Sunday, 14 June 2020

2020 Day 166

2020 Dedh Cans Trei Ügens ha Whegh

De Sül, pajardegves mis Efen

Sunday, 14th June

Ass o vy benyn wòcky! My a sarchyas e'n radn cabm an mappa. Ma Blackwater moy tûa'n soth. Ma va pur ogas dhe hens hôrn coth. (En termyn eus passyes henwys o hedna Hens Hôrn Kernow West.) An linen vranch dhort Chacewater dhe Peran Porth eth adreus Blackwater dres trei ügens bledhen (1902-1962). “Adreus” drefen bos pons ha tomednow. Deg bledhen wòja an hens hôrn a veu diswres an pons a veu destriys ewedh. An vorr a veu gwres ledanha. Ma whath lies pons kehaval, an pons ma en Melinjy rag sampel. Era pons en Cooks? Martesen thera treusva leven. Ma yet lowarth gen avisyans gossenek reb an trolergh. Jowan Passmore Edwards a viras dallath an henshorn nowydh, martesen. Bes ev a verwas ken diwedh an linen.

What a silly woman I am! I searched in the wrong part of the map. Blackwater is more towards the south. It is very close to an old railway. (In the past that was called West Cornwall Railway.)The branch line from Chacewater to Perranporth went across Blackwater for sixty years (1902-1962). “Across” because there was a bridge and embankments. Ten years after the railway was dismantled the bridge was destroyed as well. The road was made wider. After that the village was by-passed, so all that work was unnecessary! There are still many similar bridges, this bridge in Bolingey for example. Was there a bridge at Cocks? Perhaps there was a level crossing. There is a garden gate with a rusty notice by the footpath. John Passmore Edwards saw the beginning of the new railway, perhaps. But he died before the end of the line.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

avisyans (m) notice, information

destriys destroyed < (verb) destria

diswres undone, dismantled < (verb) diswül

gòcky daft, silly, crazy, etc.

gossenek rusty

hens hôrn (m) railway (alternative to vorr gleder)

kehaval similar, alike

ledanha wider

sarchya to search

treusva leven (f) level crossing

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