Monday, 1 June 2020

2020 Day 153

2020 Dedh Cans Terdhek ha Dogens

De Lün, kensa mis Efan

Monday, 1st June

Otta Hav! Leun a vleus flourys gwels ew an ayr. Res ew dhebm kerdhes en mettin avarr. Wòja hedna ma'n bleus ow cül dhebm striwy. Ma cleves striwy genam. E'n gwelha pres, trehys ew meur a'n gwels dhe wül gora po gora glas. Pur segh ew an awel lebmyn. Ma'n deves e'n gwel ma ow tebry gwels, bes pur velyn ew. Keniver tra ew segh. Gwag ha gwedhrys ew an tyldya prevyon del. Gellys ew an enevales bian. Martesen thêns godhanes lebmyn. Res ew dhebm goheles an howl - re dòbm ew raga vy. Nag eus whans dhebm a vos gwedhrys! Etho, my a wrüg obery gen gam compûter. "Otta chy en forest tewl ..." Scon ev a vedh parys rago whei dhe wary. Ha ma whel dhe wül gen peder cador goth. Nag eus kenter veth dhebm, rag hedna res ew dhebm usya linen lowarth dhe senjy an hessan et y le. 

Here's Summer! The air is full of grass pollen. I have to walk in the early morning. After that the pollen makes me sneeze. I have hayfever. Fortunately, a lot of the grass has been cut to make hay or silage. The weather now is very dry. The sheep in this field are eating grass, but it's very yellow. Everything is dry. The caterpillar tent is empty and shrivelled. The little animals are gone. Perhaps they are now moths. I have to avoid the sun - it's too hot for me. I don't want to be shrivelled! So, I worked on a computer game. "Here you are in a dark forest ..." Soon it will be ready for you to play. And there is work to do with four old chairs. I don't have any nails, therefore I have to use garden string to hold the hessian in its place.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

bleus flourys(m) pollen

cador (f) chair

cleves striwy (m) hayfever

godhan (f) moth

goheles to avoid

gora glas (m) silage (literally green hay) 

gwedhrys shrivelled

hessan (m) hessian

keniver every, all

striwy to sneeze

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