Tuesday, 2 June 2020

2020 Day 154

2020 Dedh Cans Peswardhek ha Dogens
De Meurth, nessa mis Efan
Tuesday, 2nd June

Hedhyw, thew an jedh ma a vry dhebm. Termyn my a veu mowes nei a jânjyas chei, dhort cita vrâs dhe dreveglos vian. Pur dha ew genam an dreveglos na. Da ew genam bownans en treveglos. My eth dhe'n kensa scol ena ha my a wrüg cana en keur an eglos. My a dhescas an vorr own dhe seny clegh an eglos ha clegh dorn. My eth dhe deudhva glegh rag mires orth clogh nowydh. My a veu e'n dreveglos na seyth bledhen ha my a veu trûedhek dhe vos kerdh. Bes an keth dedh a veu a vry rag agan metêrnes ewedh. Second mis Efan a veu hy Dedh Curüdnyas. Hei a dravalyas dhe Abby en côch spladn gen mergh. Nei a wrüg carya agan daffar chei gen tractor bargen tir ha kert! (Nag eus pictour!) Piw ew an venyn aral ma? Martha Washington ew hei. Hei a veu genys war an jedh ma en seytek cans üdnek warn ügens. Hei a veu gwreg George Washington, an kensa President Statys Unys America. Elisabeth ew agan Kensa Arlòdhes ha Martha a veu an kensa Kensa Arlòdhes.

Today, this day is significant to me. When I was a girl we moved house, from a big city to a little village. I love that village. I like life in a village. I went to primary school there and I sang in the church choir. I learnt the right way to ring the church bells and hand bells. I went to a bell foundry to look at a new bell. I was in that village for seven years and I was sad to go away. But the same day was significant for our queen as well. June 2nd was her Coronation Day. She travelled to an Abbey in a splendid coach with horses. We transported our furniture with a farm tractor and cart! (There's no picture!) Who is this other woman? She is Martha Washington. She was born on this day in 1731. She was the wife of George Washington, the first President of the United States of America. Elizabeth is our "First Lady". Martha was the first "First Lady".

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

arlòdhes (f) lady
a vry significant
chânjya chei to move house 
clogh dorn (m) hand bell
curüdnyas (m) coronation
keur (m) choir
mos kerdh to go away
seny (clegh) to ring (bells)
teudhva (f) foundry
treveglos (f) village (with church)

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