Thursday, 18 June 2020

2020 Day 170

2020 Dedh Cans Deg ha Trei Ügens

De Yow, etegves mis Efen
Thursday, 18th June
Ass ew dedh glas an jedh hedhyw! My a gerras (gerdhas) war tûa'n eglos ha tre ha nena my a gerras adro dhe'm lowarth, ha na aljama gweles an mor. Nag eus meur a liw hedhyw. Glas ew an gwedh ha'n keow, saw nag ens gwer spladn. An vorr (fordh) ew loos ha'n ebòrn ew loos ewedh - saw môy gwadn ew liw an ebòrn, ogas ha gwydn. Gòlhys glanyth ew an ebòrn. An liw a wra resek war nans bys en mor.  Maylyes ew an eglos en cloud -  ebòrn comolek a-ûgh ha cloudys a gajow brâs gwydn e'n encledhva. Ma lies flour gwydn en keow ha prasow - an wegen ma rag sampel. Cüdhys en niwl po glaw ew an keryow ha menedhyow pell. Gellys mes a wel ew Ker Giev (Caer Kief). My a wôr y delher bes na ellama y weles.

What a grey day it is today! I walked towards the church and back and then I walked around my garden, and I couldn't see the sea. There's not much colour today. The trees and hedges are green, but they are not bright green. The road is grey and the sky is also grey - but the sky is a paler colour, almost white. The sky is washed clean. The colour will run downhill to the sea. The church is wrapped in cloud - a cloudy sky above and clouds of white daisies in the churchyard. There are many white flowers in hedges and meadows - this bindweed for example. The distant hill forts and hills are shrouded in fog or rain. Caer Kief (Stump Fort) has vanished from view. I know its location, but I can't see it.

Deg ger rag hedhyw: Ten words for today

cüdhys shrouded, hidden
encledhva (f) churchyard, graveyard, cemetary
gòlhys glanyth washed clean
gwadn weak
gwegen(f) bindweed,  convolvulus > (col.gweg (pl.gwegas 
keryow (plural) hill forts, earthworks < (singular) ker (f)
kiev (m) stump, log
maylyes wrapped  
niwl (m) fog, mist 
telher (m) location, position, place               

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