Wednesday, 9 June 2021

2021 Day 160

2021 Dedh Cans ha Trei Ügens

De Merher, nawves mis Efen

Wednesday, 9th June

Còsel ew an ebòrn hedhyw. Trigys o vy ogas lowr dhe ayrbark bian, bes nag eus jynn-neyja veth ow neyja a-ûgh. Comolek ew an gewer, etho nag ew an hewelder pur dha. Bes nag eus cübmyas dhe nagonan a neyja en neb cas - ma Parth Neyja Veth dreus oll Kernow warbarth. "Neyj heb lecyans e'n spas ayr stròthys ma ew DIFEDNYS. Cabmdremena dhort an rowlys rag entra wra diwedha en CONTREWAYTYANS." (Aga letherednow brâs.) Nag ew neyjoryon termyn frank lôwen! Rag fra ma parashût war an mappa ogas dhe'm chei?

The sky is quiet today. I live quite near a little airfield, but there is not a single aircraft flying above. The weather is cloudy, so the visibility is not very good. But nobody has permission to fly in any case - there is a No Fly Zone across the whole of Cornwall. "Unauthorised flight into this restricted airspace is FORBIDDEN. Deviation from the rules for entry will result in INTERCEPTION." (Their capitals.) Leisure aviators are not happy! Why is there a parachute on the map near my house?

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

ayrbark (m) airfield

cabmdremena to deviate

difednys forbidden

dreus across

heb lecyans unauthorised

hewelder (m) visibility < hewel visible

jynn-neyja (m) aircraft

neyj (m) flight

parth (m) zone

stròtha to restrict

warbarth whole, together


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