet. You cannot cross the viaduct. There is a tall embankment above the old railway workers' footpath. There is a new slope to join the footpath and the embankment. Simultaneously, we can see bits of old rusty rails.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

cübmyas (m) permission

diwrosa to cycle, bicycle

gan hònan alone, unaccompanied

gwandra a les to ramble about

gweythoryon workers

hens hôrn (m) railway, iron way

prevys tested

rün (m) slope

tobmen (f) earth embankment

vorr ~ fordh gledher (f) railroad, railway

vysytya to visit


Friday, 3 December 2021

2021 Day 337

2021 Dedh Trei Hans Seytek warn Ügens

De Gwener, tryja mis Kevardhû

Friday, 3rd December

Da ew genam cana curlys Nadelik. Termyn my a veu mos, my a wrüg caroly gen keur an eglos, oll adro dhe'n blüw, war dhelher trònk-carr. Nag era ergh. Ma lies curl gen "ergh" emesk aga geryow. Nei ell perna havalder Nadelik gen ergh war an to, po glôb ergh Nadelik, mars eus whans dhen. Bes rag fra ma dhen tybyans a Nadelik gwavek a'n par-ma? Lebmyn troblys o nei ow tòchya tòbmheans, bes nanj ew lies bledhen thera Oos Yey Bian. Martesen ev a dhallathas e'n pajardegves cansbledhen. An Rew Meur a veu en mil whegh cans pajar ügens ha trei/pajar. En Loundres, Dowr Tamys a veu rewys solyd rag dew vis warbarth. E veu lies Fer Rew - an diwettha a veu en mil eth cans ha peswardhek. An covyon a bejyas, etho

"En cres üdn gwav garow

        'Kyny gwens mar or,

Dowr o fast ha marow,

        Hornek o an dor.

Ergh a güdhas oll an tir,

        Güdhas oll an tir,

En cres üdn gwav garow,

        Nanj ew termyn hir."

I like singing Christmas carols. When I was a girl, I went carolling with the church choir, all round the parish, on the back of a lorry. There wasn't any snow. There are many carols with "snow" among their words. We can buy a Nativity model with snow on the roof, or a Nativity snow globe, if we want to. But why do we have the idea of this kind of wintry Christmas? Now we are anxious about warming, but many years ago there was a Little Ice Age. Perhaps it began in the 14th century. The Great Frost was 1683-4. In London, the River Thames was frozen solid for two whole months. There were many Frost Fairs - the last of them was 1814. The memories persisted, so

"In the bleak midwinter

        Frosty wind made moan,

Earth stood hard as iron,

        Water like a stone,

Snow had fallen snow on snow,

        Snow on snow,

In the deep midwinter

        long ago."


Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

a'n par-ma of this kind

caroly to go carolling, sing carols (SWFM karolli)

cüdha to hide, secrete, cover, etc.

curlys carols < curl ~ carol (m)

delher (m) rear, back, behind

keur (m) choir, chorus

oos ~ ooj yey (m) ice age

plüw (f) parish

troblys troubled, anxious

trònk-carr (m) lorry

tybyans ~ tybyas (m) idea, thought


Thursday, 2 December 2021

Day 336

 2021 Dedh Trei Hans Whetek warn Ügens

De Yow, nessa mis Kevardhû

Thursday, 2nd December

Godrosüs o an ebòrn e'n mettin ma ha my ow mires war tûa'n soth-est. Saw e'n gwartron a-dâl tho an ebòrn blou, ha thera mir dhe'n dherowen avel owr. Isel ew an howl adhelher dhe'n cloudys gwydn. Wòja hedna, tho an jorna howl ha glaw kemyskys. Na wrüg an gewer trobla an gath! Hei a drouvyas barrlen pur gles ha codha en còsca. Na veu ow mab wydn mar esy - thera own dhodho a styrrya.   

The sky was threatening this morning as I looked towards the south-east. But in the opposite direction the sky was blue, and the oak tree looked like gold. The sun was low behind the white clouds. After that, the day was mixed sun and rain. The weather didn't bother the cat! She found a very cosy lap and fell asleep. My grandson was not so comfortable - he was afraid of stirring.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

a-dâl opposite

a-dhelher dhe behind

derowen (f) oak tree

en còsca asleep

esy ~ es comfortable

godrosüs threatening

isel low

owr (m) gold

pur gles very comfortable < cles (SWFM clys)

qwartron ~ qwarton (f) direction, point of the compass

war tûa towards

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

2021 Day 335

 2021 Dedh Trei Hans Pemdhek warn Ügens

De Merher, kensa mis Kevardhû

Wednesday, 1st December

A wrüg gwav dalla hedhyw? Thew ev an kensa dedh a vis nowydh ha thewa an kensa dedh gwav a veteorologieth. Kewer wavek ew dallethys solabres. Ma ergh e'n Noor. Ma'n gewer ow pedery dr'ew gwav avonssys etta! Pell tremenys ew keheja dedh ha nos en Mis Gwedngala. Ma'n nosow ow treylya hirra ha hirra. Scon e vedh an hirra nos (ha'n cottha jorna). Res ew dhen pedery a'n treylyans an vledhen. Scon an nosow a wra omdedna arta bes tòbmder an gwenton a wra kemeres termyn hirra dhe dhos. An tòbmder a vedn dos, ma esperans dhen. Martesen, nei a dal gwil tan rag daskelwel an howl - gen mûsek ewedh. Pobel a wrüg hedna en termyn eus passyes. Thera dhodhans gòlyow cres an gwav.

Did winter start today? It is the first day of a new month and it's the first day of meteorological winter. Wintery weather has already started. There's snow in the North. The weather thinks that winter is well advanced! Long past is the equinox in September. The nights are getting longer and longer. Soon it will be the longest night (and the shortest day). We have to think about the turning of the year. Soon the nights will retreat again but the warmth of spring will take a longer time to come. The warmth will come, we hope. Perhaps, we ought to make a fire to call back the sun - with music as well. People did that in the past. They had mid-winter festivals.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

a veteorologieth meteorological

avonssys advanced

cres an gwav mid-winter

daskelwel to call back, retrieve

esperans (m) hope

etta ~ en ta well (SWFM yn ta)

gòlyow festivals < gool (m)

gwavek wintry

omdedna to retreat, draw back

tòbmder (m) warmth, heat

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

2021 Day 334

2021 Dedh Trei Hans Peswardhek warn Ügens

De Meurth, degves warn ügens mis Dû

Tuesday, 30th November

An diwettha dedh a vis Dû. Na veu mis Dû mis da - ha na vedh mis Kevardhû mis gwell, dres lycklod! Saw thew hedhyw jorna gool en Scottlond ha Gres. Thew hedhyw Degol Sent Androw, sans tasek Scottlond. Degol kenedhlek ew ev en Scottlond (saw nag ewa en Inglond). An baner Albanek ew crows omgrows wydn war wel blou. Piw o Androw? Tho ev Abostel Jesus ha broder Sen Peder. Ev a veu ena en Soper an Arlòdh hag ev a veu gòrrys e'n grows en Gres e'n Vledhen agan Arlòdh trei ügens. Y grows a veu pecar'a X. Enorys ew ev en Scottlond môy es mil bledhen. Ev a veu den an puskes, etho sans tasek ew ev rag pobel a'n puskes. 

The last day of the month of November. November wasn't a good month - and December won't be a better month, probably! But today is a day of celebration in Scotland and Greece. Today is the feast day of St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland. It's a national holiday in Scotland (but it isn't in England). The Scottish flag is a white saltire on a blue field. Who was Andrew? He was an Apostle of Jesus and brother of St Peter. He was present at the Last Supper and he was crucified in Greece in 60 A.D. His cross was like an X. He has been honoured in Scotland for over 1000 years. He was a fisherman, so he is patron saint of fisher folk. 

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

baner (m) flag

broder (m) brother

crows (f) cross > crows omgrows saltire

degol (m) holiday, feast day, saint's day

enorys ~ onorys honoured

gòrra e'n grows to crucify

jorna gool (m) day of celebration

kenedhlek national (can also use nacyonal or a'n pow)

sans tasek (m) patron saint

Scottlond ~ Alban (PN) Scotland

Sent ~ Sen (title) Saint (not used for Celtic saints)