Monday, 25 June 2018

A Year of Late Cornish Day 176

An Cansves Dedh Whetek ha Trei Ügens

De Meurth, wheffes warn ügens mis Efan. 
Tuesday, 26th June. 

Ma a dhallathas o blog an nessa dedh a vis Genver. Ha lebmyn ew an wheffes dedh warn ügens a vis Efan.
Qwarter òja pemp ha me a veu difünys mes a dhornow gen omweler e’n lowarth. Kei agan kentrevoges a venja gwary gen kei nei. Ma tol en ke kevys ganjo (tol gwres gen dorgy). Ma termyn lowr dhe dhebry dijunih còsel ha parüjy rag Cresen Lowarth Chacewater. Ma disqwedhyans art ena – ha me a wra cowsel adro dhe’n pycturs en Kernôwek.   
I started my blog on the second day of January. And now it is the twenty-sixth day of June. 
Quarter past five and I was woken unexpectedly by a visitor in the garden. Our neighbour’s dog wanted to play with our dog. It has found a hole in a hedge (a hole made by a badger). There’s enough time to eat a leisurely breakfast and get ready for Chacewater Garden Centre. There’s an art exhibition there – and I’m going to talk about the pictures in Cornish.