Friday, 30 April 2021

2021 Day 120

2021 Dedh Cans hag Ügens

De Gwener, degves warn ügens mis Ebrel

Friday, 30th April

Ma gour dhe'n hos malart. Otta hei et agan lowarth e'n mettin a-varr. Ma mir balshak lowr dhe'n cülyek hos! Martesen, mons ow whilas has po melwhes. Ma whath rew war an gwels ha'n brially e'n skeujow, saw teudhys ew e'n tòbmder an howl. Ma guckous meskys gen brially ogas dhe'n ke, reb an wedhen shirys vian. (Na wrüga vy besca cawas shiryen veth!) Ma tokyn warnedhy, "keresen blatt". Ha ello whei gweles an choka? Ma bleujyow aval e'n kewedh - martesen e vedh bledhen vas rag avalow. (Na veu pur dha an vledhen dremenys.)

The duck has a husband. Here she is in our garden early in the morning. The drake looks rather thread-bare! Perhaps, they are looking for seeds or slugs. There is still frost on the grass and primroses in the shadows, but it has thawed in the warmth of the sun. There are bluebells mixed with primroses near the hedge, by the little cherry tree. (I have never had a single cherry!) There's a label on it, "patio cherry". And can you see the jackdaw? There is apple blossom in the hedgerow - perhaps it will be a good year for apples. (the past year was not very good.)

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

balshak thread-bare, frayed

guckou (m) bluebell (alternative to bleujen a'n gog)

gwedhen shirys (f) cherry tree

kewedh (collective) hedgerow

melwhes slugs, snails < melwhejen ~ melwhyjen (f)

meskys gen mixed with

platt (m) patio

shiryen (f) cherry (can also use keresen)

skeujow shadows < skeus ~ skeuj (m)

teudhys thawed, melted < (verb) teudha

Thursday, 29 April 2021

2021 Day 119

2021 Dedh Cans ha Nawnjek

De Yow, nawes warn ügens mis Ebrel

Thursday, 29th April


Ma nebes specyal gen gevellyon egwal, dew vaw kehaval po dew dhen kehaval, formys dhort üdn oy. Pecar ew gen gevellesow. Meurgerys ens en whedhlow ow concernya hüdoryon ha grahes. Terweythyow gwiskys ens e'n keth dilhas.  Piw a ell dismygya an eyl dhort y gila? Nag üjy gevellyon/gevellesow dihaval ow presentya an keth caletter. Genys ens an keth termyn, bes anjei alja bos reydh deffrans, mens deffrans, liwans deffrans, ha kebmys a eus. Na whath, anjei ell bos whath qwethys nebes pecar.

There is something special with identical male twins, two identical boys or two identical men, formed from one egg. It's the same with female twins. They're popular in stories involving magicians and witches. Sometimes, they are dressed in the same clothes. Who can distinguish one from the other? Non-identical twins do not present the same problem. They are born at the same time, but they could be a different sex, a different size, different colouring, etc. However, they can still be dressed a bit alike.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

concernya to concern, involve

dihaval non-identical

egwal ~ kehaval identical

gevellesow twins (f)

gevellyon twins (m)

gwrahes ~ gwrathes witches < gwragh ~ gwrath (f)

ha kebmys a eus et cetera, etc.

hüdoryon magicians < hüdor (m)

liwans (m) colouring

mens (m) size (can also use brâster)

reydh (f) sex, gender


Wednesday, 28 April 2021

2021 Day 118

2021 Dedh Cans hag Etek

De Merher, ethves warn ügens mis Ebrel

Wednesday, 28th April


Terweythyow res ew dhebm scodhya war fôtôs kemerys gen pobel erel. Nag o vy trigys en Redrüdh, ha nag ew gwelys genam Kresen Kernow nanj ew termyn hir. En certan, na wrüga vy mos ena en termyn nos. Ow mergh a gachas an loor leun en telher gwev.  Cadn o an lòrgan. Na wrüga vy cacha an loor, bes o hedna lòrgan po neb gòlow aral? Hedhyw mettin my a welas an hos ma et ow lowarth. Nag eus poll heyjy dhe nei. Malart ew saw nag ew cülyek hos. Na wrüg hei còrtos termyn hir.

Sometimes I must depend upon photos taken my other people. I don't live in Redruth, and I haven't seen Kresen Kernow for a long time. Certainly, I have not gone there at night. My daughter caught the full moon in an appropriate position. The moonlight was brilliant. I didn't catch the moon, but was that moonlight or some other light? This morning I saw this duck in my garden. We do not have a duck pond. It's a mallard but it's not a drake. She didn't wait for long.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

cacha to catch, capture

cadn ~ cann brilliant, pure white

cülyek hos (m) drake

en termyn nos at night

gwev appropriate (can also use own)

hos (m) duck

Kresen Kernow the Cornwall Centre

lòrgan (m) moonlight, moonshine

malart (m) mallard

poll heyjy (m) duckpond

scodhya war to rely upon, depend upon


Tuesday, 27 April 2021

2021 Day 117

2021 Dedh Cans ha Seytek

De Meurth, seythves warn ügens mis Ebrel

Tuesday, 27th April


Eus nowodhow deffrans veth? E veu dhebm hedhyw nebes kescows war Zoom, ha nei a wrüg kestalkya adro dhe'n kethsam maters avel an termyn kensena. Piw a wrüg cawas pigow breghlin? Onan po dew? Era effects drog? A wrüg nebonan mos dhe'n shoppys po an tavern? A wrüss ta debry pres e'n lowarth? Pe lies pimp a wrüss ta eva? Nebonan a gawas te dehen cabm. Piw ew kellys? En gwettha pres, e vedh encledhyans De Gwener. A veu Covid an câws? Eus towl veth dhe nebonan dhe vos dres mor e'n hav ma? Ma Peder ow towlel dhe vos dhe Enys Wyth! Pur ger ew an keybal kerry (deg pens ha trei ügens).  

Is there any different news at all? Today I had some conversations on Zoom and we talked about the same things as the previous time. Who had vaccinations? One or two? Were there any ill effects? Did anyone go to the shops or the pub? Did you eat a meal in the garden? How many pints did you drink? Someone had a wrong cream tea. Who is missing? Sadly, there will be a funeral on Friday. Was Covid the cause? Does anyone have any plan to go abroad this summer? Peter plans to go to the Isle of Wight! The car ferry is very expensive (£70).

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

en gwettha pres sadly, unfortunately

Enys Wyth ~ Gwyth Isle of Wight

kellys lost, missing

kensena previously

ker expensive, dear

kescows (m) conversation

kestalkya to converse, talk

kethsam same, identical

keybal (m) ferry

maters themes, topics, subjects

pigow breghlin vaccinations, injections

towl (m) plan

towlel ~ towla to plan

Monday, 26 April 2021

2021 Day 116

2021 Dedh Cans ha Whetek

De Lün, wheffes warn ügens mis Ebrel

Monday, 26th April


Nag era vy nevra gweles howlsedhes dhort ow lowarth, drefen bos menedh war tûa'n west, bes terweythyow my a wel loor leun en derafa war tûa'n est. Calish ew dhe weles manilyon war loor leun gen camera kebmyn ha heb gweder aspia. Nag ew hei bes kelgh gwydn spladn. Ma dhe Rod Lyon fôtôs gwell a vanilyon pecar'a craters. Ma va ow ûsya telescôp ha camera gwell. Da ew genam kemeres pictours a manilyon dhe dhorn. Mirowgh ort an crevednow ma. Ma mir dhodhans a graters münys, ha mir dhe'n vernigen a venedh.

I don't ever see a sunset from my garden, because there's a hillside towards the west, but sometimes I see a full moon rising towards the east. It's difficult to see details on a full moon with an ordinary camera and without a telescope. It is just a bright, white circle. Rod Lyon has better photos of details such as craters. He uses a telescope and a better camera. I like taking pictures of details nearby. Look at these barnacles. They look like tiny craters, and the limpet looks like a mountain!

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bernigen (f) limpet

calish ~ cales difficult, hard

crevednow ~ crehy barnacles < creven (f)

dhe dhorn nearby, close at hand

en derafa rising, getting up, coming in

gweder aspia (m) telescope (can also use telescôp)

howlsedhes (m) sunset

kebmyn ~ comyn ordinary, common

kelgh (m) circle

loor leun (f) full moon

manilyon (collective) details

war tûa ~ war-tû ha towards

Sunday, 25 April 2021

2021 Day 115

2021 Dedh Cans ha Pemdhek

De Sül, pempes warn ügens mis Ebrel

Sunday, 25th April

Enviüs o vy. Theram ow perthy avy ort ow flehes wydn, drefen bos re a nerth dhodhans, ha ma whans dhebm a radn anodho! Nag üjons kemeres own rag ardhow; mons ow pònya war venedhyow ha crambla war garrygy. Nag ens ownek. Nag ew gwens ha dowr yeyn caletter brâs dhodhans, ha piw eus othom a skichow dhodho? Flehes ew heb complethter; mons ow cavas lôwender en taclow sempel, pecar'a trampolîn po tesen bednbloodh.

I'm envious. I'm envious of my grandchildren, because they have too much energy, and I want some of it! They are not afraid of high places; they run on hillsides and climb on rocks. They are not scared. Wind and cold water are not a problem to them, and who needs shoes? Children are uncomplicated - they find delight in simple things, like a trampoline or a birthday cake.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

ardh (f) high place

bos whans (dhe … a …) to want, desire

carrygy rocks < carrek (f)

complethter (m) complication

enviüs envious

kemeres own rag to be afraid of

ownek scared, afraid

perthy ~ perhy avy ort to be envious of

sempel simple, uncomplicated

skichow (SWFM eskisyow) shoes < eskis (f)