Tuesday, 1 June 2021

2021 Day 152

2021 Dedh Cans Dewdhek ha Dewgens

De Meurth, kensa mis Efen

Tuesday, 1st June

An kensa dedh a vis Efen ew ha'n kensa dedh a hav meteorologieth. Gellys ew gwenton, ha gellys ew own veth a rew (ma esperans dhebm). E veu jorna teg hedhyw rag omweloryon et agan lowarth. Re dòbm o an gewer raga vy ow hònan, bes ma nerth lowr dhe flehes penag oll an awel. Anjei a gav plenteth dhe wil - pòtya pel, treylya rosow kertys, seny tabour, tròselha beyk, byldya tour gen blockys - hag an pobel cowldevys ow crowdra.   

It's the first day of the month of June and the first day of meteorological summer. Spring has gone, and gone is any fear of frost (I hope). It was a lovely day today for visitors in our garden. The weather was too hot for me personally, but children have plenty of energy whatever the weather. They find plenty to do - kicking a ball, turning cartwheels, playing a drum, pedalling a bike, building a tower with blocks - while the grown-ups take it easy.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

cowldevys grown-up, adult

crowdra to idle, while away the time, loiter, etc.

esperans hope

omweloryon visitors

penag oll whatever

pòtya to kick

seny to sound, play (an instrument)

tabour (m) drum

tour (m) tower

tròselha to pedal < troos foot (m)


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