Thursday, 3 June 2021

2021 Day 154

2021 Dedh Cans Peswardhek ha Dewgens

De Yow, tryja mis Efen

Thursday, 3rd June

Ma pemp planet e'n ebòrn nos a ell bos gweles gen lagas noth. An Romans a's ros henwyn aga duwyow ha duwesow. Jûbiter o metêrn an duwyow Roman, etho y hanow a veu res dhe'n brâssa planet a wel en Kevreyth Howlek. Hanow aral ew Yow. Ma va ow menya 'gòlow'. En Kernow thera nei ow ûsya an hanow ma rag üdn jedh an seythen (De Yow). An nessa en brâster ew Sadorn, duw gonisegeth - vajyer syger, adro dhe'n howl en naw bledhen warn ügens. Da ew genen y dhedh, De Sadorn!  An Romans a greias an planet rüdh warlergh aga duw a werryans, Meurth. Thera nei ow ûsya an hanow ma keffres rag mis (Mis Meurth) ha dedh an seythen (De Meurth).  Ma'n planet Merher ow vajya en üskis, adro dhe'n howl en pajar ügens dedh hag eth en üdnek. Merher o messejer scav y dreys an duwyow. Ma hedna ow rei dhen dedh an seythen (De Merher). Bes pe le ma'n duwesow? Nag eus bes onan. Planet an moy wòlow (steren an gordhûher po steren an mettin) a veu henwys Gwener, duwes rag kerenja ha tecter. De Gwener ew dedh da ewedh.

There are five planets in the night sky that can be seen with the naked eye. The Romans gave them names of their gods and goddesses. Jupiter was the king of the Roman gods, so his name was given to the biggest planet visible in the Solar System. Another name is Jove. It means 'bright'. In Cornwall we use this name for one day of the week (Thursday). The next in size is Saturn, the god of agriculture - a slow traveller, around the sun in 29 years. We like his day, Saturday! The Romans called the red planet after their god of war, Mars. We use this name for a month (March) as well as for a day of the week (Tuesday). The plant Mercury travels fast, around the sun in only 88 days. Mercury was the fleet-footed messenger of the gods. That gives us a day of the week (Wednesday). But where are the goddesses? There is only one. The brightest planet (the evening star or morning star) was given the name of Venus, the goddess for love and beauty. Friday is a good day as well.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

brâster (m) size

duwesow goddesses < duwes (f) < duw (m) > duwyow

eborn ~ ebron (f) sky

gonisegeth (f) agriculture, cultivation

gwerryans (m) war, warfare

kevreyth howlek (f) solar system

messejer (m) messenger

scav light, fleet, swift, nimble, etc.

tecter (m) beauty < (adjective) teg

vajyer (m) traveller, voyager, mover

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