Friday, 11 June 2021

2021 Day 162

2021 Dedh Cans Trei Ügens ha Dew

De Gwener, üdnegves mis Efen

Friday, 11 June

Ow howethes Tamsin a fônyas. "Na elles ta dos dhe Falmeth avorow. Nag eus cuntelyans bagas scriforyon. Nag eus caryans poblek e'n dre; kyttrin veth - ha nag eus telher veth dhe barkya naneyl. Ma tour brâs (po neppeth) e'n park kerry ogas dhe Trago hag apertyoryon a vedh en park kerry aral. Res vedh dhe venenes coth bian gen aga hertigow dastel war nans dhe'n shoppys ha tre heb caryans. Ma lies a'n creslû oll adro, gen gòdnys, ha na ellama drehedhes an leur scathow rag owna ow scath. Ma dhebm keyn syger. Ma dhe'n creslû morliner plesour e'n hean (a gòsk moy es mil). Robert a godhas mes a y gador ha trehy y bedn (re a gor melyn war dorr wag). Nag ew hebma seythen vas. Na ellen metya war Zoom naneyl drefen bos dhebm Gwias cabm. Kebmer with! Dha weles en mis Gorefen!"     

My friend Tamsin phoned. "You can't come to Falmouth tomorrow. There's no writers' group meeting. There's no public transport in the town; no buses - and there is nowhere to park either. There is a big tower (or something) in the carpark near Trago and demonstrators will be in another carpark. Little old women with their trolleys will have to struggle downhill to the shops and back without transport. Lots of the police force are all around, with guns, and I can't get to the boatyard to mend my boat. I have a leaky keel. The police force has a cruise liner in the harbour (sleeps more than a thousand). Robert fell out of his chair and cut his head (too much lager on an empty stomach). This is not a good week. We can't meet on Zoom either because I have bad Internet. Take care! See you in July!" 

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

apertyoryon demonstrators < apertyer m)

caryans poblek (m) public transport

creslû (m) police force

cuntelyans (m) meeting

dastel ~ dassel to struggle, strive

drehedhes to get to, reach, attain

fônya to telephone, phone, ring

hean (m) harbour

kertik (m) trolley (can also use carigell (f))

keyn (m) keel

morliner (m) liner

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