Saturday, 27 June 2020

2020 Day 179

2020 Dedh Cans Trei Ügens ha Nawnjek

De Sadorn, seythves warn ügens mis Efen
Saturday, 27th June

Harri Tudur (Henry Tudor) o Kembro: ev a veu genys en Kembra. E'n jedh hedhyw thew Kembrion ha Kernowyon kescowetha, bes nag o Harri coweth a Gernow. Ev a dheuth Metêrn Henry VII Pow Sowson ha Wordhen wòja ev dhe fethas Rechat III en batel. Ev a venja mos dhe'n batel warbedn Scottlond hag e veu othom dhodho a vona.  Ev a wòrras tollyow re ûhel war an Gernowyon rag aga sten hag ev a suppressyas Consel Stenegow Kernow.  Pur engrys ens. Thera Scottlond re bell dhe vos aga haletter ha gwell o dhodhans cawas aga lahys aga honan.  Anjei a erviras dhe geskerdhes dhe Loundres gen peticyon rag an metêrn dhe lehe aga thollyow ha dascor aga Senedh aga honan. Pemdhek mil den a geskerdhas, bes nag ens ervys etta. Aga hembrenkyjy o Tobmas Flamank, lahyas, ha Mihal Josef, gov. E'n gwettha pres, an metêrn a welas hebma avel treson. Thera dhodho pemp mil den warn ügens, ervys ha parys rag battalyas ort an Scottys. Saw anjei a vattalyas ort an Gernowyon et aga le. An batel a veu seytegves mis Efen, peswardhek cans pajar ügens ha seytek. Mil Kernow a veu ladhys, an hembrenkyjy a veu cregys deg dedh môy diwedhes ha lies rebel a gollas aga thir ha peth - senjys. Hedhyw nei a's perthy cov, seythves warn ügens mis Efen. Seyth bledhen woja hedna Radolfus Ton a finsyas "Beunans Meriasek". An arthvilen ew Metêrn Teudar!

Harri Tudur was a Welshman: he was born in Wales. Nowadays Welsh and Cornish are friends, but Harri was not a friend of Cornwall. He became King Henry VII of England and Ireland after he defeated Richard III in battle. He wanted to go to war against Scotland and needed money. He imposed excessively high taxes on the Cornish for their tin and abolished the Cornish Stannary Parliament. They were very angry. Scotland was too far away to be their problem and they preferred to have their own laws. They decided to march to London with a petition for the king to reduce their taxes and give them back their own Parliament. 15,000 men marched, but they were not well-armed. Their leaders were Thomas Flamank, a lawyer, and Michael Joseph, a blacksmith. Unfortunately, the king saw this as treason. He had 25,000 men, armed and ready for battle with the Scots.  But they fought the Cornish instead. The battle was on 17th June, 1497. A thousand Cornishmen were killed, the leaders were hanged ten days later and many rebels lost their land and property - confiscated. Today we remember them, 27th June. Seven years after that Radolphus Ton finished "The Life of St Meriadoc". The arch-villain is King Teudar!

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

Consel Stenegow Kernow (m) Cornish Stannary Parliament
ervys armed arv (m) weapon
fetha to defeat
gòrra to put, impose
hembrenkyjy leaders
Kembrion Welshmen < (singularKembro < Kembra Wales
laha (f) law > (plurallahys lahyas lawyer (m)
metêrn (m) king
sten (m) tin > stenor (m) tinner
toll (m) tax, duty, tariff  > (plural) tollyow

 Meur ras dhe Agan Tavas (ha Esther) a'n foto ma.

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