Wednesday, 31 July 2019

2019 Day 212

 Dedh Dew Cans ha Dewdhek
 De Merherüdnegves warn ügens mis Gorefan
Wednesday, 31st July

Thew hebma an diwettha dedh a vis Gorefan. Avorow a vedh dalla mis Est. Henwys ew mis Est warlergh an Laten “aestas” rag hav. Mis Est ew mis hav an moy dòbm, saw nag eus dhodho an hirra dedhyow. An tryja mis hav ew, na vedh bes üdn mis hav moy ha nena e vedh kidnyadh. Eus degolyow hav dhe whei? Ma othom dhebm a dhegolyow ken kidnyadh. Nei a wrüg obery e'n lowarth arta. Eus crow dhe whei? Mars eus crow dhe whei taclow a wra cùntel warbarth. War an diwedh res ew dhe whei towla oll an daffar dhe ves. Thera dhen beistry, fornow ha chofers coth ha sqwachys, hag oll sortow taclow. Agan mergh a dheuth gans hy kert covys. Gellys ew an brassa radn lebmyn. Nei ell gwary peldroos gen an flehes wydn.
This is the last day of July. Tomorrow will be the start of August. August is named after the Latin “aestas” for summer. August is the hottest month of summer, but it doesn't have the longest days. It's the third summer month, there's only one more summer month and then it will be autumn. Are you having a summer holiday? I need a holiday before autumn. We were working in the garden again. Do you have a shed? If you have a shed, things will accumulate. Eventually you have to throw all the stuff away. We had old and broken windows, ovens and heaters, and all sorts of things. Our daughter came with her van. Most of it's gone now. We can play football with the grandchildren.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

2019 Day 211

 Dedh Dew Cans hag Üdnek
 De Meurth, degves warn ügens mis Gorefan
Tuesday, 30th July

 Òja lies dedh a gewer deg, gen gwask ayr ûhel, thera nei o perthy hager awel, gen gwask ayr isel. Glaw a wra ha gwenjek ew. Thera hager gawas e'n mettin. Ryver bian a wrüg resek an vorr (an fordh) war nans. Res veu dhebm kerdhes en cres a'n vorr.  Thera dowr dreus an vorr. Bagas a varhogyon a dheuth gleb. Nag era person veth war an treth. Tho an mor mes a wel ogastei, drefen an glaw. E'n dohajedh tho segh saw whath o gwenjek. Thera tüs moy war an treth, gwithyjy ewedh, bes thera anjei o kerdhes ha saval emadn na sedha dor po omhowla (gorwedha e'n howl). 

After many days of beautiful weather, with high atmospheric pressure, we are suffering bad weather, with low atmospheric pressure. It rains and it is windy. There was a downpour in the morning. A little river ran down the road. I had to walk in the middle of the road. There was water across the road. A group of riders got wet. There was not a single person on the beach. The sea was almost out of sight, because of the rain. In the afternoon it was dry but it was still windy. There were more people on the beach, guards too, but they were walking and standing up not sitting down or sunbathing.

Monday, 29 July 2019

2019 Day 210

Dedh Dew Cans ha Deg

 De Lün, nawhes warn ügens mis Gorefan
Monday, 29th July
Ma Kensa (Pedn) Menyster (melyn y vlew) nowydh dhe nei. Boris henwys ew ev. Ev eth dhe Scottlond (Alban) bes na wrüga va dos en Kernow. Na vern, ma gwelyow leun a gawlvlejyow, gwydn aga fednow. O gour a bernas onan en gorvarhas (hanter pris!). Boris henwys ew anjei. Ma dhen cawl gonys en Kernow ewedh. Eus mejwesyon lowr? Na vedn tüs dhort Europ dos ha nag eus whans dhe düs yonk cùntel cawl.
We have a new Prime Minister (with yellow hair). He's called Boris. He went to Scotland but he didn't come to Cornwall. Never mind, we have fields full of cauliflowers, with white heads. My husband bought one in a supermarket (half price!). They are called Boris. We have a cabbage grown in Cornwall as well. Are there enough harvesters? People from Europe won't come and young people don't want to pick cabbages.

Sunday, 28 July 2019

2019 Day 209

 Dedh Dew Cans ha Naw
De Sül, ethves warn ügens mis Gorefan
Sunday, 28th July

En hav ma meur a whel dhe wil e'n lowarth. Rag ensampel, ma othom dhen a gomposa agan crowyow. Nebes a dal bos payntys arta.  Nei ell towla mes oll an trad war an glesin ha mires etta. A dal nei gwitha an dra ma po res ew dhen towla an dra na dhe ves? Ha an crow? Hedna ew pur leun a gal (gwres a horn ew – metol ras, na dinabm). Còscüs ew ha diantel. Res ew ev bos kemerys dhe'n leur dasûsya. Saw en kensa res ew dhen y dhiswül.
In summer there's a lot of work to do in the garden. For example, we need to sort out our sheds. Some should be painted again. We can throw all the junk out on the lawn and have a good look. Should we keep this thing or must we throw away that thing? And the shed? That one is full of rust (it is made of iron – cheap metal, not stainless). It is rotten and dangerous. It must be taken to the recycling centre. But first we must take it to bits.

Saturday, 27 July 2019

2019 Day 208

Dedh Dew Cans hag Eth

De Sadorn, seythves warn ügens mis Gorefan
Saturday, 27th July

Tryja dedh a'n degolyow scol ha flehes arta – ha crampes avalow moy! Ma'n avalow o cressya ha treylya gwell pub jorna. Nei a guntellas mor dû, saw nag eus lies. E vedh moy en scon. Ma'n melon o cressya ewedh, bes re vian ew dhe vos debrys whath. E'n gwelha pres nei ell perna frûtys dhort powyow erel. Rag ensampel ma dhen avalow gwlanek dhort Spayn ha ploumys dhort Portûgal.

Third day of the school holidays and children again – and more apple tart. The apples are growing and becoming better every day. We picked blackberries, but there aren't many. There will be more soon. The melon is getting bigger as well, but it is too small to be eaten yet. Fortunately we can buy fruits from other countries. For example we have peaches from Spain and plums from Portugal.

Friday, 26 July 2019

2019 Day 207

 Dedh Dew Cans ha Seyth
De Gwener, wheffes warn ügens mis Gorefan
Friday, 26th July

Nessa dedh a'n degolyow scol ha flehes moy! Thera othom dh'agan mab a obery. Thew ev progother ha res ew dhodho towlel classow rag an vledhen a dheu. Hag y wreg? Thew hei athletek ha hei eth dhe sessyon traynyans. Pandra dhe wil gen trei flogh? Anjei a wrüg gwary e'n lowarth rag termyn, ha nena gellys skith ens, etho anjei a dhabras croust. An dhew vaw brâs a venja mires ort televisyon, bes na wrüg an vos vian. Hei ha my a guntellas avalow ha gwil crampes avalow, ha'n vebyon a'n dabras. Nena e veu whans dhedhy gwary gen gwaryellow coth e'n crow. Ma bargen-tir gwres a bredn, saw pe le ma an düs ha'n bestes? Radn anodhans ew kellys ha nebes a veu debrys gans an kei bian. Nag eus to dhe'n bôwjy ha nag eus bes hanter to dhe'n chei. Gellys ens lebmyn, bes an vos vian a necovas hy jedna dhonsyores bale.

Second (next) day of the school holidays and more children! Our son needed to work. He is a lecturer and he has to plan classes for the coming year. And his wife? She is athletic and she went to a training session. What to do with three children? They did play in the garden for a time, and then they became bored, so they ate a picnic. The two big boys wanted to watch TV but the little girl did not. She and I collected apples and made apple pie, and the boys ate it. Then she wanted to play with old toys in the shed. There is a farm made of wood, but where are the people and the animals? Some of them are lost and some were eaten by the little dog. The cowshed has no roof and the house only has half a roof. They have gone now, but the little girl forgot her ballerina doll.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

2019 Day 206

 Dedh Dew Cans ha Whegh
 De Yow, pempes warn ügens mis Gorefan
Thursday, 25th July

Degolyow scol! Ha ma hedna o styrrya flehes, drefen res ew dhe sira an teylû obery. E'n gwelha pres tho an gewer perfeth. Anjei alja gwary et agan lowarth. Anjei a gavas lies gwaryel coth e'n crow. An re ma a veu scattrys ena dres an glesin oll. An flehes a wrüg cùntel emann nebes avalow dadn wedhen aval ha dewis nebes moy dhort an branchys. Ma lies ena. Bledhen dha ew. An re ma a veu bryjys ha gòrra en crampes. Anjei a wras dew grampes – onan rag an maw hag onan rag an vos. Òja debry aga crampesow anjei a venthygyas o hamera rag kemeres fotos.

School holidays! And that means children, because the father of the family must work. Fortunately the weather was perfect. They could play in our garden. They found lots of old toys in the shed. These were then scattered all over the lawn! The children picked up some apples under an apple tree and chose several more from the branches. There are lots there. It's a good year. These were boiled and put in a tart. They made two tarts – one for the boy and one for the girl. After eating their tarts they borrowed my camera to take photos.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

2019 Day 205

Dedh Dew Cans ha pemp

De Merher, pajwora warn ügens mis Gorefan
Wednesday, 24th July

Eus clowys gena whei an nowodhow? My a'n gwelas war an pellwolok a'n costys hedhyw. Ma diw mil seyth cans dogens ha dew chei gwag en Kernow. (Ha whath res ew dhen byldya moy es hanter cans mil chei nowydh – herwedh Towl an Pow Kernow casadow.) Lies chei a veu (re beu) gwag rag moy es diw vledhen, peder bledhen po whath deg bledhen. “Anjei a dal bos ûsyes,” emedh Consel Kernow. Terweythyow res ew dhe'n Consel whiles perhednyon ha gweres dhodhans nôwethhe aga chei. Nebes treven ew sqwachys. Da ew dh'aga gweles bos ownys. Ma treven bargen-tir scatt ewedh. Alja neb onan bos treylyes dhe chei wheg? Bes an treven-ma, vedh anjei ûsyes rag Kernôwyon ha Kernôwesow po vedhons second trevethow po havosow?

Have you heard the news? I saw it on the local television today. There are 2,742 empty houses in Cornwall. (And yet we must build more than fifty thousand new houses – according to the hateful Cornwall Local Plan.) Many houses have been empty for more than two years, four years or even ten years. “They should be used,” says Cornwall Council. Sometimes the Council must look for owners and help them to renovate their house. Some houses are ruined. It is good to see them being mended. There are also derelict farm buildings. Could any be converted into a nice house? But these houses, will they be used for Cornish men and women or will they be second homes or holiday homes?

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

2019 Day 204

 Dedh Dew Cans ha pajar
 De Meurth, tryja warn ügens mis Gorefan
Tuesday, 23rd July

Darjow! Da ens gen flehes. Flehes a vedn egery pub daras. Ma whans dhodhans a vires en copartys. Da via ganjans tedna pub tra mes a'n copart. Flehes a gar keas darjow ewedh. Na wra keas dha honan e'n chombour-na, a chil vian! Da lowr. Me a wra dos mes, bes res ew dhis gwary genam.
Doors! Children like them. Children want to open every door. They want to look in cupboards. They would like to pull everything out of the cupboard. Children love closing doors as well. Don't shut yourself in that bedroom, little one! OK. I'll come out, but you must play with me.

Monday, 22 July 2019

2019 Day 203

 Dedh Dew Cans ha Trei
 De Lün, nessa warn ügens mis Gorefan
Monday, 22nd July

Hav ew ha ma hedna o styrrya degolyow. Saw nag eus degol dhe vy, na whath. Ma ostyas nowydh dhe nei. Agan mab a dheuth de gans y gath hag, en mettin ma, ev eth kerdh heb cath veth. Ma va o mos dhe Almayn gans y wreg ha gevellyon. Ottobma an gorgath loos teg. Nag ew ev pur garadow. Ev a vedn còsca war wely. Ha cathes erel? Ens grevys? Na vern dhodhans! Ma'n gorgath cogh ha gwydn o sygera e'n lowarth ha ma'n gath wydn ha brith o mires ort logojenik reb an degrëys lowarth. Moy diwedhes, dres lycklod, anjei a wra ladra boos an gath loos.
It's summer and that means holidays. But I am not having a holiday, not yet. We have a new guest. Our son came yesterday with his cat and, this morning, he went away without any cat. He is going to Germany with his wife and twins. Here is the beautiful grey tomcat. He is not very amiable. He wants to sleep on a bed. And other cats? Are they annoyed? They're not bothered! The ginger and white tomcat is lazing in the garden and the white and tabby cat is watching a little mouse by the garden steps. Later, they will probably steal the grey cat's food.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

2019 Day 202

 Dedh Dew Cans ha Dew

 De Sül, kensa warn ügens mis Gorefan
Sunday, 21st July

En Porthia (Porth Ia) ma venten (fenten) goth henwys “Venton Ia”. Hei a brovias dowr rag qwatron Porthia, “Downalong”, bys an vledhen etek cans dogens ha trei. Ma degol en Porthia en mis Whevrel, Gool Porthia, dhe gova consecracyon an eglos Sent Ia an Werthyes en peswardhek cans peswardhek warn ügens. Ma gwary a hurlya. An pel arhans bian ew benegys gen dowr dhort an venten. Ma helgh ha kestrivyans adro dhe'n dre. E'n vledhen ma artist Allard Van Hoorn (dhor an Pow Isel) eth arta en mis Efen dhe dhaswül viaj an pel dres an dre gen hûjes pel arhans. Ev a wras sonscrifow (oll tros an dre ha'n hen) ha's treylyas dhe vusek – niver trei ügens ha trei Cânlinen Trevek. Whei ell gweles an pel ha clowes an musek e'n Tate lebmyn.

In St Ives there is an old well (spring) called “St Ia's Well”. It provided water for a St Ives neighbourhood, Downalong, until the year 1843. There is a feast day in St Ives in February, St Ives Feast, to commemorate the consecration of the church of St Ia the Virgin in 1434. There is a game of hurling. The little silver ball is blessed with water from the well. There is a chase and contest around the town. This year artist Allard Van Hoorn (from the Netherlands) came again in June to recreate the journey of the ball through the town – with a huge silver ball. He made sound recordings (all the noise of the town and the harbour) and turned them into music – number 63 Urban Songline. You can see the ball and hear the music in the Tate now.

Saturday, 20 July 2019

2019 Day 201

 Dedh Dew Cans hag Onan

 De Sadornügensves mis Gorefan
Saturday, 20th July
Pur ûhel o lev an mor a-varr e'n mettin-ma. Pur loos o pub tra – an mor ha'n commol. Nag era bes snid ydn a nev blou. Nag era meur a dreth drefen bos morlanow. Re a-varr o rag morplaynyers ha gwithyjy treth. An jedh a wrüg gwelha ha moy diwedhes en Porthia thera an howl o spladna – pur vlou o an mor ha'n eborn. Thera lies morplaynyer – tüs yonk o tesky derag an soler art brâs. Da ew genam an Tate – an form mes ha chei, keffres ha'n art. Ha ma gwelow teg an als a-dhor an soler.
The voice of the sea was very loud early this morning. Everything was very grey – the sea and the clouds. There was only a narrow ribbon of blue heaven. There wasn't a lot of beach because it was high-water. It was too early for surfers and beach-guards. The day improved and later in St Ives the sun was shining. The sea and the sky were very blue. There were lots of surfers – young people learning in front of the big art gallery. I like the Tate – the structure outside and in, as well as the art. And there are lovely views of the coast from the gallery.

Friday, 19 July 2019

2019 Day 200

Dedh Dew Cans
 De Gwener, nawnjegves mis Gorefan
Friday, 19th July

Ass ew plansow marthys, bes na ell anjei bos ragleverys. Terweythyow thera vy o conis has ha terweythyow anjei a vedn tevy. Saw droppyes ew has ha know gen edhyn ha gwyweres ha my a wel plansow bian en pub le. Mons o springya emann en trolergh (ew hedna colwedhen?), dadn an ganstel has edhyn (gwaneth), en cres an glesin, war vos. Terweythyow anjei alja cressya dhe vagas po gwedhen. Ma spern gwydn et o lowarth a wrüg tevy dhort greun droppyes. Ha ma dhebm baywedhen ha diw vesowen wydn na veu gonys genam. Ma'n gestenen vy (dhort Nadelik) o tevy etta (en ta). Ma dhedhy nebes delkyow lebmyn. Whei ell pockya radn a welen e'n dor ha, mars eus lùck dhe whei, otta flour bian!

How amazing plants are, but they are unpredictable. Sometimes I plant seeds and sometimes they will grow. But seeds and nuts are dropped by birds and squirrels and I see little plants everywhere. They spring up in a footpath (is that a hazel tree?), under the birdseed basket (wheat), in the middle of the lawn, on a wall. Sometimes they could grow to a bush or a tree. There are hawthorns in my garden that grew from dropped berries. And I have a bay tree and two silver birches that I did not plant. My chestnut (from Christmas) is growing well. It has several leaves now. You can shove a bit of stick in the ground and, if you are lucky, behold a little flower!

Thursday, 18 July 2019

2019 Day 199

Dedh Cans Pajar Ügens ha Nawnjek

De Yow, etegves mis Gorefan
Thursday, 18th July

Hedhyw my a welas disqwedhyans a deknologieth coth ha nowydh en Kernow. My eth dhe Heartlands e'n mettin rag cuntellyans. Cresen gonisegethek ew a-dro dhe whel coth. Shafta Robinson a veu degëys en mil naw cans pajar ügens hag etek. Dherag y dhegeans, sten o palys dres pajar cans bledhen po nebes. Hedhyw an disqwedhyans storek o degëys rag mentons, bes my alja whath mires orth an derevyansow a-dhor an tû a-ves. Byldys ens a veyn calish brâs. Ma leur gwary medhel flehes rag an hav. My a gerras (gerdhas) tre der drev vian. Thew an treven byldys a ven ewedh. Thera skeyl hir bedn vos (fos). Ma dhe nebonan scüdel loor nowydh war an to. Nag üjy deleth (corn) kebmyn cawas recevans televisyon (pellwolok) da en nans reb menedh ûhel. Pobel cowldevys a gar aga didhenyow ewedh.
Today I saw evidence of old and new technology in Cornwall. I went to Heartlands in the morning for a meeting. It is a cultural centre around old mine workings. Robinson's Shaft was closed in 1998. Prior to its closure, tin was mined in the area for almost 400 years. Today the historical exhibition was closed for maintenance, but I could still look at the buildings from the outside. They are built of big hard stones. There is a children's soft play zone for the summer. I walked home through a little village. The houses are also built of stone. There was a long ladder against a wall. Somebody has a new satellite dish on the roof. An ordinary aerial (antenna) does not get good television reception in a valley by a high hill. Grownups like their amusements as well.