Sunday, 6 June 2021

2021 Day 157

2021 Dedh Cans Seytek ha Dewgens

De Sül, wheffes mis Efen

Sunday, 6th June

Na veu omweler astranj hedhyw. Oll an bestes o gwelys genen era mes a-jei. Üdn margh a gavas neppeth sawrek en gwedhen reb an payl. Gwenen a drouvyas nectar en flourys wheg. Treusperthys ew mergh erel, drefen bos debrys ganjans oll an gwels et aga hew. Ma othom dhe'n gew a dhastevy hag an vergh megys gora glas. Ma lies flour purpur ha rüdh lebmyn - manegow rüdh, soudoryon ha goth Fowedh. Da ens gen gwenen, saw na ell mergh aga debry. Ma trolergh pecar'a kivorr - da ew hebma gans an maw bian.

There was no strange visitor today. All the animals we saw were outdoors. One horse found something tasty in a tree by the fence. Bees found nectar in sweet flowers. Other horses have been moved, because they have eaten all the grass in their field. The field needs to regrow while the horses are fed haylage. There are lots of red and purple flowers now - foxgloves, campions and valerian. Bees love them, but horses can't eat them. There's a footpath like a tunnel - the little boy likes this.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

dastevy to regrow, regenerate

gora glas (m) haylage, green hay

kew (f) paddock

kivorr ~ kiforr ~ kivordh (f) tunnel

margh ~ marth (m) horse > (plural) mergh > an vergh

megys (fed) < (verb) maga

mes a-jei outdoors

payl (m) fence (wooden)

sawrek ~ sawrüs tasty

treusperthy to transfer, relocate


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