Wednesday, 3 June 2020

2020 Day 155

2020 Dedh Cans Pemdhek ha Dogens

De Merher, tryja mis Efan
Wednesday, 3rd June

Da po drog? Hemm ew an dewys rag hedhyw. Nebes taclow a'm lôwenhe bes thew taclow erel grevos. My a gar teylû ha cowetha ha cowethesow. Ma  düwon dhe düs digowedh.  Thew fotos covadhow meur a dermynyow môy lôwen. Da ew genam flourys, pecar'a rosen venedh kigliw - aga fürvow, aga liwyow ha'ga sawarnow. Flourys gwels ew teg ewedh. An vledhen ma ew bledhen dha rag manegow lôwarn - ha ma lies hanow ragtans - manegow an spyryjyon, manegow Maria, rag sampel. Ha rag fra tho vy crowsek? Pobel erel ew grevos.  Ma tüs anwheg ow towla mes a ga herry anjei cadnys cor ha cider. Ma'n cadnys reb an vorr ha na ellama aga hafel.

Good or bad? This is the choice for today. Some things make me happy but other things are annoying. I love family and friends. Friendless people have sadness. Photos are great reminders of happier times. I like flowers, like a pink peony - their forms, their colours and their perfumes. Wild flowers are lovely too. This year is a good year for foxgloves - and there are lots of names for them - sprites gloves, St Mary's gloves, for example. And why am I grumpy? Other people are annoying. Antisocial men are throwing beer and cider cans out of their cars. The cans are beside the road and I cannot pick them up.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

anwheg antisocial
covadh (m) reminder, memory
coweth/cowethes friend
dewys (m) choice
digoweth friendless
düwon (m) sadness 
fürv (f) form
grevos annoying
lôwenhe to make happy
sawarn (f) perfume, scent, bouquet, etc.

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