Thursday, 10 June 2021

2021 Day 161

2021 Dedh Cans Trei Ügens ha Wonan

De Yow, degves mis Efen

Thursday, 10th June

My alja leverel, "Gwag ew an mor ha gwag ew an ebòrn." En gwrionedh, na ellama gweles person veth, nag eus scath-gool na gorhel veth a wel, ha nag eus jynn-neyja naneyl. Bes ma lies tra dadn an mor, ha ma edhyn hag anpreves ow neyja e'n ayr. E'n gwel, my a glowas awhesydh ow cana.  Drehedhys en Kernow ew an düs vrâs. Nag eus termyn dhodhans dhe wosôwes ort cân edhyn wheg.  Ew hebma aga vorr (fordh)? Nebonan a wrüg trehy an gwels hir ha'n whynas (po losow an gwel) reb min an vorr. Ew an vorr moy saw lebmyn? Ma whath lies flourys wheg, gwelsednow hir ha reden reb an vorr vian ha'n vôwnder.

I could say, "The sea is empty and the sky is empty." In truth, a can't see a single person, there are no yachts or ships in view, and there are no aircraft either. But there are lots of things under the sea, and birds and insects are flying in the air. In the field, I heard a skylark singing. The important people have arrived in Cornwall. They have no time to listen to sweet birdsong. Is this their route? Someone has cut down the long grass and the weeds (or wild flowers) by the edge of the road. Is the road safer now? There are still lots of sweet flowers, tall grasses and ferns by the small road and the lane.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

anpreves ~ anprevyon insects < anpref (m)

a wel in view, in sight

awhesydh (f) skylark

cân (f) song

clowes to hear

drehedhys ~ devedhys arrived

gorhel (m) ship

gosôwes ~ goslowes ort to listen to

min (m) edge, border

scath-gool (m) yacht


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