Tuesday, 8 June 2021

2021 Day 159

2021 Dedh Cans Nawnjek ha Dewgens

De Meurth, ethves mis Efen

Tuesday, 8th June

Hedhyw ma othom a bedery a'n mor brâs. Dedh specyal ewa rag an Nacyons Ûnyes: Dedh Morow Brâs an Norves. Surfers Bedn Scòll a wras fylm, "Meur Ras Dhis, A Vor".  Thew üdn dega a lidnyeth mabden trigys reb an mor. Pajar ügens radn en cans an mor brâs ew heb whithrans, saw nag eus bes seyth radn en cans gen difresyans. Lies ehen morek nowydh ew discüdhys pub dedh, saw ma lies ow merwel. Ma'n mor ow rei dhen oxyjen, boos ha plesour. Ma va ow cacha moy carbon vel còswik law, saw thera nei y abûsya. An treth reb an mor ell bos teg po leun a atal. Otta nebes art treth en Wordhen. Hag otta nebes "art" ogas dhe Porth Raptor gwres a atal. Onan ew agan Kensa Menyster! Scon ev a vedh ena e'n kig!  

Today there is need to think of the ocean. It's a special day for the United Nations: World Oceans Day. Surfers Against Sewage made a film, "Thank You, Sea". One tenth of humanity lives by the sea.  80% of the ocean is unexplored, but there is only 7% protected. Many new marine species are discovered every day, but many are dying. The sea gives us oxygen, food and pleasure. It traps more carbon than rain forest, but we abuse it. The beach by the sea can be beautiful or full of rubbish. Here's some beach art in Ireland. And here's some "art" near Carbis Bay made from rubbish. One is our Prime Minister. Soon he'll be there in the flesh!

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

còswik law (f) rainforest

dega (m) tenth

difresyans (m) protection

discüdha to discover

en cans ~ a'n cans percent

lidnyeth mabden (m) humanity

mor brâs (m) ocean

morek marine

Nacyons Ûnyes (SWFM Kenedhlow Unys) United Nations

scòll (m) sewage, waste, etc.


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