Tuesday, 30 June 2020

2020 Day 182

2020 Dedh Cans Pajar Ügens ha Dew
De Meurth, degves warn ügens mis Efen
Tuesday, 30th June
Ma'n flogh bian ma ow tesky maroga war y dhiwros vian. Ev a wra cressya ha nena ev a wra maroga war dhiwros vrâs. Martesen an vorr dhiwros nowydh dhort Peran Porth bys dhe Tôwynblistra a vedh diwethys. Hy hester a vedh peswardhek kilometer ha hei a wra sewya cors an vorr gleder goth. E vedh nebes ponjow nowydh (ow kemeres le a'n re-na diswres termyn an vorr gleder a veu gerys).  A vedh pons nowydh en Cooks rag beyks? Ew an ober dallathys? Whei ell gweles radn a gledren reb an trolergh. Towlys ew dhe ûsya an ponsvorr, bes ma whath gwedhen ow tevy warnedhy ha ma lies gwedhen oll adro. Pandra wra skydnya war lowarthow an düs?
This little child is learning to ride on his little bicycle. He will grow and the he will ride a big bicycle. Perhaps the new cycle path from Perranporth to Newquay will be finished. Its length will be 14 km and it will follow the route of the old railway. There will be several new bridges (replacing those destroyed when the railway was abandoned). Will there be a new bridge in Cocks for bikes? Has the work begun? You can see part of a rail by the footpath. It's planned to use the viaduct, but there is still a tree growing on it and there are many trees all around. What will happen to people's gardens?
Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

an re-na those (ones)
cledren (f) rail
cors (m) course, route
diwros (f) bicycle (you can also use beyk (m))
hester (m) length
maroga ~ marhoga to ride (even if it is not on a horse!)
ponsvorr (SWFM ponsfordh) (f) viaduct
sewya to follow
skydnya war to befall, happen to
towlys planned < (verbtowla

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