Thursday, 21 September 2023

2023 Day 264

2023 Dedh Dew Cans Trei Ugens ha Pajar

De Yow, kensa warn ugens mis Gwedngala

Thursday, 21st September

Ow howethes wheg ha skientel a verwas nanj ew nebes seythen, dhort shora an colon. Re yonk o hei. Hedhyw nei a leveras genes farwel. Benatuwgana, Viv.

My sweet, talented friend died a few weeks ago, from a heart attack. She was too young. We said farewell today. Peace be with you, Viv.   

Wednesday, 20 September 2023

2023 Day 263

2023 Dedh Dew Cans Trei Ugens ha Trei

De Merher, ügensves mis Gwedngala

Wednesday, 20th September

Thera gwens crev ha glawas poos e'n nos ha'n mettin. En gwelha pres, na veu agan trampolin whethys e kerdh. Gellys ew an gwens trosüs ha'n glaw lebmyn, pecar'a leverys towl an gewer. Bes whath my ell clowes son an mor - ha wotiwedh my ell clowes an gover bian ow resek dhort an plodn bas, ke nag ewa bes frosen.

There was strong wind and heavy rainfall in the night and the morning. Fortunately, our trampoline was not blown away. The noisy wind and rain have gone now, like the weather forecast said. But I can still hear the sound of the sea - and at last I can hear the little stream running from the shallow pond, though it's only a trickle.

Tuesday, 19 September 2023

2023 Day 262

2023 Dedh Dew Cans Trei Ugens ha Dew

De Meurth, nawnjegves mis Gwedngala

Tuesday, 19th September

E'n jedh hedhyw nei a res degy agan seher du a strôl dhe'n vorr (fordh), po aga herdhya rag en gravar ros. Re vian ew an vownder rag trònk-carr frajen.  Ma towlow dhe'n Consel rag an bobel a Gernow a usya atalgistyow ros bras. A alja nei herdhya onan anodhans en agan bownder leyjek, gans oll hy thell? 

Nowadays we must carry our black sacks of rubbish to the road, or push them along in a wheelbarrow. The lane is too small for a dustbin lorry. The Council has plans for people in Cornwall to use large wheelie bins. Could we push one of them in our muddy lane, with all its holes?

Monday, 18 September 2023

2023 Day 261

2023 Dedh Dew Cans Trei Ügens ha Wonan

De Lün, etegves mis Gwedngala

Monday, 18th September

Thera livyow dhe nebes vorrow en Caresk drefen an glaw. Thera glaw òbma ewedh, saw nag o mar dhrog. An vôwnder ew nebes slotterüs, saw whath nag eus dowr lowr rag an gover. Lôwen ew an kernogow dû dadn an geryn law, ha thew tycky-Duwes ha gohy da lowr.  

Several roads in Exeter had floods because of the rain. There was rain here too, but it was not so bad. The lane is a bit muddy, but there still isn't enough water for the stream. The toads under the rain butt are happy, and butterflies and wasps are OK. 

Sunday, 17 September 2023

2023 Day 260

2023 Dedh Dew Cans ha Trei Ugens

De Sul, seytegves mis Gwedngala

Sunday, 17th September

E'n jedh hedhyw thew an ys trehys gen jynn. Moy uskis ew hedna avel myjy en termyn eus passyes gen falgh. E'n dedhyow na thera othom a lies myjer. Diwedh an drevas o caws rag golya gool deys.  Hencov ew dasvewys e'n west - henn ew "Creia Pedn an Yar". An diwettha splatt ys e'n diwettha gwel ew gerys dhe vos trehys gen dorn, ow usya falgh. An gwelha tysken ew dewys ha senjys emann en pajar tu (howldrevel en kensa). An tiek a dal leverel, "My a'n cav". An dus a grei, "Peth eus dhis?" Ev a worrib,"Pedn a yar! Pedn a yar! Pedn a yar!" (teyrgweyth) Nena an tysken ew kemerys dhe'n eglos.

Nowadays the corn is cut by machine. That is faster than in the past with a scythe. In those days it needed lots of reapers. The end of the harvest was a cause to celebrate "Guldize" (harvest festival). A tradition is revived in the west - that is "Crying the Neck". The last patch of corn in the last field is left to be cut by hand, using a scythe. The best sheaf is picked and held up high in four directions (east first). The farmer should say, "I 'ave un." The people cry, "What 'ave 'ee?" He answers, "A neck (a chicken head)!" three times. Then the sheaf is taken to the church.

Saturday, 16 September 2023

2023 Day 259

 2023 Dedh Dew Cans Nawnjek ha Dogens

De Sadorn, whetegves mis Gwedngala

Saturday, 16th September

Nei a wel oll sortow a garyans en Kernow - war vorrow, cledhrednow ha dowr. Terwedhyow ma strîf tredhans! An pons ma en Truru a veu derevys ken oos a'n kyttrin hir. An kyttrin ma a dalvia bos e'n cres an vorr. E veu droglam - shyndys ew an pons ha'n kyttrin. Dewdhek mildir alebma en Falmouth ma hujes lester. Pur rych ew perhen an lester - thew an kyttrin rag pobel moy bohojek.

We see all sorts of transportation in Cornwall - on roads, rails and water. Sometimes there is conflict between them! This bridge in Truro was built before the age of the tall bus. This bus should have been in the middle of the road. There was an accident - the bridge and the bus are damaged. Twelve miles away on the water in Falmouth there is a huge vessel. The owner of the vessel is very rich - the bus is for poorer people.

Friday, 15 September 2023

2023 Day 258

2023 Dedh Dew Cans Etek ha Dewgens

De Gwener, pemdhegves mis Gwedngala

Friday, 15th September 

"En hav per co gwav," ew lavar coth. Nag ew hav lebmyn ha nag era vy ow pedery a wav. Kidnyadh ew ev lebmyn ha ma ow thybyansow war gwenton. Mis Me ew an diwettha mis a wenton ha my a res mos rag gans ow halander rag nessa bledhen. Bes pandr'ew res dhebm dewis rag pictour?

"In summer remember winter," is a proverb. It is not summer now and I am not thinking of winter. It is autumn now and my thoughts are on spring. May is the last month of spring and I must go on with my calendar for next year. But what must I choose for a picture?