Saturday, 6 June 2020

2020 Day 158

2020 Dedh Cans Etek ha Dogens

De Merher, wheffes mis Efan
Saturday, 6th June

E'n eur-ma, gen COVID-19, thew oll ow viajys constrinys. Thera vy ow kerdhes nebes mildiryow pub dedh, bes pub pres dhe'n keth telleryow. Rag hedna, treylyes o vy whithrores. Thera vy ow whilas taclow coynt. Theram ow whithra temmigow. Thera vy ow comparya ow fotos gen mappys an cost ma. Ellama gweles nep-tra war an mappa nag ew gwelys genam war an dor? Gwelow a'n tir dhort an efanvos, mowns ow tisqwedha manilyon nag ew gwelys war vappa - gwedh ha gwels, ha todnow war an mor. Kelmys o vy e'n eur-ma gen meyn - growan dres ehen. Thera vy ow mires orth pub peul reb pub yet! Ewa das├╗syes? Terweythyow ew an peul cottha vel an chei, thera vy ow pedery. An tiek a lavaras dr'o an meyn kevys war an bargen tir. 
Currently, with COVID-19, all my journeys are restricted. I walk several miles every day, but always to the same places. Therefore, I have become an investigator. I look for strange things. I research details. I compare my photos with maps of this area. Can I see something on the map that I haven't seen on the ground? Views of the land from space, they show details not seen on a map - trees and grass, and waves on the sea. I am currently obsessed with stones - especially granite. I am looking at every pillar by every gate! Is it recycled? Sometimes the pillar is older than the house, I think. The farmer said the stones were found on the farm.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

constrina to restrict 
dres ehen especially
e'n eur-ma currently
growan (f) granite
kelmys dhe obsessed with
men (m) stone > (pluralmeyn
temmik (m) detail > (pluraltemmigow (you can also use manilyon)
treylya to become, turn
viaj (m) journey > (pluralviajys or viajyow
whithrores (f) investigator

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