Monday, 8 June 2020

2020 Day 160

2020 Dedh Cans ha Trei Ügens

De Lün, ethves mis Efan
Monday, 8th June

De Lün  ew ha ma hedna ow styrrya cuntellyansow frajednow ha dasûsyans. Saw nag eus argh atal dhe nagonan e'n vownder nei. Res ew dhe nei ûsya seher plastek dû rag an atal ha box po sagh deffrans rag an dasûsyans. Ma paper en üdn sagh ha cartbord en sagh aral. Ma botellow gweder en argh blastek, ha plastek ha cadnys kemyskys ell bos en sagh po box. Pub tra a dal bos digemyskys. Na vedn a düs kemeres tra veth mars ew en deray! Pur üskis ens. Ma'n dasûsyans ow mos dhe leur dasûsya. E'n gwettha pres ma tüs et agan bes na vedn gwil an dra own.  Mowns ow towla aga atal e'n ke dhort aga herry. Ha otta an môg ma! Ma dhe gentrevek ma glasneth, losow gleb, dhe riddya. Na vedn an düs atal y gemeres dhe ves. Hag an whynas e'n gwel ma? Gellys ens. Rag fra? Whennladh! 

It's Monday and that means rubbish bin and recycling collections. But nobody in our lane has a dustbin. We have to use black plastic sacks for the rubbish and a different box or bag for the recycling. There's paper in one sack and cardboard in another sack. Glass bottles are in a plastic box, and mixed plastic and cans may be in a bag or a box. Everything should be sorted. The men will not take anything if it is in chaos. They are very quick. The recycling goes to a recycling centre. Unfortunately there are people in our world who will not do the right thing. They throw their rubbish in the hedge from their cars. And look at this smoke! This neighbour has greenery, damp vegetation, to get rid of. The bin men won't take it. And the weeds in this field? They have gone. Why? Weedkiller.


argh atal (f) refuse bin, dustbin
cuntellyans (m) collection
digemyskys  sorted, unmixed
frajen (f) rubbish bin or heap > (pluralfrajednow
glasneth (f) greenery
kemeres dhe ves to take away
kert atal (m) rubbish lorry
kert dasûsyans (m) recycling lorry
riddya to get rid of
styrrya to mean (you can also use menya)

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