Friday, 4 June 2021

2021 Day 155

2021 Dedh Cans Pemdhek ha Dewgens

De Gwener, pajwora mis Efen

Friday, 4th June

Fatel wrüga vy nakevy an howl ha'n loor de? Dar! Nag ew an howl planet; steren ew ev - agan steren nessa. 'Sol' o duw Roman an howl (Greka 'Helios'), ha ma hedna ow rei dhen 'De Sül', dedh diwettha an seythen. Ha nag ew an loor planet naneyl, nag üjy hei ow treylya adro dhe'n howl. Ma whelva an loor adro dhe'n norves. Duwes Roman an loor o 'Luna'. Thew hei an second duwes. Ma De Lün ow talla an seythen. Gòrrys ew an pedn seythen tredh an dhiw dhuwes, Gwener ha Luna. Sqwir ew 'Sol' ha 'Luna' a'n howl ha'n loor. Mons ow rei dhen gòlow - an howl e'n jedh hag an loor e'n nos. Na ell loor leun bos gwelys bes e'n nos, saw e'n seythednow ken ha wòja loor leun nei ell gweles radn an loor e'n jorna.

How did I forget the sun and the moon yesterday? Well! The sun is not a planet, it's a star - our nearest star. 'Sol' was the Roman sun god (Greek 'Helios'), and that gives us 'Sunday', the last day of the week. And the moon is not a planet either, it doesn't orbit around the sun. The moon's orbit is around the earth. The Roman goddess of the moon was 'Luna'. She is the second goddess. Monday starts the week. The weekend is sandwiched between the two goddesses, Venus and Luna.  Sol and Luna personify the sun and moon. They give us light - the sun by day and the moon by night. A full moon can only be seen in the night, but in the weeks before and after a full moon we can see part of the moon in the day.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

bos sqwir a to personify

dalla ~ dallath to begin, start

diwettha last

gòrra … tredh … to sandwich … between …

loor (f) moon, satellite

nakevy ~ ankevy to forget

nes > nessa > an nessa near > nearer > (the) nearest

pedn seythen (m) weekend

steren (f) star

whelva (f) orbit

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