Saturday, 5 June 2021

2021 Day 156

2021 Dedh Cans Whetek ha Dewgens

De Sadorn, pempes mis Efen

Saturday, 5th June

"Mabm Wydn! En üskis, ma lowarn e'n rom cres!" My a veu divünys en mettin avarr. Nebonan a aras tarth e'n daras delher ha thera dhen omweler bian. Nag o ev bes colyn. Martesen thera va ow whilas boos. E veu câwgh gwres ganjo reb an daras delher. Ev a labmas dhe styllen an veister ha whilas diank - ow sqwachya oll ow lesyow chei en kettermyn. Nena ev a blattyas en cornel. Ow gour a wrüg egery oll an darjow ha na wrüga nei gweles an best arta. Na wrüga nei y weles mos po pe le ev eth. Res veu dhebm nena glanhe war y lergh. Ha nag eus dhebm fôtôs ow honan! Meur ras Mester Pegler.

"Granny! Quickly, there's a fox in the middle room!" I was woken up early in the morning. Someone left the back door ajar and we had a small visitor. It was only a cub. Perhaps it was looking for food. It had done a poo by the back door. It jumped to the window sill and attempted to escape - destroying all my little house plants at the same time. Then it cowered in a corner. My husband opened all the doors and we didn't see the animal again. We didn't see it go or where it went. Then I had to clean up after him. And I have no photos myself! Thank you Mr. Pegler.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

colyn (m) cub

daras delher (m) back door

diank to escape

divüna ~ difüny to awaken, wake up

gara (SWFM gasa) to leave > (preterite) aras (SWFM asas)

gara tarth e'n daras to leave the door ajar

lebmel to jump, leap, spring > (preterite) labmas

lowarn (m) fox

plattya to cower

rom (m) room

styllen ~ estyllen (f) sill

whilas to attempt, try, look for, seek

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