Monday, 21 January 2019

2019 Day 21

Dedh Onan warn Ügens

De Lün, kensa warn ügens mis Genver
Monday, 21st January

 Me a glowas lev ûhel bian en pras ha me a viras emann. Pandr’era dhe vos gwelys? Ma deves e’n pras ha ma eyn dhe radn anodhans solabres. Ma ôn dû dhe dhavas wydn. Nebes deves ew whath gen flogh. Res ew dhodhans gòrtos pols bian moy. Ma torr tew dhe keniver onan.
I heard a little high voice in a field and I looked up. What was there to be seen? There are sheep in the field and some of them have lambs already. A white sheep has a black lamb. Some sheep are still pregnant. They must wait a while longer. Each one has a fat belly.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

2019 Day 20

Dedh Ügens

De Sül, ügensves mis Genver
Sunday, 20th January

Ma loor leun haneth e’n nos, henwys Loor Bleydh en America Norh. E vedh (y fydh) difygyans an loor moy diwettha – saw na wra vy y weles. Me a vedh en cosk. An loor a wra treylya rüdh – loor wooj. Radn an Norves na vedn gweles an difygyans drefen bos an loor mes a wel. Ma’n Norves tredh an howl ha’n loor, ow towla skeus.
There is a full moon tonight, called the Wolf Moon in North America. There will be a lunar eclipse later – but I won’t see it. I’ll be asleep. The moon will turn red – a blood moon. Part of the Earth won’t see the eclipse because the moon will be out of sight. The Earth is between the sun and the moon, casting a shadow.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

2019 Day 19

Dedh Nawnjek

De Sadorn, nawnjegves mis Genver
Saturday, 19th January

Gwydnrüdh po rüdhwydn? Ros po rosliw po kigliw? Da ew genam an liw ma, gen glas dres ehen. Ma flourys rüdhwydn dhebm gen sawarn wheg. Da ew genam cotheneb ewedh – taclow coth, an copart bian ma rag sampel. Ma lehednow gwedrys warnodho - rosliw, rüdh, glas ha dûlas,  ha marbel brith gen rüdh ha kigliw.  
Reddish-white (pink) or whitish-red (pink)? Rose (pink) or rose colour (pink) or flesh colour (pink)? I like this colour, especially with green. I have pink flowers with a sweet smell. I like antiques as well – old things, this little cupboard for example. There are glazed tiles on it – rose colour, red, green and dark green, and marble mottled with red and pink.

Friday, 18 January 2019

2019 Day 18

Dedh Etek

De Gwener, etegves mis Genver
Friday, 18th January

En Truru ma nebes treven brâs (broas) ha pur fin. Ma dhodhans kemüsüryow da. Gwell ew genam an treven coth, derevys gen marchons rych ha tüs brâs. Ma dhe hebma degrëys (grisyow) euthyk ha lowarth bian ewedh. Reb an degrëys, war an tû cledh ha war an tû dyhow, ma diw berth camellia gen flourys kigliw (gwydnrüdh). Chei Mansyon ew – derevys e’n ethdegves cansbledhen. Otta gravyans coth anodho.
There are some large and very elegant buildings in Truro. They have good proportions. I prefer the old buildings, built by rich merchants and important people. This one has an impressive staircase and a little garden as well. By the staircase, on the left side and on the right side, there are two camellia bushes with pink flowers. It is the Mansion House built in the 18th century. Here is an old engraving of it.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

2019 Day 17

Dedh Seytek

De Yow, seydhegves mis Genver
Thursday, 17th January

En termyn eus passyes, hedhyw a veu “Dewdhegves Nos”. Nena, treylys veu an calander dhort “Julian” dhe “Gregorian” ha nag ew an jedh hedna na moy. Pab Gregor XIII a wrüg commendya y galander e’n vledhen pemdhek cans pajar ügans ha dew bes na veu va ûsys en Breten Veur ken bledhen seytek cans dogans ha dewdhek. E’n jedh hedhyw thew Dewdhegves Nos wheffes mis Genver. Eus wharvos hedhyw? Termyn ew dhe “wassel” en avalednow cider – dhe eva yehes an gwedh ha voydya spryjyon drog. Nena e vedh trevas da a lavalow e’n kidnyadh.
In a time that is past, today was “Twelfth Night”. Then the calendar was changed from “Julian” to “Gregorian” and the day is not that any more. Pope Gregory XIII introduced his calendar in the year 1582 but it was not used in Great Britain before year 1752. Nowadays Twelfth Night is 6th January. Does anything happen today? It’s time to “wassail” in cider orchards – to drink the trees’ health and drive out bad spirits. Then there will be a good harvest of apples in the autumn.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

2019 Day 16

Dedh Whetek

De Merher, whetegves mis Genver
Wednesday, 16th January

E veu areth spladn haneth. Sophie Capron ew lymner pur dha ha leun a whedhlow dhe les ew hei. Plesys o nei dhe wosôwes orty ha dhe weles hy oberow. Lymner ew hei bes nag üjy hei ow ûsya scübylednow paynt veth. Da ew genjy collel palet rag gorra paynt ha plaster ha taclow erel war ganfasys ha bordys brâs (broas). Eneth hei a ûsyas bleus horn gossednek ha coton. Martesen ma deg gwily en üdn pictour. Da ew genjy scurrya ha gwil cravajow ha kemeres nebes paynt ha plaster dhe ves. Nag ew hy fictours smoth. Terweythyow ma hei ow ûsya jynn scurrya ha torchen lesky. Hy maner a liwya ew anpeth bes ma agas lagas ow qweles ymachys. Hei a veu cadnas rag Kernow en Lorient (Breten Vian) en 2015. 
There was a brilliant lecture this evening. Sophie Capron is a very good painter and she is full of interesting stories. We were pleased to listen to her and to see her works. She is a painter but she does not use any paint brushes at all. She likes a palette knife to put paint and plaster and other things on big canvases and boards. Once she used rusty iron filings and cotton. Perhaps there are ten layers in one picture. She likes to scrape and make scratches and take some paint and plaster away. Her pictures are not smooth. Sometimes she uses a sander and a blow torch. Her style of painting is abstract but your eye sees images. She represented Cornwall in Lorient (Brittany) in 2015.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

2019 Day 15

Dedh Pemdhek

De Meurth, pemdhegves mis Genver
Tuesday, 15th January

Otta cülyek (RLC killiak) heb lôst! Nag ew caletter brâs (broas) dhodho. Ev ell tevy lôst nowydh, thera vy ow pedery (me a breder). Ma odhom dhodho a nebes plüv hir moy. Martesen anjei a wra tevy en gwenton. Bes otta cath heb hanter lôst! Na ell hei tevy lôst nowydh. Ma odhom dhedhy a eskern ha kig moy, ha nag ew hedna possybyl. Hy lôst a veu senjys en daras tan poos. Nag eus dhedhy bes trei garr ewedh. Kellys ew an pajwora garr. E veu (SWFM y feu) droglam dhe’n gath. An garr a veu sqwachys ha res veu dhe’n medhek best y gemeres dhe ves. Nag eus caletter brâs dhe’n gath. Hei ell kerdhes ha ponya ha lebmel gen trei garr, keth ew hei cath goth lebmyn ha ma hei ow tremena an radn brassa a’y termyn en còsk. 

Behold a tail-less cockerel! It’s not a big problem to him. He can grow a new tail, I think. He needs some more long feathers. Perhaps they will grow in spring. But behold a cat without half a tail! She needs more bones and flesh, and that is not possible. Her tail was caught in a heavy fire door. She only has three legs as well. The fourth leg is lost. The cat had an accident. The leg was broken and the vet had to take it off. The cat doesn’t have a big problem. She can walk and run and jump with three legs, though she is an old cat now and she spends most of her time asleep.

Monday, 14 January 2019

2019 Day 14

Dedh Pejwardhek

De Lün, pajerdegves mis Genver
Monday, 14th January

 Eus liw dhe gwav? Dû ew an dar rag certan. Nag eus delen veth warnodhans. Skeujek ens bedn an ebòrn. Bes ma flourys solabres ha ma liw dhodhans. Melyn ew an eythin puppres ha ma gwelys genam nebes brially melyn. Hedhyw me a welas o kensa bleujen ergh (saw nag eus ergh). An alan wheg ew whath gwydn rüdh (kigliw), bes lebmyn ma’n buddys ow tos war o camellia ha ma dhebm hyacinth kigliw et o portal ha hostas kigliw e’n ke.
Does winter have a colour? The oaks are certainly black. There is not a single leaf on them. They are shadowy against the sky. But there are already flowers and they have colour. The gorse is always yellow and I have seen a few yellow primroses. Today I saw my first snowdrop (though there is no snow). The sweet coltsfoot is still pink, but now the buds are coming on my camellia and I have a pink hyacinth in my porch and pink hostas in the hedge.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

2019 Day 13

Dedh Terdhek

De Sül, terdhegves mis Genver
Sunday, 13th January
Wrüga (wressa) whei gwil resolucyons rag an Vledhen Nowydh? Ha wrüga whei aga sewya? Ens nakevys solabres? Disqwedhys ew gen whithrans dr’ew pajar ügens determyans a’n cans forsakys ken mis Whevrel – an brassa radn ken dewdhegves mis Genver.   
Did you make resolutions for the New Year? And did you follow them? Are they forgotten already? It is shown by research that 80% of resolutions are abandoned before February – mostly before 12th January.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

2019 Day 12

Dedh Dewdhek

De Sadorn, dewdhegves mis Genver
Saturday, 12th January

Nag o an gewer spladn hedhyw saw nag o hei yeyn naneyl. Gleb o an ayr. An glaw a godhas crowslinek. Gwag o an treth (po nebes). Na whath, me eth dhe Falmeth dhe vetya gen o cothmans. Thera scrifys genam story gen mil ger dhe dhebatya. Nag ew dha woroures pur dhe les! Nag üjy hei o cül tra veth! Ma odhom dhedhy dhe leverel moy. Pehen ew hei? Pandr’ew hy furpos e’n towl? Martesen, res ew dhebm y scrifa arta.
The weather was not bright today but neither was it cold. The air was damp. The rain fell diagonally. The beach was empty (almost). Nevertheless, I went to Falmouth to meet my friends. I had written a story with a thousand words to discuss. Your heroine is not very interesting! She doesn’t do anything! She needs to say more! What is she like? What is her function in the plot? Perhaps I must write it again.

Friday, 11 January 2019

2019 Day 11

Dedh Üdnek

De Gwener, üdnegves mis Genver
Friday, 11th January
Meur ûsyes en hav ew an trolergh ma, gen tüs war droos ha diwrosow, ha en cador-ros ewedh. Pur overdevys o va an vledhen eus tremenys, bes den jentyl coth dhort Melinjy a wrüg y glerya gen y rev (pal). En misyow hav tho ev pur deg bes re ydn. Na veu spas lowr rag copel dhe gerdhes warbarth. Lebmyn thew ev moy ledan.   
This footpath is much used in summer, by people on foot and bicycles, and also in a wheelchair. It was very overgrown last year, but an old gentleman from Bolingey has cleared it with his shovel (spade). In summer months it was very pretty but too narrow. There wasn't enough room for a couple to walk together. Now it is much wider.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

2019 Day 10

Dedh Deg

De Yow, degves mis Genver
Thursday, 10th January

Nag ew lewern caletter brâs rag kelebmy resek lies gweyth, bes nag ew aga bownans saw et tien. Terweythyow ma sparhoks ha falhünes ow glena ortans. Kelebmy resek ell neyja en üskis bes edhyn predh ell skydnya whath moy üskis. Ew hokys godros dhe yer? Thew yer brassa es kelebmy. Ew an yer e’n bargen tir ma (ogas dhe Breanek) heb danjer? Na ora vy. Martesen ema sawder en nombers.    
Foxes are not often a big problem for racing pigeons, but their life is not completely safe. Sometimes sparrow-hawks and falcons attack them. Racing pigeons can fly fast but birds of prey can swoop even faster. Are hawks a threat to chickens? Chickens are bigger than pigeons. Are the chickens in this farm (near St Agnes) free from danger? I don’t know. Perhaps there is safety in numbers.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

A Bit of a Lesson 1

A Bit of a Lesson 1
You will know that a sentence has to have a subject, that does or is something, and a predicate, containing a verb telling the actions or properties of that subject.
In English we might say “He came.” In Cornish that would be “Ev a dheuth.”
We can be a bit more precise about the subject by using a name or a noun rather than a pronoun.
Jowan a dheuth.                             John came.
Den a dheuth.                                  A man came.
An den a dheuth.                            The man came.
Adjectives give us more information about the subject.
Jowan Brâs a dheuth.                   Big John came.
Den coth a dheuth.                        An old man came.
An den rych a dheuth.                  The rich man came.
Adverbs of time, place and manner give us more information about the verb.
Ev a dheuth hedhyw.                     He came today.
Jowan a dheuth en lowan.            John came happily.
Den a dheuth mes a dhornow.      A man came unexpectedly.
An den yonk a dheuth tre.             The young man came home.
Here is another category of words (usually considered as adverbs) - padding words (often useful) that tell us more about their author than about the sentence. They do not alter the basic meaning of the sentence – we know no more about the subject or the verb – but there is an added level of subtlety. How do we feel about it?
E’n gwella pres, ev a dheuth hedhyw.  Fortunately, he came today.
Bettegens, ev a dheuth hedhyw.           However, he came today.
Soweth, ev a dheuth!                              Alas, he came!
Na whath, ev a dheuth.                           Nevertheless, he came.
E’n gwettha pres, ev a dheuth tre.        Unfortunately, he came home.
Bettele, ev a dheuth en üskis                 Nonetheless, he came quickly.
Dres ehen, ev a dheuth a-dermyn.         Surprisingly, he came early.

2019 Day 9

Dedh Naw

De Merher, nawhes mis Genver
Wednesday, 9th January

Caletter brâs ew lewern rag gwithyjy yer. Me a glowas lowarnes et ow lowarth e’n seythen eus passyes bes na wrüga vy hy gweles. En pras en ogas, otta disqwedhyans gwrians lowarn po lowarnes. Ma lies plüven gwydn. Thera yer dhe gentrevek e’n pras na. Nebes a veu scattrys ha nebes a veu ledhys. Wor’tiwedh, üdn yar a wrüg dos tre heb trocter, üdn yar aral a dheuth tre gen askell sqwachys ha’n cülyek heb y blev lôst teg. Ma colomednow resek dhe’n kentrevek ewedh. Heb arholas ens. 

Foxes are a big problem for poultry keepers. I heard a vixen in my garden in the past week but I didn’t see her. In a field nearby, see the evidence of the activity of a fox or a vixen. There are lots of white feathers. A neighbour had chickens in that field. Some were scattered and some were killed. At last, one hen did come back unscathed, one other hen came back with a broken wing and the cockerel without his beautiful tail feathers. The neighbour has racing pigeons as well. They are safe and sound.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

2019 Day 8

Dedh Eth

De Meurth, ethves mis Genver
Tuesday, 8th January

Lies tra ew dhe vos gwelys reb vorr (fordh) po trolergh, po dhorto. Hir ha divers ew an vorr dhort an savla kyttrin dhe chei vy. E’n eur-ma ema lies flour alan wheg, gen sawarn pecar’a vanilla, war ladnow. (Whenn ens, saw wheg na whath.) Nag eus trolergh veth reb radn an vorr, ha nag ew possybyl dhe gerdhes war an ladn. Etho res ew pòrres kerdhes e’n vorr. Terweythyow ma carr war an trolergh, ha ma odhom a gerdhes e’n vorr e’n eur-na ewedh.
Many things are to be seen by a road or footpath, or from it. The way from the bus stop to my house is long and varied. At the moment there are many sweet coltsfoot flowers, with a scent like vanilla, on verges. (They are weeds, but sweet nevertheless.) There is no footpath at all by part of the road, and it is not possible to walk on the verge. So it is essential to walk in the road. Sometimes there is a car on the footpath, and one needs to walk on the road then as well.

Òja lies dedh loos, an ebron a gleryas nebes e’n dohajedh ma, ken howlsedhes, ha me alja gweles golowder howl teg en sooth-west.
After many grey days, the sky cleared slightly this afternoon, before sunset, and I could see beautiful sunlight in the southwest.

Monday, 7 January 2019

2019 Day 7

Dedh Seyth

De Lün, seythves mis Genver
Monday, 7th January
Pub tra a wrüg mos (ew gellys) tre dhe ûsadow. Nag eus ostyjy dhe nei, pub chambour ew compes hag oll an lien gwily ew golhys (saw nag ewa segh, na whath). En seythen ma me ell gwil o gwrians ûsyes. De Meurth me wra metya gen cothman rag tavas Kernôwek, de Merher me a vedn omweles war o mergh wydn, de Yow e vedh bagas art, de Gwener ma odhom dhebm a bowes ha de Sadorn me a vedn mos dhe Falmeth rag bagas scriforyon. Re bell ew de Sül dhe ragleverel!      
Everything has gone back to normal. We have no guests, every bedroom is orderly and all the bed linen is washed (but it’s not dry, not yet). This week I can do my usual activities. On Tuesday I’ll meet a friend for Cornish language, on Wednesday I shall visit my granddaughter, on Thursday there will be an art group, on Friday I need a rest and on Saturday I shall go to Falmouth for a writers’ group. Sunday is too far away to predict!

Sunday, 6 January 2019

2019 Day 6

Dedh Whegh

De Sül, wheffes mis Genver
Sunday, 6th January

Degol Stool ew – dewdhegves dedh Nadelik. Wella Rowe (1668-1709) a dreylyas radn an Beybel en Kernôwek – story an Düs Für. Otta an kensa trei vers en y scrifyans ev. Ha òja hedna an kethsam gwersyow en scrifyans modern. Nei ell desky meur dhort anjei adro dhe Kernôwek e’n seythdegves cansbledhen.
1.       Leben po ue Jesus gennez en Bethalem a Judeah en deethiow Herod an Matern, a reeg doaze teeze veer thor an Est tha Jerusalem.
2.      Lavaral, Peleah ma E, yw gennez Matern an Ethewan? Rag ma gwellez gen a ni E steran en Est, ha tho ni devethez tha gortha thotha.
3.      Pereeg Herod an Matern Clowaz hemma , e ve troublez, ha oll Jerusalem gonz eve.
1.   Lebmyn, pa veu Jesus genys en Bethalem a Judy en dedhyow Erod an Metêrn, e wrüg dos tüs für dhor an Est dhe Jerusalem.
2.   Leverel, Pele ma E, ew genys Metêrn an Edhewon? Rag ma gwelys gena nei Y steren en Est, ha tho nei devedhys dhe wordhya dhodho.
3.   Pa wrüg Erod an Metêrn clôwes hebma, e veu troblys, hag oll Jerusalem gans ev.

It’s Epiphany – the twelfth day of Christmas. William Rowe (1668-1709) translated part of the Bible into Cornish – the story of the Wise Men (Magi). Here are the first three verses in his spelling. And after that the very same verses in modern spelling. We can learn much from them about Cornish in the seventeenth century.
1. Now, when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the King, there came wise men from the East to Jerusalem.
2.   Saying, Where is He, who is born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East, and we have come to worship Him.
3. When Herod the King heard this, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

2019 Day 5

Dedh Pemp

De Sadorn, pempes mis Genver
Saturday, 5th January

Nei a wel lies mater en cartednow Nadelik. Terweythyow ma lymnans a gurl Nadelik, an dewdhek dedh a Nadelik rag sampel. Me a fanjas cartednow gen grügyar en gwedhen peren, ha cartednow erel gen edhyn deffrans – payon, rüdhogyon, godhow, elerhy, colom.  
We see many topics in Christmas cards. Sometimes there is an illustration of a Christmas carol, the twelve days of Christmas for example. I received cards with a partridge in a pear tree, and other cards with different birds – a peacock, robins, geese, swans, a dove.

Friday, 4 January 2019

2019 Day 4

Dedh Pajar

De Gwener, pajwora mis Genver
Friday, 4th January

Terebo nessa a wedhen Nadelik! Dha weles a degednow! A'n owr a wolowow! Pres ew dhe dhiswül an garlons Nadelik ha’ga gorra en kisten. Anjei a vedh gwithys bys en nessa Kevardhû. Nag eus odhom anodhans lebmyn - oll agan vysytors ew gellys (ha na vadna vy còrtos bys en Degol Stoul). Creunyores o vy! Radn an tegednow ew pur goth – bloodh anjei ew moy es trei ügens. Cofroyow ens dhort o floholeth. En termyn na thera anjei war wedhen wir gen cantolyow gwir. Keniver bledhen nebes moy ew sqwachys. Gwres ens a weder pur vrettel. Nebes ew pur vian.

Till next time, Christmas tree. See you, baubles! Bye-bye lights. It’s time to dismantle all the Christmas decorations and put them in a box. They will be stored till next December. There is no need of them now – all our visitors have gone (and I don’t want to wait until Twelfth Night). I’m a hoarder! Some of the baubles are very old – they are more than sixty years old. They are souvenirs of my childhood. At that time they were on a real tree with real candles. Every year a few more are broken. They are made of very fragile glass. Some are very small.