Saturday, 13 June 2020

2020 Day 165

2020 Dedh Cans Trei Ugens ha Pemp

De Sadorn, terdhegves mis Efen
Saturday, 13th June
My a redyas scrif gen Tony Mansell adro dhe dre vian en ogas. E'n vledhen mil naw cans ha trei Blackwater a veu savla war vorr gleder nowydh tredh Chacewater ha Peran Porth. E veu token heb cost dhe flehes rag an kensa viaj. Martesen udn mab gwydn po mergh wydn a flogh dhort an scol ma a wrug travalya war an tren na. (An linen a veu degeys arta trei ugens bledhen moy diwedhes.) Thera othom a dhiw vledhen moy rag nessa radn an vorr gleder dhe junya Peran ha Towynblystra warbarth. Ol an vorr gleder ell bos gwelys whath war vappa. Bes my a welas mappa dhort mil eth cans ha terdhek - ha nag eus sin an vorr gleder po sin a Blackwater warnodho. Blackwater o tre rag tus whel woja 1813. Nag eus sin a dre en Goonhavern naneyl - nag eus bes bal Goonhavern. Whei ell gweles oll an gwelyow oll adro - gwerwels rag an bestes.  Nag eus vorrow meur, bes ma lies vorr bian ha bownderyow - ha lies gover.  Ma eneth vorr dres cres a Rond Peran. Ma Kernow pur a bris, genys en Blackwater, henwys John Passmore Edwards. Ev a wrug byldya treven rag benefit a dus gebmyn. Leverva Redrudh rag sampel. Gwrewgh redya moy war  

I read an article by Tony Mansell about a small village nearby. In 1903 Blackwater was a stop on a new railway between Chacewater and Perranporth. Children had a free ticket for the first journey. Perhaps one grandson or granddaughter of a child from this school travelled on that train. (The line was closed again sixty years later.) It needed two more years for the next part of the railway to join Perran and Newquay together. A trace of the railway can still be seen on a map. But I saw a map from 1813 - and there is no sign of the railway or sign of Blackwater on it. Blackwater was a village for miners after 1813. There's no sign of a village in Goohhavern either - there is only Goonhavern mine. You can see the fields all around - grazing for the animals. There are no main roads, but there are lots of little roads and lanes - and lots of streams. There is even a road through the middle of Perran Round. There is a famous Cornishman, born in Blackwater, called John Passmore Edwards. He constructed buildings for the benefit of common people - Redruth Library for example.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

degea to close
dres through
gwerwels (m) grazing, pasture
junya ... warbarth to join together
Kernow (m) Cornishman
mappa (m) map
ol (m) trace, footprint
savla (m) stop, halt, station
token (m) ticket
tredh between

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