Wednesday, 2 June 2021

2021 Day 153

2021 Dedh Cans Terdhek ha Dewgens

De Merher, nessa mis Efen

Wednesday, 2nd June

E'n nerth corf o vy, saw nag eus nerth genam hedhyw. My a dal bos leun a vewecter, drefen bos hav ha ma'n howl ow spladna. Saw thera vy 'h omglowes difreth. Re dòbm ew an howl ragam - my a lesk re es ha pecar'a plobm ew ow diwarr. My omglow syger en hav. Na whath, nag ew syger an tyckies-Duw glas bian. Ellowgh whei aga gweles emesk an growanles blou e'n fôtô, po ens gellys mes a wel solabres? Nag ew an tycky-Duw benow ma blou, thew hei liw garednow po del marow. Marow ew an bleujyow an gog lebmyn, mons ow treylya dhe has. E vedh dhen disqwedhyans teg moy nessa bledhen. Ma disqwedhyans spern gwydn teg e'n keow spernek. Re dòbm ew an gewer rag an deves magata. Scon an bügel a vedn knevya aga knew.

I am able-bodied, but I have no energy today. I should be full of vitality, because it's summer and the sun's shining. But I am feeling lackadaisical. The sun is too hot for me - I burn too easily and my legs are like lead. I feel slow in summer. However, the small blue butterflies are not slow. Can you see them among the blue speedwell in the photo, or have they already gone out of sight? This female butterfly isn't blue, she is the colour of dead stalks or leaves. The bluebells are dead now, they are turning to seed. We will have another beautiful display next year. There is a beautiful hawthorn display in the thorny hedges. The weather is too hot for the sheep as well. Soon the shepherd will shear their fleece.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

bewecter (m) vitality, liveliness

difreth lacking in energy, lackadaisical

diwarr (dual plural) legs < garr (f)

e'n nerth corf able-bodied

garen (f) stalk, stem

growanles speedwell (also called lagas an edhen bird's eye)

knevya ~ knivya to shear

knew (m) fleece

lesky to burn > a lesk (present-future)

losk howl (m) sunburn

omglowes to feel (have a feeling) > omglow (present-future)

plobm (m) lead


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