Monday, 7 June 2021

2021 Day 158

2021 Dedh Cans Etek ha Dewgens

De Lün, seythves mis Efen

Monday, 7th June


Ma nebes dedhyow na ellama pedery a dra veth! Skith o vy. Hir o an seythen eus passyes. Da ew genam gweles agan flehes wydn, bes ma othom dhebm a dermyn lowr dhe dhaskemeres ow nerth. Sewajys o vy dhe ga gweles kemeres an buss e'n mettin. Ma'n maw bian ow rei farwell dhebm gans y leuv (ha ma'n lewyader buss ow cül pecar!) Wòja hedna e veu pols bian ken cuntelyans. Thera termyn lowr dhe sawra an flourys. Rag fra ew an spern gwydn gwydnrüdh e'n vledhen ma? Ew hebma neppeth nowydh? Nag o an mettin còsel - ma whel derevel dhe'n kentrevek - gen meur a gern ha jynnys brâs. Nag ew cosel an pow adro.

There are some days I can't think of anything! I'm tired. The past week was long. I like to see our grandchildren, but I need enough time to recover my energy. I'm relieved to see them catch the bus in the morning. The little boy waves goodbye to me (and so does the bus driver!) After that there was a short pause before a meeting. There was enough time to savour the flowers. Why is the hawthorn pink this year? Is this something new? The morning wasn't quiet - the neighbour has building work -with lots of concrete and big machines. The countryside is not quiet.

Deg ger rag hedhyw Ten words for today

bos othom a to need, be in need of

daskemeres to recover, take back

derevel ~ drevel to build, erect

farwell farewell, goodbye

gwydnrüdh pink (white-red) can also use kigliw

kern (m) concrete

leuv (f) hand (we usually use dorn)

lewyader (m) driver

pols bian (m) short while, pause

sawra ~ sawry to savour, smell, flavour

sewajys relieved


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