Friday, 31 July 2020

2020 Day 213

2020 Dedh Dew Cans ha Terdhek

De Gwener, üdnegves warn ügens mis Gorefen
Friday, 31st July

Ma lavar coth: escar ow escar ew ow howeth. Ewa rag hedna na wrüg an Gernowyon sevel bedn an Spanyers en pemdhek cans pajar ügens ha pemdhek? Na veu hedna goryskyn brâs - moy avel omsettyans comondo. Anjei a wòlyas kerdh arta. Ma goryskyn e'n termyn ma dhort Pow an Sowson! Lies havyas. Ombellheans sôcyal? Eus clowys ganjans anodho? Mirowgh ort an düs ma war an cay en savla Lanudhynek. Mowns ow còrtos tren dh'aga hemeres bys en Porth Ia. Nag üjy pub onan ow tos gen tren, ma lies carr ewedh. Ellowgh whei gweles parc dadn skeuj cloud? Leur campya ew rag an re a venja còsca en tyldys. An bobel a wra mos war nans rag an treth. War venedh aral ma'n club golf - rag an re gen mona luck. Thew golf gwary vas rag ombellhe agas honan dhort tüs erel. Lies gweyth Carn Breanek ew telher vas dhe vos agas honan oll. Parkow kerry reb an als ew leun ha ma routh veur war bub treth.

There is a proverb: my enemy's enemy is my friend. Is that the reason the Cornish didn't resist the Spanish in 1595? That wasn't a big invasion - more like a commando raid. They sailed away again. There's an invasion at this time from England! Lots of holiday makers. Social distancing? Have they heard of it? Look at these people on the platform at St Erth station. They are waiting for a train to take them to St Ives. Not everyone comes by train, there are lots of cars as well. Can you see a field under a cloud shadow? It's a campsite for those who'd like to sleep in tents. The people will go down the hill for the beach. On another hill there's the golf club for those with enough money. Golf is a good game for distancing yourself from other people. Often St Agnes Beacon is a good place to be all alone. Car parks by the coast are full and there's a crowd on every beach.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

cay (m) railway platform

gòlya to sail

goryskyn (m) invasion

havyas (m) summer visitor, holiday maker

ombellhe to (self) distance

savla (m) station

sevel bedn to resist, stand against

skeuj ~ skeus (m) shadow, shade

Spanyer (m) Spaniard  

tyldys  tents

Thursday, 30 July 2020

2020 Day 212

2020 Dedh Dew Cans ha Dewdhek

De Yow, degves warn ügens mis Gorefen

Thursday, 30th July

Ew da genowgh henwhedhlow, whedhlow ha story? Pandr’ew gwir ha pandr’ew gow: fact po fügieth? Clowys gena nei oll ow tòchya Metêrn Arthor ha y hüdor Merlin. Era castel dhodho war Dindajel (Din Kernowyon)? Ha Merlin, o ev trigys en gogow Merlin, dadn an castel? Ma Dindajel war als noor Kernow, bes Merlin a dravalyas adro, car dre hevel. Ma profesy dhodho – “"Ewra teyre a war mearne Merlyn. Ara lesky Pawle, Pensanz ha Newlyn".  Ev a wra tira war ven Merlin a wra lesky Paul, Pensans ha Lulyn. Ma ymach Merlin war ven ogas dhe’n ogo, saw nowydh ew hedna. Ma’n men e’n profesy ogas dhe Borth Enys – war als sooth. En mis Gorefen 1595 ev a wharvedhys! Radn an morlû Spaynek a skydnyas war Borth Enys – pajar lester gen pajar cans soudor a dheuth. Dew cans soudor a wrüg tira ha lesky an dre ha’n eglos Paul.  Nena an pajar cans a diras en Lulyn ha Pensans ha lesky lies chei e’n re na ewedh. Tho hebma termyn a strîf tredh Catholygieth ha Protestantieth. Na wrüg Kernowyon profya meur a resystens – martesen anjei a borthas cov a 1549 ha hacter an Sowson. Gwrewgh redya moy en lever gen Craig Weatherhill. Hedhyw tüs dhort Spayn a res gòrtos a-jei peswardhek dedh!



Do you like legends, stories and history? What is true and what is false: fact or fiction? We have all heard about King Arthur and his wizard Merlin. Did he have a castle on Tintagel Head (Fortress of the Cornish)? And Merlin, did he live in Merlin’s sea cave, under the castle? Tintagel is on Cornwall’s north coast, but Merlin travelled around, it seems. He has a prophecy - He will land on Merlin’s rock who will burn Paul, Penzance and Newlyn. There is an image of Merlin on a rock near the cave, but that is new. The rock in the prophecy is near Mousehole – on the south coast. In July 1595 it happened! Part of the Spanish navy descended on Mousehole - four ships with four hundred soldiers arrived. Two hundred soldiers came ashore and burnt the village and the church at Paul. Then the four hundred landed in Newlyn and Penzance and burnt lots of houses in those as well. This was a time of conflict between Catholicism and Protestantism. The Cornish didn’t offer much resistance – perhaps they remembered 1549 and the cruelty of the English. Read more in a book by Craig Weatherhill. Today people from Spain must stay indoors for fourteen days!

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

fügieth (f) fiction

gogow (f) sea cave > an ogo
gow false (you can also use and füg)
hacter (m) cruelty < hager
hüdor (m) magician, sorcerer, enchanter
morlû (m) navy (
literally sea host) 
profya resystens to offer resistance
skydnya war to fall upon, to invade
story (m) history
tira to land, come ashore 

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

2020 Day 211

2020 Dedh Dew Cans hag Üdnek
De Merher, nawhes warn ügens mis Gorefen
Wednesday, 29th July

Omweloryon ha tüòncoth: gellys ew agan omweloryon rag an termyn. Teylû ens, nag ens tüòncoth. Na whath, ma vysytoryon òncoth en neb le. Ma tell bian e'n lowarth ha toll brâs e'n ke. Piw (po pandra) re wrüg an tell? Peseul downder ew an toll brâs? Ma bern a dhor meynek pôtyes dhe ves gen treys brâs, ha ma nebes gwredhow ow cregy dhort an to. Nag eus gwelys genam anedhyas veth - martesen best a'n nos ew. Dres lycklod thew dorgy. Ma dorgeun e'n gwelyow ewedh. Nei a wel aga vorrow.

Visitors and strangers: our visitors have gone for the time being. They are family, they aren't strangers. However, there are unknown visitors somewhere. There are little holes in the garden and a big hole in the hedge. Who (or what) has made the holes? How deep is the big hole? There is a heap of stoney earth kicked out by big feet, and there are some roots hanging from the roof. I haven't seen any occupant - perhaps it's a nocturnal animal. It's probably a badger. There are badgers in the fields, too. We see their paths .

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today
a'n nos nocturnal 
anedhyas (m) occupant, inhabitant
dhe ves out, away
dor meynek (m) stoney earth
dres lycklod probably, more than likely
gwredhow ~ gwredhyow  (plural) roots < (singular) gwredhen (f) > (collective) gwredh
òncoth strange, unknown < (verb) godhas/goffas to know
peseul downder what depth, how deep
pôtya to kick
rag an termyn for the time being

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

2020 Day 210

2020 Dedh Dew Cans ha Deg

De Meurth, ethves warn ügens mis Gorefen
Tuesday, 28th July

Coseleth kens enawel ew hobma. An cathes ell cosca hedhek e'n lowarth. Tòbm ew an ayr ha dison, marnas coua an kelebmy. Bes thera nei ow qwachas warlergh vysytoryon moy. Oll ew parys - ombellheans sôcyal arta rag an düs gowldevys ha meur a dhidhan rag an flehes. Ma castel ell bos whethvys rag daslebmel (fleghes bian en üdnek). Ma chayrys lowr war an glesin ha war an grow. Gwrens anjei dos! En mettin ma dew vroder ha gwregeth anjei (ha pemp flogh tredhans). En dohajedh ma pobel moy - hôr, modrep, ownter (ha dew flogh moy). Lowen o vy der nag eus glaw! Nag eus rôm luck e'n chei dhe vos pellhys an eyl dhort y gila.

This is a calm before a storm. The cats can sleep in peace in the garden. The air is warm and quiet, apart from the coo-ing of the pigeons. But we are expecting more visitors. Everything is prepared - social distancing again for the grown-ups and lots of entertainment for the children. There's an inflatable castle for bouncing (small children only). There are enough chairs on the lawn and on the gravel. Let them come! In the morning there are two brothers and their wives (and five children between them). In the afternoon there are  more people - sister, aunt, uncle (and two more children). I am happy that there is no rain! There is not enough room in the house to be distanced from one another.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today
coseleth (f) calm
cowldevys adult, grown-up, fully grown
didhan (m) entertainment, amusement < (verb) didhana
dison quiet, soundless
enawel (f) storm
en üdnek only, exclusively
hedhek peacefully
kelebmy (plural) pigeons < (singular) colom (f)
qwachas ~ gwetyas warlergh to expect, anticipate, wait for
whethvys to blow up, inflate

Monday, 27 July 2020

2020 Day 209

2020 Dedh Dew Cans ha Naw
De Lün, seythves warn ügens mis Gorefen
Monday, 27th July

Me a bernas sagh brâs a has edhyn drefen thera whans dhebm a dhynya an edhyn bian. E'n gwettha pres, thew an heckamolas methek. Saw diveth ha craf ew an edhyn brâssa. Me a welas diw golobmen coos berryk, pi, bran dre ha chôk e'n kethsam mettin. Rüdhek ha mola dhû a dheuth war aga lergh. An edhyn bian wrüg gòrtos meur aga ferthyans.  Ew an lowarth dibobel? Hedna ew pres rag an gwywer tont dhe dhos. Bes mons oll ow fia dhe'n fo gans ow devedhyans ha gòrtos terebo ow dibarth.

I bought a large bag of bird seed because I wanted to attract the little birds. Unfortunately, the dicky birds are timid. But the bigger birds are brazen and greedy. I saw two plump wood-pigeons, a magpie, a rook and a jackdaw in the exact same morning. A robin and a blackbird came after them. The little birds waited patiently. Is the garden deserted? That is time for the cheeky squirrel to come. But they all flee away with my arrival and wait till my departure.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today
berryk plump
craf greedy
dibobel deserted, uninhabited, without people
diveth brazen, shameless
dynya to attract, entice
heckamola (f) dicky bird, little brown bird
kethsam ~ kesam exact same
methek timid, shy
meur aga ferthyans patiently  (can be used with other possessive adjectives)
tont cheeky, impudent
war aga lergh after them (can be used with other possessive adjectives)

Sunday, 26 July 2020

2020 Day 208

2020 Dedh Dew Cans hag Eth

De Sül, wheffes warn ügens mis Gorefen

Sunday, 26th July

Kenjoha, ha parys o nei rag omweloryon. Ma scavellow lowarth war an planchen hag efan ew an yet. A vedh an gewer wheg? Ma'n teylû ow tos, ha ma whans dhe'n flehes a wary et agan lowarth. Anjei a venja mos dhe'n treth ewedh. "Ancledhyas Tasek!" emedh anjei. Hanterdedh, hag ot anjei! Devedhys ens. Lowena dhewgh ha benetuwgana! Ma'n treth ow kelwel. A'n owr! Pemp ar glogh, ha dewhelys ens. Hag an bobel cowldevys ow cül ombellheans sôcyal, ma'n flehes ow qwary warbarth. Da ew ganjans pònya ha lebmel, crambla ha rolya war an rünyow, gwary peldroos ha slynkya. Na vedn anjei dos chei ha debry kidnyow.

Late morning, and we are ready for visitors. There are garden chairs on the decking and the gate is wide open. Will the weather be kind? The family is coming, and the children want to play in our garden. They would like to go to the beach as well. "Bury Daddy!" they say. Midday, and here they are! They've come. Hello and goodbye! The beach is calling. See you later! Five o'clock and they have returned. While the grown-ups are doing social distancing, the children are playing together. They like running and jumping, climbing and rolling on the slopes, playing football and sliding. They do not want to come indoors and eat dinner.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

ancledhyas to bury

benetuwgana goodbye

devedhys (verbal adjectivecome

dewhelys (verbal adjective) returned, come back

dos chei to come in, come indoors

gelwel to call, summon 

ombellheans sôcyal (m) social distancing

omweloryon (plural) visitors < (singular) omweler (m)

ot anjei here they are, there they are

planchen (m) wooden platform, decking


Saturday, 25 July 2020

2020 Day 207

2020 Dedh Dew Cans ha Seyth  

De Sadornpempes warn ügens mis Gorefen 

Saturday, 25th July 


Pandr’ew a-droos e’n eborn? Ma re a gloudys! Hav ew – ha’n gewer a dal bos tòbm. E’n vledhen eus tremenys thera todn wres en mis Gorefen. Pur ûhel o an wres. E veu strokes gwres dhe radn an bobel. Saw nag ew hedhyw tòbm. Fowt gwres ew moy lyckly! Martesen avorow a vedh gwell. Na ellama gweles na ster na loor haneth en nos. E veu loor leun an pempes Gorefen, bes na wrüga vy hy gweles naneyl. Comolek o nena magata. An nessa loor leun a vedh de Lün. Ma steronydhyon ow leverel dhen thew sîn an lion lebmyn. An Lew a dhallathas nanj ew dew dhedh. Ma henwyn coynt dhe lòryow leun e’n Almanac Tiek Coth (fondys mil seyth cans pajar ügens ha dewdhek).  Loor Yorgh po Loor Daran ew rag mis Gorefen (mesk henwyn erel). Ma kern dhe’n kyrwas ha ma taran e’n mis ma.