Thursday, 4 June 2020

2020 Day 156

2020 Dedh Cans Whetek ha Dogens

De Yow, pajwora mis Efan
Thursday, 4th June

An liwyow en gwenton ew gwydn ha melyn. Lebmyn thew an sêson hav ha ma whath flourys gwydn ha melyn - flourys scaw gwydn ha flourys pawbran melyn, rag sampel. (Nag ew pawbran da gen agan kentrevoges - ma allerjy dhe'y hasek - cleves striwy.) Bes lebmyn ma liwyow nowydh. Thera nei ow qweles lies ehen a rüdh ha purpur. Leun ew an keow a vanegow Maria, soudoryon po bleujyow kenis, ha gôth Fowedh. Obma hag ena nei a wel flour purpur blewek a'n ascallen emesk del dreynek. My a welas nebes flourys blou münys en gwel, saw na wöra vy aga hanow.  Isel war an dor ew anjei bes an evoren ma ew pur hir. 

The colours in spring are white and yellow. Now the season is summer and there are still white and yellow flowers - white elderflowers and yellow buttercups, for example. (Our neighbour doesn't like buttercups - her mare has an allergy - hayfever.)   But now there are new colours. We are seeing many varieties of red and purple. The hedges are full of foxgloves, campions (soldiers or spider plants), and valerians (pride of Fowey). Here and there we see a fluffy purple flower of the thistle among prickly leaves. I saw some tiny blue flowers in a field, but I don't know their name. They are low on the ground, but this hog weed is very tall.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

ascallen (f) thistle
bleujen genisen (f) campion (spider plant) (note no mutation in plural)
blewek fluffy, hairy, furry, fuzzy
casek (f) mare
cleves striwy (m) hayfever
dreynek prickly
evoren (f) hogweed (also called losow mogh)
Fowedh Fowey (place namefowwedh or faw beech trees
gôth (m) pride
pawbran (m) buttercup

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