Wednesday, 17 June 2020

2020 Day 169

2020 Dedh Cans Trei Ügens ha Naw

De Merher, seytegves mis Efen
Wednesday, 17th June

Nag eus cog veth oll e'n vledhen ma, saw ma trefyas an gog war losow. Bes nag ew an scroff gwres gen edhen veth. Na ell edhyn trefya, theram ow pedery. Ma lowen vian yonk y wil ha bewa etto. An prev cowldevys  ell lappya pell dhe scappya predhoryon, ha ma bejedh dhodho pecar'a qwilkyn, car dre hevel. Etho, en Sowsnek creiys ewa "froghopper". Na ora vy hanow Kernôwek ragto - martesen lappyer qwilkyn. Ma leslow erel ell gwaya en üskis. An scooslôwen ma a wrüg powes war ow bregh rag cott termyn ken neyja dhe ves arta. Re üskis veu hei rag ow hamera! Ma lever flehes scrifys gans ow howethes Angie Sage. Chaptra pajar warn ügens ew henwys "Scooslow" ha ma lymnans da gen Mark Zug. Môy scrüthüs ew hedna vel lôwen vian vy!

There's not a single cuckoo this year, but there is cuckoo spit on plants. But the foam is not made by any bird. Birds can't spit, I think. A young little bug makes it and lives in it. The adult insect can hop a long way to escape predators, and it has like a frog, it seems. So, in English it's called "froghopper".I don't know a Cornish name for it - perhaps frog hopper. There are other plant bugs that can move quickly. This shield bug rested on my arm for a short while before flying away again. It was too quick for my camera! There's a children's book written by my friend Angie Sage. Chapter 24 is called "Shield Bugs" and there is a good illustration by Mark Zug. That is more scary than my little bug! 

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

lappya to hop, jump 
leslow (collective pluralplant bugs > (singularleslôwen (f)
powes to rest, pause, halt, etc.
predhoryon (pluralpredators < (singularpredher
qwilkyn (m) frog
scappya to escape, dodge
scooslôwen (f) shield bug
scroff (m) foam, froth
trefya to spit
trefyas an gog (m) cuckoo spit

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